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st.catherine’s now Fall 2013 Vol. 72 No. 1

What does it mean to be an

educated girl?



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St. Catherine’s Now  Fall 2013  Vol. 72  No. 1

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What does it mean to be an educated girl?

On the cover More than 1,100 students, faculty and staff joined together on the Green for International Day of the Girl on Oct. 11.

Virginia Randolph Ellett founded the School in 1890 with the mission to educate girls for a higher purpose. That focus continues today as our students strive to make the world better for themselves and other girls around the globe. This pursuit was highlighted recently on International Day of the Girl.


Advance Guard

As a young girl Laura Edwards ’80 was inspired to fight for women’s causes. Last year she started Women AdvaNCe, a non-partisan organization that strives to empower and to enable women leaders.

In every issue 4 V I S I O N N OW

Dr. Terrie Hale Scheckelhoff’s Op-Ed piece from the “Richmond TimesDispatch” stresses the importance and necessity of educating girls. 6 C A MPU S N OW

News from the Green and beyond 25 A LU MN A E N OW

Catching Up: Class notes, marriages, births and deaths 59 B OA RD I N G MEMO RI ES

Evan Garrison ’01 broadens her adventurous spirit at St. Catherine’s.


vision now W

hat do Kim Lichtenberg ’94, mission systems engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Ashton Williams Harrison ’71, author of “From A.D.D. to CEO: A CEO’s Journey from Chaos to Success;” Penny Penniston ’88, playwright, screenwriter and freelance writer; Abigail Norfleet James ’65, author of “Teaching the Female Brain: How Girls Learn Math and Science;” and Brooke Sydnor Curran ’86, a community leader who has run marathons in 50 states and seven continents to raise money for at-risk children, have in common? These successful women had educational opportunities, and they are all graduates of St. Catherine’s. These graduates and the other 4,800 alumnae are making our world better by helping economies grow, improving health and sharing knowledge because they had the gift of an education unlike 66 million girls around the world. Education for every girl is my hope and dream. Too many girls worldwide suffer from gender discrimination, gender violence, early marriage and bonded labor. According to the World Bank, a girl with an extra year of education can earn 20 percent more as an adult, and girls with eight years of education are four times less likely to be married as children (National Academies Press, 2005). UNICEF reports educated mothers are more than twice as likely to send their children to school, and that a child born to a literate mother is 50 percent more likely to survive past the age of 5. Education, especially at the secondary level, is a major determinant of most desired outcomes in society. Education breaks the cycle of poverty and ignorance and allows women’s voices to be heard in decision-making circles. It is true that there has been significant progress in improving girls’ education in the last 20 years, but many girls, especially those who are most marginalized, are deprived of this opportunity. For many who have the chance to attend school, the poor quality of the education, their household duties, the attitudes of those around them, their lack of food and safety make their education less effective. As an educator in girls’ schools for more than 30 years, I have witnessed the transformative power of educating girls. When girls are educated, they build confidence and competence and understand their personal value and capabilities. They participate in local, national and even international conversations, and they tirelessly work to support community programs and initiatives. Educated girls see themselves as change makers, and they create strategies and methods for implementing positive change. At St. Catherine’s, we ensure that each girl hears her own voice. She is encouraged to research and debate topics, to develop theories and communicate her findings — much like Laura Edwards ’80, who is featured in this issue. We all need to continue searching for ways that we can be innovative in our policy creation, structures, partnerships, resource allocation and engagement of community On the cover members, especially our young people, to support girls worldwide. When girls are XX educated, they learn that they have a role in partnering with others for the betterment of all, and they have the tools to be successful. Adapted from an Op-Ed piece that ran in the Richmond Times-Dispatch on Oct. 11, 2013.

St. Catherine’s Now Fall 2013 Vol. 72 No. 1 Head of School

Terrie Hale Scheckelhoff, Ph.D. Executive Editor

Theodora Miller Director of Marketing and Communications Editor and Designer

Haley Hollenbach Publications Manager Contributing Writers

Susan T. Burtch Sherrie Page Jennifer Harter Elizabeth Hopkinson Theodora Miller Director of Development

Debbie Andrews Dunlap ’70 Assistant Director of Development

Katherine Ferguson

Director of Alumnae Affairs

Judy Carpenter Hawthorne ’75 Co-Heads of the Campaign

Debbie Andrews Dunlap ’70 Sue H. Schutt Photography

Duane Berger Jennifer Harter Dean Hawthorne Haley Hollenbach Matthew Lester Theodora Miller Jim Robb Michelle Robinson St. Catherine’s Now is published by the Alumnae and Development and the Marketing and Communications Offices of St. Catherine’s School, 6001 Grove Ave., Richmond, VA 23226, 804.288.2804; St. Catherine’s admits students without regard to race, color, religion, or national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to the students at the School. Letters to the editor are welcomed and should include the author’s name, address, email address and daytime phone number. Please send correspondence to: Editor, St. Catherine’s Now, St. Catherine’s School, 6001 Grove Ave., Richmond, VA 23226. Printed letters may be edited for length, content and style. "St. Catherine’s Now" is a bi-annual magazine for the St. Catherine’s community and is published by the Marketing and Communications Office in collaboration with the Alumnae and Development Office. The publication celebrates a legacy of excellence, provides meaningful connections and captures the life of the School through reporting that adheres to high journalistic and literary standards.

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George K. Jennison, Chair Jane (Janie) Hall Armfield ’70 Sharon P. Blount Peter H. Bowles Herbert (Hobie) A. Claiborne III Richard M. Clary, M.D. Elizabeth (Beth) Allen Cuthbert ’60 Mary Meade Trice Davenport ’61 Carol Wingo Dickinson ’74 Annabel Morgan Edge ’64 Renee B. Fain Robert J. Grey, Jr. Melissa (Missy) M. Gullquist George A. Harrison Wayne L. Hunter Charles M. Johnson III A. Brent King Lisa P. Luck Anne Howell McElroy M.D. ’78 Georgina (Gigi) Rawles Miller ’75 Jose Luis Murillo, Jr. Frank H. Reichel III Gib Brockenbrough Staunton ’81 Dorothy (Dee Dee) Butler Sutton ’76 Christopher H. Williams Governors Emerita/i Anne Whitfield Kenny ’51 Theodore (Ted) W. Price Wesley Wright, Jr. Ex-Officio: St. Catherine’s School Foundation President Elizabeth Cabell Jennings ’81 Parents’ Association President Katherine (Kate) Fowlkes Ackerly ’74 Alumnae Association President Lacy Williams ’69 President of Church Schools David H. Charlton, Ph.D. Head of St. Catherine’s School Terrie H. Scheckelhoff, Ph.D.

Foundation 2013-2014 Elizabeth Cabell Jennings ’81, President William J. Armfield IV Macon Hubard Clarkson ’96 Mary C. Doswell Lawrence L. Gray Roger H. W. Kirby Virginia (Ginny) Reynolds Parker ’76 Ex-Officio: Chair of St. Catherine’s Board of Governors George K. Jennison Chair of the Finance Committee of St. Catherine’s Board of Governors Herbert (Hobie) A. Claiborne III President of Church Schools David H. Charlton, Ph.D. Head of School Terrie Hale Scheckelhoff, Ph.D.

Welcome New Board Members

vi s i on now

Board of Governors 2013-2014

Jane Hall Armfield ’70

A current parent at St. Catherine’s (2020) and St. Christopher’s (2020), Janie attended Hollins University and Sophie Newcomb College. She was a past Board member at St. Catherine’s and serves on the Capital Campaign Steering Committee. She is a former board member of Richmond Ballet, the Valentine Richmond History Center, and the School of Social Work at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. She is on the Advisory Board of the Historic Richmond Foundation and on the Richmond Committee of Stratford Hall.

Peter Hartwell Bowles

A current parent at St. Catherine’s (2018) and St. Christopher’s (2020, 2023), Peter is a graduate of St. Christopher’s (1988), UNC-Chapel Hill (B.A.) and the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College (M.B.A.). He is a Managing Director at Blue Edge Capital, LLC and has served as President of St. Catherine’s Foundation Board. Peter also serves on the boards of Elk Hill, Sheltering Arms Hospital and Sheltering Arms Foundation.

Mary Meade Trice Davenport ’61

Mary Meade is a graduate of Mt. Vernon College. She served on the Richmond Chapter of the Ellett-St. Catherine’s Alumnae Board and has been an active volunteer with her class, particularly during their reunions. She is a past President of the Tuckahoe Garden Club and served on the Executive Committee of the Junior League of Richmond.

Allen Brent King

A current parent at St. Catherine’s (2021 and 2027) and St. Christopher’s (2022), Brent is a graduate of the University of Virginia (B.A.) and the University of Richmond (J.D.). He is Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary at Tredegar. Brent currently serves on St. Catherine’s Campaign Steering Committee as a Co-Chair of the Lower School parent division. He is a current member of the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee of the Richmond Ballet and has served on the Boards of Directors for the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce and Richmond Sports Backers.

Lisa Petty Luck

A current parent at St. Catherine’s (2014, 2010) and a past parent at St. Christopher’s (2008), Lisa attended Greensboro College in North Carolina. Prior to joining the Board, she served on the Richmond Ballet Council, the Junior Board of the Children’s Hospital, was co-chair of St. Catherine’s Kenny Center Capital Campaign and served most recently on St. Catherine’s Buildings and Grounds Committee. Lisa is currently on the Board of Luck Companies as well as Goochland Free Clinic and Family Services.


campus now

Astronaut Inspires Students It’s not every day you see an astronaut walking around the St. Catherine’s campus. But that’s exactly what happened this fall. Dr. Kathy Sullivan, the first American woman to walk in space, visited campus on September 26 to spend time with students, faculty and staff. Sullivan is currently the Acting Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere (NOAA). She also is a personal friend of Head of School Dr. Terrie Hale Scheckelhoff. Dr. Sullivan spent the day interacting with students across all three divisions and working with the girls in classrooms and science labs. In the morning Dr. Sullivan spent time in a few Upper School science classes. She was greeted with applause by the Honors Biology class. After brief introductions, Dr. Sullivan gravitated to the


white board and started teaching. “Dr. Sullivan immediately engaged them, asking questions and giving them some examples of her memories of high

school chemistry and biology, instantly making a personal connection,” said Science Department Chair and Honors Biology teacher Nancy Habenicht. “As we got together to have our class picture taken with her, I heard one student say, ‘I have always wanted to meet an astronaut,’ and there were nods of agreement from all of us. “What a wonderful, tangible memory these students will have of what is possible in the future for any of them.” When visiting another science class, Dr. Sullivan left the students with problems to solve and additional challenges for Upper School Physics teacher Jason Sterlace to give his students. “Even knowing she would be at St. Catherine’s, I had no expectation that she would come to our classroom,” Sterlace said. “When she walked in, it was electric, and the girls were completely and immediately engaged with her. “With one simple question from a student, she was teaching physics while I just watched. She touched on multiple topics with ease and familiarity, and the students saw her obvious love for physics. Personally, I found it powerfully validating that she chose to spend a little time doing what I do.” Throughout the day, Dr. Sullivan met with students, faculty and staff across all three divisions and ended the day with a special reception for parents, students and friends of the School.

Highlights of Guests on Campus:

Matt Bellace, Ph.D., Psychologist and comedian presenting healthy choices Kathryn Erskine, National award winning author for her novel "Mockingbirds" Peel Hawthorne ’75, Senior women’s athletic department administrator, The

College of William & Mary

Anne Charity Hudley, Ph.D. ’94, Associate Professor of Education, English,

Linguistics, and Africana Studies, on behalf of the Virginia Diversity Network

The Rt. Rev. Shannon Sherwood Johnston, Bishop of Virginia Episcopal Church Lisa Mitchell, Creator of non-profit Small Change for Big Change Guatemala Philip Neal, Choreographer and former New York City Ballet principal dancer Allison Pugh, Author of “Longing and Belonging: Parents, Children, and

Consumer Culture” and Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, UVA

Greg Roberts, Dean of Admission at UVA Leonard Sax, M.D., Ph.D., Author and speaker on gender-based learning Mathieu Simonet and Julie Voisin, French actors and filmmakers

Sally Ann Smith touches the lives of St. Catherine’s students on a daily basis as an eighth grade English teacher. Now she has the chance to impact students across the Commonwealth of Virginia. Smith was named to the 24-member Governor’s Teacher Cabinet by Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell. The Cabinet includes teachers from every Superintendent Region in Virginia. Smith is the only teacher from an independent school. “To me, being a part of this Cabinet means providing empowering opportunities to children across Virginia,” Smith said. The Cabinet met in October and submitted an interim report with initial recommendations in mid-November. “The Governor’s Teachers Cabinet will play a pivotal role in advising our administration about new strategies and ideas to enhance teacher quality and professionalism, increase parent and community involvement, reduce administrative burden, and close the achievement gap.” Governor McDonnell said in a news release from his office. A former public school teacher and product of public school education, Smith looks forward to the opportunity to make the education system better for all students. “Quality education is a true gift, but it shouldn’t be a privilege; my conscience demands it to be a right for every child,” Smith said. “I believe my journey as a teacher in both public and independent settings has given me a full scope of educational approaches, strategies and possibilities, and I look forward to being a part of the solution.”

St. Catherine’s will introduce the second class of the Athletic Hall of Fame on Dec. 13. Please check the website at for the formal announcement. Join us on Feb. 7, as we celebrate our new inductees at halftime of the basketball game. The formal induction will take place during a luncheon on Feb. 8. More details to come. Contact Julie Dayton, director of athletics, for any questions at or 804.288.2804.

cam pu s now

Teacher Named to Governor’s Cabinet

Students Honored for Academic Success

RecordBreaking Excellence

957 98% 16% $6.5MM girls in JK-12

student retention

Earlier this fall, three seniors received national recognition based on the results of their 2012 SAT test scores. Maria Sison and Alaina Wibberly were recognized as National Merit Semifinalists. Carmen Camp was named a National Hispanic Scholar for 2013-14. More than 1.5 million juniors entered the National Merit Scholarship program by taking the 2012 PSAT exam. Sison and Wibberly represent the top one percent of United States high school seniors who took the exam. They now enter into competition to be named a National Merit Finalist, which will be announced in February. Camp is in the top two percent of test takers who identified themselves of at least one-quarter Hispanic/Latino. Additionally, Carmen Camp, Sydney DeBoer, Libbie Hamner, Ryan Hodgson, Kendall Hudgens, Catherine Simpson and Ellie Wallace were all named National Merit Commended Students, placing among the top five percent of all students taking the 2012 PSAT.

student diversity

gifts received

Left to right: Carmen Camp, Alaina Wibberly, Maria Sison


ca mpu s now

Student Voices: Summer Opportunities Adapted from “Arcadian” articles that ran in the October 2013 issue.

Shakespeare Meets Rock n’ Roll: A Summer Experience of a Lifetime By Annabel O’Hagan ’15

Dancing with the Royal Ballet By Margaret Gaenzle ’14 Have you ever envisioned something happening that seemed so far out of your reach, and then suddenly it’s a real possibility? That is how I felt when I got my letter from the Royal Ballet last spring letting me know I had been accepted into their summer program. This past summer, I was lucky enough to get to spend two and a half weeks dancing with the Royal Ballet School in London. The first day of ballet class I walked into the room and there were three Russian girls lined up at the ballet barre with their matching warm up jackets and perfect hairstyles. They each managed to be in a crazy position with one leg behind each of their heads as they intensely stretched while I was preparing to do my ritual of a few crunches, a plank and some gentle head rolls, as my body was still longing for my bed at 8:30 in the morning. No one spoke that morning, but as the day went on the room filled with laughter and excitement. Days were spent under the tutelage of some amazing and world-renowned teachers in beautiful, light-filled studios with opportunities to socialize before, after and in between classes. Not only did I get amazing coaching and training from former members of the Royal Ballet, but I formed relationships with other aspiring ballet dancers from Italy, Russia, Finland, Panama, the Dominican Republic, France, and England.


Most girls spend their summers taking a break from the intensity of the school year, but not me. I spent hours in “exam-study mode,” as my family called it, with flashcards of my neverending lines and ear buds blasting rock songs—both in puzzling Shakespearean verse. The cast was a mix of local talent and out-of-state thespians who, after four weeks of forced interaction, became a family I will never forget. There was never any time to spare during the weeks of rehearsal, and some days there were bumps in the process that seemed more like the mountains that surrounded me on all sides. But after ample help from our creative team, more than a few Skype sessions, and lots of hard work, we each knew our jobs and were ready to perform. Performance weekend flew by as we put on our three shows in the beautiful facility of Theatre Aspen’s professional performance “tent.” Despite the exhaustion of having to embody the rises and pitfalls of Juliet’s emotions three times, the crowd seemed to really enjoy it, and that was all I could have asked for! I got my first ever review in the newspaper the next day that deemed the show a success. In no time at all, we were hugging and saying our goodbyes at the cast party following our last show. As sad as it was to see the cast disperse back to each of our hometowns, we will never forget how lucky we were to work with an incredible group of professional artists and have the opportunity to perform in such an inspiring collaboration of the old and new.


cam pu s now


Legacy Students

New Legacy Students

Top Row: Greer Foster 2020, daughter of Carter Williams Foster ’87 and great granddaughter of Fanny Miller Williams 1907; Sophie Davenport 2022, granddaughter of Jean Hill Davenport ’58; Emily Page 2020, daughter of Lyn Savedge Page ’85; Second Row: Lydia Whorley 2026, daughter of Abigail Logan Whorley ’04; Stella Valentine 2026, daughter of Elizabeth Tilghman Valentine ’94, great granddaughter of Olive Pinney Tilghman ’41; Caroline Avery 2026, great granddaughter of Cornelia Larus Avery ’34; Emma Peay 2026, daughter of Elizabeth Brown Peay ’97; Bottom Row: Chase Hager 2026, granddaughter of Margaret "Maggie" Hager ’59; Eliza Hershey 2026, daughter of Jean Davenport Hershey ’92, great granddaughter of Jane Gibson Davenport ’31; Mason Read 2025, daughter of Biz Elder Read ’89; Graham Stephens 2026, daughter of Marion Basto Stephens ’93; Mary Page Waechter 2026, daughter of Sara Chapman Waechter ’97; Gigi Rhodes 2026, granddaughter of Panny Gregory Rhodes ’60 and Maryanne Saunders McElroy ’53 Pictured individually: Carter Knowles 2026, granddaughter of Brantley Bolling Knowles ’70


Faculty and Staff New Faculty and Staff

Top Row: Jason Sterlace, Upper School Physics, Ben Court, Middle School Music; Sherrie Page, Upper School Health; Jennifer Nystrom, Kindergarten Teaching Assistant;

Second row: Lynn West, Theatre Costumer; Shea Kinser, Upper School English Teaching Fellow; Leigh Hapala, Grade 3; Claire McCarty, Upper School Ceramics; Jennifer Harper, Upper School Biology Bottom row: Laura Gorsuch, Middle School Counselor; Laura Albertson Horn ’95, Physical Education and Health Chair, Physical Education; Jennifer Ivens, Lower School Music; Carter Augustine Warren ’04, Stacia Schoeffler, Middle and Upper School Nurse; Kindergarten Assistant; Jessica Junker, Middle School Foreign Language; Susan Mahoney Crook ’05, Upper School Foreign Language, Lower School Swimming


visio n now

Building a Better Garden

They grabbed gloves, shovels and wheelbarrows and dug into St. Catherine’s Community Garden for the international Green Apple Day of Service. On September 28, students from all three divisions along with, faculty, staff, parents, alumnae and community members joined together for a morning work session in the Garden, located across the street from the School on Grove Avenue. The day was organized by the Lower School Ecology Club with support from BCWH Architects in Richmond. “It was a great day of fellowship and community service,” said Lower School art teacher Jacque Minarik, who sponsors the Lower School Ecology Club and helped organize the day. “It is exciting for us to have professional community mentors and partners to offer their time and expertise to help us make — Jacque Minarik, our goals a reality.” Lower School art teacher Over the course of the morning, participants weeded the garden, pruned the ornamental beds, harvested gourds and built a mechanical bike pump to pump rainwater from rain barrels. Those gourds will be used to build birdhouses for the Garden. A local artist will work with the Lower School Ecology Club and Middle School girls on this project. On the day of the event, St. Catherine’s community members were joined by Bo Fairlamb, an architect with BCWH, as well as alumna Erin Richardson ’04 and Kelly White, who both work with BCWH Architects. “We are using the Community Garden as our learning studio to study and promote sustainability concepts and to encourage environmental stewardship with the Ecology Club,” Fairlamb said, “Our goal is to build a legacy of sustainability.”

“It is exciting for us to have professional community mentors and partners to offer their time and expertise to help us make our goals a reality.”

Teaching Awareness A few grins accompanied the strong punches that sliced the air in the Kenny Center Multi-Purpose room. And while the mood was light at times, the message was not. Upper School health classes and eighth grade P.E. classes are participating in selfdefense sessions with MOI FAH Sports & Performing Arts. The goal is to raise awareness and the sessions are designed for students of all experience levels, including beginners. The students learn a variety of critical self-defense skills from bully identification and


verbal assertiveness to peer pressure resistance and physical self-defense techniques. “Self-defense promotes self discipline, relieves stress, burns off excess energy and promotes a sense of calm,” said Laura Albertson Horn ’95, Physical Education and Health Chair, “As an all girls’ school, we know that these benefits are especially important for our students, and we are so excited to have such qualified and proven instructors.” Early on students grasped the importance of this awareness — even if it brought a few giggles at times. Sophomore Kaitlin Caesar said the self-defense class made her realize she needs to think beyond her life at St. Catherine’s. “I won’t always be in a protected environment,” she said. She went on to say that she found the class fun, but with a serious message behind it.

Hallie Reichel was honored as the St. Catherine’s Day representative for the Class of 2014. Reichel talked about her 13-year journey, the sense of community, her own faith and the inspiration she draws from Saint Catherine of Alexandria. Front: Hallie Reichel; Row 2: Anne Kenny-Urban ’83; Dorothy Young ’71; Jan Joel Starnes ’80; Row 3: Alex Coleman ’10, Barbara Blades Burrows ’50; Carrie Featherstone Hoge ’93; Row 4: Terrie Hale Scheckelhoff, Ph.D., Debbie Andrews Dunlap ’70; Leigh Bladergroen Glatt ’00

hAVE yOU SEEN ThE REDESIGNED WEBSITE? The School’s website now features a fresh, clean, more modern look. Stroll through the sacred halls, visit classrooms and check out all the new renovations through the 360-degree virtual tour of the campus; hear from different voices on Saints Talk and experience the expanded Academics, Arts and Athletics sections. The website is now fully compatible to all devices with responsive design.Check it out today!

PINk OUT fOR BREAST CANCER Students, faculty and staff joined together for a Pink Out for Breast Cancer awareness on Oct. 24. Seniors Katie Salter, Mary Fig Stallings and Bailey Walker developed a concept for an all-school video, which was executed by fellow members of the Upper School Service League. Students, faculty and staff in kindergarten through grade 12 wore pink and held signs, megaphones and other decorations as they lined the halls of the Lower School, Turner, Ellett and Bacot. The high-energy video paid tribute to everyone impacted by breast cancer.

cam pu s now

Making Connections


The Saints Networking Group allows graduates from both St. Catherine’s and St. Christopher’s to connect with working professionals around the Richmond area. Speakers include alumni from both schools, as well as other community members representing a wide range of occupations including government officials, company presidents, international event organizers and senior vice presidents at large for-profits. The Saints Networking Group began one year ago and continues to meet once a month for a variety of morning and evening meetings on the school campuses. “I am very fortunate to have been able to build a career around something that I am passionate about — poverty, hunger and nutrition,” said Sophie Milam ’95, the October speaker who works for Feeding America. “It’s not the kind of job you come across on a career aptitude test.

“I wanted to share with the group that it is possible to build a career that reflects your values and interests.” whether in the job itself or in the way that you leverage your professional assets outside of work — skills, connections, resources.” To see the full list of speakers visit


A night in Gold and White







Thanks to the hard work and talents of countless volunteers, a magical evening was enjoyed by a sold-out crowd at the 2013 Auction. (1) Auction Chairs Suzanne Wishnack Morris ’89 and Caroline Harding, shown with Dr. Terrie Hale Scheckelhoff, put together a fabulous night that raised more than $190,000, which will go towards the For Girls Who Will Shape the Future Campaign. (2) Silent Auction Chairs Heather Hawkins and Melisa Dray Hudson ’89 masterminded a dazzling array of items from student artwork to nights on the town, and (3) Voice Auction Chairs Amanda and Farhad Aghdami procured unique packages from the U.S. Flag signed by “Bush 41 and 43” to the Seattle Seahawks jersey and helmet worn by Richmond’s own standout Russell Wilson. Decorating Chairs (4) Donnan Thompson O’Keefe ’89 and Karen Faulkner Wise ’86 created a heavenly gold and white wonderland for Saints to enjoy!

A Campaign for St. Catherine’s Raised More Than

$40 MILLION Exceeding the $36 million goal!

Thank you for your generosity!

Together our accomplishments are many.


sq. ft. More than of renovated/expanded space

43 new classrooms to meet

our growing enrollment

Kenan-Flagler Auditorium A vibrant new Harrison Art Center 350-seat

Armfield Science Center

State-of-the-art with 5 laboratory classrooms, an independent research lab, and an 80-seat lecture hall and Expanded

Dining Hall and new CafĂŠ 2010



Capital Improvements Endowment Annual Giving

$23MM $5MM $8MM

$23.1MM $9.1MM $8.2MM





educated International Day of the Girl By Sherrie Evelyn Page

WHEN THE PAKISTANI TALIBAN TARGETED A TEENAGE GIRL for speaking out and blogging her beliefs that girls throughout the world must be educated, they thought their weapons would silence her. Not only did they fail to stop Malala Yousafzai that day, despite leaving her unconscious and in critical condition, the Taliban sent an unintended, yet opposite and powerful message to people around the world: all women must empower each other. All women must push past barriers that isolate them.


Above: On Oct. 11, members of the EllettSt. Catherine’s Alumnae Board showed their support for International Day of the Girl by wearing blue during their biannual meeting.

students, faculty, staff and alumnae wore light blue and met on the Green to form the female symbol, signifying that the sky is the limit for educated girls INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE GIRL Malala’s message resonates deeply with the students, alumnae and faculty of St. Catherine’s, where educating girls has been the focus since 1890. In effect, the School has celebrated the message of Malala every day in classrooms, chapel, art studios and on athletic fields for almost 125 years. Recently, one particular day gave the whole School the opportunity to recognize the gift of girls’ education, and embrace it as our own. This year, the United Nations declared that the 2013 International Day of the Girl, October 11, would be specifically themed to promote girls’ rights to education around the world. At St. Catherine’s, the event was a keen reminder of our girls’ gifts and freedoms. Students paused to reflect on those around the globe who are not as blessed with access to education. As a visible show of support, more than 1,100 students, faculty, staff and alumnae dressed in light blue and met on the Green to form the female symbol, signifying that the sky is the limit for educated girls.

SMALL People, Big Things Students at St. Catherine’s were familiar with Malala long before the United


Nations announced the theme of the 2013 International Day of the Girl. From the time Malala’s story appeared on the Internet, the Rev. Dr. Dorothy White, school chaplain, has been using Malala as an example in her sermons and lessons to Middle School and Upper School students. So passionate is Dorothy when she speaks of Malala, one can easily imagine that if the UN had not found a way to bring global recognition to the challenges women face, Dorothy would’ve found a way to do it herself. “Every now and then a news story comes out to which you know you must pay attention. When Malala was shot, I took it personally,” explains Dorothy. “Growing up in Knoxville, Tennessee, during the Civil Rights Movement, I saw the impossible become possible.” She recounts a childhood in which Jim Crow segregation laws were the norm, and remembers how easy it would have been to accept that blacks would never possess the same rights as whites. “But because of small people, like Malala, doing big things, laws were changed. And that’s what we’re about at St. Catherine’s. We may be on the other side of the world, but we miss the reason we are alive if we don’t seize the opportunity to champion equality for all. Being part of an all-girls school that provides an amazing education raises our responsibility because we have what girls around the world only dream of having.”

Love Thy Neighbor The Internet has connected us in a way that the phrase “Love thy neighbor” has taken on a global meaning. Neighbors are no longer just on our streets; our neighborhood is the whole planet. In an effort to promote global awareness of issues facing girls and women, this past summer Upper School students read the book "Sold." This book deals with the very real atrocity that every year in Nepal, 12,000 girls are sold by their impoverished families into sexual slavery. The book inspired rich discussion in classrooms, advisory meetings and between friends. Luisa Vosmik, a ninth grader, said, “When I think about a girl who is sold by her parents to someone who then has the right to sell her to someone else, who then turns her into an indentured prostitute, I feel ridiculous complaining about not having the latest cell phone or being concerned about my looks.” Luisa is enthusiastic when asked about the importance of St. Catherine’s to her emerging world view as a young woman: “I feel our society mocks what Malala stands for when we pay attention to trashy Kardashian Reality TV or Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball. I’m thankful that St. Catherine’s constantly provides me with opportunities to focus on what’s really important.” Shala Munn, another ninth grader, said her eyes were opened through

her Archer Dodson Heinzen ’60 Educating Women in El Salvador

An important aspect of this goal is education. Co-Partners offers both educational and transportation scholarships to While living in El Salvador in the mid-1990s, Archer Dodson help provide school supplies and transportation to schools for Heinzen ’60 worked with the women in the Ilobasco community. youth. Classes and skills for income generation are provided When it came time to return to the United States after her for adults. Co-Partners offers intensive week-long classes on husband’s assignment ended in 1997, Heinzen didn’t want to subjects such as communications and political advocacy. abandon the women. “If they get a reasonable about of education and skills to “I just fell in love with these women,” Heinzen said. “They earn an income, then they have the ability to influences the are very poor, but so valiant, so active and so joyful.” leaders in their communities,” said Heinzen, who spent time So Heinzen formed the non-profit Co-Partners of in Peru with the Peace Corps after college. Campesinas, with programs in El Salvador and Guatemala. But The administrative costs for the organization are surprisingly she didn’t want to just offer handouts. Heinzen wanted to do low at seven percent. Charity Navigator notes that, “the most more. Inspired by the motto, “Learn, Earn, Lead,” Co-Partners efficient charities spend 75 percent or more of their budget strives to empower these women to eventually become fully on their programs and services and less than 25 percent on self-sufficient. fundraising and administrative fees.” Instead of paying staff to work in El Salvador and Guatemala, Heinzen and her staff of From top to bottom: Co-Partners broke volunteers train the women and other community leaders to ground on a comteach the classes and run the programs. Volunteers pay their munity center in El Salvador, which opened own way. this fall. This is the first “As long as the money comes in, programs like this are fine,” building owned by Co-Partners and will said Heinzen, who visits the programs at least twice a year. be used for classes, “But when the money stops, these programs fall apart.” training and for rentals in order to Heinzen emphasized the importance of allowing communigenerate income. ties to operate on their own. Co-Partners of Co-Partners is now taking that a step further by constructing Campesinas, which a community building in Ilobaso specifically for its programs. Archer founded, trains women in a variety of The building allows for classroom space, office workspaces vocations. One of the and computer labs. Heinzen’s hope is that the main floor can most popular classes is sewing. be used for outside meetings and parties as a way to generate further income. The building was completed earlier this fall. Archer leads advocacy training with a group of “This helps the program to keep going,” she said. women in Guatemala. To learn more about Co-Partners of Campesinas, visit

the Upper School viewing of the documentary “Girl Rising.” The film shares the stories of nine girls from around the world whose lives were oppressed because they were denied an education. Shala was especially moved by the story of a Nepalese girl who worked in bonded labor at the age of 6, while her brothers were allowed to go to school. “All I could think about was that girl’s life could’ve been mine.” Shala appreciates the all-girls environment of St. Catherine’s because, “it gives us so much room to explore women’s issues and helps me not take my education for granted.” Like Luisa, Shala reports frustration with our society’s obsession with beauty, thinness and wealth. “The next goal after being educated shouldn’t be to look like a model and drive a Mercedes. It should be compassion and asking, What can I do to help others?” Seniors Diamond Stevens and Caroline Ilnicky took action and helped write a proposal for a State Resolution to Recognize the International Day of the Girl. Addendums were based on studentcreated discussion questions for “Sold,” and the understanding that child marriage, sex trafficking and child domestic labor result from the lack of girls’ rights to be educated. The Resolution is scheduled for a vote in the Virginia General Assembly in January. The two also appeared with Head of School Dr. Terrie Hale Scheckelhoff on “Virginia This Morning,” which aired on the Richmond CBS affliate, to speak about the importance of educating girls.

The Whole Village While the Upper School dealt with mature themes, younger students were introduced to the concept of education for all girls worldwide in age-appropriate ways. Renee Charity Price ’96, Middle School history teacher, recalls how her St. Catherine’s education filled her with a sense of community enhanced by chapel and an all-girls environment. “As an alumna and teacher at St. Catherine’s, I can say with utmost clarity that this International Day of the Girl is a perfect fit with our School’s Mission. We have



Educate yourself about issues affecting women worldwide such as girls denied education, the wage gap, child marriage, the portrayal of women in the media. Mentor a young woman

Share your experiences as an educated woman with your daughter or granddaughter. Support woman-owned businesses. Search for a government listing in your state. In Virginia, search for SWaM. Talk to a young girl about female role models throughout history. Give of your time or money to a non-profit that focuses on women. Purchase a holiday or birthday gift that celebrates smart girls. For ideas, visit Engage politically. Write your Senator or Representative to support legislation that assists girls and women. Discuss with others the importance of equality for all people. Mark your calendar for Oct. 11, 2014, International Day of the Girl.

always been about girl-centered education. We’re taught as early as junior kindergarten to count our blessings and to think of others, everywhere, Richmond and beyond.

“As a school, our job is to raise students’ awareness and sense of inquiry so they will develop into future leaders. There is no single answer to any problem; everyone’s answer will be different based on her individual strengths, interests and position in the world. We aspire for our students to make the most of their time at St. Catherine’s, and then we challenge them to go out and do something with the tools and gifts they’ve been given.” The Middle School was abuzz after students watched “The Girl Effect,” which showed how the education of just one girl could make a difference to her family and ultimately her whole village. The resulting discussions gave sixth grader Sophie Hood much food for thought. When asked what this International Day of the Girl meant to her, she replied without hesitation, “Getting educated means you can solve problems. When I grow up I’d like to solve problems caused by natural disasters and help people who are disabled. I love science and robotics and also the arts. Women can do anything.” When it came time to post her sky blue note on the windows in the Arcade about what it means to be an educated girl, she proudly wrote: “To be an educated girl means to have a chance.” Her thought joined the others posted by Middle and Upper School students to form a wall of blue sky across the Arcade. Lower School students had their own blue sky of post-it notes inspired by classroom exercises and an International Day of the Girl chapel created just for them. In her homily, Rev. Darcey Johnson used her garden as a metaphor. She explained that the seeds she planted in the shade didn’t grow as well as those planted with access to sunshine; just as some girls don’t get the education they need to fully blossom. Elizabeth Green Blanton ’97, school nurse, enjoys recounting a particular first grader as she listened to the sermon. Upon hearing that not all girls are allowed to go to school, the first grader turned to Elizabeth with a shocked expression and asked, “Is this really true?”

Lower School girls were excited to wear blue and be in the all-school photo with their older student-mentors and teachers. Molly Nystrom, a fourth grade member of the Inclusion Group, believes it is the right of girls to be included in everything, and that we have opportunities each day to support this value stating, “If someone is alone on the playground, invite her to play.” All humans deserve inclusion and equal rights. The International Day of the Girl touched the St. Catherine’s community in different ways, bringing everyone together as one in a show of solidarity for educating girls. Not only do students gain awareness that girls and women all over the world are denied basic rights, including an education, they also will graduate knowing that one voice — like Malala’s — can make a difference. This International Day of the Girl was a single, but important, event in their metamorphosis at St. Catherine’s. The rest of the story will be written as current students become the leaders of tomorrow and help shape the future. Watch a video that answers the question, “What Does It Mean To Be An Educated Girl” at SaintCatherinesRVA.

To �e an educated �oman �eans �o �each �our highest �otential. erine’s ’69, Ellett-St. Cath — Lacy Williams t en id tion Board Pres Alumnae Associa


Photography by Michelle Robinson

ADVANCE GUARD Laura B. Edwards ’80 Leads by Susan T. Burtch

omen AdvaNCe is not only the name of Laura B. Edwards’ educational non-profit; it’s the story of her life. The youngest of eight children, she says one of her earliest memories is accompanying her feminist mother to city council meetings in Charlotte, N. C. “She would dress me up and hand me the microphone,” Laura recounts. “I must have been about 5 or 6 at the time.” While it’s understandable Laura ultimately gravitated toward politics and women’s rights, she took a circuitous route getting there. “I was an agitator, really rebellious,” grins Laura, “so my mom said, ’I think it’s time for you to go to boarding school.’ My mother actually chose St. Catherine’s, but I agreed to it. I visited and felt like it was a good place for me.” She turned out to be right. “St. Catherine’s helped shape young women into whatever they wanted to be. I had leadership potential and I was a good athlete. They saw that potential in me and tamed it. They kept me going. At that time in my life, the intersection of St. Catherine’s and me could not have been more lifesaving.”

While women make up


of the population of North Carolina, nearly


of major news articles fail to focus on women-specific issues

Setting Out in Life After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in international studies, Laura moved to New York City, where she ended up as a fact-checker for Time magazine. But it was her high school award as “Most Outstanding Senior Athlete” rather than her university credentials that snagged her the job. “When I interviewed, the guy asked, ’Can you play softball?’ I said I could, and he said, ’You’re hired.’ As it turns out, it was the 20th-anniversary of Publishing League Softball in New York City, and Time wanted to win the tournament that year. So that’s how I got hired.” But Laura’s heart was “pining for North Carolina,” so at the age of 25, she went home for good. She enrolled, once again, at UNC-CH, this time in a radio, television and motion picture master’s degree program. She started New Rhythms, Inc., a broadcast production company, which she ran for 18 years. During this time, she produced educational videos, documentaries and feature films. One of her films, “A Victory of Spirit,” was based on the life of two Special Olympics athletes from North Carolina, and inspired by their story, she began to do volunteer work for the Special Olympics. She served on the boards of North Carolina Arts Council, Penland School of Crafts and North Carolina Equity as well as the Ellett-St. Catherine’s Alumnae Board from 1997-2003. She helped with local and national political campaigns and served on the Majority Council Steering Committee of Emily’s List, which backed pro-choice Democratic women candidates.

Choosing Politics Laura attended the 1996 Democratic National Convention in Chicago as a North Carolina Delegate.

Then, in 1998, Laura co-founded Lillian’s List, the North Carolina version of Emily’s List. “There was a pall over North Carolina, in my opinion,” she says. “My mother the civic leader, Governor and Senator Terry Sanford, Governor Jim Hunt and the other great icons elevated us and made it their life’s work to make North Carolina the great state that it is today. I always thought that and I still do, but at that time, we needed help.” Lillian’s List was named after the first female state legislator in North Carolina, Lillian Exum Clement, who was elected before women even had the right to vote. As it happens, Laura’s 6-year-old daughter is


also named Lillian. “Lilly knows what I do,” says Laura. “She doesn’t join me in everything, but I think she recognizes what I’m up to. The other day she said to me, ‘Mommy, I wanna start something too.’ It was so lovely to me that she came up with that.” Carol Teal is another member of Laura’s fan club. Now the Executive Director of Lillian’s List, she first met Laura in 2005, when she was hired to run the organization. “I’ve had the absolute joy of working with Laura for many years,” says Carol. “She has infectious enthusiasm for whatever she does. It draws people to her and her cause, and it always adds an element of delight.” One of Carol’s roles as Executive Director was to write Laura’s remarks for various events — “but she always went off-script and surprised me and everybody else. She had a much more fun way of doing things than what we had planned.”

Jumping in with Both Feet

Pictured left to right: Lillian’s List Executive Director Carol Teal, Co-founder Laura B. Edwards, and Development and Communications Assistant, Jenny Dorris

Carol smiles. “I remember we often held events at homes that had pools. Laura offered to jump in the swimming pool if somebody would give a thousand dollars. A couple of years ago, she actually got someone to bite. So she jumped into the swimming pool with all her clothes on. It’s something only Laura would do. She has this huge personality. But Laura is not cheap. Oh, no, she wasn’t jumping in that pool for just fifty bucks. She adds this element to her work — which is serious and substantive — but she makes it flat-out fun. “I’ve been around the non-profit world for three decades,” says Carol, “and I’ve never seen anything like it. Laura is the spark for getting something started, for hanging people together around a mission. She’s a great visionary. She sees something that needs to be done, and she does it with wit, enthusiasm and networking.” Laura says Lillian’s List was something that definitely needed to be done. It began with a working group of volunteers assembled in the food court of a mall. Yet several months ago, she helped celebrate its fifteenth anniversary with a high-profile, 500person lunch at the Ritz Carlton in Charlotte. “The event was sold out before the invitation even dropped,” she says. “It was an extraordinarily rewarding moment for me.”

Advancing Women “Her timing with Women AdvanNCe could not be more perfect,” says Kim-Marie Saccoccio executive director of Women AdvaNCe. “We launched in March, and we’ve just had the most horrific session in North Carolina politics in years — a huge hit to women. But Laura is at the forefront of it all, with her incredible, energetic vision. I don’t know how many people like her exist, but thank goodness she does.”

Portrait of North Carolina Women Nearly 1 of every 5 women lives in poverty More than 1 of 5 women aged 18-64 lacks health insurance Over 40% of working women are their family’s primary breadwinners Women earn, on average, 83% of what men earn for the same work

Current Challenges These Women Face The permanent cut in maximum unemployment benefits hits women hard because they have elevated rates of joblessness Services benefitting women could take major cuts under current tax reform proposals Cuts in state funding for public schools could dramatically affect women since they hold most of the teaching and teaching assistant jobs The Legislature’s choice not to expand Medicaid leaves more than 200,000 women uninsured, who might otherwise have been covered


A Guided Tour of A Hub for News that Matters Daily Advance New research articles and op-ed pieces on health, education and money Advance List Links to five must-read articles from regional, state and national news sources (changes daily) Weekly Blog Post Quick reads with commentary and analysis on news of the day Advance Voices Op-ed pieces by guest contributors Advance This Info graphic, video or image to share with friends (changes daily) Advance You Events and research provided by academics and partner organizations

Shortly over a year after the founding of Women AdvaNCe, the organization held its first summit conference, in conjunction with the Southern Oral History Program at UNC Chapel Hill. Noted panelists and scholars discussed women’s concerns in North Carolina. Partner organization experts then offered insight about how each issue is being framed today and suggested the next steps for making progress. The room was packed, and during the summit, Women AdvaNCe was trending on Twitter. But for Laura, the crux of the summit came down to just one person: a woman from Lumberton in Robeson County, the poorest city in the United States. “There she was – this woman who was overwhelmed, under-resourced and passionately committed to where she grew up, but she couldn’t find a way to make her city work. She just said, ’I need to know what I’m supposed to do next.’ Hers was the very last question of the day, and something happened in that room at 3:20 p.m. All we had tried to achieve coalesced around this one woman from Robeson County. Before you knew it, people were grabbing microphones, sharing contacts, networking, offering advice, encouragement and concrete ideas and avenues for her to follow. It really put a human face on women’s issues.”

Looking Back – and Looking Forward Laura has been described as “a trailblazing civic leader with a passion for women’s issues, social justice, environment and the arts.” It’s all true — and probably the reason she was awarded the prestigious Order of the Long Leaf Pine. Presented by the governor of North Carolina to citizens who have a proven record of extraordinary service to the state, the award is most often given when a person retires. Laura was 49 Left: Laura and her daughter Lillian. Right: Laura receiving at the time. The Order of the Long Leaf Pine. Left to right: Jan Allen, Nina Szlosberg-Landis, Governor Beverly Perdue and Laura

“That award was and is a big deal to me,” says Laura. “I was incredibly honored and humbled to be in the company of some of the greatest tarheels ever to walk the face of this earth. And to make it even more meaningful, Beverly Perdue, the first female governor, gave this honor to me. “There’s an official state toast that many people here can recite, chapter and verse. It goes, ’Here’s to the land of the long-leaf pine/The summer land where the sun doth shine/Where the weak grow strong and the strong grow great/Here’s to Down Home, the Old North State.’ I think that’s how a lot of us feel about North Carolina, and I for one will not let a vocal minority take over what should be the rights of all. I weep for my state right now. I do. But that’s an internal emotion, because outwardly I’m a fighter. And with Women AdvaNCe, we’ll make things better. We will!”


alumnae now Elizabeth Peters Aldridge ’87

Liz Gianakos ’79

Louise Hayman ’66

Frances Fields Nugent ’75

Welcome New Members

to the Ellett-St. Catherine’s National Alumnae Board

Elizabeth Peters Aldridge ’87, a 13-year day student,

earned an A.B. degree from Duke University and an M.A. in English Literature from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She taught junior high and high school English at a private school in Winston-Salem, N.C., before moving to Durham, N.C., with her husband Mack to start their family. Elizabeth and Mack have two daughters, Liza (14), and Caroline (11). In 2012-13 Elizabeth served as President of the Parents’ Association of Durham Academy, where both daughters attend school.

Liz Gianakos ’79, a three-year boarder from Waynesboro,

Va., lives in Boston, Mass., where she has worked in the field of development for more than 20 years. Liz received a B.A. degree from the University of Virginia and M.Ed. from Harvard University. She currently serves as the Director of Major Gifts for Newton-Wellesley Hospital, a community teaching hospital outside of Boston.

Louise Hayman ’66 was a four-year boarder from Princess Anne, Md. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Sweet Briar College and has lived in Annapolis since 1972. Louise is a communications consultant with 35 years experience in public relations, having served in state and local government, non-profit organization, and public corporations. She has been an active, accredited member of the Public Relations Society of America and of its local chapter for more than 25 years. Her volunteer leadership efforts include Preservation Maryland (past president), the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority, the Maryland Historical Society, London Town Foundation (past president), and the Friends of Teackle Mansion. She is Maryland’s representative on the board of advisors of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Julia Konerding Padgett ’90 Karrie Burnham Southall ’94

Frances Fields Nugent ’75 currently lives in Vienna,

Va. From 13 years as a St. Catherine’s day girl, she went on to earn a bachelor’s degree from Salem College in Winston-Salem, N.C. After college, Fran went to Detroit, to begin a career in banking at Michigan National Bank. After 10 years in the banking industry, Fran went to work for Sallie Mae in the student loan industry. Subsequently, Fran worked in the field of finance in small start-up companies in Northern Virginia. She is currently a financial consultant with both nonprofits and for-profit companies in the Northern Virginia area. Fran has volunteered in many positions at multiple community service organizations. Most recently, she has served as a facilitator of support groups at Haven of Northern Virginia, an organization that provides counseling and support for the bereaved.

Julia Konerding Padgett ’90, a 10-year day student, resides in Richmond, with her husband Vaden (St. Christopher’s ’91) and children Vaden Jr. (St. Christopher’s 2020) and Anna (St. Catherine’s 2022). She graduated from St. Catherine’s in the School’s 100th year and was named June Scholar. She attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a Morehead Scholar, then attended medical school at the University of Virginia. Julie is a surgical dermatologist specializing in the management of skin cancer. She loves to travel with her family and is an avid squash player. Richmond Chapter President

Karrie Burnham Southall ’94, a four-year day student, serves as the Chief Compliance Officer and Director of Operations at RiverFront Investment Group. Karrie has been with RiverFront since the company’s founding in 2008. She began her career at Wachovia Securities in 1999 as a Financial Advisor for a six-member wealth management team. Karrie earned a B.A. degree in Economics and Spanish from the University of Virginia and an M.B.A. from the University of Richmond. She also holds a Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement (CIPM) from the CFA Institute. She and her husband, Scotty, live in Richmond with their two children, Richmond (8) and Keagan (6).


a lumn ae now

From the President, Lacy Williams ’69 Ellett-St. Catherine’s Alumnae Association Board



Emory Gill Williams, 2300 Cedarfield Pkwy., Apt. 414, Richmond, VA 23233


he fall meeting of the Ellett-St. Catherine’s Alumnae Board, whose members convene from around the country for two days twice a year, took place in October. We were fortunate to meet during the week in which the School celebrated The International Day of the Girl, and in which one of our members spoke before the Saints Networking Group. I am continually impressed by the quality of the School, its teachers, and the enthusiasm of the girls. Head of School Dr. Terrie Scheckelhoff is impressive, energetic, dynamic and the perfect leader to take St. Catherine’s forward. I encourage all of you to visit the School and see the magnificent changes in the buildings and in the curriculum. St. Catherine’s is one of the most beautiful and wellequipped JK-12 campuses in the country. How fortunate we all are to have benefitted from a St Catherine’s education! Among the St. Catherine’s community, and particularly our alumnae, our lives are defined and shaped by the School Motto, “What we keep we lose; only what we give remains our own.” Thank you for all of the ways you give of your time, talents and treasure to the School. It is indeed an honor to serve as your President.

It was great to receive a note from Betty Wigton Bours, who lets no grass grow under her feet. When she wrote, Betty was eagerly anticipating a visit with her sister Jean Stuart in Lake Wales to celebrate her 97th birthday, which falls the day after Betty’s 95th. They hope their sister Anne Wigton Hall ’38 (“only 93 years old”) will be able to join them as well. Betty’s son, William Bours IV, and his wife recently retired from their professions as a doctor and a nurse, and they celebrated by going on a two week Mediterranean cruise with Betty in August. Also on the cruise was their 1963 AFS student from Finland, who was happy to be Betty’s roommate, since her “other two daughters, Libbi Bours Layton ’60 and Barbara Brady have had their turn.”

Alumnae Gifts The box featured at right and other St. Catherine’s items

make special gifts for birthdays, holidays, graduations and Mother’s Day. Proceeds benefit the St. Catherine’s Scholarship Fund. Other items are available for sale online or directly from the Alumnae Office. Please visit the alumnae gift store online:


The Richmond Chapter of St. Catherine’s Alumnae Association is pleased to offer the limited edition Halcyon Days enamel box! The large oval box (length 2.75 inches) commemorates the traditional Maypole Dance on the Green, as depicted by former Lower School teacher and artist Helen Lord. Each limited addition box is numbered on the bottom of its rich yellow base and is offered at a price of $300. Please contact Director of Alumnae Relations, Judy Hawthorne ’75, to order yours today: or (804) 281-7141.

Virginia White Brinton reports that her retirement home in Richmond, Lakewood Manor, “has a fine aspect in all that is done for its residents… very friendly and caring. They really put our needs first if at all possible, and we have first class entertainment.”


Betsy Brunk Argo recently starred in a stagedreading of “Quilters,” a story of generations told through quilts made by family members, at the Church of the Holy Spirit in Orleans, Mass., for Stage East Actors Company of NYC and Cape Cod, Mass. The review of the play indicates that Betsy depicts close to a dozen different characters in stories from 1870 to the present. Betsy formed the play-reading group close to 50 years ago.


Audrey Straus Koch, 13310 Oakwood Dr., Rockville, MD 20850

Please send your news!


Bebe Woolfolk Trice, 506 Tuckahoe Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23226; Corbin Crafford Hume wrote she is so proud of St. Catherine’s these days. Miss Jennie, she says, would be happy, as “she promoted women’s education when it was not so popular. I remember her walking with a shawl. Also, Mrs. Brackett and dog ’Peterkin’.” Corbin, who started St. C with Miss Holman in second grade, also remembers that the big bell tolled to commemorate WWI Armistice Day. Your correspondent Bebe has lots of memories of Miss Jennie Ellett, having lived with her at the school. She used to take my mother, sister and me out on Sunday afternoon. We would go in the school car with Percy, the school chauffeur, driving us down to White’s on Cary Street to get a sundae - a highlight for us! Send us any St. C memories you’d like to share. Now for the news: Jean Wiltshire Lane’s great-granddaughter and my granddaughter both worked as counselors at Camp Mont Shenandoah last summer. Julia Jerman Neal reports that her two granddaughters, Sarah and Rebekah, graduated from James Madison University and Virginia Tech last spring, both with summa cum laude honors. Legare Thompson Robertson reported that her six grandchildren are scattered all over the country and that their ages go from 2 to 29. How about that! Julia Jerman Neal had two nice trips this summer, to Ocean City, Md. and Virginia Beach, Va. Mary Herbert

Trapnell said that the highlight of her summer was a visit from her niece. Your correspondent and husband Bobby, 96, are still playing tennis and at this writing were planning another cruise in the fall. We would love to hear news from some of you outside of Richmond.


Barbara Bates Guinee reports that she and her husband John enjoyed being at St Catherine’s in April for the 70th Reunion. Barbara accepted the incentive bowl on behalf of the class of 1943 for a remarkable 70% participation in Annual Giving for the 2011-2012 year. She says, “The school is in beautiful shape and has a great curriculum. We were wined and dined and entertained first class!” Helen Morrison Soutter is the proud mother of five “scattered across the country” as well as 12 grandchildren, five of whom have graduate degrees. She says she is “doing pretty well for an 88-year-old.”

 70th Reunion, April 11-12 Barbara Evans Davis, 11905 West Briarpatch, Midlothian, VA 23113; Your correspondent is having some problems with phones. Nobody wants to answer. Everyone seems to have cell phones, and I don’t have all those numbers, so there are some classmates I have not been able to contact. Maria Carter Satterfield lives in Richmond. She has 12 grandchildren and five great-grands. One granddaughter was married in June. Marguerite Rucker Ellett was in the hospital this summer, but is recovering nicely. Daughter Susan and family have a house in Reedville, Va., on the water, which Marguerite likes to visit. Lillian Price Eberle lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has a 6-month-old, first great grandchild, named for her, called Lilly. Lillian has visited Richmond and Virginia Beach every summer for many years, but states that flying is now out. Twin granddaughters headed to Ohio State in September. Alice Taylor Spilman lives at Cedarfield, a retirement complex in Richmond. One of Alice’s grandchildren bought a warehouse in Charleston, S.C., and made a bowling alley out of it. It is doing great! Emily Loftis Peters is in assisted living and doing really well. She likes the retirement home. Jane Morrison Waddell has three grandchildren. Her daughter lives in London and works for “Heart of London,” which is like our Chamber of Commerce. Her grandson is an actor now in a play called American Idiots in New York. The play and cast are headed to Tokyo next on a grand tour. Another grandson graduated from Campbell Law School. She states, “It’s nice to

have a lawyer in the family.” Betty Preston Lottimer lives in Denver, Colo. She still gardens and walks, “and sleeps.” She says old age is not much fun. Lois Hardy Licklider lives in San Antonio, Texas. She has three children, with two in San Antonio and the other in Houston. One son is about to retire to Colorado. Lois was originally from Newport News, so she still considers herself a Virginian. Ann Jurgens Stoutamire misses playing in the orchestra. She plays now for fun. She visited Richmond this summer for a family reunion. Your correspondent Barbara has three bits of news to report. The first is about my great-grands. I already have three and expect three more by the end of the year, making the count five boys and one girl. Boys are great, but girl clothes are more fun to buy. Also, I went to visit my 94-year-old sister Mary Louise Evans Ayer ’37 in Arizona this summer. Finally, my two sons, Chris and Ed, have started a business on the Chesapeake Bay, called ReadyReef. They make and sell reefs on which to grow oysters and protect eroding shorelines. When Captain John Smith came to Virginia in 1607, the oyster population was such that the oysters cleaned all the water in the bay every four days. Check out and

al u m n ae now



Kitty Hart Belew, 1600 Westbrook Ave., Apt. 231, Richmond, VA 23227

No news to report other than from Bettie Ginn Osborne, who says, “I treasure the years I went to St. C,” and sends her best to all.


Bliss Whitehead Buford, 506 Kilmarnock Dr., Richmond, VA 23229 Betty Bowe Wallace Hendrix writes from Austin, Texas, “my move to Westminster Manor has been smooth and satisfactory. I am enjoying the easy access to socializing in a resort atmosphere. When I go to my apartment I am surrounded by ’my things’ and feel very much at home. Also I am comforted to know that this place has a full spectrum of care.” Page Ryland Parker is glad to be living in a retirement community in Tulsa, Okla., “among such good people.” She had a wonderful trip in April with her two daughters to the canyons in Utah and Arizona, and a trip to Texas for a graduation. Alice Lee Harvie Garey and her husband Jake have their first great-grandchild, a beautiful little girl named Coverly Ann Correll. Through the grapevine we heard that Majorie Woods Benedict’s daughter Nancy Robertson McAteer ’69 is president of the Colonial Dames of California. Nancy lives in San Francisco. Margie’s other daughter, Margie Robertson Leachman ’75, is now working in real estate


a lumn ae now with Sotheby’s in Chevy Chase, Md. Peggy Compton Bam sent word that her granddaughter, Sarah Logan, was married last summer at the Trapp Family Lodge. Peggy still works as a travel agent, sings in the choir at church every week and runs a duplicate bridge game once a week at their country club in Pelham, N.Y. The class of 1946 has had some 85th birthdays: Betty Bowe Hendrix, Page Parker, Alice Lee Garey, Dare Masters Wrenn and your correspondent Blissie. Birthday wishes to all who have reached or will soon reach this distinguished age!


Susan Gravely Wingfield, 556 Lady Slipper Ln., Lynchburg, VA 24502;

Classmates, as your new class correspondent I have not had time to write to each of you but look forward to hearing from you! I was fortunate enough to be part of our 65th reunion last spring along with Sue Peter Jones, Janet Horsley Mauck, Louise Lewis Toms, Anne Woods Garland and Barbara Steen Bryant. I apologize if I left anyone out - memory isn’t what it used to be - but it was just like old times. Sue Jones and her husband live at Shenandoah Valley Westminster Canterbury in Winchester, Va. In addition to our St. C reunion, she attended her 60th Hollins University reunion with her daughter Robin, who was celebrating her 30th. Such fun to go together and gather memories. Jean MacCallum Perrett was not able to get to the reunion but will always be grateful to St. Catherine’s for her two year stay while her doctor father worked for the V.A. She graduated from Pomona College in 1952 and lives in California now. We send our condolences to Carla Wiebenson Henebry Branscombe who lost her husband last year. Happily, she was able to tour Italy with her son and his family and visited Israel last June. As for your correspondent Susan, I am living still in Lynchburg, Va., and have had such a lovely life here in the same place that I transferred to after Pine Manor Junior College. I graduated from Randolph Macon Woman’s College in 1952 and later graduated from Lynchburg College with a business degree. I have been an active volunteer in the community since marrying. I have been a Master Gardener for 17 years. Learning about soils, insects, diseases of flowers and shrubs etc., as well as gardening of all kinds, has been a real challenge, especially since I was not raised on a farm. I have two wonderful sons and two lovely granddaughters who are studying nursing this fall. I wish you all a happy future and hope each of you will send me a little news


about yourselves. I pray that each of us will still be around when our 70th reunion rolls around. Hope to see you then, if not before, and share our memories together.

 65th Reunion, April 11-12 Peggy Wood Doss, 112 Wynnwood Dr., Wilmington, DE 19810; and Jane Cecil, 1600 Westbrook Ave., Apt. 404, Richmond, VA 23227. Things have been pretty quiet of late, though your correspondent Jane did have some excitement when she went to visit Julia Riggs Day in Lewistown, W. Va., for 10 days early in the fall. On my way through the mountains, I hit a bear! While I was far more worried about the bear than I was about myself or the car, I think he was all right, as he ambled off and over a fence. We were most saddened to learn of the death of Janice Lane Young’s brother John who passed away in September. John was married to Mary Southall Lane ’50, to whom we also extend our deepest sympathy. Looking ahead, we are working hard to remind everyone of our upcoming reunion and hope you’ll be with us. Molly Toms Fitzgerald got the ball rolling way back in the spring of 2012 with a lovely luncheon for the locals. The hockey pictures we took that day were fun, but not the most amusing part of the afternoon. You’ll have to come to the reunion to find out in person what that was! This year Jo Dillon Gayle entertained us with an elegant spring cocktail party at CCV. The company was great, the food delicious and many of us stayed past the allotted time. We even had a sprinkling of men! Better plan to be with us in April so you don’t miss any more of the fun!


Ann Reeves Reed, 8603 River Rd., Richmond, VA 23229;

The Historical Society of Western Virginia honored longtime friends and supporters of the History Museum, Louise Fowlkes Kegley and her husband George, by naming a new gallery in the renovated museum after them. Louise was a founding member of the board and served for many years, through 1977. George was President from 1963-1966 and has been Director Emeritus for the past 18 years, editor of the journal and continues to help in many ways. Barbara Blades Burrows writes, “My husband, Hal Burrows, was honored by the University of Virginia in naming the lobby of the Boar’s Head Sports Club for him. Hal was an outstanding tennis player at UVA graduating in 1950. He went on to play the national and international tennis circuits, culminating in representing his country in Davis Cup competition in 1954.

“Prince Hal,” as he was known at UVA, and his partner, Straight Clark, attained the rank of #3 in doubles and Hal attained the rank of #10 in singles. He was the professional at The Homestead for 11 years and then pro at the Country Club of Virginia for 20 years. It was at CCV that friends introduced Hal and Barbara and, as they say, the rest is history!” We have been saddened to learn of two losses in our class. Joan de Sparre Browne passed away on April 6, 2013. She lived in Baltimore, Md. Polly Scott Cardozo’s husband Ranny passed away on July 21, 2013 after a long illness. Your correspondent Ann had a nice call from Ellie Stinson Menton, who told me of a wonderful trip she had taken to Ireland with the Toledo Museum. The Director, who was born in Ireland, escorted the group. Ellie’s daughter lives in Santa Fe, N.M., and is a therapist for those with brain injuries. Ellie’s son and family, with one grandson, live in New Zealand, where she enjoyed visiting them. They came to Ohio this year as well. Her broken leg from an at-home accident has mended and she is back to exercising. Joan Dunbar O’Connor’s son Fuller and his wife Cynthia have sold their house in McLean and have been renovating their Middleburg home where they will live year ’round now. Their only child Virginia is into her second year at Chapman University in Orange, Calif. Joan’s son Greg, who lives in Atlanta, flew up with her to visit Fuller’s family in July, after which Joan drove back to Richmond with daughter Sallie and her family, including her 12-year-old granddaughter whom Joan enjoys. She comes to Richmond to visit them several times a year. Thank you for all of your news and I hope to hear from more of you in the future.


Margaret Cooke “Cookie” Horsley’s granddaughter Selina graduated from St. C in May, and she has three others who are St. C sophomores. “We’re grateful that they have the opportunity to be educated at St. Catherine’s. Waller and I will celebrate our 58th wedding anniversary in December and are enjoying the easy way of life in a condo.” Martha Erwin Uzzle has published her first book, Southern Delights. An article about the book appeared in Our State Magazine North Carolina. The book is a compilation of “recipes accumulated over time as Martha grew up in her mother’s kitchen and among friends and relatives in Hope Valley, N.C…The intersection of tobacco and Duke sports played prominently in the genesis of Martha’s recipes.” For inquiries about the book, contact Martha at

al u m n ae now

Molly Jones ’56 married Stacy Stringer in 2005.

 60th Reunion, April 11-12 Needs correspondent!

Isabel Ware Burch ’56, with grandchildren celebrating her 75th birthday.


Jane Southall Bowles, 2 N. 5th St., Richmond, VA 23219; We send many thanks to Peggy Thomas Bird, who served as our class correspondent from 2009 until she handed the baton to your new correspondent Jane this spring. I thank those of you who sent me news. For those who could not join us for our 60th reunion in April, we missed you! It was a great time with a good turnout. Trudie Bryan got us to sign a card and send it to Ann Anderson Stranahan, who wanted to attend but couldn’t due to illness. Peggy Bird reports that life is good, except for the fact that their golf course has been closed and that makes her a bit crabby. However, the garden is getting a lot of attention due to lack of golfing. They have had lots of visits with their great grandson, Samuel Alexander Bird. Eva Martin Bryson writes that they spent a lovely vacation in Hilton Head with daughters Robin Bryson Reynolds ’87 and Susan Bryson Parsons ’89 and their families. Betsy Jones Ware’s son, Latane, Jr., and his family returned to Richmond after three-plus years in Argentina, and they are so glad to have them here. Betsy and Latane visited France in August with a cruise on the Seine and a visit to Normandy. Judy Hill Lawes was on her way to Ireland when she wrote in with news. She traveled with a Hartford area singing group called Vallis Musicae, giving concerts in major churches in six cities. “I don’t sing, but my roommate does.” From Bethlehem, Pa., Anne Mathias Schenkel writes that she and her husband have just moved to a condominium community two

miles from where they lived before. They are enjoying being near their four sons and one grandchild. Josephine Jackson Miller writes “my husband Tom just turned 89 and is in good shape. We still drive in the daytime and are active.” Kenny Darling Garbee sends word from Athens, Ga., that she lives in a condominium and loves it. “The neighbors are wonderfully friendly and helpful, all the while respecting one’s parameters; I’ve never since childhood lived in a neighborhood where I could hear a sparrow-like chirping of children playing in the common back drive, nor have I seen in many years tricycles, bicycles, frisbees, bats and balls, and pre-teens with good manners who know my name and roll out the recycling bins for me.” Vienna Cobb-Anderson writes, “I’ve just returned from a 10 day trip to Venice, Florence and Rome with St. James’ choir, followed by a week in Paris. While singing in San Marco in Venice, the Duomo of Florence, and St. Peter’s in Rome were moving experiences, the highlights for me were the spontaneous moments of singing Latin in a crypt in Ravenna with its beautiful resonance, and the Gospel songs in flash mobs on the streets.” When she wrote, Vienna was also planning a trip this fall to Myanmar (Burma) with Yale University. “I’ve been working out with a trainer twice a week to get in shape.” What a woman. Your correspondent and husband Bunky are enjoying our seven grandchildren. Son Russell said I shouldn’t write this, but enduring swimming meets should give me liberty to say that all four of his children excel in swimming. Please send me news for the spring issue.

We send our deep thanks to Patty Winship for serving as the class correspondent from 19982004 and again from 2011-2013. Patty remains very busy teaching at two schools. Please send us news of what keeps YOU busy!


Caro Short Beebe, 17 Malvern Ave. #2, Richmond, VA 23221;

Our sole bit of news comes from Sarah Lipsitz Warren, who proudly reports the birth of a new grandson Eli, born in September 2012. Please let us know what’s going on with you!


Penny deBordenave Saffer, Box 964, Tappahanock, VA 22560; Wickie Brown Plant and Mac visited Germany where they enjoyed Berlin’s museums and architecture. Jean Ann Lowry Raymer and Richard, having been “almost everywhere,” now travel vicariously, watching videos, drinking foreign wines and enjoying their garden. They are grateful to be near the Mayo Clinic in Florida due to health issues. Mimsy Brenaman Cretsinger and late husband Bob moved to Foulkeways, a nice, interesting Quaker retirement community near Philadelphia, Pa. Her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel makes her exercise. Lorraine Suggs Woodley says being 75 is a WHOLE NEW PLACE; parts of her “earth suit” look funny and don’t always work right. Pie Pinckney Friendly’s two sons; two daughtersin-law; two grandchildren; and one husband “who survives well in spite of throat cancer” keep life happy and full. Isabel Ware Burch’s descendants filled Williamsburg for her 75th birthday. She enjoys living in Williamsburg and being a part of Bruton Parish. Anita Perrin Towell and Richard had a rainy but enjoyable May trip to Central Europe. They visited his son in Thailand this fall, with a stop to visit his San Francisco daughter and family. While raising


a lumn ae now three daughters, Julianne Lunsford Hollingsworth got a Master’s degree, a Master of Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry. After serving three churches, she retired to Lexington, Va., at 70, where she plays tennis, hikes, paints, gardens and more. Amanda Tevepaugh Macaulay took a Mississippi River boat trip from New Orleans to Memphis with Becky Powell ’60, Meredith Stanley Scott ’60 and Meredith’s husband Alfred. Thence to Chicago for a Wheaton mini-reunion, including Champ Roberts Johnson. Amanda visits children with her Labradoodle therapy dog Ginger. She spent most of August in Sorrento, Maine. Betty Call Snead Dorset found St. Catherine’s friends at a fundraiser for the Ximenez Fatio House in St. Augustine, Fla., the historical home of Lisa Lyle Vimmerstedt ’70. She also saw Julie Vaill Gatlin ’72, the Executive Director of the museum, who went to St. Catherine’s from 1968-1970. Retired from family therapy, Sophie Martin Wood enjoys time with family and friends and volunteers with the homeless and her church in Charlotte, N.C., where she and Ed have lived for 40-plus years. She sees Jan Jamison Rose and Ann Reynolds Scott for roommate reunions. Gail Geissinger Jenkins lost her husband, Marten, to Parkinson’s in November 2012. She was glad he was able to see St. Catherine’s when they went to the 45th reunion. Molly Mitchell Jones and husband, Stacy Stringer, “lead a quiet, happy life close to everything we need.” About St. Catherine’s Molly says, “I’ll always remember the beautiful environment – buildings, campus, activities; the beautiful and absorbing instruction in our small classes, and the many (yes, beautiful) women I came to know.” It was good to hear from Judy Dickerson Bullock. Her husband Bill retired from Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in 2000 after 43 years in airplane manufacturing, and for a decade they spent each summer and fall on Indian Creek, off the Chesapeake Bay, in Kilmarnock, Va. “We had a sailboat cottage surrounded on three sides by water; I saw lots of old William & Mary chums, made many new friends and best of all got to visit Richmond and see wonderful longtime St. Catherine’s friends, especially at the 50th reunion. But around 2010 we …had to move back to Atlanta permanently to be near our daughter and medical resources. Bill was diagnosed at Emory with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), which, like Parkinson’s, slowly erodes all balance, mobility, and speech. He broke his hip in 2012...We have had a rough go of it, but I think constantly of all my classmates and other friends who have had to handle similar situations and take strength from their example and grace.” Your correspondent Penny enjoys


kayaking, gardening, reading; loving life and especially little grandsons who are luring her to live in Richmond.


Ceci Christison Lawson, 3907 Foxfield Ter., Richmond, VA 23233;; and Ellen Michaux Gower, 786 Drift Rd., Westport, MA 02790;

Sandra Bruner Hague and husband Bruce visited their daughter Jill Gifford and her children in Seattle, Wash., while Jill’s husband Curtis and two Phi Gam fraternity brothers from UVA successfully climbed 20,320 feet to the summit of Denali, a.k.a., Mt. McKinley, in Alaska. Louise Cobb Boggs’ son Jay is a climber too, and hopes to climb Mt. Hood in Oregon, having climbed previously in Ecuador. Tim Miller, Betsy Saunders Miller’s son, is the COO of Richmond 2015, Inc. and has been instrumental in bringing the World Cycling Championship to Richmond in September 2015. His organization will be hosting the National Collegiate Cycling Championship in May of 2014 as a warm up. Judy Cochrane Gilman-Hines shows her botanical paintings at Crossroads Art Center in Richmond. She was in a group show in September 2013 in Harrisonville. Mary Denny Scott Wray and Pat Pusey Clark took a Great Lakes cruise from Duluth, Minn., to Toronto, Canada, in early August. Pat’s son and family live in Richmond. When Pat’s visits to town on business or pleasure coincide with our “third Tuesday lunch,” she joins us. Eventually, when she retires, she’ll split her time between California, where she and her daughter live, and Richmond. Molly Ellerson Durden and Nelson hope to move to Richmond when their house in Hampton sells. Caroline Gray McNiel had a wonderful visit with her Wisconsin daughter and granddaughters. Babs Childrey Fowler, Polly Taylor Watson, Caroline Hunton High and Anne Shanklin Warlick have access to places close to the water and made good use of them this summer. Jeannie Brydon continues cooking as an outreach project for St. James’ Episcopal Church. Speaking of St. James’, our choir trip to Italy was sensational! We sang a concert composed of music by Palestrina, Monteverdi, Gabrieli, Arvo Pärt, Hogan, and Britten, in Santa Maria dei Miracoli in Venice. We sang a service in St. Mark’s Basilica and we were given communion! We sang a few of our songs outside of St. Mark’s after the service and we did a Flash Mob scene before the service as well. On our way to Florence, we visited the Basilica of San Vitale in Ravenna where our guide suggested we try out the acoustics. We

sang Palestrina’s Sicut Cervus and were delighted with the applause and how fantastic it, and we, sounded. In Florence we were only allowed to sing one song in the Duomo, but we did another Flash Mob scene in front of it. The same evening we sang the whole concert in a charming church about a block away called Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Ricci. From Florence, we stopped by Siena. It was the opening day of the Palio, a horse race like none you’ve ever seen. On to Rome, where we finished our trip by singing a mass at St. Peter’s. This topped the trip for all of us when the Priest said to us and the congregation, “Your singing has closed the gap between man and God.” Our last stop before going home was an abbreviated concert in the PANTHEON! Quite a coup.


Susan Cunningham Ellis, 217 Crossing Cove Way, White Stone, VA 22578;

I’m still thinking about how fun our 55th reunion was even though we had a fairly small turnout. The campus and the students were most impressive. Our classmates are pretty impressive too, as you will see: Virginia “Ginny” Cone sends her best wishes to all of us and remarks that she never expected to “be this old” and to give baby presents to the grandchildren of her friends and relatives! She has taken up sewing and even made a liturgical stole for a young seminarian friend of hers. Now she is making totes and quilts. She spent a fun-filled week at the Outer Banks of North Carolina with her family. Good to hear from Ginny. Jean Hill Davenport has three granddaughters at our school this year and is quite pleased about this. Lyn Dillard O’Ferrall is testing the retirement waters since her employer of many years decided to close his business and really retire. She went to Nags Head with the family for a week and then up to West Point to see grandson Sam, who has finished his initial round of training and is getting on with his Army goals and objectives at our US Military Academy. Suzanne Sulzer Powers has a full schedule of fitness classes – water aerobics, zumba, and ball and dance which enables her to keep up with her 11 grandkids from 8 months to 18 years. She and Bill are talking about downsizing. Sound familiar? Alice Horsley Siegel reported that she and Lizzie Fleet Wallace have 6-yearold grandsons in the same class at St. Christopher’s; they are good friends and performed in The Music Man, knickers and all – future Broadway stars! Peggy Williams Talman has a freshman and a senior at St. Catherine’s this school year and they both are into many different sports. She will be watching them

when they play, visiting our wonderful campus often throughout the year. Sally Yeatts Taylor tore herself away from the grandkids so that she and Leon could visit Macchu Picchu in Peru in October. Douglas Laughon Wallace reported that husband Ray has rotated off the Virginia Retirement System Board of Trustees after 11 years Martha Cole Glenn ’59 enjoyed traveling to the Galapagos and Ecuador on the Alumnae Association-sponsored trip this summer. She is pictured here with of service. Well done, Abby Cole, daughter of Claire Cockrell Cole ’88 and a St. C 8th grader. Ray! She and her family visited Virginia Island and Jekyll Island, and Anne Pinkney Gay, Beach for two weeks this summer. They are who reports that to celebrate their 50th anni“beach bums” according to her! Julie Williams versary, she and Jim took the whole family (19 trekked back from Colorado to various points people), to Sonoma, Calif., for a week. They east and then successfully returned to her new have two more grandchildren. Anne still has home out west. She is teaching portrait painting neck pain and has given up tennis and gardenin Denver now and has a Facebook page under ing. Now she paints, walks and reads. Leezee Julia MacLeod Williams. She stays in touch with Scott Porter wrote from British Columbia many folks through this social medium. (By the where she is trying to protect the waterways way there is an “APP” for St. Catherine’s but around Vancouver Island from oil tankers and your correspondent Susan is not smart enough help green start-ups gain a foothold. She is to have a smart phone. I will get there though!) unsuccessfully trying to write, play the guitar Gary and I are on the go and intend to be, as and play the piano. Leezee hoped to have Patsy long as we are able. Safe travels and SEND Davis for a visit in September. Katherine Parrish NEWS! I know you all must be busy with many Shelburne visited Las Vegas to see her grandinteresting and exciting activities! daughter compete in dance. Katherine has three spinning/yoga/training studios, still plays  55th Reunion, April 11-12 NCTA tennis, put a deposit on a retirement community but hasn’t retired (still working Linkey Booth Green, 32 Chelsea Ln., after 49 years). Congratulations to Nancy Moss Carlisle, PA 17015; Hahn who is now a great-grandmother! She is really enjoying Kensley. Nancy is still working I hate to begin on a sad note but want to make but does take off for needlepoint getaways sure that everyone knows of the passing of with friends. She is looking forward to our 55th Kennon Hopkins on April 24, 2013. Kennon was reunion in 2014 and wonders if it really has a voracious reader and an accomplished been that long. As for your correspondent equestrienne who also enjoyed tennis, running, Linkey , I am still as busy as ever. I lost my sailing and cycling. A lifelong animal lover, she darling Labradoodle dance partner Molly but believed in stewardship toward all creatures. we rescued another Labradoodle (Mr. Judy Cox Hollohan and Martha Cole Glenn MacDoodle) who is in Freestyle training. David attended the memorial service in Culpeper, Va., and I attended my 50th college reunion in May in June. Thank you, Judy and Martha Cole, for as I hope many of you did this year. Now, I am representing our class. Martha Cole went on looking forward to our St. C’s 55th reunion this the St. Catherine’s sponsored trip to the spring. I hope that many of you will be able to Galapagos Islands and the Rain Forest in make it to this one. Also, some of the email Ecuador. She enjoyed spending time with St. addresses I have do not work. If you have an Catherine’s alumnae Claire Cockrell Cole ’88 email address and have not been receiving and Betsy Rawles ’71. Other travelers are: Betsy messages from me, please send me an update Chambers Shindlebower, who wrote that she so I can get you on the mailing list. and Wolf visited New Port and both St. Simons

Nancy Moss Hahn ’59’s great-granddaughter, Kensley


Kate Roy Massie Christian, 101 Maple Ave., Richmond, VA 23226; Many thanks to Janie Elliott Norfleet, who has hung up her pen after serving as class correspondent since 2004! Before summering in Nova Scotia, Melinda Parker Skinner saw her daughter Emily receive the first-ever artist’s Renaissance Award from Richmond CenterStage at their “Broadway Under the Stars Third Anniversary Gala” celebration and fundraiser, where Emily was the featured artist. An alumna of Richmond’s School of the Performing Arts (SPARC) and Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, Emily has performed to critical acclaim at Theatre Virginia, Barksdale Theater and on Broadway, being nominated in 1998 for a Tony Award. Emily has returned often to SPARC to teach, lecture and fundraise. Political activism pushed Frances Bailey Broaddus Crutchfield into “demonstrations and political writing, which garnered a First Place award from Virginia Press Women and a Third from the National Federation of Press Women. ” She “played the Wicked Witch of the West in a Christmas-Vacation-Library Tour for Chesterfield Children’s Theatre.” She also went to South Africa, rode a 27-year-old elephant named Mukka “and met many other incredible wild creatures.” Betsy Stevens Prioleau’s Swoon: Great Seducers and Why Women Love Them (W.W.Norton) paperback edition will publish in February (see betsyprioleaucentral.) Daughter Phoebe is a medical student at Mt. Sinai and husband Philip’s dermatology practice is humming. They remain in Pound Ridge, N.Y. until renovations are completed in uptown NYC. Marilyn Sheffield Savery and husband are trying to enjoy life and keep it simple, rotating among residences in Virginia, North Carolina and Florida and keeping in touch with their


a lumn ae now

Alumnae Writers

St. Catherine’s celebrates a long legacy of eloquent and talented writers that span the decades. Alumnae write books, report for newspapers, magazines and blogs and publish academic pieces. Their success is often awarded with honors and praise.

Recent awards or published works include: Martha Erwin Uzzle ’51 published “Southern Delights,” a cookbook featuring special recipes from the Durham, N.C. area. Frances Bailey Broaddus Crutchfield ’60 recently received a first place award from Virginia Press Women and a Third from the National Federation of Press Women for her political reporting. Betsy Stevens Prioleau ’60 authored “Swoon: Great Seducers and Why Women Love Them,” which combines history, science, culture and contemporary research. Lee Smith ’63 wrote “Guests on Earth,” which was released in October and tells the story of a 13-year-old orphan admitted to a N.C. mental hospital where Zelda Fitzgerald was hospitalized. The book is set in 1936 and details her interactions with other patients. Kate Parker ’70 was recently nominated for the Pushcart Prize for “X & O,” a collection of short fiction. The Pushcart Prize is an American literary prize that honors poetry, short fiction, essays and other short literary pieces. Holly Eason Stout ’72 wrote “The Pretty and Proper Living Room,” which serves as a guide and reference to traditional design through colorful photos and text. Susan Stafford Kelly ’72 recently wrote an article for “Our State,” a magazine dedicated to celebrating the people and places of North Carolina. Clare Osdene Schapiro ’74 is a food columnist for Richmond-Times Dispatch and also hosts her own blog Jennifer Lyne ’88 wrote her first book “Catch Rider,” a teen novel about a young girl who dreams of becoming a catch rider. Heath Hardage Lee ’88, a women’s history writer, recently finished “Winnie Davis: Daughter of a Lost Cause” about the daughter of Jefferson F. Davis and his only child allowed to visit during his imprisonment at Fort Monroe in Norfolk. Do you have a recent accomplishment? Let us know!


combined six children, 10 grandchildren, nine grand dogs and four grand cats. Bev Hershey Guy spent time in Florida last winter with Pecky Harrison Bradshaw and Nancy Pusey Ayres. Susan Foy had a wonderful time hosting a summer Foy family reunion. Stu Gibson Mehlin still tends her critters and garden in New Sharon, Maine, while teaching herself painting styles; her current focus is her Sumi-e art. Frances Johnson Lee-Vandell is, herself, painting the interior of the Johnson family home she’s had moved onto her property west of Charlottesville. Meredith Stanley Scott stays aflight visiting family, especially her daughters and granddaughters in Wyoming and NYC. Archer Dodson Heinzen has a fifth grandchild, 6-month-old James is the firstborn of Archer’s youngest child Harriotte Heinzen. Your correspondent Kate Roy Christian has seen Sally Trapnell Warthen and Janie Norfleet at St. Stephen’s funerals. Kate Roy happily recalls the past multiple times daily while trekking from home at 101 Maple across St. Cat’s to St. Stephen’s. Let’s stay in better touch via these alumnae magazines. And may we continue thinking and living “What we keep we lose and only what we give remains our own!”


Sara Riley Gibson, 1318 Loch Lomond Ln., Richmond, VA 23221;; and Betsy Burke Trow, 415 Somerset Ave., Richmond, VA 23226; In Mill Valley, Calif., Ray Whitehead Grenier and husband Randy are full time into the America’s Cup on San Francisco Bay. Kathy Ravenel is consulting with a client on Lincoln Park Village spearheaded by the Beacon Hill Village in Boston, and would like to know if any of us have joined or started such a village? Knox Bramlette Pierson’s daughter Sara Copenhaver, husband Marc and grandson Clay, age 9, spent a summer month visiting from Vail, Colo. Knox and husband Drew traveled to Colorado in September and enjoyed a European river cruise in November. Jane Edmunds Novak and husband beat Florida’s summer heat, traveling to Sea Ranch, three hours north of San Francisco. They enjoyed visiting with their son and his family who live nearby. Isabel Rawlings Cohen continues her artwork and has been taking her grandchildren to the Humane Society to keep the kittens company, as well as taking her oldest step-grandchild to the Food Bank to help with children’s food packs. While the knees are still working, Ellen Black Seabring and husband Bob have been traveling from Burma to Bhutan to the rising rivers of Europe. Both enjoy tennis;

Ellen continues a 27 year hand bell career. Visiting the grandchildren (two in Alexandria, Va., at EHS and two in San Francisco) is the favorite pastime. Janet Herring Thompson and Ann Armistead Scott sent a message from Alaska where they were celebrating a birthday. Dabney Williams McCoy reports that Mary Meade Trice Davenport stays busy with her normal routine of golf and bridge. Dabney and husband Tim had three grandsons from Charlotte, N.C., visit for a week in June. Two of their three children, their spouses, and five of seven grandsons spent the latter part of the summer with them in Maine. Susan Luck’s two sons surprised her with a four day birthday trip to N.Y. plus tickets to The Westminster Dog Show. She hosted a lunch for Kitty Anderson Carling in May joined by Virginia Hunton Totten, Anne Pole, Jean Oakey ’58, Sarah Kent Parrish, Mary Tyler Stover and Alice Funkhouser Flowers. Susan was looking forward to visiting Shanghai, Beijing, and taking a four day Yangtze River Cruise in October. Alice Funkhouser Flowers and husband George celebrated their birthdays with a 30 day vacation to Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia. Alice continues to work full-time doing publications at St. Christopher’s. Son Rob and wife Marilyn had their first child, Tristan in September, making a total of five grandchildren. Sara Riley Gibson and daughter Betsy Macon Dotterer ’83 spent a wonderful week in London shopping and spectating at Wimbledon. Sara and husband Lang took their yearly trip to Hope Town in The Abacos. Your correspondent Betsy and husband Randy hope to survive a big move plus renovations. Son Randolph, wife Clare and their two sons will be living a block up the street, which is the carrot on the stick. A correction: Page Harrison Pragoff’s husband was presented the French Legion of Honor Award not the French “Foreign” Legion Award.


Susannah Hagerty Farley, 324 Old Woodlands Rd., Columbia, SC 29209; Nancy Norfleet Turns expressed how we all feel about the loss of Caroline Riely. “I was sad to see that, as she was such a nice person at St. Catherine’s and became such an accomplished physician.” Nancy added that she and husband Bill visited West Palm Beach in the winter, and had a relaxing summer in Weems, Va., with five grandchildren, ages 7 to 15 years, visiting. Smokie Fairlamb Crews and husband Jere returned from Argentina and Antarctica where they celebrated the Summer Solstice and then spent the winter along the Gulf Coast in their rock star motor coach. They enjoy boating on the Chesapeake Bay, playing golf, enjoying family and taking art classes. Gwen Brannon Weeks has enjoyed visiting Marty Rogers Brown in Virginia Beach when flying out of Norfolk, Va. Gwen may have to have a shoulder replacement this fall, and her arthritis continues, but her two Labs keep her moving. She still enjoys cooking and did so for her neighbor’s three sons’ rehearsal dinners and a reception. Nancy Conkle Swann wrote over the summer to say she and David celebrated their 46th anniversary in Bermuda, and that they had several upcoming trips: one on a cruise from Edinburgh to Dublin and another to Peru to visit Machu Picchu. When in Asheville, Nancy hikes every week with a great hiking group in the beautiful mountains! Rhetta Moore Alcaraz traveled to Gatlinburg, Tenn., for a Vietnam Vet Reunion and then to Sleeping Bear Dunes, Glen Arbor/ Empire, Mich., to visit her son Russ for his 25th wedding anniversary. She is still practicing law after 36 years. Her daughter Wendy Daniel ’84, an active St. Cat’s alumna, lives in Richmond, and Rhetta enjoys attending sports events for Wendy’s two children, Scott and Lucy Collins.

al u m n ae now

In April 2013, members of the class of ’61 enjoyed the hospitality of Sarah Rand Braddock at Sarah’s Ocean Isle Beach, N.C. home. From left: Sarah, Kitty Anderson Carling, Susan Luck, Dabney Williams McCoy, Mary Meade Davenport

Nan Seaton Hall got together with children and grandchildren (19 in all) for a few days in Myrtle Beach, S.C., in August. She attended an early music choral workshop in D.C. for a week in July. The music was fabulous. Cia Ashbrook Wenzel has had hiking trips to Tuscany, the Hebrides, New Hampshire, and at home in Colorado. Your correspondent Susannah is thrilled that my daughter and family are moving to Georgia from Delaware. I will miss visiting Delaware, but now they will be only four hours away. My son’s business continues to flourish, and my granddaughters are a constant delight. My summer was spent in our new community salt water pool doing deep water aerobics which is so beneficial for the joints.


Ann Dennison Murray, 312 Landing Ln., Chestertown, MD 21620;; and Susan Klaus, 3728 Military Rd., NW, Washington, DC 20015; Our Fiftieth truly was fabulous! More than 30 of us got together and it is hard to say if there were more hugs or more tears. Thanks to Dixie Epes Hoggan and Cam for providing the perfect setting for our class dinner. I think we will all remember spontaneously breaking out with “Jerusalem”…and more tears! One of the brave husbands in attendance remarked that pound for pound, he had never heard such a high decibel level! If any of you who couldn’t make it would like to receive our party favors (class pictures from the Quair and bracelet with school motto), please email your correspondent Susan. Lee Smith speaks for many of us when she writes “the older I get, the more I realize how important my time at St. Catherine’s was for me.” Just published in October, Lee’s new novel, Guests on Earth, is set in Asheville, North Carolina in 1936. The protagonist Evalina Toussaint finds herself in the same mental hospital as Zelda Fitzgerald. Sounds like another wonderful read from our Lee, who had a reading at the Library of Virginia and a book signing at Fountain Bookstore in October. Your other correspondent Ann Murray’s eldest son Jonathan was married in Sante Fe, N.M., in July. Father, John Murray, had the proud honor of officiating. Godmother, Linden Tucker Bell, attended and later spent time exploring Taos with a local photographer. Susan Whitfield Sawyer writes that she is “still grieving over missing the reunion with all of you.” She and husband David continue to be caregivers and are hopeful that soon “we will be resuming our mission work and until then, we’re actively involved in two outreaches in Albany.” In the


a lumn ae now sailing, and kayaking. Needless to say, it’s a lot of laughs; I call it ’My Miracle Life.’ Who knew things could be so good at this age and stage?” It surely can be good. At this writing, your correspondent Cathy is packing her backpack for “camp” in France, art workshop then riding bikes in Burgundy. Six grandchildren and a miracle one on the way!


Needs Correspondent!

Please contact the Alumnae Office if you would like to help keep classmates in touch!


Louise Hayman, 1 Cumberland Ct., Annapolis, MD 21401;

Carter Blackford Filer ’64 with daughter Kenzie Manetz, grandson Charley (2), and Tigger (16) in the garden at "Holly Point"

New Chapter department: Melissa Christian Ralston has retired after 40 years in advertising. She has moved into a condo in Henrico, Va. And after forty years I (Susan) am returning to Richmond, moving to Lockgreen, next to the Windsor Farms neighborhood!

 50th Reunion, April 11-12 Cathy Hayden, 3011 Libby Ter., Richmond, VA 23223; Great to hear from Helen Ziebold Chilton, who says life is good: she has 11 grandchildren and is a professional artist/painter (www.helenzchilton. com). Helen’s work will be on display at St. C. during our 50th Reunion weekend, yet another reason to join us next spring. Helen and husband Larry’s Historic District home in Charleston, S.C., has been open for The East End Garden Tour for seven years. Alice Bryan Dehner is busy with grandchildren. She spent three months with new arrival Virginia and her two big sisters in Pensacola, Fl. Their dad made it home from Djibouti, Africa. His next deployment is a little closer: San Diego. After “camp” in Bath County, Va., with all seven grandchildren in and out for a month, she and Gary recuperated in China in August to celebrate his birthday. Lisa Mabley Kirby enjoyed a summer break from her ordination studies while still doing her ministry with those in recovery. She was elected to the National Board of Recovery Ministries of the Episcopal Church for a three year term. “We are going to be implementing some nationwide recovery training in concert


Marion Brooke Carson ’66, Jean Grainger ’66 and Nancy Robertson McAteer ’69 visited the Reagan Ranch in March, 2013. Marion and Jean were on a Colonial Dames trip to California, where Nancy heads the Colonial Dames of California.

with some other national organizations, and I’m finding it very exciting and hopeful.” Margie Bates Callahan is celebrating 28 years as a State Farm agent as well as the birth of her fifth grandchild this year. Margie Dotts Greville has joined the grandparent club: Wyatt Akin Greville was born January 15, 2013! Courtney Gibb Dardis survived dealing with three feet of water in her beach cottage from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and a broken water heater simultaneously. She is looking forward to the BIG 50th! Carter Blackford Filer is living at “Holly Point,” her family’s place on the Chesapeake Bay near Kilmarnock, Va. She celebrated May birthdays in Richmond with Cabell Goolsby West and Laney Morrell Kaminer. Laney was in between a cruise from Dubai to Singapore (with husband Winston and sister Betsy ’68) and a visit to St. Petersburg (with daughter Pepper); Cabell was just about to fly off to Switzerland for a board meeting! Carter, after 20-plus years of traveling around the world, says it’s good to be “home” again, though truth to tell, home is what was once intended to be a guesthouse. Things changed when younger daughter Kenzie and her husband Brian Manetz were able to transfer his job and move into the main house two years ago with their boys. Kenzie, who is a reading specialist, took a job at Chesapeake Academy in Irvington. Older daughter Carter lives in Ashland, Va., and is close enough to visit frequently. As a result, says Carter, “my life now is all about family and friends, reading, writing, and the outdoors—especially gardening,

Taisie Berkeley’s son Phil was married Labor Day of 2012. Son Carter and his wife, live in San Mateo Calif., with their daughter. Taisie remains in D.C. where she still snaps a mean pic. Connie Haskell and Liza Scott Nevin were among a group who conquered Antarctica. Connie lives in Beaufort, S.C., where she is one of the youngest in a tap dance troupe. Mary Jane Hipp Brock was contemplating travel from her New York City base this year, perhaps joining Frances Gravely on a little jaunt to Italy. (I can attest that Frances visited France this summer, because I saw pictures of her there which she sent to Emily Borden Ragsdale.) MJ seemed to be approaching development burnout for the many non-profits she aids, but I am betting she got talked into continuing. Jean Grainger had lunch with Anne Faulconer Hurley when Anne was visiting New York from her home in Palm Beach. In August, Anne lured the Richmond lunch bunch to Williamsburg, and class notes stringer Jane Cross Hamlin reported from the merry scene that: Frances Cone Caldwell started a consulting business working with faith-based non-profits; Lavinia deVillier is doing some hiking around Charlottesville, Va., where she lives; and Elizabeth Peple Miller will open her home in Aylett for Virginia Garden Week. Others attending were Archer Guy Minardi, Kitty Moss Bayliss, Fiona Porter Ellen and Courtney Campbell Spencer. “Scoop” Hamlin revealed that her husband and daughter ran into Taisie’s brother and family at a ranch in Wyoming this summer, and, Emily and I ran into Bromby Luck Earle in the Charlotte airport last winter, all of us headed for warmer climes. We sadly report that Cindy Parke Beukema’s mother died this summer. Zan Smith Thomas and Dianne Johnson Forsythe were among the congregation at the funeral, which was sweetened with music familiar to us all: “Jerusalem” and “For All the Saints.” Our condolences also go to Janice Holmes Davis who lost her


Flossie VanMeter Barnhart, 2248 Potter St., Eugene, OR 97405;; Holly Flint, 4952 Sentinel Dr., #102, Bethesda, MD 20816;; and Janie Hanes Lambeth, 2809 Shandy Ln., Wilmington, NC 28409; Hello Medicare Madams! Yes, it is hard to believe that we have hit this milestone. ’Twas the last thing on my mind when I entered St. Catherine’s! We’ve gone in different directions, made many changes and our lives are full. Have you already retired or is retirement around the corner? Are you traveling more? Please send us your travel tips. Have you stayed in a perfectly located hotel in London? Paris? Istanbul? Sidney? Petersburg, Va.? Gone on an African safari? What about cruises? River or ocean? Is there a travel company that you recommend? Have your adventures been university, foundation or company-sponsored trips? Have you traveled with your spouse, family, a group of girlfriends or by yourself? Share with us! Please tell us your stories, suggestions and thoughts. We’ve been trying to find the best way for you to communicate. Please try the St. C Alumnae App, which is free. It is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. To download the app to your mobile device, search “St. Catherine’s Alumnae” in the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad devices or in Google Play for Android devices. To activate the app, you will need to enter your name and email. Be sure to use the email address you have previously given St. Catherine’s. If you do not know which email to use, contact Lisa Heaton at

804.281.7141 or and she will give you that information to get you started. One of the coolest features of the app is the “alumnae nearby” feature — you can look up any city, even overseas, and it will populate a map with where alumnae live nearby. This is only accessible for alumnae, so it is secure. Check it out! Two of your correspondents, Janie and Holly, had a mini reunion with our third 9th grade roommate, Julia Borden Stout, at Janie’s Figure 8 Island beach house. We celebrated a friendship that started 50 (yes, 50!) years ago on Bacot II. We can’t remember who slept in the top bunk, but we had some fabulous, funny memories to share! We encourage you all to “get away” with your “old” roommates or friends with whom you spent time at St. Cats. It is a hoot!


Ginger Harrison Adamson, 4607 Leonard Pkwy., Richmond, VA 23226;; Elsie Dickinson Hovis, 322 Greenway Ln., Richmond, VA 23226;; and Helen Harrison Tripp, 5810 Three Chopt Rd., Richmond, VA 23226; Marilyn Muhleman Rausch writes, “the reunion was wonderful — a good party and great to see people after many years. I am playing Mah Jongg with Sally Brydon Booth, Helen Harrison Tripp and Carolyn Preston Kendig once a week. My business of monogramming and embroidery is steady; I love working at home with my dogs at my feet. My son is still in NYC, and I spend my free time with my horse and taking my dogs on therapy visits.” Early this summer Dede Deane Irwin shared exciting news: “USA Fencing just posted the new national rankings today and I am now ranked 10th in the Veteran Women’s Sabre and 9th in the Veteran 60 Women’s Sabre lists! This is such a big deal after only fencing competitively for seven months that I am thrilled beyond words! My fencing club has been checking on these lists because they’ve never had anyone finish in the top eight in a national tournament before like I did in Reno. I’m so glad [daughter] Elizabeth ’00 saw me at my first win and [daughter] Louise Welch ’96 saw me at this win.” Susan Ellett, husband Mo and Zach, reporting from a summer out west: “…have done Colorado, the Black Hills/ Badlands of South Dakota, and are now in Utah, headed to Mesquite, Nev. We have seen incredible scenery in so many National Parks — amazing out here! We DID get to Wall Drug — it was insane! And we have been amazed at how anybody in their right mind would come out

here in a covered wagon!!! We have put 2300 miles on the rental car since Denver on July 4th!” Helen Tripp, Marilyn Rausch, Carolyn Kendig, Susan Ellett and Mary Tompkins Miller spent a delightful May weekend in Pittsburgh, Pa., attending the marriage of Sally Brydon Booth’s son Teddy and his cute wife Katie. The rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception were all beautiful celebrations. For those who didn’t know, Ann-Mason Brewster died in January 2007. She had a career as a New York Stock Exchange Clerk. After 9/11 she moved to the Eastern Shore of Virginia, looking for a quieter life. There she made many friends, with whom she enjoyed cooking, dinner parties, and her dogs. Eliza Woodin Mathieu remembers: “she always got away without footies going into dinner and the rest of us always got caught in the footie check. She often hid in the broom closet to avoid chapel and church. She and Cookie [Myrtle Ward Havens] were inseparable and smoked a lot, but she never, to my knowledge, got caught for that either. She gave Chaplain Whitehead unmitigated trouble, teasing him all the time. I am so sad she is gone and Cookie too. I can picture them laughing as if they were right here in front of me.” Her friends’ comments in her guest book after she died indicate she was still the same Ann-Mason at heart that she had been at St. C. Her obituary and guest book can be read on-line at www.

al u m n ae now

husband last summer. Ending on a happy note, Lynn Hornor Keith and your faithful correspondent Louise connected with Emily this summer when Emily’s daughter produced an amazing event at the National Building Museum. We posed with some of the handsome personnel representing an event sponsor, but, what happens at the Best of Washington stays there! Emily had been busy with a trip to France and commuting from Figure Eight Island, N.C., to tend to family elsewhere. Lynn managed two summer trips to Maine and one to California. I pack frequently, too, mostly a tote bag for a weekend to the Eastern Shore. I will pack that bag for Richmond more frequently though, since I have joined the Ellett Alumnae Board. Cindy reminds me I will be the senior member. I’ll try to make you proud, representing the Class of 66! Well, how ’bout that: I’m out of space. No room to harangue you to send news. Love to all.

 45th Reunion, April 11-12 Holly Materne Antrim, 411 South Mooreland Rd., Richmond, VA 23229;; and Tassie Bosher, 222 East Hickory St., Hinsdale, IL 60521; Classmates, start planning your return to St. C next April 11-12, our 45th reunion! Anne Bell Parker sends regards from Yorkshire, England. She and husband Ian enjoyed a wonderful cruise up the Norwegian Fjords to the North Cape, the most northerly point in Europe. Retired, they are refitting their narrowboat, or barge, and redecorating at home. In April Lisa Wickham Haskell, Jane Potts, Melinda Williams Davis and your correspondent Tassie met in Gettysburg, Pa. They toured the battlefield, visited the newish historical center and enjoyed the town of Gettysburg. Let it be said that St. C fueled our love of history. Tassie and husband, Pepe Perez-Sanz, spent two weeks in the Greek islands, doing a whole lot of nothing with four couples from US, Honduras, Brazil, Cyprus and Greece. Our mini UN had a ball touring the tavernas, beaches and shops of Naxos, Ios and


a lumn ae now Paros in the Aegean. Susan Dabney Smith reports the arrival of a new granddaughter: Beatriz Dabney Ordonez joins brothers Samuel and Henry. They are the children of Susan’s daughter, Hilary Smith, and Carlos Ordonez. Susan’s daughter, Lucy Smith, was married to Erich Dass, and they live in Lovingston, Va. Susan’s son, Ellis Borton Smith, lives in Victor, Idaho. At home in Charlottesville, Susan golfs and gardens and walks with friends four miles every morning. Husband Bobby is a sweetheart. Her mother is going strong and lovely as ever at 92. Durbin Gill Emerson and her husband Trux were the subject of South Carolina’s "Post and Courier" article detailing their project called the Harbor House in Charleston. The Harbour House is envisioned as a 20-suite, 16,000-square-foot facility where military veterans and their families visiting Charleston for surgeries and vital rehabilitation at the Veteran’s Administration hospital can stay for free: article/20130910/PC1211/130919998/1009/ nonprofit-seeks-to-build-facility-to-housevets-and-their-families-during-treatment-atva&source=RSS. Anna Moore Butzner has been adventuring. Last November, she toured Spain and Portugal. This June she travelled with her bridge buddies to Germany and the Czech Republic. Because of historic flooding in Eastern Europe, the planned river cruise on the Elbe became a bus tour! They made the most of it and had a great time. Ironically, not a hand of bridge was played! As president of her condo association, Anna Moore successfully led a two year campaign to modernize an antiquated air conditioning system. She’s also had success on the golf course this summer, winning her flight in a four day tournament and placing second in another. She and Tassie golfed in Florida and northern Michigan this year. Lisa Haskell, Melinda Davis and Page Murrell Woltz spent a week in London and went to the Chelsea Flower Show. Laura Leake Brown reports road tripping with your correspondent Holly Materne Antrim, Susan Smith, Melinda Davis and Lisa Haskell to Asheville, N.C., for the wedding of Page’s son Nelson Woltz in mid-June. This group, along with Andy Harrison Bennett, Lucy McCullough Schneider and Doris Blackwell Stimpson, also visited Molly Preston Farnsworth in Fisher’s Island, N.Y. Laura reports that “Molly had us doing a.m. stretches and yoga and I had the ladies on the dance floor by night. Beach music and lots of vino got everybody movin’ and groovin’ to the ole tunes, of which Melinda knows every single word!” Laura’s daughter Nancy Brown ’07 is living in Barcelona for a third year. Sons Tyler and Charles live in New England.



Frere Sands French, 4052 Coal Spring Ln., Apt. 2A, Glen Allen, VA 23060;; and Bitsy Perry Marshall, 113 Seneca Rd., Richmond, VA 23226;

Dear Flashers, We are thrilled to have heard from Jean Alston Palamar and Mary Borden Currin. Jean writes that she now is the proud grandmother of five grandsons, and her youngest son was married in September. Mary had a wonderful spring weekend in Savannah with Jody Ragland Darden, Stagg Sanders Madry, Chris Brandon Stonbely, Robin Upchurch Allen ’71 and Kathy Barger Conrad. They shopped, ate and drank and rode on a river boat! Willis Lathrop O’Brien and Kate Parker seem to be our French bikers from the summer: Willis, her husband and daughter vacationed through Europe for nine weeks, biking the hills in Burgundy “through charming and beautiful vineyards”; Kate and her Morgan biked around eastern France with their destination being a Zen Buddhist retreat in the Austrian Alps. Congrats to Kate, who has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize for her book of short fiction, X & O. You can read Kate’s blog on Also, be sure to look for Morgan’s new CD featuring some of Kate’s songs. Tighe Easterly Antrim, Molly Carpenter Sprouse and Debbie Andrews Dunlap are all experiencing the wonders of grandparenting. Tighe writes, “having six grandchildren under six is like a piece of heaven.” Molly writes that the highlights of her summer have been a reunion trip to Virginia Beach with Hollins friends (including Collegiate alum Barrie Miller) and awaiting the arrival of daughter Emily’s baby (a granddaughter) in September. Debbie is thrilled with “Baby G,” Graham Andrews McLeod, who was born on March 8 to oldest daughter Whitney ’97. Congrats to Debbie, who has added Director of Development to her list of responsibilities at St C! Debbie was featured in the Metro Richmond section of the "Richmond Times Dispatch" on August 19. Jeanne Johns Cassin visited Richmond at the end of the summer, and hoped to get together with classmates. Peggy Spilman Crowley and her two sisters are cranking out the world’s tastiest cheese straws which retail in 15 stores. You can find them online at www.Threesisters3. com. In September, Tracy Charles Shenkman and Steve took a river cruise in northern France and then went to London for a week, with Tracy’s childhood friend and her husband. Tracy ended up at a reunion of the girls who attended Lillesden School in the weald of Kent

in 1965. Says Tracy, “I had not seen Tina for about 45 years until she came to visit me with her mom and daughter back in December 2012…Ben graduated from Dutchess Community College and Mills will be graduating from Quinnipiac University a semester early, at the end of December, so they are preparing themselves for their next steps!” Keep the good news coming!


Christine Kjellstrom Douglas, 14 Lynacres Boulevard, Fayetteville, NY 13066; Susan Stevens’ son Kemp Bartlett, a junior at JMU, is trying to rebuild a motorcycle (causing his mother heartburn!) Son Afton Bartlett lives outside of DC, works for Enterprise and enjoys the out-of-college singles scene. In September Susan and Temple celebrated their joint 60th birthday in Hawaii. Tricia Totty Sauer’s brood are all happy and healthy. Betsy Rawles’ visit to the Galapagos (St. Catherine’s-sponsored) was a trip of a lifetime with new friends and fellow alums, Martha Cole Glenn ’59 and Claire Cockrell Cole ’88 and future alums Abby Cole (2018) and Greta Cole (2021). Betsy reports it was also fun to reconnect with so many at a March 60th birthday party given by our Richmond classmates. Sally Williams Wittkofski went to a wonderful St. Stephen’s Parish Retreat at Shrine Mont in Orkney Springs, Va., led by Frances Murchison ’77. Frances is a holistic health counselor, author, founder of Mindfullyfed, and cousin of Anne Harrison Murchison’s husband. Sally’s son Nick makes pottery for Stella’s restaurant in Richmond. Sally signs off with TTFN (Ta Ta For Now), as Jane Catlett would! Rosamond Lawson caught up with Christine Kjellstrom Douglas and husband Sandy as they moved daughter Christina into grad school in Charleston, S.C. Rosamond, Anne Wilson Fafara, Boo Bugg Stauffer and Julie Gamble Grover celebrated 60th birthdays together on Bald Head Island. Rosamond’s daughter Molly moved to Bozeman, Mont., to see what it’s like to live out west. Rosamond reports being a grandmother is heaven with daughter Laura, husband and two grandsons just around the corner. Randy Anderson Trainor and Tom downsized to their ski house in Franconia, N.H. Randy has an interior design office in “downtown” Franconia and in Portsmouth, N.H. Son Cliff, 30 years old (yikes!), and his wife are expecting their first child. He is a Captain in the Army, flying Blackhawk helicopters. His wife teaches school in Castine, Maine. Daughter Cary works for the accounting department of The Ritz Corporation in Bachelor Gulch, Vail,


Holly Eason Holden, 130 Main Street, Farmington, CT 06032;; and Jane Blanton Stout, 140 Meadowlark, Princeton, WV 24740; Your correspondent Holly is thrilled to report my son Stuart III was married in Palm Beach in November. My book, The Pretty and Proper Living Room, was published in August. With book launch parties in Boston, New York, Hartford and Farmington, it has been a splendid experience! Michael Scully wrote the Foreward and the book is featured at Scully & Scully, Park Avenue, N.Y., and at www. In July Susan Christian Coogan and her mother Peggy Robertson Christian ’43 visited L.A. daughter Meg ’06, who works for 3Arts Management. After LA, they all flew to Dallas to meet Susan’s daughter, Emma ’09, a UNC-Chapel Hill grad who works for American Airlines. Susan’s at the Richmond Ballet and frequently sees Carroll Blair Keiger, Anna Leake Smith, Molly Gayle Meem, Allison Parrish Koschak and Cindy York Turner. Carroll had a grand time with Susan at Anna’s river cottage in Gloucester, Va. Betsy Rawles ’71 was at a nearby cottage. Carroll’s daughter Catie ’00 was married Labor Day weekend with many Saints in attendance. Leigh MacDougall Gage traveled to Colorado Springs with her sister Lynn MacDougall-Fleming ’71, and their 93-year-old mother who is going strong! Leigh’s son Jesse made a trip home from Myanmar where he works; she plans a trip

to see him at year’s end. After 25 years at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, Anne Edmunds is the Nurse Manager in the Operating Room, as well as of ENT, Plastics, Oral surgery, Ophtalmology, Minor Surgery, Cardiothoraciac and Neurosurgery. (Yikes, that is a huge responsibility, Anne!) Anne still has a summer cottage in Gloucester, Va., and on occasion sees some St. Cat’s girls there. Liz Kern Nance traveled with Richmond’s St. James’ Church choir to Venice, Florence and Rome, where they sang in churches, piazzas, the Pantheon and St. Peter’s! She plays her mandolin and sings for wedding receptions and at farmers markets. She visited Louisiana where daughter Caroline manages a shop called The Royal Standard. Younger daughter, Mary Page, lives in NYC, but spent the summer in Utah singing, acting and dancing in shows and operas. Susan Stafford Kelly’s article in the June North Carolina’s "Our State" magazine is a wonderful remembrance for anyone who loved summer camp: It was good to hear from Christiane Doerwaldt Sorel who loves being a full time litigator in Maryland state and federal courts as well as in DC. She and husband Eliot recently celebrated their 34th anniversary. An internationally recognized expert in psychiatric medicine and global health, Eliot’s seventh book was published last winter. Their older son Marc, a Yale and Georgetown grad, works for McKinsey & Co. in Chicago as an engagement manager. He is a commissioned naval officer in the reserves, focused on intelligence. Daughter Marie-Adele, her husband Jeremy and Eli, Christiane’s first grandchild, live in Northern Virginia where she is a physician (radiation oncology); Jeremy is an attorney with the Federal Reserve. Christiane says, “It is hard to believe…that more than 40 years have passed since we were all classmates at St. C. I receive the alumnae news and updates about the school - it has really grown into a strong and vibrant place, dedicated to offering a solid education. I know I learned so very much there, and I feel confident that today’s girls are getting even more exposure to their world than we did.”


Jennifer Wright Fitzgerald, P.O. Box 70667, Henrico, VA 23255;; and Tiane Mitchell-Gordon, 10702 Milkweed Dr., Great Falls, VA 22066; Did we have a fabulous 40th Reunion, or what? Alumnae Director Judy Carpenter Hawthorne ’75 announced that we had the largest attendance at a reunion luncheon ever: 43! Kathryn

Tanner George sends thanks to Gussie Johns Bannard for hosting a crew of boarders, and to all of the other classmates who helped organize events. She hopes to see some more gray heads in 2018! Kathryn is still working and living in Baltimore as a pathologist. Her husband has retired and is now coaching inner-city lacrosse. She has three adult children employed in DC and a mother with Alzheimer’s. Meredith Allen enjoyed her very first reunion. Gussie hopes “we’ll stay in touch regionally, virtually, and verbally to continue to support one another throughout joys and challenges. There is always a bed at my house for anyone coming through Richmond.” Michaux Bennett McMillan was sorry to miss the reunion but was committed to graduation shenanigans with her daughter. She would love the opportunity to connect with St. C friends. Gavin Larus Anderson writes “It looks like you had a fabulous time! Hope to see all of you soon!” Mildred Plant Masten is recovering from several surgeries and is asking for prayers for a good mend. Betse Sharpe Trice thoroughly enjoyed our reunion: “such a great mix of boarders and day students, and lots of laughs and reminiscing! She added that the wedding of her daughter Ida Trice ’01 following reunion was such fun and another great photoop for St. C alums. Sally Vitsky Ucci and Peggy Wilton Larmore recently visited Mary Crenshaw in her home country of Italy. Pattie Bland White writes, “Jane Hart Lewis has been a key player in the re-formation of the Episcopal Church in S.C. ( Under her leadership as warden, our new parish mission in the Florence/Pee Dee area has been named St. Catherine’s! She’s given tirelessly, generously and joyfully to help the Episcopal Church continue in difficult circumstances.” Lisa Ruffin Harrison has joined the Joyner Fine Properties Maple Office in Richmond. Jody Smith Myers is enjoying her eldest daughter, Katie Hyman Rittershaus’, two girls, Katharine Finley and Charlotte Todd; and her son, Luke Hyman’s, son, Edward Henry (Hank.) Youngest daughter, Anne Summer Myers, UVA four-year ACC swimming champ, is coaching swimming at the YMCA in Richmond. Susan Bailey Bailey’s daughter Elizabeth is a Wake Forest graduate and works in Georgetown as retail manager for the online division of Bungalow, maker of Scout Bags. Susan’s younger daughter Sallie is a junior in VCU’s School of the Arts and is active in IV (InterVarsity campus ministry) and camp CHAT (tutoring in Church Hill.) Sallie enjoyed a study abroad program in art history in Peru last year. Let’s keep the connections coming by joining our ST. CATHERINE’S, CLASS OF 1973 private Facebook page and by emailing us with your news for our next update!

al u m n ae now

Colo. Tom’s daughter Sarah lives in Massachusetts; Randy and Tom love having Sarah’s children, ages 7 and 9, to visit. Randy still teaches skiing on the weekends at Cannon Mountain. Tom is semi-retired, though he does write an occasional data base for ski academies and also works as an expert witness in ski-related lawsuits. If anyone is ever up in New Hampshire, Randy says to stop by Cannon. It’s a fabulous mountain (for the East), and the views rival anything out West. In March, Ann Fowle Rumble was named one of 54 semifinalists out of 1,600 global entries in Sub-Zero/ Wolf’s Kitchen Design Contest. She was the U.S. Southeast Regional Winner. Congrats! Ashton Williams Harrison and her husband Dave took a month-long boat trip on their boat named Easters (as in UVA party weekend) from Virginia to Cape Cod and visited Penn Wilcox Branin in Rumson, N.J., and Ginger Harrison Adamson ’68 in Cape Cod. See photos of them on her trip blog: Hope everyone has weathered the big 6-0 with style and smiles.


a lumn ae now  40th Reunion, April 11-12 Jill Hawkins Czajkowski, 1083 Burning Tree Dr., Chapel Hill, NC 27517; Nancy Parker Giguere has been a Guardian Ad Litem for the last two years. Nancy and husband Jeff enjoy trips to Duke football games and to Illinois to see granddaughter Parker. Robin Rosenbaum Brockenbrough, a part-time RN and veterinary tech, lives on a farm with a variety of animals including peacocks and a miniature pot-bellied pig. Robin works on kilnformed glass. Check out: Birdsongglasswear. Clare Osdene Schapiro writes a blog ClareFare. com, is a food columnist for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and speaks around the state. Pam Port Wylly’s painted murals are a delight! Pam’s daughter Virginia is a pastry chef at Coquette in New Orleans and is engaged to be married. Susan Bosher Amini is a full professor at St. Catherine University, teaching English as a second language. Her three children are a son, 24, a daughter, 17, and a 21-year-old daughter who both repairs and builds canoes. Susan recently visited Scottie Ginn in Essex, N.Y. Anne Stephens Harrison is President of the Women’s’ Community Central Park Conservancy for which she recently raised $9 million. Deepest sympathies to Kate Boykin Williams, who lost husband Ronald in a tragic car accident in January 2013. Kate’s son Max, recipient of a music scholarship, attends Catawba College. Daughter Julie Williams ’05 graduated from UNC/Asheville and works there with the Autism Society. Peggy Thompson Shinall, in her 8th year as a church business administrator in South Carolina, says she has to laugh when she thinks about hiding in the closet to skip church when she was a boarder! Beth Copal has lived in DeLand, Fla., since earning her undergraduate and Master’s degrees at Stetson. She is an independent contractor and a cataloguer. After years of international posts, Beth’s parents now live nearby. Beth offers: “Keep on doing what interests you, or you will miss what you’re looking for!” Pam Charles Nasworthy “walked on FLAMING HOT BURNING COALS!” at a Tony Robbins’ conference. “Heck, if I can do THAT, perhaps selling real estate isn’t that hard after all!” says Pam. Kitty Dunstall McChesney’s two sons moved to Argentina: first Buenos Aires, and now Bariloche, a ski destination! Elva Mapp attended the wedding festivities of her goddaughter Susan Mahoney ’05, daughter of Rhoda Bland Mahoney. She enjoyed a nine day trip to Guatemala with members of Second Presbyterian Church. Betsy “Bootie” Holmes Richardson continues to enjoy tennis and


bridge. Sons Scott (Wake Forest grad) and Adam (sophomore at Wake) shared their summer teaching tennis at Camp High Rocks. Bootie and Stuart Stringfellow Carter see each other often. Brooke Jones Hodges is in her 35th year at Bank of America. Daughter Sarah is married and works for T. Rowe Price. Middle daughter Ali, a graduate of USC, lives in Myrtle Beach and works in property management. Daughter Laura is a high school senior. Missy Paca Blackwell is a partner in the Richmond, Va., law firm Roberson, Shepard & Turner, which handles wills, trust and probate. Bev Jones Upshur is in her 28th year helping visuallyimpaired babies. Son Will, age 29, works in San Francisco and 32-year-old daughter Kate lives in St. Louis. Helen Rennolds Grosso reports that daughter Lizzie has graduated from Harvard Law School and will work in NYC as a clerk for a judge. Helen is an educational consultant and is President of Sherman Chamber Ensemble in Connecticut. Voiceover artist Eugenia Halsey is happy to have son Kent home for the next two years. Eugenia’s father at 90 is at WestminsterCanterbury and continues to enjoy tennis, bridge and reading. Alice Spilman Frankovitch is a principal in Three Sisters 3, Inc., making cheese straws from the recipe of grandmother Louise Wilmer Spilman, class of 1915, along with sister Peggy Spilman Crowley ’70 and mother Alice Taylor Spilman ’44. Jill Hawkins Czajkowski and son Zack enjoyed two weeks in Ghana, a country that categorically exalts Jesus Christ more than any I’ve ever encountered. Zack interned for ABAN, a non-profit organization, which helps empower street teen mothers.


Eleanor Deane Bierbower, 8101 Merrick Rd., Bethesda, MD 20817;

Alice Trice Szumski, Lucy Leake DeJarnette, Bitsy Hester, Honey Trigg Sachs, Judy Carpenter Hawthorne, Martha Bedinger Holt and sometimes Gigi Rawles Miller gather for girls’ nights in Richmond. Martha and Dave moved to her lovely river home where she tends vines that will become “Martha’s Vineyard.” Judy had a blissful July visit with Molly Elmer Wooden and Andrew on Block Island, a long way from their home in Santa Barbara, Calif. Lindsay Belew Paul and Mary Kincannon McDonald visited Judy in Maine. Lindsay and son Chappy’s college hunt took them to Chapel Hill, N.C., where they saw Jill Hawkins Czajkowski ’74. With two boys in Philadelphia colleges and one in Boston grad school, Maria Gregory Crawford is starting a new chapter by selling her house in the burbs. She still wants to get classmates down to her

Jill Hawkins Czajkowski ’74 caught up with Lindsay Belew Paul ’75 in Chapel Hill, N.C., while Lindsay was doing a college visit with her son Chappy.

beautiful Nags Head home: let Maria or Judy know if anyone is interested! At this writing Virginia Christian Beach was in “crunch time” getting all the artwork together, as well as getting the manuscript of her book on rice plantations reviewed and edited for March publication. She had a fun reconnection with Drury Wellford at the Museum of the Confederacy, who was helpful in securing rights for Virginia to use a painting of Fort Sumter. Katherine Whitney’s daughter graduated from St. C last spring with the extra excitement of seeing her mom receive the St. C Alumnae Board’s Outstanding Service Award. In Springfield, Va., Laura Wickstead loves being the Virginia Room Librarian at City of Fairfax Regional Library. Anne Gregory-Bepler’s large mixed media drawings and paintings on paper were exhibited at the Skylight Gallery in Hillsborough, N.C., in September. Sotheby’s residential real estate agent Margie Robertson Leachman corralled her family for a glorious trip to Italy. Fran Fields Nugent is trying condo living for a year (while son Stevie finishes Woodberry) before she finds her dream home and a whole new life in Wilmington, N.C. Fran and Stevie walked the entire 16.7 miles through the streets of Washington, DC for an Out of the Darkness Walk to benefit suicide prevention. This summer they worked at an orphanage in Guatemala planting 40 Earth Boxes, a self-sustaining way to grow fruits and veggies. The fall, Fran also joined Katherine Dameron McCormick on the Ellett Alumnae Board. Maypop Designs is Susan Chitwood’s fantastic business making fascinators and more for brides, M.O.B.s and for the NY Theatre production of City of Angels! Charlotte Fox saw lots of friends at Janie Stafford Sellers’ son’s wedding. After 30 years on ski patrol, Charlotte says this winter will be her last. She enjoys staying close to home in Telluride, Colo. Joyce Thompson reported that she “spent two weeks in May in Nevada at our house which is still in progress. Rocky was there of course, also his daughter Alexis and her Italian boyfriend. It

was the first time we had all been together as a family, and it was a wonderful experience.” This summer Joyce spent two weeks on Hainan Island (Hainan is the southern-most province of China) in a program to study Mandarin in the mornings and afternoons volunteering with a group to save sea turtles. There was a sea turtle hospital, educational trips to local schools, cleaning up beaches, feeding and cleaning turtles, etc. She says life in Singapore continues to be great. After 31 years without a single day off in the fall, Peel Hawthorne has moved from the sidelines of the hockey field to work as Associate Athletics Director for Student Services and Senior Woman Administrator. A wonderful nod to Peel’s expertise and professionalism—congrats Peel!


Lisa Pratt, 1431 Q St. NW, Washington, DC 20009; Julia Adeney Thomas was interviewed for an article published in the Weekly Gendai which describes 30 Americans’ views of Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo. Co-authors were the likes of Paul Krugman and other famous academics. Ginny Reynolds Parker writes that she visits Japan four to five times a year as part of her company’s investment management business and has taken a liking to golf. Tinsley Place Lockhart lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, with husband John. She works for Lloyd’s Banking Group Insurance Division head office responsible for regulatory risk to investments. The Dodd-Frank Act takes up much of her time, though she did complete her first half marathon recently. Margaret Seiler, the last person to join the class of ’76, lives in Brooklyn, N.Y., and is about to start a job teaching social studies in an all-girls school in Manhattan. Our condolences to Margaret, whose mother, Peggy Gordon Seiler ’40, passed away this summer. Lynn Davis loves being a grandmother to Ella (almost 2) and was looking forward to the fall arrival of another when these notes were written. Ellen Blackwell Pons traveled to San Francisco where she dined in the dark with Kenan Lewis White and Beth Hardy Wilson while visiting Mary Frances Allen. Kenan continues to nurture her gardening business and enjoys regular lunches with Liza Halsey Perrin, Peyton Buford Valentine, Beth Irby Beale and Liz Harvard. Ann Rachal Toll took a fabulous trip to England, renting a house in London and enjoying Cardiff for a few days. Susie Goodale is mother to seven children, three from her marriage to Chris. Keeping up the Class of ’76’s athletic reputation, she’s still playing lacrosse and competes in triathlons regularly. She just finished her first Half IronMan. Lisa Pratt went to Hawaii in June with Eda Martin Joyce on the

’76 Classmates Beth Blair, Eda Martin Joyce, Lisa Pratt and Ginny Williams Poole enjoyed the Bon Harbors Labor Day Picnic, along with Beth Irby Beale who was busy with picnic duty when the photo was taken.

pretext of watching Lisa’s daughter play in a soccer tournament. The Class of ’76 remains close and exceptional in diverse ways. Go White Team!


Correspondent: Becky Pugh, 2 Eagle Ridge Ct., Bethesda, MD 20817;

Twinkle, twinkle Star Anderson Keene! She writes, “For the last three years, I have been an Associate Principal at SHoP Architects - NYC ( Our Barclay’s Center arena opened in 2012 in Brooklyn and was featured on the cover of Architect Magazine! We are also working on the first of 16 residential towers on adjacent sites. Star and husband Steve recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary, and have lived in Greenpoint, Brooklyn for 20 years. Oldest daughter Flora is 11 and Minnie is 8. Steve is an artist, exhibiting around the country and beyond. Last year the family went with him to show his work in Germany and Australia. Professor Page Hamilton Laughlin has been prolific in her work as well as instructing students at Wake Forest. Last summer she finished a six-month exhibition at the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh. She enjoyed reconnecting with Bucci Rennolds Zeugner and Frances Valentine Massey, and sees Lloyd Hatcher Ford occasionally, “always great fun.” Professor Ashby Sharpe continues to work in the field of medical ethics at Georgetown University and at the Veterans Health Administration. There she develops policy and guidance on “such cheerful issues as end-of-life decision making, scarce resource allocation in a pandemic, and disclosure of harmful adverse events to patients.” She teaches ethics to second-year medical students and was a judge in the first District of Columbia high school ethics bowl. “I definitely got my start on this path in 13 years of chapel services at St. Catherine’s!” Susan Pinkard Morgan is in

Carrie Coker Haley ’78, her daughter Caroline Haley, and Woody Liles with his mom Betsy Bell Liles ’78, taken at Woodberry Forest Formal.

her 10th year of teaching math at Broward Middle School. Daughter Casey, 17, is a senior this year. Mary Stuart Bolling Smith is working on her certification for teaching high school English. Grace Morgan is still living in India and had her children with her there all last summer. Ellen Langford Hayes’s middle son Tyler is doing well now, having recently ended chemo treatments for Ewings Sarcoma. Martha Ellett supplied Tyler with plenty of barbecue the year he was hospitalized. Sarah Martin Herguner moved her family from Istanbul back to Richmond where she is working at St. C as the Archivist, filling the big shoes vacated by Tyler Bird Paul. Sarah writes “I welcome visitors and would love for you to come by when in town; and also open the floor for display ideas that would represent the boarders in the most meaningful ways.” Lynda Wornom Wright has a big project at Randolph Macon as the librarian researching the desegregation of the school in the 1960s. Your correspondent Becky saw Beth McRee Stallings ’78 at the Landon Azalea festival in April where we both had booths. I also lunched with Olivia Hayes Immerman this summer while bonding over children’s antics that we have both suffered. I’ve started improv classes to use these stories to their fullest!


Meredith Owen Holbrook, 6 Ridgewood Rd., St. Louis, MO 63124; The Ladies of 1978 had a phenomenal reunion in April! The turnout was impressive and Katharine Sutherland Patton from Birmingham, Ala., a first-time attendee, said it best: “our class remains a well-rounded group, smart, athletic(!), talented and fun! There was a spirit of excellence about everyone, personally and professionally, inspiring and energizing to be with.” Stacy


a lumn ae now Alexander Stacey was finishing the sale of her mother’s Richmond home and sending daughter Samantha off to Camp Seafarer when she wrote how much she enjoyed reconnecting with old friends and loved seeing so many come back who had never been to a reunion before! Special thanks to Anne Howell McElroy and Beth McRee Stallings, who generously and graciously offered their homes for the evening festivities and to all the angels (chief among them Dede Clinger Andrews and Kathleen Will Mackey) who pitched in with delicious food and beverages, and most especially to our St. Christopher’s classmates who arrived and spiced up the evenings! Liz Gamble Blaine has an exciting new job as Senior Director of Development at the College Foundation of the University of Virginia. She loves her interaction with students and alumni as well as having her two students, Jack and Eleanor, enrolled in

college there. Carrie Coker Haley attended the June wedding in Layford Cay, Bahamas, of her niece Hannah Coker Baldwin, daughter of Ellen Coker Baldwin ’76. Many alumnae attended including Missy Smith Derse ’76, Anne Dowd Kennedy ’77 and Margaret Coker Hungerford ’81. Carrie stays on the go. Her son Charlie works at Deloitte Consulting in Chicago; John is at Elon; Elizabeth will play basketball at Yale this fall; and Caroline will be a junior at EHS. See photo on the previous page of Caroline and Betsy Bell Liles’ son Woody at Woodberry Formal 2012. Following the Chapel Service on Saturday morning of Reunion Weekend, there was a special prayer and remembrance session for our classmate Beth Newcombe who passed away in early April. Classmates stood in a circle and held hands; voluntary prayers and memories were shared; and many tears were

shed over this sad and premature passing of a beloved friend and classmate. Several classmates commented on how blessed we were to be part of a group that supports and comforts through the good and the bad. In July, we mourned the sudden passing of Lindsay Sloan Thorp’s husband William Mahler Thorp in a tragic car wreck in Rocky Mt., N.C. I know I speak for the class in expressing our collective sympathies at this untimely sadness. Beth Stallings drove to Rocky Mt. to attend the service. She and Lindsay roomed together for three years. Beth says, “I can’t express how this family was so touched by the heartfelt expressions of concern from our St. Catherine’s class which were extended toward them at this horrific time.”  This is an example of what we all can and do mean to one another, and is a little encouragement to us all to stay in touch!


Glass Half Full For Heather Hofmann Spiess ’79 there is much more to a good glass of wine than meets the eye. Spiess and husband Bruce are the new owners of First Colony Winery, a bustling Virginia winery located in Southern Albermarle county. The duo and their business partner Jeffrey Miller acquired First Colony in 2012. Spiess’ son Austin Hamilton is the the Vineyard Manager and motivation behind Heather and Bruce’s decision to take on the adventure that is owning a winery. “My true inspiration was my son Austin who worked in the vineyard at First Colony for several years,” Spiess said. “Over the years it got to the point where Austin’s hands had literally touched every vine in the vineyard. Although the previous owner was very well-intended and wanted nothing more than to see First Colony thrive, it just didn’t seem to keep up with the advances in the Virginia wine industry which was flourishing.” In addition to the winery, Spiess is the Vice President of Ruggles Service Corporation, a medical management company in Richmond. She has worked at Ruggles along with her brother and business partner Stewart Hinckley for 22 years. Winery management however, is brand new to Spiess.


“I find myself working late at night, on the weekends, dashing up to Charlottesville on a Wednesday afternoon to take a class on ABC laws,” she said. “What I didn’t realize is I’m also a farmer; owning a vineyard is owning a farm — it’s agriculture.” The family’s hard work is paying off. Thus far in 2013 First Colony has won 10 awards in national and international wine competitions. “We are so fortunate to have joined the Virginia wine industry at this time,” she said. “It is growing at such a rapid and exciting pace with over 240 wineries in Virginia today. Virginia’s wines are slowly being recognized all over the world and First Colony is enthusiastically embracing the opportunity to be a part of the industry.” For Spiess, sipping on award winning wine isn’t the only perk of winery ownership, “The best part of owning First Colony is watching the slow transformation as buildings are renovated, beautiful grapes are harvested, new and improved wine is bottled and seeing Austin smile! For more information on First Colony Winery visit

 35th Reunion, April 11-12 Needs Correspondent! With the 35th Reunion approaching, now’s the perfect time to volunteer to help keep our class in touch between reunions! Please contact Lisa Galleher Claiborne, who has served as the correspondent for many years, or Alumnae Director Judy Carpenter Hawthorne for details.


Madeline Hutcheson Mayhood, 7441 Hill Dr., Richmond, VA 23225;

Time marches on! It’s hard to believe so many of us have children leaving the nest. Both Constance Cardozo Costas and Susan Martin Mitchell’s daughters graduated from St. Catherine’s in May. Eliza Costas ’13, a 13-year girl, headed to UVA and Charlotte Mitchell ’13 is at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland. My stepdaughter Carly is studying naval architecture at SUNY Maritime College. Kudos to the many other classmates whose children are off to college and adventures further afield. We send our condolences to Constance on the death of her father this summer. Agnes Frazier Richard has had quite a year. Not only are all three of her boys college freshmen, but renovation is nearly complete on “Higher Heaven,” the Richards’ rebuilt river house. The original “High Heaven” burned to the ground in a fire last year. Nan Leake reminds us that congratulations are in order for classmate Nancy Tucker Thompson who graduated from nursing school and will be working at Sheltering Arms on the inpatient floor. Your correspondent Madeline, for one, doesn’t think she could admire anyone more than my old friend Nancy, who truly embodies our school motto “what we keep we lose; only what we give remains our own.” I suspect this chapter is the culmination of a challenging and very personal journey for her, and I am in awe of the

Cecelia Faulkner Soscia ’81 running with her son Gavin during her 50K race.

commitment, determination and dedication it took to realize this very significant achievement. Laura Edwards recently launched Women AdvaNCe, an organization committed to delivering thoughtful content and building a supportive community in North Carolina for women leaders to further the cause of full equality and to empower women. Women AdvaNCe is an independent nonpartisan educational institute. To all classmates, please keep your news coming!


Maria Williams Swindell, 414 Alabama Rd., Baltimore, MD 21204; Sarah Gibson Wiley is enjoying her new venture, Huger Embroidery, along with the creative talents of her two daughters, Ella Smith ’07 and Sally Smith ’13. Ella is a recent graduate of James Madison University, and Sally, who graduated from St. Catherine’s in June, followed her sister’s lead to JMU this fall. Elizabeth Cabell Jennings also has a St. C graduate! MacNair Jennings ’13 is at William & Mary this fall, where she hopes to continue her lacrosse career. Elizabeth admits, “turning 50 is a bit of a shock – but highly preferable to the alternative!” Aurelia Stafford Monk celebrated her big day in early August with Shepherd McMillan Poole, Carrie Clement Banwell, Evie Smith Davis and Hope Holding Connell. Susan Gaddy “had a blast celebrating 50 in February!” Her father gave a BBQ lunch at his sister’s house on Pawley’s Island, S.C., for family that celebrated a 3-way birthday: his brother (also Susan’s uncle), 80; Susan’s cousin, 51; and Susan herself. Family came from North Carolina, Richmond, and all over South Carolina for an entire day family reunion. The following weekend, Susan hosted a cocktail party for 25 friends on Daniel Island in Charleston with guests from Charlotte, Columbia and Charleston. “This milestone is like peering over the mountain from the top — perhaps it’s because I have a cousin in Georgia

al u m n ae now

Mary Watson Hayes ’79’s daughter Caroline is following in Mom’s footsteps at Camp Mont Shenandoah.

who is 103! We can see a panoramic view of everything.” Kate McClintock Trammell’s oldest son Mac headed to W&L this fall; she looks forward to running into St. C friends while in Lexington for Parents’ Weekend! “Fifty is good with me,” reports Cecelia Faulkner Soscia, “especially if I can manage to find the time to train for another 50K, which I ran last December as a harbinger to my 50th birthday. Running is a miracle worker for me as not only does it help me defy and deny my age, but also my legacy of always being late, slow and last; aging and running actually give me a taste of the flavor of ’being faster’.” Shelley Church Rodgers wins the prize for the most unique half-centurybirthday celebration. She spent the entire month of June on a sole pilgrimage walking The Way of St. James to Santiago de Compostela (nearly 500 miles). “That was my 50th birthday present to myself - to recharge the battery- just me, my backpack and walking sticks. It was awesome! I met so many people from all around the world.”


Catherine Helderman Markwalter, 1796 Meadowdale Ave., NE, Atlanta, GA 30306; Our class has been busy! We have started our own businesses, sent kids to college, seen them graduate, and even sent children off to kindergarten. Mary Blair Farinholt Denious’ oldest, Stewart, is at Middlebury College this fall playing football. Athletics must run in the family! She is thankful to have Sam, 17, and Jack, 14, at home. Martha Hudson Cook is in her thirteenth year as a realtor for Coldwell Banker in New Bern, N.C. Her son Will is a junior at University of the South Sewanee, and Davis is a senior in high school. Stuart White Milton and her husband Tom live in Charlotte. She has a baby clothing and accessory company called Folly Island. Their daughter Maggie graduated from Sewanee last year and teaches English in Prague. Their son Frazer is a sailboat captain in the BVI and twins Bill and Jack are in boarding school in New Hampshire. Sarah Clinger Ruffin’s daughter Carrie graduated from James Madison in May and her son is a sophomore at Virginia Tech. Sarah writes that she has started taking surfing lessons! Susie Barrett lives in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., and is an inpatient Hospice RN. Her high school senior Chase is an honor student in the school’s Math, Science and Engineering program. Sadly, Susie’s mother Barbara Barrett passed away on Easter Sunday. Susan Griswold Herst happily sells real estate in Durham, N.C. Husband Larry started a new business, Triangle Ecycling, recycling and reuse for e-waste. Son Ben is a senior at University of Chicago after returning from two quarters


a lumn ae now

Gracen Duffield ’85 enjoys the sights of Xi’an, China.

Jamie Buchanan ’83 and Carlton Ranson watched their Baltimore Ravens win the Super Bowl to celebrate Carlton’s birthday in NOLA!

Children of Liza Kenan Howell ’85: Lily, Beth, Kate and Andy Howell at Zion National Park in Utah this summer.

abroad: a winter in Paris, spring in Beijing and a summer fellowship with Wanxiang Corporation near Shanghai. Son Alex, a sophomore at NC State Engineering School, teaches tennis at Carolina Country Club in Raleigh. Son Charles, a high school senior, teaches tennis at Duke Faculty Club. Susan Morley Olson’s son Russell, a junior at Davidson, is spending the fall semester in Peru. Her youngest Will is a senior in high school. Carolyn Anthony Shiverick was just in Park City, Utah, where she visited with Lynn Broos Grassell ’83 and her daughter Megan. Megan has started a business called Yellowberry Company that will produce products for tween girls. Look for Megan on the cover of Forbes Magazine soon! Patty Eichner Mouer and Linda Holmes Horsley are joining the crowd with children in college this fall. Patty’s son Jim is a Furman freshman, and Linda’s son Nicholas (St. Chris ’13) is studying photojournalism at Ohio University. After dropping Nicholas at school, Linda and her husband Stuart checked the US Open Tennis Tournament off of their bucket list. On the other end of the spectrum, Janice Kuhn’s daughter Chelsea is now a proud kindergartener. Janice and her husband recently bought a house in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., and moved in the fall. Your correspondent Caroline’s three are in first, second and fourth grades in Atlanta and are keeping me busy.

Richmond for what will be a wonderful 30th Reunion Weekend, to reconnect, fill in details of memories grown faint over the years, share our stories of family and friends and see the vibrant and exciting place St. Catherine’s is today. Please download the St. Catherine’s School Alumnae app and use it to encourage your classmates to join us in Richmond. Summers seem to go all too quickly, and I apologize for not getting to follow-up with more of you. The Brughs have covered lots of ground this summer: Lawrence, a senior at St. Christopher’s, traveled to France and Italy for two weeks in June; we had our annual week at the Outer Banks over the 4th of July; a family reunion in Buffalo, N.Y.; a trip with our daughter, Anna (14, ninth grade) to NYC; and Lynnie and Sarah (11- sixth grade) traveled to Japan on a baseball exchange trip. After dropping her son at Camp High Rocks, Mancha White Stanton came to Richmond to visit Wendy Daniel and see the band Giant Squid at Poe’s Pub. Wendy’s husband, Greg plays in the band. Summer in New Hampshire was so crazy for Neely Holt McNulty that she felt a prisoner in her home as daughter Mason worked to get her driver’s license... among other activities. After completing a year with a trying group of third graders at John B. Cary School, Hedley Hines Davey took a few weeks and hit the beaches of Georgia and Florida before settling at Virginia Beach for most of the summer. She enjoyed time with sister-in-law, Jane Molster Hines ’89, and with Beth Tompkins Neal and husband Hank. Please send news. There will be lots to share and celebrate together in April!

Washington, D.C., Cathy Kerkam has taken a new position as Director of Major Gifts for the West Coast at Defenders of Wildlife. Last year, Liza Kenan Howell moved with her family to Park City, Utah. Liza writes, “We had such an amazing adventurous year that we have decided to extend our stay for another year! We had lots of fun on the slopes with Courtney Overcash Kilpatrick and her family and also Ashley Brinson Cusack and her family!” Across continents, Gracen Duffield is thriving in Beijing while earning her MBA at Guanghua School of Management in Peking University. In fact, Gracen is vice-president of her class! In May, Gracen was featured on for a story on foreigners getting MBAs in China. In her spare time, Gracen has taken on an internship/ consulting job with a Beijing startup company that is trying to implement a franchise model. Gracen writes, “I’ve learned a lot about franchising in China…I am writing my thesis and working on my Chinese language skills as well. Overall, this has been a great experience and I will be sad to see it end. I will start a serious job search in February, but until then I am enjoying the moment!” Well done, Gracen! Please keep us in mind to share your news and adventures with our classmates. Many of us are scattered across the country and the world, and we’d love to hear from you!


Betsy Macon Dotterer, 7003 University Dr., Richmond, VA 23229; Classmates please send me your news!

 30th Reunion, April 11-12 Heather Hettrick Brugh, 4103 Exeter Rd., Richmond, VA 23221; I hope that all of you will make plans to be in



Windy Campbell, 1004 Pine Ridge Rd., Richmond, VA 23226;

Over the summer, we heard from several ’85’ers from across the country and the world! In


Sally Yowell Barbour, 10346 Nash, Chapel Hill, NC 27517;; and Ashley Power O’Connor, 207 South Lee St., Alexandria, VA 22314; Thank you so much to everyone who wrote in with news! We are a busy group, with lots of kids and travel news, and some great reunions with classmates mixed in! Pam Talley Lancaster

Berry Glover Shults ’86 and family met up with Catherine Watkins Olmert ’86’s family in Raleigh, N.C., and everyone had a great time. Their children are from left to right: Brennan Olmert, 8; Graham Shults, 11; Bennett Shults, 7; Tucker Olmert, 8; and Lucy Catherine Olmert, 11.

was able to meet up with classmates while visiting from Las Vegas, including Jewel Glenn Caven and Buffy Ward. Berry Glover Shults met up with Catherine Watkins Olmert in Raleigh, and everyone had a great time. All are well, happy and healthy. It was also great to hear from Anne Chamblin Dodge, who is teaching art at Patrick Henry School of Science and Arts, Virginia’s first elementary charter school. Her two kids Finn, 10, and Georgia, 8, attend so they all go to school together. Deming Herbert now lives in Bristol, UK, with her partner, Dominic Wade. She is a freelance translator and proofreader (French to English) and also tutors in English and math at a local community center for kids ages 6 to 16. Stephanie Rosanelli Faul was lucky enough to enjoy some time in Paris recently with her husband John. They enjoyed the shopping. John suggested that Dr. Rosanelli might ask for a reimbursement for the years of French classes, since they didn’t stick! Christele Bonnefond Rakotondrainy writes from France that son Damien, 24, has finished University as aeronautical engineer and has one more year of study to become an airline pilot. Daughter Célia, 19, is also at University studying international trade (in Paris). Christele teaches high school and has a job as a “SOPHROLOGUE” (Stephanie – translation, please!) Actually, she writes that it is a “technical training to learn how to breathe, to relax, to concentrate.” It sounds great! Maybe she can do some long-distance tutoring! Your correspondent Ashley has been busy up in Alexandria, Va. I have been lucky enough to help Brooke Sydnor Curran on her RunningBrooke Foundation. She is doing amazing things, raising $200,000 for local charities through her energy and vision, and lots of running. For all of her great work, the

Crystal Cochrane Stephen ’87’s new store, Plum Consignment, was named Denver’s Top Consignment Shop by "5280 Magazine."

Allison Roser Bloor ’87’s son Jack graduated in June from Henrico Center of the Arts and is attending VCU School of the Arts. Jack is pictured with mom Allison and grandparents Dave and Margaret Bloor.

Alexandria Commission for Women presented her with their “Rising Star” award. Check out her activities on Facebook or on her Web site: - it’s truly inspirational!


ReRe Lawrence Bernstein, 3010 Cambridge Place, N.W., Washington, DC 20007; and Copeland Sakowski Casati, 1941 Tower Rd., Pamplin, VA 23958;

The class of 1987 is on the move. Jane Anne McJunkin Randolph relocated from Atlanta to Sea Cliff, N.Y., where she will again teach at the Chapin School (she taught there from 19912002.) Mary Deane Davis recently ran an inspirational 100K, no typo there! Elizabeth Hulvey is a State Farm commercial agent in Charlotte where she runs marathons and half marathons. Co-Class Correspondent Copeland Sakowski Casati has moved from D.C. to Pamplin, Va. She founded CHICKUNZ which advocates for legalization of urban hens. The group passed legislation in regional Richmond which garnered Val Gunter West, also a group member, a frontpage photo in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. CHICKUNZ aims to make Henrico County HENrico County by 2014. Claiborne Ewing Yarbrough has moved back to Richmond from Duck, N.C., with daughters, Kate and Maggie. She and the twins are exploring their new home, getting settled and having fun catching up with friends from St. Catherine’s. Before moving, Clai was interviewed by the website ResourceNation on how to perfect your internet marketing. Crystal Cochrane Stephen’s new store Plum Consignments was named Denver’s Top Consignment Shop by 5280 Magazine, complete with a photo shoot. Eileen Cabiling is in LA, when she isn’t in NYC, and hopes to do an

Christele Bonnefond Rakotondrainy ’86 and her husband with son Damien and daughter Célia.

indie film soon. If she needs talent, she will be able to hire Lowrie Fawley whose first major role in a feature film Predatory Moon will hit festivals in 2014. Louise Totten Knabe left P&G last fall after working there for 20+ years. She reports that she has finally had time to take care of 20-plus years of deferred maintenance on her home and is looking to get into the health care industry. Fairley McElveen Pilaro and family are finally settled in Southampton, N.Y. Even so she was very excited to take her sons back to Ireland, where they lived for many years, for St. Patrick’s Day. Charlotte Brown Woodfin calls being a doctor her “hobby” since she practices two days a week in order to stay home with her kids. Katherine Hellinger Hutchens, who runs a non-profit child care center for approximately 150 children, could probably use her help the other three days. Leigh Wafle Stoffel spent summer shuttling her sons to swim meets where she occasionally ran into Katherine Binswanger Grubb ’86. Class correspondent Re Re Lawrence Bernstein is planning to finally get a D.C. tour guide license so she can officially assist the numerous St. Catherine’s field trips to Washington. Contact her when you come to town for a practice tour.


Meghan Stone Thomas ’89 diving in Belize.

Melissa Kennedy Whitley celebrated her 40th birthday with fellow ’91 classmates: left to right, Morgan Hardage Engel, Elizabeth Ross Fitzgerald, Betsy Trible Reid and Melissa, the birthday girl.

Nancy Habenicht, Abbey and Greta Cole, daughters of Claire Cockrell Cole ’88, stood on the Equator as part of the Alumnae Association sponsored trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands in June. Children of ’91 classmates Alice Gold Sharp, Maria Spalding Hadlow and Shannon Lee Graff at Chicks Restaurant in Virginia Beach in July: Front: Carter Graff, Parker Hadlow; back: Ivy Sharp, Ian Graff, Carrington Sharp and Seth Hadlow.

And finally, our first child off to college report: Allison Roser Bloor’s son Jack graduated from Henrico Center for the Arts and is at VCU School of the Arts. Mom, grandfather (St. Catherine’s former science teacher and track coach Dave Bloor), and step-grandmother, Margaret Bloor, who also retired from St. Catherine’s after 40 years, are all very proud. Thanks for all the updates.


Susan Grymes Lafferty, 608 Beverley Dr., Alexandria, VA 22305;

We hope Mrs. Oppenhimer and Mrs. Bishop will read this set of news from our authors’ corner with pride. Jennifer Lyne’s Catch Rider (Clarion, 2013) is fiction targeted for youth, 14 and up. Kirkus Reviews gives it a star and says “powerful writing propels a well-plotted horse story in Lyne’s impressive debut…Everything comes together here—setting, dialogue, horse details and, most impressively, voice—so that the near–fairy-tale ending works; like the rest of the book, it feels absolutely true…a standout.” Heath Hardage Lee’s book Winnie Davis: Daughter of a Lost Cause will be published in


April, so we just have to wait for her rave reviews! Classmates, please WRITE to let the rest of us know what you are doing with your St. C education!

 25th Reunion, April 11-12 Cindy Levinson Lefkoff, 3034 Seventh St., Boulder, CO 80304;; and Suzanne Wishnack Morris, 402 Henri Rd., Richmond, VA 23226; Hello to new ’89 babies! Jennifer Pritchett Vaughn announced the arrival of Bridget Elise Vaughn. Katherine Switz welcomed Edward Leif Suzman. Both new moms are thrilled. Happy Frable Menard and family are still in New Orleans, where they have lived for 13 years now! Daughter Monet is in sixth grade at the all-girls Academy of Sacred Heart. She plays competitive soccer which keeps the family traveling the Southeast. Happy says, “I’m still working at Tulane as a hospitalist and continue to love patient care and teaching! Life is pretty hectic between full-time work, family and juggling Monet’s extracurricular activities! I do get to see Monica Feldmann Blacker a few times a year. She works in Dallas as an attorney and comes to New Orleans pretty frequently.” Close to campus, Blanche Toms Bruns is in her fifth year teaching 3- and 4-year-olds at St. Stephen’s

Preschool. She writes that “St. Stephen’s has a special place in my heart not only because of teaching there, but also because that is where I went to preschool many years ago!” Her own children are Sophie, a sixth grader, and Henry, a fourth grader. Mallory Wood Norvell reports “Gray and I went out to Sullivan’s Island and played with Mary Michaels Orr Estrada and her cute children this summer. She looks fabulous and her kids are great and so grown up.” Dorothy Shuford Lanier shares that her family “has built a barn and is getting two miniature horses that pull carts. My mom used to pick me up from school with my childhood pony Pepper who pulled a red cart. I guess I am coming full circle.” Jane Scott Barnett owns a business, The Shipping Emporium, which helps small to mid-sized companies with import and export, and says owning a business is one of the best decisions she’s ever made. She and husband Robert Barnett live in Reston, Va. Blair Whitley is the Volunteer Coordinator at FeedMore, the Richmond non-profit organization that includes the Food Bank, Meals on Wheels and The Community Kitchen. She is still running and is a member of the Sports Backers SAG crew, which helps support the Half Marathon Training Team as they train for the Richmond race in November. She reports that Katrin Neill Currens is continuing her St. Cat’s track career and has run about 20 marathons! Meghan Stone Thomas had a busy spring and summer! She took a break from teaching Sunday school and leading her son’s Cub Scout den to teach VBS. Meghan then headed to Belize for the second year with a mission group to teach and to help fix up a few churches. She also had a chance to dive the barrier reef. She later made a trip to Dallas to meet her new nephew, then finished the summer with a family vacation to their beloved Vermont. Many classmates wrote that they hope to attend Reunion in April! We can’t wait to catch up with everyone and hear your news in person. Mark your calendars and be there!


Sallie Smith Sweeney, 409 Chestnut Ave., Towson, MD 21204; Classmates, I’m sorry not to have news to report. PLEASE send word of what you, your friends and families have been up to!


Morgan Hardage Engel, 120 Kennondale Ln., Richmond, VA 23226;; and Maria Spalding Hadlow, 2339 Albion Pl., St. Louis, MO 63104;

Greetings, Classmates! It is hard to believe that your fall correspondent Morgan’s 10-year old daughter Isabelle entered St. Catherine’s Middle School in the fall. The Middle School is for 5th through 8th graders now, and that is not the only change since our years there together. Washington Hall has been freshly renovated (you really would not recognize it.) Sue Baldwin is still there, no longer as Music Department Chair but as Director of Middle School and Assistant Head of School. As for classmate news, there have been many 40th birthdays and, based on what I have seen and heard, there have been many fun gatherings and celebrations (a few of them too riotous to print further details or photos here!) Fortunately, several out of town classmates paid summer visits to Richmond, giving us a reason to keep the party going. Coming in from St. Louis, Maria Spalding Hadlow lunched at The Continental with me, Heather Webb Miller, Alice Gold Sharp, Betsy Trible Reid and Melissa Kennedy Whitley in July. Maria also fit in a Virginia Beach visit with Alice, Shannon Lee Graff and their respective children. Likewise, Elizabeth Ross Fitzgerald and daughter Vivian came from Austin for a two week visit and caught up with Melissa Kennedy, Lane Hoofnagle Sanderson, Betsy Reid, Heath Hardage Lee ’88, Morgan Engel and Alice Sharp. Morgan’s son Owen was a customer at Vivian’s lemonade stand while she was in Richmond. Liz and Vivian also spent time with the Engels and Sharps at Virginia Beach in June. Kate Hilburn Allgood spent a week in Asheville while children Sam, 9, and Parks, 7, were at camp. While enjoying a visit from Laura VanNess Archibald she learned that Laura’s interior design work and home were recently featured as the cover story in Charlotte Home & Garden magazine. Kate says Laura’s home and family (husband David and sons Yates and Henry) are “absolutely beautiful, as is Laura.” And finally, one last excellent reason to pop open that champagne, Angier Johnston Miller and husband Robert welcomed the arrival of their son, Alexander Johnston Miller, on March 4, 2013, in Tampa, Fla. At this writing we were eagerly anticipating Alexander’s inaugural Richmond visit; we are very much looking forward to meeting him and toasting his arrival in person!


Liz Booker Staub, 300 Booty Ln., Virginia Beach, VA 23451; The Class of 1992 is busy: cross-country moves, new jobs, exciting adventures, and turning 40 sure are fun! Many of us are happy to hear that Anne Grymes Hillard will move back to

Richmond after 10 years teaching in Los Angeles, Calif. She is very excited at the prospect of being closer to her young nieces, family and friends. Anne will return to St. Christopher’s School to teach 4th grade. Congratulations, Anne! While Anne is moving east, Alison Monroe Martin’s family is moving west! Alison, husband Eric, and their boys (Vake, 4, and Gil, 18 months), are headed to the “Wilds of Oregon.” Eric accepted a job with Jeld-Wen, a maker of windows and doors, where he will be the General Counsel in charge of Global Labor and Employment Issues. Alison is in the process of waiving into the Oregon bar and is VERY grateful to be able to avoid more bar exams! Best of luck, Martin family! Alison and Laura Edge Kottkamp were bridesmaids for Tanner Smith Pilcher at her beautiful wedding in February 2013. Tanner married Mason Pilcher in her hometown of Petersburg, Va. Martha Evans headed to Spain in mid-August to hike the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, a 500 mile mountains-to-sea trail across Spain. Life on the farm never slows down for Sara Brown. She is the happy mother of Hannah, 7, and William, 1. Sara stays busy on their family farm, Oakland Green, raising cattle, selling beef and running the B&B. Daughters Lucy and Anne Randolph are in their first year in “big girl school” at Norfolk Academy. Your correspondent Liz is excited to be joining them there in my first year at school, teaching 8th grade English. What an exciting year for the Class of 1992. We are taking the big 4-0 head-on with many new and exciting adventures, careers, moves, and marriages. Best of luck to us all!


Page Boyette Curtin, 700 Oak Knoll Ln., Menlo Park, CA 94025;; and Nell Pittman Sutlive, 951 Dean Dr., NW, Atlanta, GA 30318; Hello from your correspondent Nell in Atlanta. I was so sad not to be able to join in on the fun at our 20th Reunion! It sounds like our class had a good turnout and that a great time was had by all. Thanks to all of you who passed along news. Page and I love hearing from everyone. Kudos to Ciara Torres-Spelliscy. She was recently named by the Lawyers of Color to the “50 Under 50 List” of minority law professors making an impact on legal education. She teaches election law, constitutional law and corporate governance at Stetson University College of Law in Florida. Rachel Adler Woolwine and Angelique Wright Whitehurst were walking around campus during Reunion Weekend and just happened to pass the record board, AND it turns out Angelique’s record still

Nell Pittman Sutlive ’93’s children had a beach blast with classmate Nicky Warmack Dunlap’s littles last summer. Left to Right: Mae Sutlive, Fletcher Dunlap, Ward Sutlive, Wicki Dunlap and Willi Dunlap.

Angelique Wright Whitehurst ’93’s record still stands! Yes, she still is a rock star runner!

stands (see photo this page)! Dory Jenkins Clark loved catching up with so many people over Reunion Weekend in April. She enjoyed a trip to San Diego in March to visit Margie Ford Smith and her adorable children. Margie was a great hostess and was kind enough to shuttle Dory and her kids around to SeaWorld and Lego Land between meetings with clients. Helen Mattox Bost and Nell Sutlive got a chance to visit with Margie when she was in Atlanta last spring visiting her in-laws. Old friends are the best, as no matter how much time goes between visits, we can pick up right where we left off! Nell and family were able to see Nicky Warmack Dunlap, her husband Marshall and their three kids over the summer on Bald Head Island. Between the ferry, the golf cart rides and the many adventures to be had, we had to drag our kiddos back to the mainland. Marion Basto Stephens’ daughter Graham started kindergarten this fall at St. Catherine’s and her son Harper is in first grade at St. Christopher’s. Page Boyette Curtin writes from Menlo Park, Calif., that she’s sorry to have missed reunion


a lumn ae now

Elizabeth Irwin ’00 and Louise Irwin Welch ’96 holding Ashley Deane Welch.

Julie Ann Raymer Wash ’94, her daughter AnneKinsey and Julie Ann’s grandmother traveled to London and Paris last spring.

but looks forward to catching up soon. Margaret Frischkorn Meyers had fun catching up with Dosty Dewey Quarrier in June, when they ran into each other at a wedding on Grandfather Mountain. Those who came to the reunion were treated to an introduction to Lieko Earle’s new baby, Maya Earle Halverson, who was born on March 14 and traveled with Mama all the way from Boulder, Colo., at age 1 month. Meg Morton Sauer’s daughter, Caroline Elizabeth, was born on July 24. Meg writes that “Bitsy” is a sweetheart and so far, big brothers, Walter and Ned, adore their baby sister. Congratulations! Meg and her family now live in Northern California and are enjoying lots of fun adventures in the Bay Area.

 20th Reunion, April 11-12 Rachel Easterly Gagen, 1507 Langhorne Rd., Lynchburg, VA 24503;; and Julie Ann Raymer Wash, 4106 Park Ave., Richmond, VA 23221; Greetings from your correspondent Julie Ann! Class notes always leave me smiling at the successes of our classmates and the escapades! I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do - and I hope you plan on getting together to share our lives again in April for our next reunion! Sarah Coffey Elliott, Kristie Hartman Calvillo, Sherrie Collins Shield, Darlington Easterly Ridgway, Jessica Bobbitt Leddy and Christian Swiers Marini got together for a long weekend/mini reunion at Wild Dunes, S.C., in May. They had great fun catching up and planning their trip to our 20th reunion celebration. Jessica spoke at the Blackbaud Conference for non-profits in the fall on peer to peer


fundraising. She is also serving on a local non-profit board, Friends of the Assessment Resource Center, a child advocacy center. Kate Horsley Bally is still heading up the Labor and Employment service at Practical Law in NYC. She and her family moved into a lovely, midcentury modern house in North Stamford, Conn. Kimberly Lichtenberg met Shon Wilson ’92 for brunch to welcome Shon, who has moved out to L.A. Rebecca Hoggan Frazier and her bluegrass band, Hit and Run, have been on a whirlwind tour promoting her new album When We Fall, released last May. Rebecca spent the spring and summer touring and playing live shows and radio appearances in Nashville, Tenn.; Knoxville, Tenn.; Louisville, Ky.; Goshen, Ind.; Bloomington, Ind.; Columbus, Ohio; Abingdon, Va.; and of course, Richmond, Va.! Check out her site at to see if she is playing somewhere near you! Jackie Parker Taylor and her daughter jetted off to Beijing, China at the beginning of August. The wonderful images of temples and landmarks she posted on Facebook have us all envious; those of market treats like fried spiders, fried snakes and fried beetles, not so much! Her photos have been all smiles, so we are assuming she did NOT try the delicacies! My daughter Anne-Kinsey and I (Julie Ann) also took a trip this spring, along with my grandmother, to London and Paris. It was a treat to visit Notre Dame Cathedral during its 850th anniversary. The only daring food we faced was the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Jelly Beans on the set of the Harry Potter Film Studios. And let me tell you, the earthworm was one of the nice flavors. New babies are also beginning their journeys so make sure to check the birth section for classmates’ expanding families!


Sophie Milam, 1905 17th St., NW, Apt. B, Washington, DC 20009; Lots of baby girls for the class of 1995! Sara Scott Adamson’s daughter Margaret was born the day after Christmas 2012, and came home to a construction site. Sara was halfway through a major house addition at the time.

With construction complete, Sara is coming up for air for the first time in many blurry months. Be sure to check out the photo of Margaret and her big sis Elizabeth in this issue. Lorraine Sanders Grabowski also had a daughter, on December 10, 2012. Her name is Ada JeanneAnn Grabowski, and they call her A.J. Lorraine’s San Francisco household also includes son Walker, 3, and Dixie the dog. Megan Evans Matthews and husband Scott welcomed second daughter, Virginia Warren, on April 11, 2013. Her big sister Harper is very proud. The two girls are only 17 months apart, so Megan reports that life is interesting! Kayte Bauss Steinbock and family are living in Berlin, Germany, until June 2014, and she says visitors are welcomed! Laurin Merrick Armfield and family are heading into their third year in Blowing Rock, N.C., and loving every minute of living in the beautiful Appalachian mountains. Laurin earned her broker’s license and is working at Blowing Rock Real Estate. She misses all her Saints and welcomes visitors too. Vanessa Conlin writes that Anne Monroe visited her in Napa this summer with her husband Dennis and their daughter, Mary Francis. They had BBQ with Sarah Marriott Cooney and family and Keith Scott (St. Chris ’96) and family, which made for four leads all in the same place from the 1995 Ampersand production of Into the Woods: Vanessa, the Witch; Anne, the Baker’s wife; Keith, the Baker; and Sarah, Cinderella’s stepsister. Very cool! Sophie Milam is still in Washington, DC, working on nutrition issues. Sophie was excited to attend the premiere of a documentary film on which she helped advise called A Place at The Table, which explores hunger and obesity in the United States. She was also the featured speaker at the October Saints Networking group at St. C.


Laura Spratley Birdsey, 301 E. 79th St., Apt 16H, New York, NY 10075;; and Robyn Melzig Broughton, 1001B N Daniel St., Arlington, VA 22201; The Class of 1996 baby boom continues! Heather Pergrossi Collins really bumped up our total: she added three more girls to her clan, bringing her to a total of five girls ages 14 to 6! Full details to come! Sarah Hovis Dickinson had a baby girl named Lea, and moved from NYC to Larchmont, N.Y., a month later. Sarah loves having a yard, space and being by the water. Macon Hubard Clarkson contributed to the ongoing girl baby boom with the addition of Margaret Conway Clarkson (Conway) who joins sister Libby, 3. Conway is eager to catch up


Sara Chapman Waechter, 4511 Bromley Ln., Richmond, VA 23221; Always fun to hear from you all. I have some fun updates for you! In celebrity news, Darley Newman continues success with her show Equitrekking, which earned its THIRD Daytime Emmy (nominated eight times!) for Outstanding Single Camera Photography. You

can read more about this incredible accomplishment at Lauren Wagner Palagi welcomed a new baby, James Everett, and her family has moved to Scott Air Force Base in St. Louis. Lauren works at the Tanker Airlift Command and Control Center as an emerging operations planner. Her husband was selected to be an Air Force Fellow. Sounds like a busy life! Whitney Dunlap McLeod and husband Kent welcomed son Graham in March. She writes “parenthood is keeping us busy…thank goodness for grandparents!” In west coast news Cameron Miller Rivinus enjoyed a visit with Tatem Webb Read and Louise Irwin Welch ’96 in San Francisco. She would love to see more Saints out west! Stephanie Stahl is doing well in Atlanta, and got promoted to VP of Business Development for a hedge fund there. We seem to have a lot of our class returning to Richmond this year, and it’s been fun catching up! Both Caroline Tilghman Packard and Anne Jenkins Logue have moved back. Your correspondent Sara caught up with them and Elizabeth Brown Peay when our 3-year-old boys had a couple of swim lessons together at the beginning of summer. Alice Buchanan Scott, Elizabeth Green Blanton and Elizabeth Bain Donaldson celebrated the Fourth of July with Beth Flowers Byrd who was here for a visit. Alice, always the social organizer, got together with Ali Braswell Dryden and Jenni Grandy Roberts to celebrate Ali and Jenni’s birthdays. In an effort to get more people together, Alice has proposed the Richmond crew (and anyone else who might be in town) meet up at Cafe Caturra at Grove and Maple on the second Friday of every month. Please come if you can! This summer I have also visited with Kelley Webb and Kelly Nolte. Kelley Webb is still teaching in Columbia and is becoming quite the Salsa dancer! Kelly Nolte lives in Salisbury, Md., and trains horses and riders on her farm. Her riders are affectionately called “Kel’s Bels” with a pink princess pony mascot. She’s working hard, but loves it! As I write these notes and remind myself how special our time was together at St. Cat’s, I can’t believe that my oldest started kindergarten with Elizabeth Peay’s daughter Emma this year! It feels like coming full circle, and it’s pretty amazing. Drop me a line to let me know how you are and what you’re doing.


Sarah Redmond, 1827 Riggs Pl. NW Apt. 2, Washington, DC 20009; Thanks so much to everyone who made it to the reunion! Lang Robertson Liebman pulled out her old Quairs. There were some hilarious

al u m n ae now

to her sister and ON THE MOVE, fearless but happy. Eleanor Hunton Hoppe welcomed daughter Charlotte Stuart Hoppe. In the boy department, Elizabeth Coxe Hubbard welcomed Charles (Charlie) Coxe Hubbard, who joins big brother Hampton, 2. Elizabeth moved to Hartsville, S.C., a year ago and is really enjoying being closer to family. Anne Stokes Bowman welcomed Charles Patton Bowman (Charlie.) Sister Hayes and brother Thomas adore their baby brother. Your correspondent Robyn welcomed a baby boy, Liam Eric (named after my dad.) Having started walking at eight months, he’s constantly on the move (like my mom.) In other news Victoria McMakin Wei moved to Birmingham, Ala., where husband Ben is a thoracic surgeon attending at UAB. Victoria and her girls look forward to new adventures in Sweet Home Alabama. Alexandra Ellen Ebrahim moved from Greenwich, Conn., to be closer to family and friends in New Providence, N.J. Erin McKittrick Shaw moved to Savannah, Ga., and loves it. She invites everyone to visit. Anna Martin Maas moved from one horse country to another: from Louisville, Ky., to Warrenton, Va., nearer old friends and family. Her husband Ben is rector of St. James’. The kids attend the newly founded associated Episcopal school, where Ben also serves as their chaplain. Anna continues to work as an architectural historian and preservation planner, after a summer break to hang out on the lake in Vermont with the kids and their cousins. Still in the Richmond area, Lynne Fogarty Rhode joined the law firm of Williams Mullen as a partner, and husband Bryan started a new job as Deputy Secretary of Public Safety. They are keeping busy with their two boys. Renee Charity Price is working on her second master’s degree, an M.Ed. in Private School Leadership at Teachers College, Columbia University. She will spend two summers in NYC taking classes and trying to soak in a little of the city at the same time. After 13 years of teaching science Jesse Lazzuri Kelley has embarked on a new adventure: she is the new Head of Middle School at St. Andrew’s School in Savannah, Ga. Congrats everyone on all of your accomplishments!

Katie Logsdon ’99 and her boyfriend James are enjoying life in RVA.

pictures which brought back even more hilarious memories. Thanks, Lang! Susan Jefferson Boney wrote that she was sad to miss the reunion, but that things are going well in Boston. Kate Davenport got married in Richmond at Maymont. She too was sad to miss the reunion, but in addition to wedding planning, she was also busy raising money for a big retrofit of her work’s recycling facility. Brooke Ford Barnard had her second boy, Ritchie Frances Barnard, and she reports that Ritchie and Ford love playing with fellow Class of ’98 babies Charlotte and Russell Hogeboom, children of Sarah Evans Hogeboom. Allison Nugent Powers will soon be a senior associate in the Labor and Employment Practice Group. She and Ken bought a cute home in Evanston, Ill. Allison and Ken also went to Paris to celebrate their fiveyear anniversary. Allison saw Ruby Lee Foley and Katherine Schulz at the wedding of Maribel Garza Adydan in Washington, D.C., and she saw Kate Mahan Groat when visiting Chicago. Kate has since given birth to a beautiful baby girl. Laura Tripp Philips moved to Washington, D.C., and your correspondent Sarah has loved popping in to babysit for little Helen Irene. Thanks to everyone who wrote in. We hope to hear from even more folks for the next issue!

 15th Reunion, April 11-12 Lindley Harding Stakem, 505 Park Hill, Charlottesville, VA 22902; Jessie Palmore Yancey, husband Steele and son Vaughan welcomed a baby girl to the family, Josephine Florence Yancey, and they are calling her “Poppy.” All is wonderfully well in Nashville! Katie Logsdon and her boyfriend moved to Richmond in March to start a new chapter in their lives. “He’s working at Cummins Atlantic, and I’m looking for the right teaching job all while becoming homeowners in Powhatan! I’m glad to be back in RVA, and James is enjoying all the outdoor activities right out our back door.” Isabelle Heyward has made the move to Chicago working at The Field Museum (natural


a lumn ae now history and anthropology) as an Exhibition Developer – responsible for determining what and how stories are told in an exhibition. She chooses the objects, researches and writes descriptions, all while working with curators, 2D, 3D and media designers to create an experience. She worked on a project that opened in October about how The Field Museum was born out of the 1893 World’s Fair. San Francisco has welcomed two new boys from our class: Nan Stikeleather Durban and her husband George welcomed their first child, George Aimar Durban V, born April 29, 2013. Keely Fox Fadrhonc and her husband welcomed their first child, Charles Thomas Fadrhonc (Charlie), born on March 30, 2013 in San Francisco. He is named after Keely’s father. Evie Boatwright Frazier is very excited to have completed her fellowship in September. She started a Developmental Pediatrics practice in Richmond through Bon Secours Health System at St. Mary’s Hospital. Mary Butler Eggleston is back in Richmond working with her family’s real estate company, Hopkins Properties, L.C. She has become heavily involved in local politics, participates on several boards and was accepted to participate in Leadership Metro Richmond in September. On May 25, 2013, your correspondent Lindley and husband Trip welcomed a baby, Joseph Scott Stakem (Scotty). I’m adjusting to life with two boys and being outnumbered! I’m looking forward to seeing people at our 15-year reunion in April 2014. 


Elizabeth Irwin, 314 East 9th St., Apt 6, New York, NY 10003;

Will the wonders of the amazingly brilliant and deliciously interesting Class of 2000 never cease? In 2013 our classmates have been as busy as ever getting married, having babies, buying houses, getting new jobs, taking fun vacations, expanding businesses… whew! Let’s start with what’s been happening in Richmond. Kate Marshall Stikeleather and hubby James purchased a home in the heart of the fan and have been spending the first year of marriage fixing it up and bringing it into 2013! Lindsay Cowles continues to kick butt in the art business. In addition to doing original art and print reproductions, Lindsay launched a wallpaper line and has a line of fabrics, working with a NYC-based (but RVA-raised!) clothing designer. Ann Robertson Vaughters had a busy spring, with a cross country move from Houston back to Richmond, 2-week-old and 14-month-old daughters in tow. She enjoys her new job as a pediatric hospitalist at St. Mary’s. Also back in Richmond are Catie Keiger Wilton and husband Jud. Prior to their late summer


wedding, Catie was in Bath County, Va., where she was the Assistant Director at Camp Mont Shenandoah. Ashley Taylor graduated from Teachers College, Columbia University with her Ph.D. in Social Studies Education and put that degree to work as Assistant Professor of Class of 2000 classmates (left to right) Lorrie King Smith, Ibbie Hedrick, Elizabeth Irwin, met up with Molly Trice ’99 in Columbia, S.C., for coffee. Secondary Social Studies Education at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, for Lulemon! Stay classy, Class of 2000…as if Va. Becca Logue Thomson married a New you know how to do anything else. Zealander at the St. Christopher’s chapel last spring. Back in London, she’s running a lighting Evan Garrison, 303 S Boulevard, and furniture gallery in Chelsea and enjoyed a Apt. 10, Richmond, VA 23220; fall visit from Maria Ball Cloud and her husband.; Maria and Zack were married in a small NYC and Ida Trice Vaclavik, 2111 Wisconsin chapel last May and celebrated the big day with Ave. NW, #602, Washington, DC 20007; classmates Lorrie King Smith, Catherine Powell, Catie Keiger and Lindsay Cowles. Maria was Over the summer Rachel Perlstein married excited to see Lindsay at Titine Janes and moved to New Orleans. Rachel the Spectrum Art Show this fall. In July, your is now a Certified Cheese Professional through correspondent Irwin had a Harry Potter Movie the American Cheese Society. This certification Marathon weekend with her mother Dede is an elite group; there are only 121 others in the Deane Irwin ’68 in preparation for their trip USA. Kate McCormick Dugger moved back to to Harry Potter World in Orlando in October. Charlottesville with her husband to be closer Earlier in the summer Irwin saw Stephanie to friends and family when she isn’t traveling all Sharer taking in her very first Princeton over the globe. Joanne Ng is living in Hong Reunions. (Lindsay Cowles, where were you?! Kong and loves her job in global merchandising Irwin saw Don and Jane!) Irwin and Polly for a cosmetics company. She has made a few Morton relaxed at a beer garden in Astoria trips to the states to visit family and she promwith Elizabeth Clinard Voulgarakis just before ised me she would try to make it back here for Elizabeth CV and husband took an August trip our next reunion. If anyone is traveling to San to Greece (Athens, a little island called Paros Francisco, be sure to stop by Susanna Taylor’s and then to Santorini.) The same Elizabeth store Two Birds. Congratulations to Ginny deserves the vacation: she started a company Sutton Turner and her husband Rett, both of called Unique New York Productions (www. whom who ran the Boston Marathon this year., which brings She still loves coaching at Davidson. Alexis live performance and creative video to marketing, Martirosian has moved back to D.C. and began PR, special events and social media campaigns. as an Associate at Venable LLP practicing Rebecca Habenicht completed her four year corporate law. Becca Broughton has moved to residency in OB/GYN in June at Dartmouth Nashville, so stop by to see her if you are in the Hitchcock Medical Center in New Hampshire. area and need a yoga break. Carrington Lee With the Dartmouth Hitchcock practice in is still in NYC and is now working at Sullivan & Nashua, N.H., Hobby is delivering babies and Cromwell LLP as assistant manager of associate doing all sorts of gynecological surgery, and is development. Natalie Martirosian graduated an attending physician working with residents from Wharton business school and is now and medical students from Dartmouth. She working at Tishman Speyer, a real estate develloves that part of the country and would be oper in New York. Kendall Priddy will graduate happy to see any Saints who are in the area. from nursing school at Bon Secours in May After rocking the marathon scene, Ruthie Burke 2014. Your correspondent Evan officially entered the world of Ironman triathlons. All this started dental school at VCU. It has been really keeps her toned for all that modeling she does great being back in Richmond.


 10th Reunion, April 11-12 Carter Augustine Warren, 6113 Bremo Rd., Richmond, VA 23226;;

al u m n ae now

Jenny Sauer Holladay played host for a 2002 reunion in Chicago. Left to right: Jenny, Keller Sutton Strandberg, Elaine Minor, Sara Bacon, Mallory Outten, and Miranda Morgan.

Mimi Kennedy Harris, 15 Sheridan Square Apt. 1A, NYC 10014;; and Ann Tripp, 1007-H N. Hamilton St., Richmond, VA 23221;


Keriann Boone, 1202 Southways, Delray Beach, FL 33483;; and Margaret Norfleet Weismiller, 232 E. 12th St., Apt. 2C, New York, NY 10003; Bevin Lawson Irby and husband Claiborne (St. Chris ’01) welcomed a daughter, Charlotte James, in January. Campbell Bryan has moved to Richmond and is working for HCA Heathcare as a Project Manager. Campbell has bought a house in the Virginia Museum district and has an adorable Boykin Spaniel puppy named Hazlenut. Corbin Dunlap and Kristy Matthews Pearce have started a new business endeavor together as brand partners with Nerium International. Elaine Minor, Keller Sutton Strandberg, Sara Bacon, Mallory Outten and Miranda Morgan took a trip to Chicago this year to visit Jenny Sauer Holladay. Melanie Jasnoch Wake welcomed a second boy, Charles Joseph, in November. Your correspondent Margaret has moved just north of New York City to a town called Bronxville. Please come visit if you’re in the area!


Whitney Adams, 901 N. Monroe St., #404, Arlington, VA 22201; Elizabeth Porter Fairchild and husband Scott welcomed their second daughter, Claire Olivia Fairchild, on March 15, 2013. Abby (28 months) is a wonderful big sister. Elizabeth continues to work as an Underwriter at Markel Corporation. Claire Kreycik has been living in India for the last year, working with a rural development

NGO and traveling. Most recently she has been living with a local family in the Himalayas, renovating their farmhouse so they can open it as a home stay for travelers. So cool, Claire! Amy Xue is currently in residency at Baylor College of Medicine for plastic surgery. Her goal is eventually to do a fellowship in craniofacial surgery, and specialize in pediatric cranial malformations (cleft lip/palate, major facial syndromes, etc.) If anyone is ever in Houston, feel free to look her up. She’ll be there at least for the next six years. Tyler Hogg Wheeler and her husband are into their second year in Indiana. This fall Tyler began a new job at Bloomington Montessori School. Your correspondent Whitney continues to enjoy living and working in Baltimore, Md. Wherever these notes find you, please know I wish you well and hope to hear from you soon!

Hello, Class of 2004! Who can believe we are about to celebrate our 10th reunion?! We’re looking forward to seeing everyone and hope you all have your calendar marked for April. On to the news: Katie Eckert defended her master’s in physics at UNC and is continuing on for her Ph.D. Way to go, Katie! Mary Childs is a corporate finance reporter for Bloomberg and was nominated for a Loeb Award for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism. Mimi Worrell moved to Alexandria and is in her third year of teaching third grade at Alexandria Country Day School. Around Richmond, Sara Seward is working for Health Warrior, Inc., which specializes in chia products. She also recently became a certified barre instructor. Claire Evans Hahn lives in Richmond with her husband Adam and dog Kensie. She is in her last semester of nursing school with VCU accelerated nursing program. She traveled to Guatemala with Nursing Students Without Borders where they helped build stoves for families and held health clinics. Abigail Logan Whorley is busy with her two little ones, Lydia (St. C class of 2026!) and Wally. She still loves her job as Director of Children’s Ministries at St. Stephen’s. Emily Timberlake Hand married Davis Hand in June of 2012. They live in Portland, Ore., where she is a Montessori teacher. Their wedding was a mini St. C reunion

Stay connected with St. Catherine’s! Campus news, alumnae happenings, flashback photos, campus photos and videos, athletic score updates and more Score updates, campus news and alumnae happenings can be found here Head of School Dr. Terrie Scheckelhoff shares her unique perspective Discover fun learning activities for home, school events and all things Gold and White


a lumn ae now with several of the ladies from the Class of ’04 and ’05. Our Dublin, Ga., boarder and UGA grad Laura Leigh Gillis married James Marvin Caswell IV of Atlanta on August 18, 2012 in an outdoor ceremony in Ponte Vedra, Fla. Laura Leigh works at Fitzgerald & Company in Atlanta and her husband is a senior leasing agent with Jackson, Oats & Shaw. Your correspondent Carter is working as a kindergarten assistant at St. Catherine’s. She and her husband J.R. added a second dog to their family in August. We can’t wait to catch up more with everyone soon. See you in April!


Tyler Hetzer 4831 29th St. S, Arlington, VA 22206;; and Anne Porter, 1812 35th St. NW, #210 Washington, DC 20007;

Your correspondents, Anne and Tyler, are still having a blast living in D.C. Anne works as a

Digital Campaigns Associate for Defenders of Wildlife, and Tyler loves being Director of Alumni Relations at St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School. Tyler adopted a black lab puppy named Winston. Louise Bance works at an Interior Design firm in D.C. Over a summer brunch Tyler and Rebecca Kasper caught up with Mary Via, who was married to Frank Holleman in April and started her own business, Stork Watch Birth Services, as a birth doula. Catie Finley and Alexandra Bassett are members of the DanceAntonini Company, a group that performs around the D.C. area. Aubrey Lawrence works at a Richmond commercial real estate firm, and is a proud new aunt to her brother’s English bulldog, Lola. Emily Miller is attending VCU’s Brandcenter to get her Master’s in Communications Strategy. Elizabeth Redford Howley celebrated her first wedding anniversary with Patrick (St. Chris ’05) in June. After three years as a special education teacher she has left the public school system to work for HDL, where she helps run an internship

program for special needs high school students. Elizabeth Jeffress married Ryan Thorsteinson of Atlanta, Ga., on May 4, 2013, at All Saints Episcopal Church in Richmond. Aimee Forsythe and Mary Clark Lind were bridesmaids. Lizzie Dickinson ’13 and Luly Dickinson ’16 were acolytes. Also in attendance were Laura Warmke and Elizabeth Wilson Marion. Elizabeth married Steven Marion, a Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps and moved to Joshua Tree, Calif., where she works in the film industry. Martha Ellen Wingfield married Scott Adams and moved back to Richmond from California. Susan Mahoney married Paul Crook and is teaching Spanish in the Upper School of St. Catherine’s. Congrats to all of our newly married classmates! Two of our classmates have moved to Texas: our jet setting pal Alexandra Dahl moved from L.A. to Houston, and Grace Boyers moved to Dallas to attend the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program at Southern Methodist University. Catherine Purdy earned her Master’s of Teaching in Elementary Education from VCU


The Skinny on Tiffany Jones Tiffany Jones ’06 is blazing her way through Atlanta based, billion-dollar hosiery company SPANX. Following graduation from St. Catherine’s in 2006, Jones attended the School of the Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University and received her B.F.A. in Fashion Design. Jones then worked in New York City, adding multiple fashion internships to her résumé. A little over two years ago, as a new resident of Atlanta, Jones was back on the job hunt. “Finding a corporate job in the fashion industry outside of New York and Los Angeles can be difficult,” Jones said. “I was eagerly searching for fashion opportunities outside of the retail realm. I was well aware of the power of Spanx, but did not know they were headquartered in Atlanta. I submitted my résumé and cover letter, continuing to follow up until I received an interview.” As a Technical Design Coordinator, Jones casts models, executes development and coordinates fit for the SPANX shapewear lines. Jones has seen firsthand the benefits women receive from SPANX products, not only when coordinating their design, but also by wearing them herself.


“SPANX offers me an extra boost of confidence knowing that I look my best,” she said. “Whether I’m in the office or attending a special event I want my conversation and personality to be the main focus, not my visible panty line! I’ve received feedback from many women that SPANX offers them this same confidence.” Unsurprisingly, SPANX is a female-founded company. Founder Sara Blakely single-handedly launched the brand out of her home. Female empowerment is an essential part of the SPANX culture. For Jones, this environment is nothing new. “Powerful and intelligent women can be found at both SPANX and St. Catherine’s,” she said. “In both places strong female leaders have the ability to create productive and positive environments which sets a great tone for the next group of leaders. Positive actions create positive reactions!” For the young women graduating from St. Catherine’s, Jones offers this advice, “Believe in yourself and surround yourself with others who believe in you as well. You can achieve anything you put your mind to with positivity, passion and a plan!”


Janie Coleman, 3815 Garfield St. NW, Washington, DC 20007; As always the class of 2006 is making St. Catherine’s so proud! Tiffany Jones was the subject of a very impressive and inspiring Ebony Magazine feature about her job with Spanx. (See Alumnae Spotlight on opposite page.) In August Nancy Gottwald opened her own store, Nellie George women’s and girls’ clothing, right on The Avenues in Richmond! Your correspondent Janie has seen some of the inventory and can’t wait to go shopping! Katie Fletcher McGinley welcomed her beautiful little baby girl Teresa into the world at the end of July. Gorgeous brides Sydney Whitaker Hurley and Kate Maxwell Rennolds celebrated with stunning summer weddings. Keep your impressive life updates coming!


Eliza Blackwell 6700 Hanover Ave., Richmond, VA 23226;; and Margaret Shaia, 196 Old River Rd., Apt. 310, Lincoln, RI 02865;

The class of 2007 extends their condolences to Abigail Parker whose father passed away in July as well as to Maria Wyllie whose grandmother passed away in July. Congratulations to Margaret Fearing, who married Paul Northrup last October in Manteo, N.C. Reverend Bill Wells officiated and several St. Catherine’s ladies were there to celebrate with the newlyweds. Emma Redd is doing the starving artist thing in Nashville. Katherine Gray is living and working in Richmond and enjoying life with her new yellow lab Luna. Becca Knapp moved to

Charlottesville to start a Master’s in Elementary Ed program at UVA. Hannah Bagby started business school at Duke. Alyson Harvey is working in NYC for the Ad Council in their campaign management department. Emma Peck is booking regular singing gigs in Washington, DC. Martha Wright is Above: Parks Daniel ’09 backpacking through also in D.C. with a new Asia this summer. job at Wedding Wire. In May 2011 Emily Right: Class of 2009 reunites. 1st row (left Hammer received the to right): Elizabeth Helen and Isaac Buoyer, Anne Garland, Taylor Jones. 2nd row Izenberg Prize, from (left to right): Elizabeth the history departRumble, Parks Daniel, ment at Washington Anna Frazer University in St. Louis. This prize is awarded annually to recognize the outstanding paper written by a student in an advanced seminar in history. Emily’s paper, Testimonios: The Unofficial History of the Guatemalan Civil War, was in part inspired by participating in a two-week service trip with Highland Service Project her senior year at St. C (which led her to major in Latin American Studies.) Congrats Emily! Finally, Eliza Brooke reports from Winston-Salem that she is in her first year of Physician Assistant School at Wake Forrest School of Medicine. Keep sending us your news! We love hearing from all of you!


Caroline Kasper, 412 South 15th St., Apt. 2F, Philadelphia PA 19102;

The class of 2008 has been quiet, but we got a few snippets of exciting information: Annie Mackey is now a registered nurse, and works in Norfolk, Va. Hunter Blair is now working for The McCammon Group. Claire Lockerby was married June 8 at Duke Chapel to Lt. Zachary Adam Chapla. Claire attends law school at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif. Her groom is in naval aviation training school in Corpus Christi, Texas. And finally, your correspondent Caroline has moved to Philadelphia, Pa., to work for the Sixers. Send us your news!

al u m n ae now

last December. In May she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to be an English Teaching Assistant in Taiwan for the 2013-2014 school year. She helps teach English and serves as a cultural ambassador for the United States. Lucy Trice Tillou lives in Boston with her husband and works as a speech therapist for a pediatric practice in Wellesley, Mass. Melanie Sullivan, Maria Burke and Walker Robbins aren’t too far away in New York City, where Melanie works for Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC and Maria is working for interior designer Victoria Hagan. We are thinking of Maria and her family in the wake of the sudden death of her father, Lowndes Burke, last February. We end with a hug from all of us to Maria. So good to hear from everyone! We can’t wait to celebrate our 10 year reunion in 2015!

 5th Reunion, April 11-12 Allie Gullquist, One Columbus Pl., Apt. N-21-B, New York, NY 10019;; Liz Carleton, 102 Penshurst Rd., Richmond, VA 23221;; and Parks Daniel, 4106 Dover Rd., Richmond, VA 23221; We’d like to offer congratulations to the Class of 2009 on their achievements over the past four years. Many of our classmates graduated last spring, earning degrees in subjects ranging from finance to mathematics to fine arts. Some of our classmates are now working across the country, while others have returned to school to earn graduate degrees. Several members of our class have taken a cue from their teachers at St. Catherine’s and are pursuing careers in education. Liz Carleton, Carrington Jones and Eliza McGehee are completing their Master’s in Education degrees at The University of Virginia and James Madison University, respectively. Mary Szymendera is teaching at a private K-12 school in Wilson County, N.C. The Class of 2009 is excitedly anticipating our five-year reunion this coming spring. The Reunion Committee,


a lumn ae now led by Allie Gullquist, Elizabeth Buoyer, Taylor Jones, Lauren Paige Johnson, Eliza McGehee and Anne White, is preparing for what should be a great weekend next April. We hope to see you all there as we celebrate together.


Mamie Robertson, 16 Bridgeway Rd., Richmond, VA 23226;; and Jane Taylor, 4207 Sulgrave Rd., Richmond, VA 23221; We’re so excited to congratulate Sarah Smith on her early graduation from Denison! Sarah landed a job as an assistant account executive at Leo Burnett advertising agency in Chicago where she is currently working on the Samsung account. Our June Scholar Jennet Dickinson spoke to a group of current St. Catherine’s students in March as part of the STEM program. Jennet also presented her research at the Undergraduate Women in Physics conference in January, as well as the American Physical Society meeting in April. Go Jennet! We wish all of our classmates the best of luck in senior year!


Cabell Doswell, 6010 St. Andrew’s Lane, Richmond, VA 23226;; and Polly Ukrop, 6024 St. Andrew’s Lane, Richmond, VA 23226; During our time at St. Catherine’s, we frequently sang the song Sister Saints Are All Around. Now, we mean it literally. The Sister Saints of the Class of 2011 are all around...the world, that is! Close to home, last February at the Atlantic 10 Conference Championship, our very own Taylor Clevinger was “brilliant,” according to her University of Richmond coach. “She won the 1000M individual title and anchored a remarkable 4x800M to win the event in a meet record time.” The coach went on to say to Julie Dayton: “thank you for your continued support and for providing a tremendous environment for young women to grow and prosper. There is no doubt Taylor left St. Catherine’s School ready for the challenges ahead…She is a great representative of your school and athletics department!” Go Taylor! Many of our classmates decided to study abroad last summer, as well as fall and spring semester, to places including: South Africa, Italy, Prague, Australia, France, Jordan, Spain, Copenhagen (just to name a few). One classmate had the opportunity to compete internationally: Sarah Katz ran in the Maccabian Games in Israel! Rachel Boykin was offered a job at a women’s shelter


Rachel Daniels ’13, a freshman at Virginia Tech, was among three Virginia Tech Cadets selected to receive the flags at the Hokies’ Homecoming game vs. North Carolina.

in Williamsburg. Audrey Fain spent her summer in New York interning with a small film production company. Many classmates decided to take summer courses to get ahead in their education. It is unbelievable to think that it was two years ago that we were in white dresses and walking up the Green to Bacot. Congratulations to everyone whose accomplishments we know of, as well as those about whom we have not received word. Be sure to send us your news for next time. Your correspondent Cabell has no doubt that this class will continue to grow, and spread the message that St. Catherine’s taught each of us through the years at our institutions, and all over the world.  


Marshall Moore, Box 870, Elon University, Elon, NC 27244;; and Emily O’Connell, CSU 5047, P.O. Box 8793, Williamsburg, VA 23187; The Class of 2012 had a very successful freshman year, and spent the summer busily working and studying. Kelsey Glander interned at Springfield Veterinary Center and worked as a coordinator at Kindred Hearts Transport Connection. Laura Follansbee worked in the Law School at the University of Richmond. Marshall Moore, Wrenn Schoeffler and Alexis Crittenden enjoyed being camp counselors at the camps they grew up attending. Barrett Haynes earned her Clinical Nursing Assistant Certification. She also went on an amazing trip with her family to France, Spain, Italy and Croatia. Hannah Whitworth also did some

traveling, with an amazing trip to Hawaii. Your correspondent Emily attended the Middlebury College Spanish Language School, an intensive Spanish Language program. Laura English transferred from Old Dominion to Virginia Commonwealth University where she was offered membership into Sigma Alpha Lambda for academic achievement. Please send news of your exciting sophomore year accomplishments and fun!


Ann Prideaux, Peddrew-Yates Room 122, 610 Washington St., SW, Blacksburg, VA 24060;; and Franny Blanchard, Campus Box 28280, Wake Forest University, 1834 Wake Forest Rd., Winston-Salem, NC 27106; Classmates, as we start this new chapter in our lives, please be sure to share your news with us. For now, we send congrats to Maddy Mallory, whose senior project was selected as the “Best Richmond-Based Tumblr Site.” Also, kudos to Ali and Meredith Doswell. The August “Best and Worst” issue of Richmond Magazine had an article featuring the Doswell twins and Julie Dayton: Playing for the Team: Area Private Schools Turn Out Great Athletes Without Sacrificing Academics, with a pic and quotes from Ali and Meredith. As you will remember, each hit the 1,000-point mark in their high school basketball careers within weeks of each other. We look forward to hearing more about our dynamic duo, and more from all of you out there!

al u m n ae now

Memorials Miss Jennie’s Boys John Lewis Clark

Former Faculty

Sarah Enid Beck Maria Whitehead Grove Margery Moore Taylor Miller

Alumnae 1930

Caroline Dunn Ashford


Carlyle Creath Jones


Lelia Berkeley Eastburn


Gratia Allen Banks Martha Patterson Kidder



Theda Ball Tankersley Susan Moncure Young


Elise Parrish Laughlin Margaret Dick Meads

Rosemary Sclater Kimball Margaret Gordon Seiler Billie Whaley Brittingham Frances Barton King Rachel Jones Williams


1952 1953


Nancy Godwin Baldwin Crawford Keys Small


Katharine Lloyd-Rees Miller

Janie Will Eppes

Maud Tucker Drane





Joan de Sparre Browne

Margery Daniel Merrick Julia Adams Michaelyan Maria Gregory Tabb

Nell Louise Crawford Nellie Christian Opie Helen Montgomery Poole

Sally Maddux McGovern Harriet Craigie Van Houten

Elizabeth Toepleman Borden Imogene Mears McLaughlin


Charlotte McCrady Hastie


Pauline Dortch Davis Carroll Russell Fay


Ann Borden Evans McIver



Kennon Lee Hopkins


Robinson Sands Guerry


Jean Rose Snowa


Elizabeth Anne Newcombe


a lumn ae now


2 3

Marriages 1941

Mary Blanton Easterly to Charles Bruce Miller


Pam Redfearn Dana to Arthur B. Hudson


Lucy Daniel Anderson to Robin Kyle Mookerjee


Katherine Windulen Tanner Smith to Edwin Mason Pilcher II


Kate Moore Davenport to Emily Balogh Rachel Lourice Hiner to Andrew Clark


Mimi Sarah Krauss to Dr. Ryan Joseph Murphy


Laura Leigh Gillis to James Marvin Caswell IV Jessica Erin Snead to Kevin Perkins Tate Emily Young Timberlake to Davis Hand


Elizabeth Carney Jeffress to Ryan Scott Thorsteinson Susan Elizabeth Mahoney to Dr. Paul Davidson Crook Lucy Woolfolk Trice to Dr. John David Tillou Mary Mitchell Via to Frank Sharp Holleman IV Elizabeth Ann Wilson to Sgt. Steven Alan Marion Martha Ellen Wingfield to Scott Wilson Adams


Maria Page Ball to Zachary Cloud Catherine Blair Keiger to Judson Hughes Wilton Rebecca Adrienne Logue to Ben Thompson

Katherine Lindsey Maxwell to Davis Christian Rennolds Sydney Leigh Whitaker to Peter William Hurley




Claire Elizabeth Lockerby to Lt. Zachary Adam Chapla

Rachel Larkin Perlstein to Titine Janes Ida Sawyer Trice to Dr. Alex Cyril Vaclavik Sara Elizabeth Kane to Andrew Benjamin Zoeller Alice Blair Worrell to Henry Arthur Lewis Nickel



Margaret Lee Fearing to Paul Northrup



al u m n ae now





8 1. Sarah Gibson ’81 married Jimmy Wiley last December; 2. Catie Keiger ’00 married Jud Wilton Labor Day weekend with many Saints in attendance: Row 1: Rebecca Habenicht ’00, Lindsay Cowles ’00, Susan Christian Coogan ’72, Carroll Blair Keiger ’72, Molly Trice ’99, Catie, Cary Wellford ’99, Ruthie Burke ’00, Kate Marshall Stikeleather ’00, Molly Gayle Meem ’73; Row 2: Robyn Melzig Broughton ’96, Sue Schutt, Winston Blair Schroeder ’01, Lin Bottoms, Corbin Dunlap ’02, Judy Williams Carpenter Hawthorne ’75, Christy Fairman ’94, Elizabeth Irwin ’00, Debbie Andrews Dunlap ’70, Ann Chandler Pastore ’99, Megan Gross White ’00, Gayle Lingamfelter Miller ’71 3. Luly Dickinson ’16, Lizzie Dickinson ’13, Carol Wingo Dickinson ’74, Jackie Harrison Mason ’74, Anne Larus Hardwick ’74, Adrienne Taylor ’00, Elizabeth Wilson Marion ’05, Aimee Forsythe ’05, Laura Warmke ’05 and Mary Clark Lind ’05 were on hand for the wedding of Elizabeth Jeffress Thorsteinson ’05 last May in Richmond 4. Laura Leigh Gillis married James Marvin Caswell IV of Atlanta on August 18, 2012 in an outdoor ceremony in Ponte Vedra, Fla. 5. St C girls enjoyed Windsor Jones Betts ’97’s brother’s wedding in South Carolina! Front Row: Elizabeth Irwin ’00, Molly Trice ’99; Back Row: Elizabeth West ’05, Lea Schon Rasmussen ’97, Elizabeth Sartoris ’97, Sally Molenkamp (mother of Sarah ’98), Windsor Jones Betts ’97, Ann Robertson Vaughters ’00, Ibbie Hedrick ’00, Gretchen Buis ’65 6. Margaret Fearing ’07 married Paul Northrup in October 2012. Attending were Margaret Shaia ’07, Natalie Walker ’07, Liz Carpenter ’07, Kat Poole ’07, Katherine Shaia ’08, and Jane Burke ’07. 7. Rachel Hiner and Andrew Clark got married on a farm in San Diego called Wild Willow Farm. Isabelle Heyward ’99 (second from left) and Zoe Heiberger (who attended St. C as a member of the class of ’98 in middle school, far right) were bridemaids. 8. Lucy Trice ’05 married John Tillou in Richmond. 9. Kate Marshall and James Stikeleather were married with a host of Saints on hand!


11 10. 1998 St. C alumnae gathered in June at Maymont to celebrate the upcoming marriage of Kate Davenport ’98 and Emily Balogh. From left to right: Sarah Evans Hogeboom ’98; Emily Etherington Cox ’98, Lang Robertson Liebman ’98; Charlotte Moore Davenport ’65; Sarah Davenport ’09; Abigail Olson ’18; Lucille Moore Ackerly ’63; Anne Moore Parrish ’43; Nan Leake ’80; Allison Parrish Koschak ’72; Lucy Davenport Wallace ’55; Betty Davenport Wright ’65; and Mary Davenport Nelson ’62 11. Emily Timberlake married Davis Hand in June 2012. The mini-reunion at the wedding included, from left to right, Laura Callaway ’05, and ’04 classmates Elizabeth Wingfield, Lizzie Bailey, the bride, Erin Richardson, Ann Miller Flippin, Tori Cannella Stowers, and Jessica Holmstrom





2 7 3


Births & Adoptions 1989

Jennifer Pritchett and Billy Vaughn, daughter, Bridget Elise Vaughn Katherine Switz and Mark Suzman, son, Edward Leif Suzman


Angier Johnston and Robert Miller, son, Alexander Johnston Miller


Lieko Earle and Nils Halverson, daughter, Maya Earle Halverson Margaret Frischkorn and Brad Meyers, daughter, Hunter Elizabeth Meyers Meg Morton and Matt Sauer, daughter, Caroline Elizabeth “Bitsy” Sauer


Whitney Dalton and Tad Melton, son, Hunton “Hunt” Rixey Melton Priscilla Jones and Scott Stanzel, daughter, Margaret “Millie” Sloan Stanzel


Megan Evans and Scott Matthews, daughter, Virginia Warren Matthews



Tyler Lewis and Schuyler Perry, son, Spencer Morgan Perry Lorraine Sanders and Brian Grabowski, daughter, Ada JeanneAnn “AJ” Grabowski Sara Scott and Stephen Adamson, daughter, Margaret Lewis Adamson


Elizabeth Coxe and Alan Hubbard, son, Charles “Charlie” Coxe Hubbard Sarah Hovis and John Dickinson, daughter, Catherine Lea Dickinson Anne Stokes and Brent Bowman, son, Charles “Charlie” Patton Bowman


Elizabeth Brown and Robby Peay, son, James Gordon Peay Whitney Dunlap and Kent McLeod, son, Graham Andrews McLeod Carter Hancock and Claiborne Johnston, daughter, Virginia “Archer” Johnston Katherine Madden and Matt Guise, daughter, Katherine “Katie” Isabelle Guise Elizabeth Murchison and Yvan Ruedi, son, Albert William Ruedi Lauren Wagner and DJ Palagi, son, James Everett Palagi

al u m n ae now

9 1. Meg Morton Sauer ’93’s daughter, Caroline “Bitsy” Elizabeth 2. Keely Fox Fadrhonc ’99 and her husband welcomed their first child, Charles “Charlie” Thomas Fadrhonc on March 30, 2013 in San Francisco. 3. Ginger Tripp McAdams ’01’s daughter Eliza arrived in August 4. Lindley Harding Stakem ’99’s son welcomes baby brother Scotty born in May 5. Megan Evans Matthews ’95 and husband Scott’s second daughter, Virginia Warren, was born April 11, 2013. 6. Mary Davenport Williams’ daughter Adelaide Byrd Williams was born on June 1, 2013. 7. Sara Scott Adamson ’95’s daughter Elizabeth’s best Christmas present was worth waiting for: baby sister Margaret Lewis Adamson was born December 26! 8. Nan Stikeleather Durban ’99’s son George is ready to travel! 9. Ann Robertson Vaughters’ daughter Lee, born in March 2013 10. Jessie Palmore Yancey ’99’s son Vaughan is a hands-on big brother to sister Poppy, born in March 2013. 11. Angier Johnston Miller with husband, Robert, and son, Alexander Johnston Miller (born on March 4, 2013), at the christening in June. 12. Bevin Lawson Irby ’01 and husband Claiborne welcomed a daughter, Charlotte James, in January.






Keely Fox and Adrian Fadrhonc, son, Charles “Charlie” Thomas Fadrhonc Lindley Harding and Trip Stakem, son, Joseph Scott “ Scotty” Stakem Kathryn Jefferson and Michael Pruitt, son, Benjamin Pruitt Jessie Palmore and Steele Yancey, daughter, Josephine Florence “Poppy” Yancey Nan Stikeleather and George Durban, son, George Aimar Durban V Carter Worrell and Austin Dandridge, son, Hill Carter Dandridge


Betsy Edwards and Robert Bradley Riggs, son, Robert Bowen “Bo” Riggs Ann Robertson and Charlie Vaughters, daughter, Lee Robertson Vaughters




Emily Etherington and Philip Cox, son, William Waldo Cox Brooke Ford and Hayden Barnard, son, Ritchie Frances Barnard Tovia Martirosian and Steven Smith, daughter, Tovia Virginia McMillan Smith


Mary Davenport and Neel Williams, daughter, Adelaide Byrd Williams Ginger Tripp and Judson McAdams, daughter, Elizabeth “Eliza” Harrison McAdams

Emily Frank and Robert Leisy, son, Hunter Charles Christopher Leisy Ashley Hoover and Robert Rhoades, son, Robert Wayne Rhoades, Jr. Melanie Jasnoch and Max Wake, son, Charles Joseph Wake Bevin Lawson and Claiborne Irby, daughter, Charlotte James Irby


Elizabeth Porter and Scott Fairchild, daughter, Claire Olivier Fairchild


Katie Fletcher and Brandon McGinley, daughter, Teresa McGinley



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Boardings Memories For Evan Garrison ’01 boarding at St. Catherine’s broadened her adventurous spirit


y the end of Middle School, Evan Garrison ’01 had already been to Japan once. It was safe to say that she was independent enough to be sent to boarding school. After looking at schools across Virginia and North Carolina Garrison and her family decided St. Catherine’s was the perfect place for her to start her next adventure. St. Catherine’s offered Garrison the opportunity to be involved in numerous activities simultaneously. “I knew I was interested in Asia and dance and I had such a great experience on my admissions day and the overnight visit,” she said. “St. Catherine’s offered Chinese and Joni so that was a big part of my decision.” During her four years she played field hockey, soccer and lacrosse and participated in Joni. “I feel like I did the most I could at St. Catherine’s,” she said. “It was easy to try new things, especially sports. Because I was independent to begin with, St. Catherine’s just gave me an avenue to let me do all of those things. I didn’t have to choose between anything.” When she wasn’t learning studying Chinese, dancing or playing a sport, Garrison spent time with her fellow boarders. As a prefect, she was responsible for reporting which students were “on dorm” every evening. The 24/7 nature of the boarding program created a familial environment for students. “Because the boarding department was so small it was easy for us to become a big family, she said. “We studied together, we ate together, we played sports together, we goofed off together.” Goofing off, for Garrison included movie watching and dorm dancing.

“We watched so many movies. Whenever new movies arrived it was like they were hotcakes. I think what I miss the most is dancing in our rooms and making music videos,” she said. “I probably knew the words to every ’80s song.” Following graduation and four years of Chinese, Garrison applied for a gap year college program in Beijing. The program typically did not accept students under the age of eighteen. However due to Garrison’s experience as a boarder she was admitted and spent the full academic year in Beijing. Upon her return to the states, Garrison attended James Madison University and majored in Asian Studies and Economics. She credits St. Catherine’s teacher Steve Cambisios for instilling in her a love of Economics. She was also active in JMU’s dance program. After college, Garrison worked in data analysis and collection for an agricultural company in Harrisonburg as well as a financial research company in New York City. Garrison’s path has recently taken another turn. After attending a dental conference in New York City with her father, she has decided to enroll in dental school. Now in her first year at MCV, Garrison is enjoying being back in Richmond and reconnecting with St. Catherine’s alumnae. She continues to be grateful for her boarding experience. “Boarding at St. Catherine’s gave me even more confidence to try new things and to be comfortable with adapting to different situations and different people,” she said. “It was a crucial keystone in my path.”

Evan Garrison '01 pictured on left.

» Preserving the past for the future: St. Catherine’s is committed to

preserving the history and community of its boarding alumnae. If you have treasures and memories to share, please contact Sarah Herguner, school archivist, at


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