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Students Speaking Out October 2012 How We Keep Our Accreditation by: Paul Barans Perhaps you have not thought much about college accreditation. If you are like most students, you know that Stark State is an accredited college, but you might not know what accreditation means for you. You might have a general idea that it means that the college is “good enough”, that is, it teaches students effectively. But accreditation does more than just indicate the teaching effectiveness of a college or university. Here are some of the other benefits: To become accredited, a college must prove that it meets the Criteria for Accreditation, Core Components, and Assumed Practices defined by the Higher Learning Commission. • Accreditation allows Stark State to offer financial aid to students. Government financial aid is provided only for accredited colleges and universities. • Accredited coursework is a prerequisite for many license exams (for example, for many health careers). • Transferring to another college or university is easier because your course credits transfer seamlessly. Stark State uses a model called AQIP (Academic Quality Improvement Program) to help provide evidence that it meets the Commission’s criteria. AQIP focuses on continuous improvement in the organization as a means to ensure the educational quality required for accreditation. Continued on page 2 Contents Pg 1 How We Keep Our Accredi tation/ Gamers Unite to Promote Creativity Pg 2 How We Keep Our Accreditation Continued/ Mega Street Bridge to be Completed Pg 3 What You Might Not Know About Degrees/ Phi Theta Kappa Pg 4 Letter From the Editor/ Phi Theta Kappa Pg 5 What is Safe Space?, LGBTS Gain Momentum Pg 6 The Truth About Purchasing Books Pg 7 “You Know Me”-Editorial Pg 8 Stark State College to Lead in Natural Gas Education Student Submission! Gamers Unite to Promote Creativity by: Greg Gambone The Video Game Club is for people who want to get together and play, design, and create video games. The club was formed so that people with a common interest in the gaming industry can get together and socialize with each other. The club plays games on every Thursday from 1 P.M to 3 P.M in room K112 with staff advisor Mike Geig. plans for holding fundraisers or doing community services to help raise money to buy more monitors and televisions. Members are welcome to bring any type of gaming device (including televisions and monitors) to meetings. Also, members are allowed to bring any video game they want, as long as the staff advisor approves of it. There are currently 15 members in the video game club, with five acting student officers. The officers of the club have been discussing if the Video Game Club should merge with another club known as the C3 Club, which promotes creativity and positive thinking through media of gaming, animation and artwork. Also, the officers are trying to make Some members of the club have formed a group and are currently working on a modification for a game called The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. Another group of members are in the process of designing a new video game. Some games the club has been playing include: Borderlands 2 and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. 1

Stark Voices October 2012 Edition

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