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Letter From the President ! o g In today’s world, paying and receiving money can be a bit of a hassle. Starion Financial now offers an innovative personal payment system called Popmoney, which allows you to send and receive money through email or text. • Sending money by email/mobile phone number: Whether you are sending money to a child at college, paying a babysitter or paying rent, Popmoney is an easy and convenient way to send and receive money. All you need to send money is the recipient’s account information (routing and account number), email address or mobile phone number. Using Popmoney through Starion’s Online Banking costs only $0.50 per payment made. That is considerably less than spending money on gas to run to an ATM or continuing to buy checks and stamps. • Sending money directly through the account number: If you choose to deposit money directly into If you choose to send the money using the recipient’s email address or mobile phone number, he/she will receive an email or text message with instructions on how to deposit the payment into his/her account. the recipient’s account, you will simply need to inform him/her of the pending transaction so that he/she is aware that you have sent money. After the transaction has been accepted by the recipient, the money will be available within three business days, if not sooner. Popmoney is fast, secure and convenient for everyone involved. Please contact us with any questions! WINTER 2013 Financial news to take you farther This publication does not constitute legal, accounting or any other professional advice. Although intended to be accurate, neither the publisher nor any party assumes liability for loss or damage due to reliance on this material. Copyright ©2013 Starion Financial. Questions? Contact: Find us on Facebook Get more great tips and bank updates when you 'Like' us on Facebook at Bismarck, ND 333 N 4th St (701) 223-6050 Mandan, ND 109 1st St NW (701) 663-6434 Dunseith 11 Main Street NE (701) 244-5795 Ellendale, ND 100 Main St (701) 349-3213 2900 N Washington (701) 250-1550 Fargo, ND Urban Plains 2754 Brandt Dr S (701) 281-5600 Rolla 101 1st Street SE (701) 477-8890 Oakes, ND 601 Main Ave (701) 742-2112 Bottineau 1804 11th Street E (701) 228-3750 Middleton, WI 1651 John Q Hammons Dr (608) 829-3050 1000 S Washington (701) 250-1500 Starion Plaza 1300 Skyline Blvd & Hwy 83N (701) 250-1540 2525 S University Dr (701) 281-5650 Member FDIC ................................................. Living in North Dakota, we are blessed to have a thriving economy. Despite the drought in some regions of the state, we were fortunate to see an increase in the production of many crops this year, with an outstanding 80% increase in corn production over 2011. North Dakota continues to have the lowest unemployment rate in the nation, 3.1% versus the national average of 8.2%. All across the country, people are migrating to North Dakota hoping to find a good, steady job. The oil boom has helped to keep our unemployment rate at a fouryear low. The Bakken Shale development alone makes a $20 billion impact on the ND economy. This increase in revenue has benefited nearly every industry in the state and has helped many citizens to find and maintain financial stability. As an organization, we are located in prosperous markets. Starion Financial’s roots are in North Dakota, beginning with our first branch in Oakes in 1969. We have seen this state flourish, and we’ve seen it go through tougher times as well. We’ve monitored the progress we’re making as a state and will continue to run our organization by following the conservative business practices on which we’re established. We will continue to celebrate the success of North Dakota along with the rest of its proud residents, and we will remain your loyal and trusted advisors. Craig Larson President & CEO ! go WINTER 2013 Financial news to take you farther Are you taking full advantage of your IRA opportunities? Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are one of the most powerful and flexible tools to accumulate funds for retirement. The keys to maximizing the ultimate value of your IRA are simple – contribute as much as you can, contribute as early as you can and earn as much as you can. Here are four ways to put those keys to work. Make contributions Everyone with earned income (wages) is eligible to contribute up to $5,000 to an IRA for 2012. You can contribute to a regular IRA regardless of your income. It may be tax-deductible if you are not a participant in a company sponsored plan or if your 2012 adjusted income is below certain levels ($58,000 for those filing single tax returns and $92,000 for those filing jointly). For 2013, the contribution limit is $5,500 and the deductibility limits are adjusted gross income of $59,000 for single filers and $95,000 for those filing jointly. Roth IRA contributions are not deductible, but can be made by those with 2012 adjusted gross income up to $110,000 (single) or $173,000 (filing jointly). For 2013, the adjusted gross income limits are $112,000 (single) or $178,000 (filing jointly). Take advantage of the catch-up provision For the past several years, individuals age 50 and above have been eligible to contribute extra amounts to their IRAs. For 2012 and 2013, those individuals can contribute an extra $1,000 to their IRAs. Make contributions early The earlier you make contributions, the earlier your money begins earning on a tax-deferred basis. The latest you can make 2012 contributions is April 15, 2013 (or the extended due date of your tax return). The earliest you can make 2013 contributions is January 1, 2013. By making your contribution early, you are more likely to make an extra contribution over your working career and it adds up. Invest your IRA wisely Your IRA is, or will become, a significant part of your net worth. How it is invested deserves the same attention you give your other investments. Be sure to include your IRA in your overall investment planning and apply the same principles of asset allocation, diversification and risk tolerance. Because the funds in your IRA will remain there for extended periods of time, you should take a long term approach with how the funds are invested. If you choose a lower risk fixed income approach, consider longer term CDs instead of shorter-term savings accounts or money market funds. If you are considering equity investments, remember these funds will have many years to grow and choose wisely. You will ultimately be responsible for your retirement, and the decisions you make on managing your investments are important. Doing your homework and using the services of a qualified professional can make a large difference. Visit with a Starion Financial IRA consultant to develop a retirement plan that suits your needs. Cetera Investment Services LLC is an independent, registered broker/dealer. Member SIPC/FINRA. Securities and insurance products offered by Cetera: Not FDIC insured • May go down in value • Not financial institution guaranteed • Not a deposit • Not insured by any federal government agency. BISMARCK, ND PERMIT NO. 433 PA I D PRESORT STD U.S. POSTAGE

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