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FOCUS TOPIC SENIOR HEALTH June/July 2013 December 2009 >> $5 PHYSICIAN SPOTLIGHT PAGE 3 Robert “Bob” Ward Lehmberg, MD, FACS Impossible Task? Telemedicine to help meet reform objectives of improving outcomes, reducing costs ON ROUNDS By BECKy GILLETTE Could Healthcare Reform Deny Care to High Risk Seniors? Healthcare reform requires that providers become more effective, improving outcomes while reducing costs at the same time. An impossible task? Not so, says Curtis Lowery, MD, chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS), who has pioneered the Angels Network in Arkansas using telemedicine to help provide the best medical care possible for women throughout Arkansas with high-risk pregnancies. “Improving outcomes at lower costs seem opposed to one another, but I don’t think it is,” Lowery said. “There is a lot of waste and inefficiency in healthcare, and by focusing on quality, we can begin to reduce expenditures and improve outcomes. Increasingly, the healthcare system is looking more at putting the patients first and managing the patient’s lives, and less The growing demand for medical services for seniors because of the baby boomer demographic bulge comes at the same time that the impacts of healthcare reforms being instituted as part of the Affordable Care Act are just starting to be felt ... 4 Family Medicine Specialist Includes Acupuncture and Nutrition Counseling as Part of Integrative Medicine Practice SPRINGDALE – Carlos Alberto Suarez, MD, FAAMA, a native of Peru, has found that combining conventional and alternative medicine in one practice is well received by his patients at Springdale Health LLC. In addition to being board certified in family medicine, Suarez also practices acupuncture and does nutritional and herb\ supplement counseling ... 7 (CONTINUED ON PAGE 13) HealthcareLeader Roxane Angiulli Townsend, MD CEO, UAMS Medical Center By LyNNE JETER Roxane Townsend’s career was unplanned, yet her recent appointment as CEO of UAMS Medical Center and UAMS vice chancellor for clinical programs seems like the crowning glory of a meticulously detailed blueprint. “I really didn’t plan to be a physician executive, but I really love working in and running hospitals,” said Townsend. “For an academic medical center, it makes sense. You need to be able to talk to physicians in their language.” Townsend’s meteoric rise began in her hometown of Vandergrift, Pa., a small farming town near Pittsburgh. The second of four children born to first-generation Italian-Americans – Tony Angiulli, a coal miner-turned-carpenter, and his wife, Regina, a homemaker – Townsend was the first family member to graduate from college. After graduating from nursing school at Duquesne University, Townsend focused on intensive care. That position quickly led to pro(CONTINUED ON PAGE 10) COURTESY OF UAMS/TIM TAYLOR ONLINE: MEDICALNEWS OFARKANSAS. COM PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID FRANKLIN, TN PERMIT NO.357 medicalnewsofarkansas Dr. Curtis Lowery checking on an ultrasound at a telemedicine workstation. Coming Soon! Register online at to receive the new digital edition of Medical News optimized for your tablet or smartphone! PRINTED ON RECYCLED PAPER .com JUNE/JULY 2013 > 1

Medical News of Arkansas July 2013

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