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CHERRY ACCESSORIES For us, it began on the bustling streets of Berlin, where we grew up, where cycling is not only a mode of transportation but an integral part of life.. We continue to focus on evolving and inventing to bring forth this same European idea of cycling for the everyday, while creating it at the highest possible design standard. In our office, there are no suits, no ties, no briefcases; just lots of jeans and heaps of personality... and, of course, the occasional bikers spandex. It is with this kind of freedom of expression that we approach our brand and our industry. Refusing to be limited by industry practices and stereotypes, we continue to pursue new and innovative wAys to make cycling fit into our lifestyle - and yours. Now in our sixteenth year, we still revel in the joy of seeing someone’s face light up at the realization that they have found their perfect bike. Simply put, that’s why we’re here. CLOTHING TELEPHONE :: 03 9580 7388 TOLL FREE :: 1800 805 024

Catalogue 2012 Electra

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