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Being an Oklahoma Sooner is a privilege. It’s an identity. It’s a legacy. Oklahoma athletes pursue excellence to honor the performances of the heroes who have gone before. They chase perfection to encourage the aspirations of those who will come after, knowing that their performances here are connected to Sooner Tradition. everything that has been and everything that will be the Oklahoma athletes are bound together by a common commitment. They compete to win, yet they understand the real rewards come from the They have much to live up to -- expectations are high. Still, none could be higher than the ones they have of themselves. doing; the pride lies in the process. Women’s basketball is a part of the whole that makes that tradition. If you choose to become a Sooner, you inherit the expectation and become a part of the You take charges, you play defense, you run the floor. You compete. You learn and you laugh and you work and you play with a passion that makes you perform like a champion. commitment. If you wear our jersey, you dive on the floor after every loose ball. Being an Oklahoma Sooner is an all-the-time thing. It’s what you do and where you go and who you are. And it’s forever. That’s the way it is with family. // 1

2012-13 OU Women's Basketball Media Guide

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