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Students Speaking Out November 2012 What Do You Want To Be? by: Amber Keene When you are in elementary school and someone asks you what you want to be, normal responses are firefighter, racecar driver, or veterinarian. When you reach high school, those answers may change to teacher, actor, singer, doctor. Does anyone actually know? When you start college, you are supposed to know—you have to declare a major as soon as possible—but what more can you do besides close your eyes and point? Contents Pg 1 What Do You Want To Be? Why 2+2 is For You Pg 2 What Do You Want To Be continued Pg 3 Why 2+2 is For You continued The Digital World of a Library Some students in high school take an aptitude test to assess what career would best suit them. This is based on criteria usually consisting of questions regarding personality, goals, likes, dislikes, and job satisfaction. However, the free assessments taken in high school and many of those that can be found online do not offer a lot of insight into the jobs they place you with. But now, Stark State students have the option to use a new comprehensive developmental career guidance tool called MyPlan for free. Continued on page 2 Why 2+2 is For You by: Josi Heinz When you hear 2+2, do you think four? If you do, you need to rethink! A 2+2 program is a unique opportunity to get an associate’s degree at a two-year college and then move on to a four-year college to obtain a bachelor’s degree based off of the classes in your associate’s degree. There are many benefits to a 2+2 program. The most obvious are time and money. Two year schools are often cheaper than four year Pg 5 You Are Not Alone school. Only paying tuition to a four Pg 6 Rocking Microeconomics year school for two years is a significant savings. In addition, planning Pg 7 Stark Graphic Design Students accordingly will allow you to take Tour Timken fewer classes, also saving money. Pg 8 Cultural Diversity in Club Form Many of requirements at a four-year college can be taken as electives C3 Pg 4 Letter From the Editor The Luxury of Web Classes MyPlan offers four assessments: Per sonality Test, Interest Inventory, Skills Profiler, and Values Assessment to analyze your CareerMatch™. CareerMatch™ uses a series of various algorithms to assess your personality, values, interests, and skills and matches you with the job that best suits you by comparing your test responses to their database of career profiles. You can view your personalized CareerMatch™ with one of the four assessments or a combination of them all. during your associate’s program at a two-year college. As long as those classes are TAG approved (see you advisor for a list of TAG approved classes, which are classes guaranteed to transfer), you can save time and money by taking them during your first two years. By carefully scheduling your classes during your associate’s degree, you may only need an additional 40 credits to complete a bachelor’s degree at a four-year university. For example, look at the required classes needed at the four year institution, and take them as electives at the two year college. Continued on page 3 1

Stark Voices November 2012 Edition

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