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Southern Peninsula Southern Satu Novemberrday 16, 2013 Your wee kly com An indepe munity new ndent voi spaper cove For all advert ce ring Safe ising and ty Beach editorial to Portsea needs, call 1300 MPN EWS (1300 676 for the 397) or Peninsul commu a nity FREE email: team@ .au Tuesday 5 Novembe www.mpn r 2013 .au Foul ac t stuns school Chicken s killed ZOE Dellapo the empty rtas and Jessica Connel that once coop at Eastbo urne Primarl inspect the school’housed chicken s – a vital y School s kitchen WU\LQJWRÀQGZ part of garden project KRNLOOH ZHHNHQ GVDJR5HSRU GQLQHRIWKH. Police are ELUGVWZR W3DJH Picture: Special Promotion - 5 November 2013 Yanni By Chris Brennan POLICE are less slaugh investigating other than the that human Rosebud ter” of nine chicke “sense- been intervention involved. primar ns at a Eastbourne y school. had childre “We’re certain beyond Primary n and for teachers doubt School’s and the displayed the level a shadow pupils, man that they’ve broader munity by of of to been killed were devast school hands, comprehendthe perpetrators. cruelty discovery The by huated follow com- of Roseb ” Sergeant how anyone It’s hard have surviving Tony Paterso such a ud police ing the chicken ens dead of all but one of now could do said. n very thing. The cruelty “It’s and ducks in a pond their concer location” been been moved den on Monda displayed in the school chick- they impossible to say been here away from to were killed, is how exactly destruction ning, as is the investigating “The kids Police said y morning last ’s gar- NLOOHG the school a “safe they’ll senseless of and are ¿UVW DQG whether they . be “We’ll be what are childre have been the chickens week. were the matter able to get to the hopefully pond, n’s pets. is the whole devastated by this, continuing appeared tion and or whethe WKHQ ÀXQJ LQWR school . It’s been bottom said. weekend killed some time our investi as to ter being we’d like r they’v WKH of very upsetti but were ga- killed,“We don’t know community,” he everyone at the ly when unable to over the sensele attacked, but e drowned af- who can help shed to speak to anyone ng for school.” how whether Mr or how either way light on ss and cruel Principal their necks they were furtherWilkinson refused they had say exactor someth the matter it’s a act. “It’s certain been killed, ing, but were rung school had Stephen Wilkin .” in the on who to specul we found ly very son said kept 10 for the pond. concerning them dead be or what might the perpetrators ate the ducks level of “Some people both kitchenin an enclos chickens and two may have motiva upset caused He said ed pen the or person ted them. know to the garden P.O. Box – we don’t participating school would program, as part of a how who they might helping 260 Rosebud Office: Factory feed and with pupils people der Garden in the Stepha continue PRE-ARRA have been Vic 3939 look after 4/11 Dromana nie Alexan one’s brokenwere involved Kitchen or yet NGED FUNE Vic 3936 Trewhitt Court the birds. (a) Adults – progra to Ph: 5987 (p/s) Pensioner/ but somedecide if into the m but 2011 RALS fence and Student (ch) Child killed them. garden under the would be acquiror when more chickehad Under 12 Casino’s bus *CROWN CASINO ed. program with The police – MONTHLY* ns Anyone persons over a great BUFFET have with Caring for lunch (all) the age of inform call Roseb LAST THURSDAY 18 permitted. $30. Only local ud police ation is asked EACH MONTH families QUEEN to Tues 10th on 5986 for over December VICTORIA MARKET 0444. do not have - all $25. 35 Shop down Neptours –Co ach Tours for all the here. We bargains we for some of even supply a couple your perishables. of Eskys KING KONG - THE MUSICAL Wed 04 Dec (matinee) (a) $120 (p/s) Wed 22 & GREASE - THE MUSICAL $115 29 Jan (matinee) (a) $120 (p/s) ROCKY $100 Sun 18th HORROR SHOW May (matinee) (all) $125 Wed 30th LES MISERABLES July (matinee) (all) $105 (p/s) $95 GLEN MILLER ORCHESTRA Sat 31 May 2014 (all) $110.00 years 123 Jetty Rd, Rosebud Ph 5986 8491 SAT NOV 9TH Dean Richards - Manager www.nept ours. info@rosebu BEATLES TRIB UTE SHOW "MELBEATS BEATLES " RATED BEST TRIBUTE BAND 3 COURSE IN VICTORIA & SHOW MEAL $60 NEPEA 889 POINT PH 598N6ROAD, ROSEBUD 2377 apprais ed Thinking Call Direc of selling? report on tor Troy Daly for a free 0418 397 property 771. Property appraisal and to lease? Holiday Call our and permanen rental mana t rentals are urgen gers for a free appra tly required. Portsea-So isal now. rrento 109 /CEA 5984 4388NBeach Road , Sorrento buxtonports .au easorrento. INSIDE:  Shire investigates chopper flights Drive to stop mobiles use Asset values still under wraps NOW OPEN IN ROSEBUD Rosebud Community Bank® Branch 1087 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud

5th November 2013

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