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THE SPECTATOR The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’S student newspaper since 1923 Vol. 92, NO. 17 NEWS Pages 1-5 spring 2014 Thursday, Jan. 30 SPORTS OP / ED CURRENTS Pages 7-9 Pages 13-15 Pages 10-12 STUDENT LIFE Page 16 Frost finds home in Eau Claire Extensive Robert Frost collection donated; collection to be housed in university archives Emily Albrent News Editor Poet Robert Frost recently made his mark on the UW-Eau Claire campus. Last week, a large, rare collection of Frost’s work including manuscripts, poems written by Frost, Christmas cards as well as books about the poet himself were donated to the university. The materials have found a home in the McIntyre Library’s special collections and archives department. Eau Claire acquired this collection by the donation of Joan Schmidt, whose husband, Frederick Schmidt, studied Frost’s work and also was a “dear friend” of Frost’s. SWINGER OF BIRCHES: The Robert Frost collection at McIntyre Library is open to UW-Eau Claire staff, faculty, students and the community. Joan Schmidt said her husband was a lover of nature and books and spent much of his time at the library. “One day the librarian said, ‘Fritz there is somebody I would like you to meet up in my study,’ and there sitting in a rocking chair facing the other way was Robert Frost,” Joan Schmidt said. The friendship started from there and soon grew. When Frederick Schmidt came back from SCHMIDT fighting in the war, Frost had a surprise for him. Frost wrote a poem about him and his troubles in the war called “One Step Backward Taken.” Joan Schmidt said she loves Frost’s poetry for his simplicity. “I always had trouble in school when teachers dissected the reading, and some people follow a different drummer, some people don’t see it that way,” she said. Greg Kocken, head of McIntyre Library’s special collections and ar- PHOTOS BY EMILY ALBRENT / The Spectator MILES TO GO: Joan Schmidt, holding book, displays a work of Robert Frost’s writing in his own penmanship. chives department said he wanted to make sure the Frost collection would be beneficial to the student body. He said the overall consensus was the collection would not only add to the education of students, but to the university as a whole. “It really is a wonderful collection, it is one of our gems.” Kocken said. “It raises the profile of the library and also helps instructors to think a little more critically of the library resources.” He said it puts Eau Claire on the map for researchers and since announcing the collection, three Robert Frost scholars as well as the granddaughter of Frost himself have contacted him. Kocken said the materials are open for anyone to view, not just scholars. “Everything within the special collection and archives department Exclusively this week on in the library is open to the public,” Kocken said. “That includes students, staff, faculty and even members of the Eau Claire community.” He said many English instructors are planning on using the Frost collection in their classes. Max Garland, English professor at Eau Claire and 2013-2014 Wisconsin poet laureate said this collection would add a lot to the university. He said outside of the east coast at places like Dartmouth College (N.H.), Eau Claire has the biggest collection of these kinds of Frost manuscripts. “To me it’s so easy to access poetry online, but to me it humanizes it to actually hold the book that he held, it makes it seem more real,” Garland said. >> FROST page 2 NEWS: Meet your professor features UW-Eau Claire math professor Ursula Whitcher; find out what inspired her to be a mathematician SPORTS: Men’s hoops continues struggles in the conference; drops two games over weekend to UW-Oshkosh and UW-Stout OP/ED: Spectator Editorial Board disagrees with dismissal of homosexual teacher at Washington Catholic private school Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter Daily updates, breaking news, multimedia (@spectatornews) for up-to-date content! THIS WEEK ON Should the university have canceled class on Tuesday? LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD AT

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