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$3.00 Volume 1 Issue 5 Feb. 2014 The Official Stetson Athletics Magazine HOLIDAY SAFARI Women’s Golf teammates Ryan Ashburn and Claudia Redinger spent winter break in Redinger’s home country of South Africa. Page 4. BREAKOUT SEASON Men’s Basketball forward Willie Green credits Corey Williams, his fifth collegiate coach, for his successful senior season. Page 10. BECOMING A STAR It was a rough start for Women’s Basketball forward Sasha Sims, but what a stellar career it has become. Page 11. TOP DESTINATION Rowing programs from all over the country and Canada are coming to Lake Beresford for its perfect conditions. Page 14. Also Inside: Season Previews for Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse, and Spring Football ...... pp. 6-9 Tip of the Hat ...... p. 16 NCAA History in Orlando ..... p. 18

Hooty Hoo (February 2014)

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