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S T E A M B O AT TODAY WEDNESDAY JUNE 17, 2009 Steamboat Springs, Colorado FREE ® Vol. 21, No. 144 RO U T T C O U N T Y ’ S DA I LY N E W S PA P E R S T E A M B O AT S P R I N G S A scientific view Hayden student participates in workshop atop Storm Peak Page 11 S T E A M B O AT S P R I N G S Local boater missing Wyoming officials suspend search for 35-year-old Brian Stothart Page 3 SPORTS MATT STENSLAND/STAFF Steamboat Springs City Manager Jon Roberts talks about the response he has received from members of the community since returning to town after being in a sky diving accident Memorial Day weekend in California. Tuesday was Roberts’ first full day back on the job. Roberts back at City Hall Effects of May skydiving accident hard to spot in city manager Brandon Gee PILOT & TODAY STAFF STEAMBOAT SPRINGS More than X’s and O’s Page 29 ■ INDEX Briefs . . . . . . . . .10 Business. . . . . . .20 Classifieds . . . . .35 Colorado. . . . . . .26 Comics . . . . . . . .33 Crossword . . . . .33 You would have been excused for doing a double take and slipping off the treadmill Monday night when Jon Roberts walked into the gym at Old Town Hot Springs. Most people don’t walk away from a skydiving accident, let alone return to the gym less than a month later. But aside from some slight weight loss and a little less color in his ■ LOTTO Happenings . . . . .7 Horoscope . . . . .34 Sports. . . . . . . . .29 ViewPoints . . . . . .8 Weather . . . . . . .24 World . . . . . . . . .28 Tuesday night’s Cash 5 numbers: 8-16-28-30-38 Drawings held Monday through Saturday face, you would never guess the harrowing ordeal from which Steamboat Springs’ city manager is emerging. Roberts returned to City Hall on Tuesday for his first full day of work, including a late Steamboat Springs City Council meeting, since his Memorial Day weekend skydiving accident in Perris, Calif. “I feel great. I’m really glad to be back part of all the action items going on back in the city,” said Roberts, who added that he still lacks strength and ■ WEATHER endurance but is only mildly sore. Roberts said he had never spent a day in the hospital before the accident. “It just drove me crazy being in the hospital.” Roberts, an experienced skydiver with about 50 jumps under his belt, was injured when he was unable to locate the rip cord for his main and reserve parachutes. The reserve parachute eventually deployed high enough for Roberts to land safely, but he nearly hit a building and became tangled in TV antennae above it. His parachute collapsed, and he fell about 30 feet to the ground and tore his thoracic aorta, which is a segment of the aorta — the largest blood vessel in the body that is connected to the heart and delivers oxygenated blood to all parts of the body. According to, the aorta “is at greatest risk See Roberts, page 25 A magazine that reflects your love of Steamboat. Evening shower or storm. High of 70. Page 24 Find At Home on newsstands today.

Steamboat Today, June 17, 2009

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