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Leslie Miller Moore ‘65 and Michael W. Moore ‘66 Susan Martin Perry ’68 Beverly C. Rogers and Mack L. Rogers ‘72 David W. Persky ’72 and Mary E. Persky Sarah-Finch Maiden Rollins ‘42 J. Allen Smith ‘81 and Jane Cornish Smith ‘81, ‘01 Ruth A. Moore and T. Walter Moore ’62 A. Theodore Peterson, III ’71 and Joyce A. Peterson Cecile S. Rose and Thomas N. Rose ’82 Jean K. Smith Deedie P. Rose and Edward W. Rose, III Lacie G. Smith ‘67 and Nancy N. Smith Brent J. Peterson ’75 Frank W. Rose ‘53, ‘56 and Joan B. Rose Jan Gehring Peterson ’70 and L. Marc Peterson ’70 Lynne M. Rossell and Robert M. Rossell ’77 Lowell N. Smith, Jr. ‘54 and Shirley Segars Smith ‘55 Ruth P. Morgan Donald N. Morriss ‘76 and Patricia Glasgow Morriss ‘75 Rita L. McGinnis-Morriss ‘81 and William O. Morriss ‘81 Elizabeth Setzer Morrow ‘51 and Philip R. Morrow Betsy Lane Morton ‘76, ‘05 and Stephan E. Morton ‘74, ‘76 Gwyn H. Morton ‘50 and Phyllis Erickson Morton ‘65 George F. Moss ‘58 Nan Blackston Peterson ‘49 Glenver H. Rowland and Robert G. Rowland ‘74 Belle Drye Petkas ‘68 and Peter Petkas Karen Brandstrader Rozzell ‘82 and Scott E. Rozzell ‘71 Cathy Cook Phillips ’74 and Cecil B. Phillips ’49 Marvin L. Ruebsamen ‘62 Carol McClaughry Pointer ’81 and David T. Pointer ’81 Jeanne Beauchamp Rumley ’61 and John L. Rumley ’61 Joann F. Poladian ‘87 Grace Williams Russell ‘46 and Henry E. Russell ‘46 Joan M. Pollock and Robert G. Pollock ‘48 Shelby L. Smith, Sr. ’54 and Virginia Adelaide Harrison Smith ’54 Sue G. Smith and Troy R. Smith, Jr. ‘67 Deborah L. Snell and Donald H. Snell, Jr. ‘69, ‘73 Jeanne M. Snow and Robert A. Snow ’69 Lorraine Sutliff Snowberger ’87 and Scott Snowberger John D. Solana ‘68, ‘72 and Nancy Johanning Solana ‘69 Foster M. Poole, Jr. ‘54 and Nancy Webb Poole ‘55 D. Pat Ryan ’62 and Sharon E. Ryan Elizabeth B. Porter and Richard L. Porter ’66 Sandra L. Ryan and William J. Ryan ’57 Douglas C. Potter ’76 and Pamela Potter Susan E. Salch ‘91 Joan Hardy Potter ‘56 and Robert L. Potter ‘56 Victor E. Salvino Patsie Northcutt Potts ’50 Phyllis Sams and William M. Sams ‘60 Donna M. Nelson and Harry A. Nelson, III ‘69 James T. Powell ’61, ’65 and Marie Ellis Powell ’62, ’64 Debbie Samson and George W. Samson ‘55 Elissa Berwald Sommerfield ’59 and Frank E. Sommerfield Happy Nelson ‘62, ‘65 and Linda M. Nelson W. Sue Prather Lola Peterson Sanford ’50 and R. F. Sanford ’50 Linda Sonia and William Sonia, Jr. Linda O. Neumann and Lydon Neumann ’68 Lorene Bond Prewitt ’62, ’70 and Robert I. Prewitt ’49, ’51 Carolyn H. Schley and Joseph H. Schley ’61, ’63 Phil F. Southern ‘48 Cooper M. Schley and Helen Thornberry Schley ’62 Jack E. Speake ‘77 and Sandy M. Speake Donald G. Murray ’59 Nancy Price Murrow ’49 Allen R. Myers ’64 and Mardi Wochos Myers ‘68 Jack C. Myers ‘66, ‘69 and Judy N. Myers Jack C. Najork ‘67, ‘68 and Linda C. Najork Ernestine M. Naylor ‘47 Marilyn H. Newton and William K. Newton ‘72 Dennis N. Ryan ’74 and Diana P. Ryan A. G. Nichols, Jr. ’62 and Barbara Koonce Nichols ’63 Kathryn A. Priddy Elizabeth M. Nichols and Hall E. Nichols ‘73 Kent L. Nichols ‘71, ‘77 Elizabeth (Betty) Kenner Purkey ’66, ’75 and Walter R. Purkey ’67, ’75, ’95 Donald L. Niewyk and Ellen Buie Niewyk ’78 John D. Rainey ‘67, ‘72 and Judy Jo D. Rainey Jack J. Schubert ‘79 and Jane Moran Schubert ‘82, ‘83 Frances O. Nixon and Victor H. Nixon ‘67 Howard L. Ramsey ‘50, ‘53 and Merrill Strange Ramsey ‘51 Ann Schulze and Wesley N. Schulze ’43 Edwin E. Nowlin, Jr. ‘66, ‘68 and Susan Byerly Nowlin ‘67 Caren H. Prothro Alice G. Nye and Erle A. Nye ’65 Arthur G. Randol, III and Gayle Kleweno Randol ’71 Alice Hughes Oakley ’87 and John R. Oakley ’93 Kim-Kay Randt and Thomas P. Randt ‘78, ‘79 Morgan Dunn O’Connor ‘74 Barbara Lisenba Ray ’51 and G. Farrell Ray, Jr. ’50 Edith J. O’Donnell and Peter O’Donnell, Jr. Dwight H. O’Keefe, III ‘65 and Mary B. O’Keefe James R. Olney ‘75 and Teresa Ann N. Olney Debra Engelke Olsson ’84 and Phillip J. Olsson Kevin P. O’Meara ‘86 and Patricia Ann O’Meara David G. Orr ’56 and Mary Jane Orr John H. Otstott ‘52 Patra Owen and Robert R. Owen ’61 Yvonne Forester Page ‘50 Emily A. Parker ‘73 John M. Patison ‘49, ‘52 and Margaret Y. Patison Nelwyn Harman Reagan ’67 and Ross B. Reagan ’65 Gerald S. Reamey ‘76, ‘82 and Kay L. Reamey Diane Hinman Reed ’68 and Richard A. Reed Christopher H. Rentzel ’72 and Jana S. Rentzel Brian T. Rhame ’83 and Mary H. Rhame Alys Price Richards ’60 and George A. Richards ’59 Frank A. Richards ‘66 Charles T. Richardson and Twila T. Richardson Corinne Richardson and Thomas E. Richardson ’56 J. Redwine Patterson ‘48, ‘51, ‘54 Nancy Richardson and Robert M. Richardson ‘62 Christopher C. Paul ‘83 and MaryAlice B. Paul Jesse L. Richey ‘54 Anne Spivey Paup ‘73 and Henry B. Paup ‘73 J. Robin Richmond ‘76 and Judith Wolfe ‘74 Virginia W. Payne Laura F. Riddle and Paul N. Riddle ‘79 Helen Payton and Jimmy C. Payton, Sr. ‘54 Carol L. Rippa and Herbert T. Rippa, Jr. ’69 Bill H. Pennington ‘91 and Teresa A. Pennington Mark A. Robertson ‘85 Dorothy Oglesby Perkins ’51 and Lloyd W. Perkins ’50, ’74 Edward H. Perry ’76 Diane Robinson and William G. Robinson, Jr. ’58 Joe N. Robinson ‘79 and Judith Robinson Gay L. Perry ‘80 Randy H. Robinson ‘74, ‘77 and Rita J. Robinson James E. Perry and Susan Martin Perry ’68 Betty Bell Robison ’47 † Deceased Suzanne Schmidt ’67 and Dan C. Jones Michael B. Schonberg and Shelley Hayes Schonberg ‘78 Ruth L. Scott and Winfield W. Scott ’62, ’65 Carolyn Smith Scrimshire ’57 and Norton Scrimshire ’55, ’58 Charles R. Scurry Carl Sewell ’66 and Peggy Higgins Sewell ’72 Bobby G. Shaw ’65 and Diane Shaw Carol Sheehy and Daniel R. Sheehy, Jr. ’68 George A. Shelburne ‘61 and Jessie Cunningham Shelburne ‘68, ‘74 George Solares ‘72, ‘75 Ellen Karelsen Solender ’71 Gay F. Solomon and William T. Solomon ‘64 Brian E. Somes ’89 Mary S. Spillman and Pat Y. Spillman Joe A. Stalcup ‘51, ‘59, ‘78 and Nancy V. Stalcup Daniel W. Stansbury, Sr. ’54, ’59 and Joan Lively Stansbury ’54 Marcella L. Stark Paul P. Steed, Jr. ’47 and Violet A. Steed Gigi Steele and Walter W. Steele, Jr. ‘57 Karla G. Steinberg and Lawrence E. Steinberg ‘60 Marc I. Steinberg Phyllis Y. Steinhart and Ronald G. Steinhart Jill Stephenson ‘81 Phyllis Stephenson and Steve A. Stephenson ‘71 Cathy Tosh Shell ‘78 and William A. Shell Shirley B. Sterling and William G. Sterling, Jr. ‘52 Tracy D. Shepherd ‘93 Vicki S. Sterquell ‘78 Ora Cox Reynolds Sheppard ’43 James C. Shields ‘53, ‘56 and Lucy W. Shields Kyle O’Brien Stevens ‘80 and William F. Stevens ‘63, ‘72 Mary Jones Shoemaker ‘60 and Robert J. Shoemaker ‘55, ‘64 Marilyn A. Stevens and Wesley F. Stevens ‘60, ‘62 V. H. Sholl ‘54, ‘56 Annette Stewart ’66 Judy Keller Shore ‘90 and Michael W. Shore ‘86, ‘90 Michele Thaxton and Robert F. Stiles ‘88 Arden Bowers Showalter ’56, ’57 and Larry D. Showalter ’57 Donald J. Stone and Norma K. Stone David W. Shuford ’67, ’70 and Karen Livesay Shuford ’70 Nancy Perkins Shutt Ellen Siegel ‘75 Bobby L. Simpson ’65 and Laura J. Simpson Robert S. Sinos and Holly E. Stroud ’85 Lon Slaughter ’58 and Nancy Slaughter Jane Grayson Slover ‘52 and George Slover, Jr. Alice W. Smith and Ralph L. Smith, Jr. ’64 James A. Stockard ‘59 and Sue H. Stockard Junius B. Stone, Jr. ‘61 and Mary C. Stone Cynthia Canfield Straton ’83 and John William Straton, Jr. Ann Stratton and Ray B. Stratton ’58 Constance Dolph Strow ’48 Joe Chat Sumner, III ‘55 Daniel F. Susie ‘72 and Sydney Susie Greg M. Swalwell ‘79 and Terry G. Connor Donald A. Swanson, Jr. ’60 and Nancy Mock Swanson ’57 SMU 2012–13 ANNUAL REPORT | 79

SMU Annual Report 2012-13

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