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S T U DENT Q U A LIT Y S MU’s student quality is a defining feature of its rise as a great university. In 2012–13 SMU continued to draw top students through its investment in merit-based scholarships, as well as by offering numerous opportunities for study abroad and programs enabling undergraduates to conduct research and benefit from independent projects, among other initiatives. Through rising SAT scores, national fellowships, leadership and engagement in social issues, SMU students are demonstrating the University’s effectiveness in  shaping world changers. { Scholarships Support Student Quality Merit-based scholarships are a crucial component of the University’s commitment to attract and retain top students. These resources are supporting SMU’s increase in student quality. (Left) President’s Scholar Rahfin Faruk ’14 is majoring in economics, political science and public policy and minoring in religious studies and mathematics. He has served as editor-in-chief of The Daily Campus student newspaper and is a student representative on the SMU Board of Trustees Committee on Academic Policy. SMU 2012–13 ANNUAL REPORT | 15

SMU Annual Report 2012-13

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