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SPARTANBURG METHODIST COLLEGE 1000 POWELL MILL ROAD SPARTANBURG, SC 29301-5899 NON PROFIT ORG U.S. POSTAGE THE MAGAZINE OF SPARTANBURG METHODIST COLLEGE PAID PERMIT 205 GREENVILLE, SC SPRING 2012 SMCSC. EDU/FR ONTI ER S IF YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION ON THE MAILING LABEL IS LISTED INCORRECTLY OR YOU HAVE RECEIVED THIS MAGAZINE IN ERROR, PLEASE LET US KNOW. DAVID GIBSON As the reigning national Scrabble champion, Professor David Gibson shares game-winning details and his favorite words to play. PLUS+++ The 101st Year In Review Recharge Your Career Here She Comes To Russia With Ease Leading The Troops Student Spotlights Oliver Littlejohn, war hero Miss SMC crowned

2012 Spring Frontiers!

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