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250 Gift Certificate up for grabs: see page 31 $ s o u t h p h i l l y r ev i ew.c o m Vo l. 6 5 N O. 1 3 MARCH 29, 2012 Redneck revelry Two food fervent friends helped reality television newlyweds celebrate their union. By Joseph Myers R e v i e w S ta f f W r i t e r L egend holds that Queen Marie Antoinette declared “Let them eat cake” during an 18th-century French famine. Courtesy of Saturday’s appearance on Country Music Television’s smash show “My Big Redneck Vacation,” Michael Scipione and Michael Giletto could profess “Let them eat snake.” The lifelong lovers of healthy fare enlisted the slithering reptile and other unconventional offerings to help Jared and Michelle Thomas mark their nuptials in The Hamptons, Long Island, N.Y.’s lauded location that last summer hosted the Louisiana residents and their kin. “It was definitely a unique experience,” See REALITY TV page 8 Sports Triple triumph By Joseph Myers.........Page 40 S ta f f P h o t o s b y Greg Bezanis Three Newbold locations could become more closely linked through a renowned hospital’s intervention. Private ownership An East Passyunk Crossing school scored its third-straight state boys’ basketball crown. Health Center No. 2, from left, the South Philadelphia Branch and DiSilvestro Playground could undergo change. By Joseph Myers R e v i e w S ta f f W r i t e r U pon taking office in 2008, Mayor Michael Nutter stated he wanted Philadelphia to become America’s greenest city. His March 8 Fiscal Year ’13 budget and Fiscal Year ’13-’17 Five-Year Plan proposals revealed he would love for it to end up as the healthiest, too. Among numerous aspects of the $3.6 billion collection of ideas, the second-term leader announced the City’s proposed uniting with The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to devise a pediatric and adult care services facility on the site of Health Center No. 2, 1720 S. Broad St. The plan would remove CHOP, the primary fund seeker and lone financier, from the St. Agnes Medical Center, 1900 S. Broad St., which with 30,000 patients is the fastest growing practice in the hospital’s care center network, spokesman George V. Bochanski Jr. said, and give families one location for aid. Other sources also could enable the rebuilding See CHOP page 14

South Philly Review 3-29-12

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