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FA C U LT Y A N D A C A D E M I C E X C E L L E N C E A great university is shaped by scholars who create and share knowledge. Top educational institutions also require buildings with up-to-date classrooms, laboratories and technology that make it possible for faculty members to conduct research, teach and inspire students to learn. In 2012–13 SMU continued to take significant steps to increase faculty and academic quality. These included the creation or enhancement of academic programs, the addition of faculty members and new endowments for faculty positions and the construction or  renovation of facilities that support academic achievement. { Center for Presidential History completes first year of operation SMU has continued to add centers, institutes and research initiatives, such as the Center for Presidential History (CPH), which completed its first year of operation in 2012–13. Award-winning historian Jeffrey A. Engel (left) is founding director of the CPH and is associate professor in the Clements Department of History in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences. The CPH sponsors public programs, conferences and research, including its Collective Memory Project, conducting interviews with members of presidential administrations. SMU 2012–13 ANNUAL REPORT | 23

SMU Annual Report 2012-13

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