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CAREER SERVICES AT ST. JOHN’S COLLEGE | SANTA FE | OCTOBER 2013 Fishing and Brokering in Alaska Interview with Dylan Hitchcock-Lopez (SF14) by Allen Matsika Dylan spent his summer in Southeast Alaska, at the Alaskan Salmon Fishing/Brokerage firm, Shawn Delaney-At-Sea-Salmon Brokerage. Having grown up fishing commercially in Southeast Alaska, he wanted a business perspective on the whole fishing activity. Summers in Alaska receive extra daylight, experiencing only four hours of darkness a day. From Dylan’s description, it was beautiful. Read on to find out more about his internship experience. Remember to check out the Ariel Internship Reports when they are published and visit the Career Services Offices for a copy and a chance to see the endless possibilities you can explore every summer. Q: Dylan, did this internship have anything to do with your intended career path? “When it comes down to it, the food we eat, how we get that food, and how we deal with that food, are really important issues.” It is yet to be decided, but the back story is that I grew up in commercial fishing. When you grow up on fishing boats you essentially become comfortable with one side of the fishing business, which is catching fish. But I started looking at how much we were paid for the fish off the boat and how much the fish cost in the grocery store. I realized there was a huge difference in the prices. The fish in the grocery store was $20-$24 more than what we sold it for off the boat. So I began to wonder what happened between the time we sold the fish and when the fish got to the grocery store. I wanted to try to work in the world of marketing fish, selling fish, and doing things around that side of the fish business. Continued on page 2 CONTENTS > > > 1 Awesome interviews with Ariel interns Advice on graduate school application Local internship opportunities

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