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NOVEMBER 29–DECEMBER 5, 2012 | FREE | VOL. 32 NO. 22 | PITCH.COM DAVY V R OT VY OTHB HBAR HB ART AR T fifind ndd s hi hiss H ea r t i n KCC . I DA ZAK K BA BAGA GANS GA NS hu hunt ntss fo nt forr gh ghos osts os tss a t Un Unio ionn St io Stat atio at ion. io n. I ZA MAX X WA WATS TSON TS ON de delililive vers ve rss y ou o r Re Reme m dy me dy.. I MA KC hip-hop collective the Soul Providers G —— BY BERRY ANDERSON ——G warms back up.

The Pitch: November 29, 2012

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