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What is there to know about Clare Plueckhahn. I’m a freelance photographer who works out of a studio in Melbourne. When I’m not shooting commercial work I’m either down at my beach house in Aireys Inlet or shooting surf photography overseas in places like Hawaii and Indonesia. Photography aside, what’s up? I recently finished producing a girls surf film called ‘First Love’. It has taken over my life for the past year and a half, but as of last week, it’s finally locked off! It was a project that started off really small and then suddenly we were filming in Hawaii, sponsored by Rip Curl with a distribution deal… Nice work. When did you first contemplate taking photography seriously? When I was about sixteen I began playing with black and white photography and my Dad built me a darkroom in our house. From then on I was hooked and knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I studied BA Photography at RMIT straight out of High School and then did my time assisting and learning from other photographers. It has been a crazy adventure. Are you making money from shooting photos? I’ve been living off photography for about four years now. Although I would like to just concentrate on surf photography, I shoot a lot of advertising and commercial work to keep me going. This enables me to work on projects like ‘First Love’. It is difficult to be too specialised in Australia, so it really helps to be able to shoot many different genres. Hopeful photographers commonly struggle to find their first break. Did you find it hard at first to sell your work? I found surf photography really hard to break into, as it’s quite a cliquey group filled with talented established photographers. So getting my first surf photographs

Soggybones "All Sorts" Edition

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