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Lured to Nassau by the Caribbean Tourism Market Place 2012, a travel writer, ventures to Eleuthera and discovers why it is better in the Bahamas.



On the beach at Cape Eleuthera Resort.

GROWTH OF A PRESERVE A talk with the lady who gave birth to the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve, a wonderful addition to Eleuthera.

ELEUTHERA REAL ESTATE Exciting offers on Harbour Island, Spanish Wells and main island Eleuthera.

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Isles of Freedom Harbour Island, Spanish Wells, Eleuthera.

The Eleutheran Magazine

Eleuthera Be Free! WELCOME to Central & South Eleuthera Welcome to beautiful Eleuthera, an enchanted island that teaches us that even the simplest occurrence can profoundly affect our life. Eleuthera, known as the Land of Freedom, offers simple pleasures that translate into incredible rewards - no stress, no strain, no struggle, no problem. Throughout Eleuthera, you will find unmatched land and seascapes, from magnificent pink sandy beaches to exotic plant life to crystal clear waters to rustic settlements and

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lush pineapples fields. These wonderful sights are accentuated by glorious sunrises by day and moonlit nights, all with a sprinkling of the soothing sea breeze. But the physical aesthetics of the Bahamas pales in comparison to the beauty of our people, who are by far our most treasured assets. You will feel their warmth as much as the warmth of our Bahamian sun. We are all eager to meet you and help make your stay with us an unforgettable one. We hope you will en-

joy every minute of your time in the islands of the Bahamas, and we look forward to your enduring friendshi p.

Sincerely, Jacqueline H. Gibson, General Manager (Acting) Eleuthera Tourist Office

WELCOME to North Eleuthera, Spanish Wells & Harbour Island Welcome to the beautiful communities of North Eleuthera, Harbour Island, Spanish Wells and Royal Island! North Eleuthera and its satellite islands are laced with breathtaking pink and white sand beaches and collectively, the area’s historical highlights and features are as diverse as pineapple fields in Gregory Town, to the majestic Glass Window Bridge to the north; Preacher’s Cave and blue holes in Bogue to the quilting and the million dollar lobster fishing industry in Spanish Wells. Harbour Island, affectionately called “Briland”, houses Dunmore Town, one of the oldest communities in The Bahamas. Today, the quaint New

England architecture of the Island’s Loyalist history adds to the charm of this pink sand island. Guests to our islands will be captivated by our unexpected hilly topography and incredible bluffs that overlook the Atlantic on one side and the Bahama Sound on the other, one as different from the other as day from night. Hospitality is no stranger to our islands. The friendliness of our people warms the heart, while our cuisine, it is said, heals the soul. Needless to say, your stay in North Eleuthera, Spanish Wells, Harbour Island and Royal Island will be an unforgettable experience, and

we look forward to welcoming you again and again. Remember, it is always, “Better in The Bahamas!

Sincerely, Betty Bethel General Manager, North Eleuthera & Harbour Island Ministry of Tourism and Aviation

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Eleuthera Better In The Bahamas?

there. Better In The Bahamas?

The Case Can Be Made By Ted Reinstein Chronicle Columnist

Boston -- On Wednesday morning, while it was spitting a chilly rain in Boston, I was sitting on an outdoor deck sipping coffee on Harbour Island in the Bahamas. It was nearly 70 degrees, sunny, and the water before me was a brilliant turquoise, rippled occasionally by a light and balmy breeze. The bubbly woman who’d served me came over and asked, “Is everything OK?” I laughed. I told her what the weather was back home. We both laughed. What if it really is better in the Bahamas? That’s the question I find myself asking after returning from a whirlwind working trip

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Is that a shopworn and clichéd slogan coined by some PR hack for the tourism biz? Of course it is. Just like Maine’s “Worth a Visit, Worth a Lifetime.” Or, “Virginia is for Lovers.” I mean, what does that even mean? Lovers of what? The old Confederacy? I’d never been to the Bahamas before. Been all over the Caribbean, but this was my first trip to the Bahamas. Arriving in Nassau, it was exactly what I expected: Crowds of people, a main drag lined with shops all poised to separate tourists from their money, and the 12-story tall cruise ships towering above all else. Across the narrow bay, another towering colossus -- the Atlantis Resort -- best described as a cruise ship on land. You will see many impressive things at this massive complex of hotel towers, pools and casinos. You will not be seeing the Bahamas though. Fortunately, we didn’t

!... linger in Nassau. After interviewing some officials, we flew over to the thin and long (110 miles) island of Eleuthera. Then we went by water taxi over to the smaller and adjoining Harbour Island, where the boat pulled up in Dunmore Town and where my

blood pressure dropped along with the scale of development. There are few cars on Harbour Island; most people tool around the narrow, winding streets in golf carts. We stopped at Arthur’s first thing every morning for a coffee and a muffin or a fresh

The Cape Eleuthera Institute

is a world-class research and education facility that conducts year-round research programs and hosts educational programming for visiting schools and groups. We seek to enhance conservation initiatives at local, regional, and global scales through research, education, and outreach.

Visitors are invited to tour our sustainable campus: Monday to Friday at 11am and 1pm To find out about organizing educational programming, or for more information about our research programs, please visit us online. (242) 334-8552

Better in the Bahamas?

slice of coconut bread.

We soon saw why.

Local workers and kids in school uniforms headed for class were the first customers in, followed by the more leisurely types.

Arthur and his wife have run the bakery for 25 years. He’s a local guy who was forced to move around a lot as a kid and who lived for time as a teen with relatives in New York City. Around his neck he still wears his last New York subway to-

Owner Robert Arthur insisted we try the signature banana pancakes.

The Island School is a semester program

for high school students from across the globe. Grounded in principals of community, sustainability and sense of place, The Island School asks its students:


ow can we live better in a place?

The organization serves its local and worldwide communities, promoting responsible global citizenship by engaging students in real world issues of environment, culture, and development. For details about scholarships through the Bahamas Environmental Steward Scholars Program and for application instructions, visit us online. (242) 334-8551

The Deep Creek Middle School

has been educating the future leaders of The Bahamas since 2001. DCMS approaches the national Bahamian curriculum with methods grounded in place and experiential-based education, inspiring academic growth, leadership, and responsible citizenship in its students, grades 7-9.

The school receives funding from private donations and the Cape Eleuthera Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to community development and prosperity for the citizens of Eleuthera. For more information, please contact us. (242) 334-8414


Resourceful Charm ken.

Celebrities like Penelope Cruz and Elle Macpherson pop in and out, however, and don’t seem to be bothered much.

“Something to remember a very different way of life,” he smiles. I’ll say.

I felt lucky to spend a couple of hours tooling around the island with a local celebrity of a different sort. Prince Mather is 66, tall, dark skinned, with graying hair and a regal bearing. A historian who speaks four languages (“My niece speaks 5!”), he talks slowly and articulately with an Oxford accent. Which is fitting. He’s relat-

There are those on Harbour Island who worry that the secret may be out. They talk here about not wanting to become “Nantucket-ized.” I can understand that. There are plenty on Nantucket who wished it hadn’t become Nantucket-ized, either.

Mr. Prince Mather

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March 2012 - British Prince Harry on an official visit to Harbour Island


Better in the Bahamas?

ed to the Mathers of Puritan New England fame (fascinating in itself). As I drive our golf cart, he treats me to a scholarly discourse on local history, full of shipwrecks, pirates and British Loyalists fleeing Boston. Later, we stop by the water at Queen Conch.

It’s a small, roadside stand which the owner, Lavaughn Percentie, has made famous for her fresh conch salads. How fresh? She let me have a whack (literally) at opening up my own conch shell out back. She then proceeded to cut it up for

my own salad. “How many of these have you made over the years?” I ask. A warm, petite and gentle woman in her 60s, she stops and smiles as she thinks. “I’ve never counted,

you know? But these salads have put two daughters through college.” That resourcefulness is common on the island. On the bigger island of Eleuthera, we’re driven around by a taxi driver known as “Fine Threads.” He wears a spiffy black

Fine Properties on the Island of Eleuthera, Windermere Island, Spanish Wells, Russell Island and Harbour Island GOVERNOR’S HARBOUR Queen’s Highway opposite Cupid’s Cay

t 242.332.2820 f 242.332.3622

SPANISH WELLS Samuel Guy Street

t 242.333.4590 f 242.333.4587

Nassau: 242.322.2305 Offices throughout the Bahamas

Visit and for all of our Eleuthera listings

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Is It Better in The Bahamas?

A resounding YES “Resourcefulness” suit and tie with a matching chauffeur’s hat. But he’s a man of many hats, it turns out. In the back of the van, we notice bins of fresh vegetables. “You got to see my farm,” he says. We turn off the main road, and 10 minutes later, after winding our way over a dirt road, he’s walking us through tidy rows of broccoli, celery, and enormous heirloom tomatoes. In his suit. But what’s really more improbable is that this produce is popping up through a seemingly impenetrable ground cover of white, pebbly limestone.

“Warm, Friendly Bahamians”

“Look at this,” our farmer says, bending down to push aside a piece of rock and revealing the soil underneath. “I call it ‘Miracle Grow,’” he beams. Later, at Daddy Joe’s place in Gregory Town, a lunch of conch fritters and fries comes complete with a side order of Super Bowl chat.


laughs. “But since they’re not playing, New England all the way, my friend!” It’s like that all over Eleuthera. Warm and friendly Bahamians who laugh easily and who have an obvious appreciation for living where they live. And why not? Is it better in the Bahamas?

“Who do you like?” I ask our cheerful host. “Jets!” he says.

For a few short, frenzied days, anyway, the answer is a resounding “Yes.”

“But they’re not even playing,” I point out. “Hey, you asked who I like!” he

Travel Writers, including the author of this article, were treated to a tour of Eleuthera, following the Caribbean Travel Marketplace 2012 at Atlantis. 14 | The Eleutheran Magazine


Did You Know? Farming is at the core of Eleutheran Society.

Over 150 years ago, EleuFINE THREADS - Mr. Frederick Neilly - Renowned Taxi Driver and Accomplished Farmer

thera exported thousands of dozens of pineapples to North America and Europe.

In 1844, Eleuthera exported 15,000 dozen pineapple roots to England.

In 1885 The Bahamas exported 92,000 dozen pineapples to the United States, with Eleuthera as the major producer in the archipelago.

The Eleutheran Magazine | 15

The 2011 Pineapple-a-thon Sprint Triathlon saw a record turnout of competitors, new course record and closely contested divisions. Simon Lowe of Nassau covered the 500 meter swim, 10 km bike and 5 km run course in 52 minutes and 37 seconds to win the race, easily breaking the course record. The Event is held in June!

E v e n t s


ELEUTHERA CALENDAR OF EVENTS 2012 Eleuthera’s Farmers Market/ Craft Show. This event is held at

the Market Place, Rock Sound the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. The goal of the farmer’s market is to showcase all that Eleuthera has to offer from the farm to the local handmade crafts. For information, please contact Mr. Ian Carey at (242) 334-4630.

Daily Tour at the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve, Gover16 | The Eleutheran Magazine

nor’s Harbour. The Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve, Eleuthera’s first national park, protects 25 acres of coppice and mangrove forest, with the goal of conserving indigenous species and researching Bahamian bush medicine. Visitors can explore the traditional uses of native trees and shrubs on the Medicinal Plant Trail, which groups plants according to the ailments they treat. The Mangrove Boardwalk will take you through an otherwise inaccessible wetland ecosystem. Birders will enjoy the Coppice Trail through a Bahamian hardwood forest where birds abound. The Preserve features a Welcome Centre and gift shop, as well as an openair Education Pavilion. For information, please call: 242-332-3831 or 225-7832.


• The Eleuthera Softball Season Opens

Games are held in Palmetto Point, Rock Sound, James, Cistern and Governor’s Harbour. Eleuthera is the softball capital of the Bahamas. The competition that takes place is to foster better relationships among residents. At the end of the season, the four top teams compete for the playoffs and at the end, the two top teams play for the championship and the winner goes on to compete in the National Round Robin Tournament which is held in Nassau October of each year. There are times when the Association agrees to take it to Grand Bahama or an Out Island. Contact: Mr. Kingsley Bethel at 242-332-2185.

april 4th – 9th • The Annual James’ Cistern Heritage Affair Homecoming

Some of the activities include limbo/fire dancing, live band performance, sale of food and drinks, native crafts and fashion shows. The purpose of this event is to build a community/crisis centre. Contact Mrs. Vonnia Pearce at 242551-3076. Event held in James’ Cistern.

Rock Sound coming Festival


This event attracts domestic and international tourists. Some of the events include junkanoo rush-out, live band performances, fashion/cultural shows.

For information please contact Mr. Pat Maynard at 557-7696 or 334-2194. Event held in Rock Sound.

Lower Bogue coming Festival


Local residents and visitors from other islands come together to interact and enjoy cultural activities, Bahamian music, food, drinks and games. Contact Mr. Collin Moss at 242-335-1760 . Event held in Lower Bogue.

April 14th • Annual Ride for Hope

Ride for Hope is an annual fundraising cycling event held in Eleuthera. It is open to everyone, the young and young at heart. This event is held to raise money for cancer caring and treatment programs. Hope is also raised for those afflicted with cancer and awareness among the population at large that together, we all can make a difference. Hundreds of riders from around the world travel to Eleuthera to participate. For information please contact: 242332-1804.

APRIL 21ST • Cultural

Earth Day Celebration, Bayfront Park, Governor’s Harbour This event is in observance of Earth Day and Nature Conservancy. For information, please contact Mr. Shaun Ingraham at 242-334-4578.

May 30th – JUNE 4th • 25th ANNUAL Pineapple Festival

Is held in Gregory Town, Eleuthera. The Pineapple Festival was first introduced in 1988. The Ministry of Tourism on the island of Eleuthera conceived the idea. The purpose of the Pineapple Festival firstly was to honor the many pineapple farmers for their outstanding contributions to the community. Secondly, to bring together Bahamians and visitors from all walks of life to enjoy and participate in pineapple events such as pineapple eating contest, pineapple cooking contest, Old time pineapple crazy sports, 40 mile pineapple cycling classic, plaiting of the pineapple pole, Little Miss Pineapple Pageant and non-stop pineapple party time. Contact the Eleuthera Tourist Office at 242-332-2142.

E v e n t s


Children from Central and South Eleuthera got the opportunity to express their creativity and give real meaning to the saying ``One man’s trash is another man’s treasure`` by working with critically acclaimed fashion designer, Barbara De Vries July. 2011

JUNE 2nd

local experience of down home cooking, • The Bluff Homecoming Annual Cycling Race (40 mile rake and scrape, talent shows, art & craft, This homecoming brings the descenetc. Contact Mr. Mervin Sweeting at 242bike ride) dants of the Bluff back home to enjoy a weekEvent held in Gregory Town as a part 364-1108. Event is held in Deep Creek. of the Pineapple Festival. The event is sponsored annually by Continental Air- June 8th – 13th lines. Contact the Eleuthera Tourist Office at 242-332-2142.

• Palmetto coming

June 2nd

Annual Pineapple Fest Triathlon. This is a 400 meter swim, 10km hilly bike ride, and a 5km run. For information, please contact Mr. Tom Glucksmann at 242-5519635 or the Eleuthera Tourist Office at 242332-2142.

Annual Conch Fest



The philosophy of this committee is to promote community and to strengthen the well being of society, economically, socially and spiritually and in the mean time sharing their cultural heritage with the younger members of the community and visitors alike. During the event visitors and descendants return to Deep Creek for that

18 | The Eleutheran Magazine



Like many of the other festivals, the Palmetto Point Homecoming Committee plan a week of activities in celebration of their Heritage and culture. Entertainment includes live band performances, fashion/ cultural shows, art competition and games. Event held in South Palmetto Point. Contact Mr. Hank Johnson at 242-332-2428.

JULY 4th – 10th • Savannah Sound Homecoming

end of fun and frolic with family and friends. Entertainment includes live band performances, Little Ms. Bluff – Eleuthera Beauty Pageant, food and drinks. For information contact Mr. Rodney Green at 242-335-3113. Event held in The Bluff.

JUNKANOO SUMMER FESTIVAL (dates to be announced)

This festival sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism provides natives and visitors with a taste of the Christmas Junkanoo celebrations. The highly anticipated summer event features the best in Bahamian music, food, art and dance. For information, please contact Ms. Glenda Johnson at the Eleuthera Tourist Office at (242) 332-2142.

JULY 7TH • The South Eleuthera Mis-

Activities include fashion/cultural shows, down home cooking, dancing and sion live band performances. For information In the early nineteenth century Methodcontact Ms. Marjorie Culmer at 332-1288. ist Missionaries arrived in Rock Sound and Event is held in Savannah Sound.

built a Manse in the centre of the settlement to be used as a place for teaching and mentoring the inhabitants of South Eleuthera. It was customary for the Manse to be referred to as “The Mission House”. By the 1940’s however, the highly acclaimed US businessman, Arthur Vining Davis took it over, and it was converted into a Medical clinic for the people of Eleuthera. In later years, after petitioning the Government, the people of South Eleuthera were granted use of the building and thereafter began raising funds for its refurbishment. Therefore every Saturday during the Bahamian Independence weekend, a Heritage and Cultural Fair and raffle is held where there’s entertainment such as Live Band performances, Junkanoo, Art Exhibition, Cooking and baking contests and lots more. The purpose of the Mission is to provide learning facilities for the people of South Eleuthera and the renting of facilities for seminars, the primary source of funding is likely to remain from donations.

AUGUST 1st – 6th • Bay Festival Hatchet Bay

The purpose of this homecoming is to assist the settlement economically and to foster a closer relationship with the descendants and the community of Hatchet Bay. Activities include marching band performances, worship, Little Miss Hatchet Bay Beauty Pageant and games. Contact Mr. Daryl Smith at 242-332-2071 or Mr. Peter Davis at 335-1600 or 3350632. Event held in Hatchet Bay.

Back to the Bay Homecoming Festival Like many other events, Back to the Bay Homecoming Festival consists of descendants and visitors returning to Tarpum Bay for a weekend of fun. Activities include junkanoo rush-out, cultural/talent shows, native food and drinks. The objective of the committee is to construct a multi-purpose community centre. The Tarpum Bay Community Centre is now under construction. For information contact Mr. Patrick Johnson, 334-4135. Event is held in Tarpum


AUGUST 4th • Walk for a Cure, Tarpum Bay - The purpose of this walk is to assist in the fight against cancer. For information, please contact Mrs. Debra Moxey at 242-3344183.

SEPTEMBER • Softball Playoffs begin - Contact Mr. Andre Butler at 242-332-2014 or 242-464-0616. Games held in Palmetto Point, Rock Sound, Governor’s Harbour and James’ Cistern.

OCTOBER, 10th – 15th • North Eleuthera Sailing Regatta This is a major event within the islands. Class A, B, and C Class boats are invited for competition. The onshore activities include live band performances, cultural shows, native food and drinks and Bahamian music. For information contact Mr. Ricky Mackey at 242-333-2275 or the Harbour Island Tourist Office at 242333-2621. Event held in Harbour Island.

Wemyss Bight Homecoming Festival This festival was designed to bring Bahamians and visitors to Wemyss Bight to celebrate and reminisce. The event comprises of talent shows, food and drinks, live band performances and local crafts. For information contact Mr. James’ Young, at 242- 334-0162.

OCTOBER 20th • Cancer Society – Eleuthera Walk for the Cure, Governor’s Harbour The Cancer Society – Eleuthera Branch’s aim is to create awareness,

education, prevention, research advocacy, care and cure of cancer. The purpose is to serve cancer patients, survivors and their families and persons who may be at risk across the Bahamas. For information please contact Ms. Juanita Pinder, President at 242-332-2984 or 242-332-1804

OCTOBER 31ST - November 4th • Governor’s Harbour Homecoming Festival This festival attracts local people and visitors for a fun filled weekend. Activities include junkanoo, live band performances and games. For information contact Mr. Arthur Turnquest at 242-332-2748. Event held in Governor’s Harbour.

NOVEMBER 21ST – 25TH • Green Castle Homecoming This event attracts family and friends for a weekend of celebrations and cultural activities, food, drinks, live band performances and games. Contact Tony Butler at 334-4281 for more information.

NOVEMBER • Arts and Crafts Exhibition This annual event is sponsored by the Haynes Library, Governor’s Harbour. Artists on Eleuthera display and sell their art and craft. Food and drinks on sale also. For information contact 242-332-2877. This event is held at the Haynes Library.

DECEMBER 26th • Junkanoo Junkanoo is the National Festival of the Bahamas; it represents

The TheEleutheran EleutheranMagazine Magazine | |1919

Artwork by Kristel Kingston

E v e n t s our roots and it is our heritage. Junkanoo originated during the days of slavery when the slaves were given time off to celebrate the holidays with African dance, music and costume. The festival is named after “JOHN CANOE”, an African tribal chief who demanded the right to celebrate with his people even after being brought to the West Indies in Slavery. Junkanoo today is a traditional rally to cowbells, whistles and goat-skin drums as costumed revelers dance away. Contact the Eleuthera Tourist Office at 242332-2142. Parades held in Tarpum Bay, Rock Sound and Harbour Island.

Junior Junkanoo For more information, contact the Eleuthera Tourist Office at 32-2142.

PLEASE NOTE: Every Friday night the Governor’s Harbour Development Association hosts a Fish Fry at Anchor Bay in Governor’s Harbour. This event attracts dozens of tourists every week. Tourists and locals look forward to this social every Friday. The proceeds from

20 | The Eleutheran Magazine

calendar this event go towards the Annual Homecoming and various projects within the community.

P u b l i c

H o l i d a y s of this beautiful Island.

Our Public Holidays are an excellent time for you to relax and party like a Bahamian! Throughout the year, Holidays are paired with Homecoming Celebrations; typically two festivals in different parts of the island will be taking place. The Homecomings offer an opportunity for displaced Eleutherans in New Providence and beyond, to return home and reconnect with their communities. It’s an excellent time for tourists to intermingle and share a drink with the people

SPRING/SUMMER Holidays and Festivals. April 6th Good Friday - (Friday before Easter Sunday) This Religious Holiday marks the end of the Lenten Season and is the first day of a long holiday weekend which includes the following Monday after Easter Sunday. On this holy day most Bahamians attend church services and serve fish as their main meal of the day.

P u b l i c H o l i d a y s April 9th Easter Monday - (Monday after Easter Sunday) This Holiday marks the beginning of the Beach Picnicking season for Bahamians. There are also many cookouts in Public Parks; homecomings and regattas are held in some Islands. may 28th Whit Monday - (Seventh Monday after Easter) This Holiday marks the beginning of public witness of the Christian Church and is the Monday after Whit Sunday, The Feast of Pentecost, which comes 50 days after Easter.

beaching, sailing, and regattas in New Providence and the Family Islands. October 12th

National Heroes’ Day oct 12th

- Previously celebrated as Columbus or Discovery day the name has been changed in honour of Bahamian National Heroes. To this end a small ceremony is held in Rawson Square, downtown Nassau, in honour of Bahamian National Heroes.

Please note: Holidays falling on a Saturday or Sunday are usually celebrated on the following Monday. Holidays falling on Tuesday/ Wednesday/Thursday – the Tuesday holiday is usually celebrated on Monday and the Wednesday & Thursday holidays will be celebrated on Friday (with the exception of Independence Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day). Banks/businesses (and many shops) are closed on Public Holidays. . Source:

June 1st Labour Day - (First Friday in June) On this Holiday, members of the Labour Unions from different organizations as well as Political Parties march in a large parade through the streets of Downtown Nassau, usually in colourful uniforms, beginning around 10:00 a.m. Local bands and a few junkanooers lead the parades, providing lively music for the marchers and spectators. The parade ends at the Southern Recreation Grounds, where Union Leaders and local politicians deliver speeches. Most Bahamians spend the afternoon relaxing or visiting beaches. July 10th Independence Day - Bahamians in all the islands, including Eleuthera, celebrate this occassion with fervent pride. August 6th Emancipation Day - (First Monday in August) This holiday is also known as August Monday and is celebrated on the first Monday in August. The holiday celebrates the emancipation of slavery in the British Colonies in 1834. The holiday is celebrated with a Junkanoo Rush-out, a day of

December 25th

Christmas Day Eleuthera is predominantly a Faith based island, and Christmas is an important celebration on the Calendar. Eleuthera Island Junkanoo in 2010 took place on Christmas Day 7:00pm in Tarpum Bay.

December 26th Boxing Day - (Junkanoo Parades take place in some islands.)

For further information, please contact the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism office at (242) 332-2142.

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dining out Eleuthera


Island Life One Taste at a time... Unique Village Restaurant Lobster

22 | The Eleutheran Magazine

Dining In...our restaurants

Ti ppy`s Pizza

Dining Out...doors, island style Stare as the tropical sun glistens on

Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married Too”.

the turquoise Atlantic Ocean or sinks into

Sample the delectable tastes of the

the colourful splendour of our sunset on the

vibrant new chef at Unique’s Restaurant in

Exuma Sound, while enjoying a sumptuous

Palmetto Point or watch the evening sky

meal at any of the excellent dining hot-spots

over the water at Pascals Caribbean Fusion

in Eleuthera.

in Rock Sound.

Restaurants on the mainland or Spanish Wells and Harbour Island offer up a variety of local fare, seafood and continental cuisine.

See our Restaurant Listing (pg. 24) for delicious dining options across Eleuthera. True to Eleuthera’s luringly informal, and natural feel, a tasty satisfying conch sal-

Tippy’s on the Bank’s Road in Gov-

ad, barbecue or snack is available from road

ernor’s Harbour, the restaurant of Pineapple

side stalls, weekend fish fry, town eateries,

Fields Resort, is a delightful choice and one

small restaurants and if you’re really lucky,

of the favourites mentioned by Winter Resi-

local homes.

dents informally polled. It’s located on the

From Cape Eleuthera at the southern

Atlantic Ocean, directly on the beach (now

most point to Harbour Island in the north,

called Tippy’s beach), near the scene of Tyler

new and renowned restaurants cater to the varied palates of locals and visitors alike.

The Eleutheran Magazine | 23 Ti ppy`s Bar

Restaurant Listing Eleuthera Gregory Town

Harbour Island

Angela's Starfish 333.2253 333.2361 Barettas Coral Sands 333.2350 Dunmore Beach Club 333.2200 Pink Sands 333-2030 Linc Restaurant 333.3286 333.2707 The Landing Ma Ruby's Rest. 333.2161 Rock House 333.2053 Romora Bay Club 333.2325 Runaway Hill Club 333.2150 The Harbour Lounge 333.2031 Valentine's Waterfront 333.2142

Spanish Wells

Anchor Snack Bar Teen Planet Eagle's Landing The Generation Gap


Seven Seas (LB)




333.4023 BLD 333.5551 BLD 333.4955 LD 333.4464 BLD 335.1011 BLD

N. E. Craft & Snack 335-1700 BL Pascal’s Caribbean Fusion

Tarpum Bay

334.4028 BLD BLD Barbie's BLD D & J's Takeaway 334.4130 LD BLD Ingraham's 334.4066 BLD L BLD Rock Sound BLD Aunt Ed's Place 334.2953 LD Hatchet Bay Coco's Rest & Bar 334.2962 LD Pascal’s Caribbean 225.8052 LD Twin Brothers 335-0730 LD Rainbow Inn 335.0294 BLD Nort'Side Eleu Rest. 334.2573 LD Rock Sound Club 334.2700 D James Cistern Sammy's Restaurant 334.2121 BLD DJ's Takeaway 335.6566 BLD Kel-D's Bar & Grill 335.6061 LD Deep Creek Lee's Cafe 335.6444 BLD Sheryl's Restaurant 334.8111 LD A & T’’s Restaurant 334-8347 LD Governor's Harbour Cambridge Rest. 335.5080 335.5032 Elvina's Rest. Ida's Delights 335.5023 470.8143 Laughing Lizard Surfers Beach 335.5300 The Cove 335-5142

Blue Room Restaurant 332.2736 Buccaneer Club Rest. 332.2000 Cocodimama 332.3150 Gov. Har. Bakery 332.3074 Quality Inn Cigatoo 332.3060 The Beach House 332.3387 The Bistro 332.3422 Sarah's Takeaway 332.3661 Sunset Inn Restaurant 332.2487 Tippy's

LD Wemyss Bight LD Shi p to Shore 334.0111 BLD BLD BL Cape Eleuthera BLD Barracuda's Beach 334.8500 LD LD Bahama Coffee Co. 334.8500 BLD LD BLD LD

332.3331 LD

Palmetto Point Mate & Jenny's Pizza 332.1504 LD Unique’s Restaurant 332.1830 BLD

Bank’`’s Road Deli, Governor`s Harbour, Pineapple Fields

Fresh baked pastries and breads hot from our bakery to spicy conch sushi rolls, are just a few of the culinary delectables available at “Pascal’s” a Caribbean Fusion style Restaurant & Bar@ Four Point Marina Village, Rock Sound, Eleuthera. This upbeat Island/South Beach Style culinary mecca of South Eleuthera will take your palate on a world tour. Relax and lounge on the couches overlooking the pristine sound (Bay) of Rock Sound, indulge yourself with various courses personally executed by our executive chef in our private upper deck dining area or simply gaze at the sunset while watching your favorite game at the adjacent “Tikki Bar @ Water’`s edge. Pascal’s has what you’ve been longing for and more. Themed Parties, Wedding Receptions or Business meetings are all accommodated. For more details please contact us @ (242) 225-8052 / (242) 554-5079 or email:

Reservations: 877-677-9539

FLY FREE FROM NASSAU It’s so easy to get to Eleuthera from Nassau. Book 4 or more nights at Pineapple Fields and we’ll pay for your flight on Pineapple Air (3 flights daily). Take advantage of the affordable fares to Nassau and then hop on over to Eleuthera. It’s only a 15 minute flight!

NEW AT PINEAPPLE FIELDS Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve Just a few minutes walk from your condo is the newly opened Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve, Eleuthera’s first national park. This worldclass “living laboratory” showcases the plants. culture and history of the Bahamas. Explore this 25-acre Preserve which includes a Medicinal Plant Trail, Mangrove Boardwalk and miles of trails through a hardwood forest and wetland ecosystem.

Horseback Riding Opening in early 2012 is the Ocean View Farm. This world-class facility is located on five acres adjoining Pineapple Fields. Guests will be able to enjoy rides up and down the beach. Call for details. “The complex of sun-yellow buildings, set amid a landscaped riot of palms, cascading bougainvillea and gumbo-limbo trees is comfortable yet completely unpretentious.” Travel and Leisure “Tippy’s beachside Bistro …. not some rickety shack but the epicenter of the Island’s emerging social whirl.” The New York Times

A Real Estate Concept for Eleuthera that Works... Now into its 7th year, Pineapple Fields has stood the test of time by continuing to thrive during the world economic real estate downturn.

“Through our marketing efforts we’ve seen our occupancies continue to grow every year, even if by a little”, says David Barlyn, a principal in the development company that also owns and operates Tippy’s and the Banks Road Deli.

Pineapple Fields is a 32- unit condo hotel that sits on 5 acres of lush gardens located directly between the new horse stables and the Levy Botanical Preserve. Pineapple Fields operates as a typical hotel but each unit is individually owned and part of a condo association. When not in residence, the owners make their units available for rent. The rental revenue is pooled and used to offset operating costs and homeowners’ fees. All aspects of sales, marketing and operation of the hotel are handled by the management company. “It’s perfect for us in that we don’t have to worry about anything. The place always looks great and everything works. When we come on vacation we don’t want to have to worry about taking care of another home. The fact that it makes money to defray our carrying costs when we’re not here makes it even

26 | The Eleutheran Magazine

better”, says Andrew Sanderson, a recently retired CPA from Canada that recently purchased a 2 bedroom unit. The development of the resort has been a collaboration between 3 veterans of residential and resort development in the Bahamas. 10 years ago, Chris Lightbourn, a 5th generation Bahamian UVA graduate with a CPA, met up with David Barlyn and Peter Birkwieser to purchase 80 acres of prime beach front property upon which a famous hotel, The Potlatch Club, once stood. Barlyn and Birkwieser are best known for their involvement in the development, redevelopment and operation of Pink Sands on Harbour Island, Compass Point in Nassau and the Big Game Club in Bimini. “Barlyn and Birkwieser have cut a swath through the Caribbean developing some of the regions’ most trendsetting hotels and restaurants. With Pineapple

Fields they have found a project to call their own.” Caribbean Travel and Life The Resort has been beneficial to both the homeowners as well as the community. Pineapple Fields, Tippy’s and Banks Road Deli employ around 20 persons from the surrounding settlements. “The fact that so many people from town work at the resort ensures that there’s community buy-in”, says Harry Petty, property engineer since the hotel opened, “Everyone gets a piece of the pie from our staff, to the taxi drivers to the fisherman that provide Tippy’s with fish and lobster.” According to Barlyn, “It’s important to be realistic when it comes to owning a piece of the dream… a home on an island in the Bahamas. From our 20 years of experience the condo-hotel is the right formula for Eleuthera. Pineapple Fields is living proof.”

The Eleutheran Magazine | 27

Business Comprehensive list, compiled February 2012 by The Eleutheran Newspaper.

South Eleuthera

Directory Deep Creek

Jemmaks Convenience, Household, Beauty

334-8005 Shopping

Sheryl's Restaurant Restaurant

334-8111 Dining

A&T's Restaurant Restaurant

334-8347 Dining

Bill's Sweets N' Things Convenience, Snacks, Takeaway

Pinder's Hardware Hardware, Building Supplies Seaside Estates Motel (8 units)

470-1475/225-1269 TakeAway 334-8162



Where To Stay


Where To Stay

Barracuda's Restaurant Restaurant



Bahama Coffee Company Restaurant







Cape Eleuthera Cape Eleuthera Resort & Yacht Hotel Club

Cape Eleuthera Marina Marina (Electricity, Water, Fuel) The Island School School/Research

Waterford Down Home Sports Bar & Nightclub, Restaurant & Bar Grill Davis Harbour Marina Marina (Electricity, Water, Fuel)

456-9654 Night life 334-6303


Wemyss Bight Rochique's Boutique Variety Store, Clothing, Beauty,

334-0003 Shopping

Household, Convenience Ship To Shore Restaurant & Bar

Kell's Takeaway Takeaway, Snacks, Gas, Rooms


334-0111 Dining TakeAway

Green Castle Avon Gift Shop & Library Avon Gifts & Beauty Supplies/Library Brown's Supermarket Grocery, Household, Hardware


Shopping 334-6009 Shopping

Hall’s Variety Store in Rock Sound, carries a full line of grocery items, as well as native meats (including mutton, lamb and pork), fruits and vegetable, household goods, clothing and shoes. Opening hours are 8am to 5pm Monday thru Thursday, 8am to 7pm Friday thru Saturday and 8am to 10am on Sundays. Phone: 334-2004. Fax: 334-2438.

Photography by Theresa Burrows. Model featured: Gem Austin


Directory Rock Sound

Hall's Variety Store Grocery, Meats, Clothing, Shoes...

334-2004/334-2438 Shopping

3T's LaundryMat Laundry Mat & Cleaning Accessories

334-2106 Shopping

Step by Step Shoe Store Men & Ladies Clothing & Shoes

334-2976 Shopping

Unique Island Treasures Souvenirs & Gifts

334-2103 Shopping

In Da Hole Beauty, Accessories, Hair, Baby Items Best Bet Souvenirs Bah. Souvenirs, Gift Items, Jewelry

334-2967 Shopping 334-2872/3/4/ Shopping

Eddie's Dept. Store Men & Ladies Clothing

334-2322 Shopping

Forever Beautiful Body Lingerie, Gifts, Perfume, Jewelry,... Pascal's Caribbean Fusion Restaurant & Bar Rock Sound Hardware Hardware & Home Care

334-2943 Shopping 334-2778/225-8052 Dining 334-2253/334-2257 Shopping

Coco Plum's Restaurant Restaurant

334-2962 Dining

Ingraham's BeacH INN Inn Accommodations

334-4066 Where To Stay

Ingraham's Furniture Home Furniture

334-4263 Shopping

The Cottages Accommodation

334-2031 Where To Stay

The Lumber Shed Hardware, Building Supplies

334-2031 Shopping

The Home Center Household

334-2955 Shopping

The Market Place Supermarket

334-2203 Shopping

North Side Restaurant Restaurant, Cottage Accommodations A&M Clothing Store Ladies & Children's Clothing Sammy's Place Restaurant, Bar & Accommodations The Prescription Pharmacy Medicines & Notions Veta's Place Restaurant & Bar R & R Enterprise Convenience, Snacks Sawyer's Food Store Grocery, Household The Party Den Party Supplies Gibson & Son Upholstery ... Upholstery & Tailoring Faith 4 Life Gift Store Christian Books, Gifts, Home DĂŠcor Office General Office Supplies and Text books George's Art & Craft Music, Movies, Sandals, Bags, Jewelry, Saunder's Electrical & Maintenance Electrical Installation


Stay / Dining





# not available








# not available












Eleuthera Stationery & Office Supplies Stationery & Office Supplies



Leary's Import & Export Import, Export



Sturrups Liquor Store Liquors



AID (Automotive ...) Automotive, Hardware, Household



The Eleutheran Magazine | 33

Business Central Eleuthera

Directory Governor’s Harbour

Damianos Sotheby's Real Estate Sales & Rentals


Real Estate

HG Christie Real Estate Sales & Rentals


Real Estate



Eleuthera Tourism Tourist resource Eleuthera Supply Grocery, Household, Shell Fuel



Buccaneer Restaurant




Clear Water Dive Shop

Dive Shop & Supplies

332- 2146




Highway Service Station Esso Fuel, Gifts, Convenience etc Dornell's Treasures

Souvenirs & Gifts



Governor’s Harbour Bakery




Great Expectations Boutique




Harbour Inn Restaurant

Restaurant and Catering



Office General

Office & School Supplies



Sunset Inn & Restaurant The Beach House

Restaurant Restaurant

332-2487 332-3387

Dining Dining



Theresa Burrows photo... Photography The Blue Room




Touch of Class




Top of the Line




Lord Byron’s Building Supplies

Building Supplies, Hardware



Eleuthera Beverages

Wholesale Beverages



Ronnie’s Enterprises




Y2K Fashions

Clothing & Accessories



George’s Art & Craft

Art & Craft / DVD’s



Eleuthera Pest Control

Pest Control Services



Kid’s R Us Daycare

Daycare and Pre-school



Agape House Daycare

Daycare and Pre-school

# not available


Burrows Grocery




Pammy’s Takeaway




Sands Liquor






Burrows Liquor Liquors Sophie’s Boutique

Clothing & Accessories



Griffin’s Auto Repair

Auto Repair and Servicing



Eleuthera Petroleum

Wholesale Fuel



Office General

Office and School Supplies



Janet’s Upholstery

Upholstery Services



Ursula’s Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon



Cocodimama Resort

Hotel & Restaurant


Where to Stay

Sky Beach Club

Hotel & Restaurant


Where to Stay

Palmetto Point Big General Wholesale

Groceries & Wholesale

# not available



Auto Supplies & Repairs



Joshua Culmer Insurance

Insurance Services



Lakia's Variety Store Groceries & Convenience



Millard's Grocery Store

Groceries & Convenience



Paint Paradise

Paint Supplies







Tacy Auto Parts Auto Supplies & Repairs The Diva Beauty & Hair Supplies The Tea Kettle Coffees, Teas and Gifts W.D. Electrical, A/C & Refrig

Electrical Services





CS Service Center

Fuel and Convenience Items



Klean Ko

Cleaning Supplies/Pharmacy Service



Carl Sands Construction

Heavy Equipment & Construction



Wind Chimes Rest. & Sports Bar

Nightlife & Bar



Paradise Service Plaza

Fuel & Auto Supplies



Big Daddy’s Rental Cars

Car Rentals



Island Farm

Nursery & Farm Supplies



Smart Roofing & Construction

Roofing and Construction



Mate & Jenny’s Pizza

Restaurant & Pizza



Unique Village

Hotel & Restaurant


Where to Stay

Eleuthera Dental Center

Dental Services



Tia’s Shop

Groceries & Convenience



Freedom Ice-Cream Parlour

Ice-Cream & Snacks



Unique’s Hardware

Hardware Supplies







James Cistern Big Rock General & Deli

Groceries & Convenience

J.C. Discount Groceries, Household, Toys, Wholesale East & Final Grocery

Grocery & Convenience



D & D Service Station

Fuel & Convenience



Hatchet Bay Bay Liquor Store




Lutra Pure Water

Purified Water



Bay Inn / Twin Brothers Hotel & Restaurant



Gateway Service Station

Fuel & Auto Supplies



Front Porch Delights

Restaurant & Gifts



5 Star Food Store

Grocery Store



Gregory Town Ida's Delights

Ice-cream & Snacks



Island Made Gifts

Souvenirs & Gifts



Jay's Laundromat




Mr. Bones Liquor Store




Seven Eleven

Groceries & Convenience





J.C. Discount Groceries, Household, Toys, Wholesale

The Eleutheran Magazine | 35

Business North Eleuthera

Directory Lower Bogue

Jimmy's Liquor Store

Liquors & Souvenirs

North Eleu Craft & Snack Souvenirs & Deli





Freedom Tours

Tour Services



White Crown Aviat./Bahama Hoppers

Private Charter Services



North Eleuthera Service Station

Texaco Fuel & Auto Supplies



Shop Smart

Wholesale Groceries



Builder's Square

Building Supplies



D & T Nursery

Plants & Garden







Johnson's Groceries Groceries & Household

Bluff North Eleu shopping Center Groceries, Household, Toys, Wholesale

Harbour Island Reggie's Taxi & Golf Cart Rentals

Taxi & Rentals



Daddy D's




Arthur's Bakery & Internet Café

Bakery & Internet Café



Johnson's Rentals

Golf Cart Sales & Rentals



Dunmore Deli




Briland Booze




The Sand Dollar

Island Apparel, Souvenirs & Gifts



Bahamian Shells & Tings




Dunmore Realty

Real Estate Sales & Rentals


Real Estate

Dilly Dally

Souvenirs & Gifts




Real Estate

Island Real Estate Real Estate Sales & Rentals

Spanish Wells Food Fair Supermarket




Pinders Supermarket




Damianos Sothebys Realty Real Estate Sales & Rentals


Real Estate

Three Sisters

Clothing & Toys



Generation Gap

Restaurant & Takeaway



Harbour Side

Golf Cart Rentals & Souvenirs







Tees R Us Custom Apparel, Embroidery & Printing Lynette’s

36 | The Eleutheran Magazine

Gifts & Household

IMPORTANT NUMBERS OR.................................................

Getting to Eleuthera is quite easy. There are three International Airports, located in North Eleuthera (NE), Governor’s Harbour (GH) and Rock Sound (RS). Check the listings directly below for flights originating out of the USA direct to our beautiful islands.

Getting Here

From Ft. Lauderdale or Miami Continental Airlines US ..... (800) 231-0856 NE ..... 335-1278 Twin Air US .....(954) 359-8266 NE…..335-1696; GH..... 332-3340 American Eagle US .....1 (800) 433-7300 NE .....335-2055

O/C Governor’s Harbour............... Gov.Harb. Airport Station.............. Deep Creek Station....................... Tarpum Bay Station....................... Rock Sound Station........................ Rock Sound Sgt. Office.................. Rock Sound Airport Station........... Lower Bogue Station (Airport)...... Harbour Island Station.................. O/C Harbour Island....................... Spanish Wells Station................... Gregory Town Station.................... Hatchet Bay Station.......................

332-2723 332-2323 334-8207 334-4033 334-2244 334-2212 334-2052 335-1208 333-2111 333-2327 333-4030 335-5322 335-0086


Governor’s Harbour Clinic ......(242) 332-2774 Doctor .....(242) 332-2020 The Levy Medical and Health Center was donated in 1963 by the Harrisville Company in honor of June and Austin T. Levy who started the Hatchet Bay Plantation. There is a resident nurse at the clinic and there is a Doctor and Dentist who are stationed in the Central Eleuthera district. Rock Sound Clinic .....(242) 334-2226 Doctor .....(242) 334- 2226 Harbour Island Clinic .....(242) 333-2227 Doctor .....(242) 333-2225 The staff consists of a Doctor and three Nurses. The Doctor is on call 24 hours, and is the District Medical Officer. Spanish Wells Clinic ......(242) 333-4064

From Nassau Southern Air Nas.....225-1117/225-1119/2014 GH.....332-3270; NE.....335-1720 BahamasAir Nas.......377-8451; GH ..... 332-2648 RS.....334-3000; NE.....335-1152 Pineapple Air Nas.......377-0140; GH ..... 332-3811 RS.....334-2125; NE.....335-2081 Bahamas Fast Ferries Nas.....323-2166 GH.....332-2077; HI.....333-3133

Eleuthera Tourist Office

Located opposite the Governor’s Harbour primary school Queen’s Highway, Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera Tel .....(242) 332-2142 Fax .....(242) 332-2480

Inter Island Travel Abaco Air Abaco to North Eleuthera….....367-2266 Regional Air Grand Bahama to GH & NE….332-3340

Harbour Island Tourist Office Dunmore Street Tel .....242) 333-2621 Fax .....(242) 333-2622

Mail Boats from Nassau Eleuthera Express................... 393-1064 Bahamas Daybreak..................335-1163 Current Pride............................393-1064 Cargo Boats from US G&G Shipping....................332-3066 Bimini Shipping..................305-634-8858

Customs Brokers

Elite Customs Brokers-GH….........332-3066 Paul Simmons Customs Brokers...332-2571


Police Contact Numbers Head Quarters (GH)....................... Governor’s Harbour.......................

Police continued


332-3500 332-2111

Banking / ATM’s

Scotiabank Lower Bogue, Eleuthera (ATM) Tel ......................(242) 335-1400 Rock Sound, Eleuthera (ATM) Tel ……………...(242) 334-2620 First Caribbean Intl Bank GH, Eleuthera (ATM) Tel ………..(242) 332-2300 Royal Bank of Canada GH, Eleuthera (ATM) Tel ..(242) 332-2856/8 Hl, Eleuthera (ATM) Tel ..(242) 333-2250 SW, Eleuthera (ATM) Tel.. (242) 333-4131

The Eleutheran Magazine | 37

Lure of Bahama Strongback Bourreria ovata (Bahama Strongback)

This naturally occurring tree to Eleuthera, produces flowers which attract birds and butterflies in summer.. It survives the dry cooler months well, and thrives in summer rains. It is leafy and upright with drooping branches, fragrant white flowers and orange berries. Bahama Woodstar (Calliphlox evelynae)

Learn about this native plant and much more at the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve on the Bank’s Road, in Governor’s Harbour

38 | The Eleutheran Magazine

Throughout the Bahamas, including Eleuthera, it is well known for its believed, medicinal (traditional bush medicine) uses which include being considered an aphrodisiac and a treatment for oral inflammation. It is also used to treat back pain, diarrhea, fever, headache, stiff limbs, low blood pressure and to calm the nerves.

Humming b u t No t a B ir d Humming Bird Moth In real time, it darts from flower to flower, in much the same way as the Bahama hummingbird does. Both are daily visitors to the Bahama Strong back’s flowers, though this striped visitor seems to prefer early and later times of the day. They beat their wings so fast they emit a humming sound. To see it fly, it is easily mistaken for a tiny hummingbird but still photos reveal the proboscis, antennae and legs. It’s a moth, a hummingbird moth, to be more precise. From head to tail they say it measures less than 1.5 inches.

This angle shows how closely the moth can resemble a hummingbird

Bahama Strongback....

The aromatic beautiful white flowers are about 1/2 inch in diameter and sport a bright yellow core. Small birds (examples: hummingbirds and banaquits), butterflies ( all types) and moths (including the fascinating hummingbird moth) are attracted to the flowers. They make an excellent addition to an Eleuthera garden. The Bahama Woodstar hummingbird in particular visits the trees throughout the day as if they’re addicted to the nectar it produces. Other birds are also attracted to its colorful small fruit. The Eleutheran Magazine | 39

Eleuthera The Districts!

Quick Facts: •

Districts - The island is divided into

five districts that are administered daily by three appointed Administrators - Harbour island - Spanish Wells on St. George’s island - North Eleuthera - Central Eleuthera - South Eleuthera

• •

Three Administrators appointed by the Central Government in the city of Nassau, on the island of New Providence, serve to manage the Districts with one responsible for the Northern Districts of Harbour Island, Spanish Wells and North Eleuthera, another for Central Eleuthera and the third for South Eleuthera.

Local Government

This consists of District Councils that function exclusively within their district. - In the Northern three Districts , members of each District Council are elected directly to the council in local elections. - In Central and South Eleuthera Districts, local government representatives are elected to serve Town Councils. Each town council then elects a chairperson, who represents the town on the District Council.

Constituencies (2) - There are two political constituencies on Eleuthera. Each sends an elected representative to the Bahamian House of Parliament in New Providence for a 5 year term. There are 38 members of parliament elected nationally.

40 | The Eleutheran Magazine

• •

- Eleuthera is the first successful European Settlement in The Bahamas. All Bahamas parliaments have had native Eleutherans in their seats. - The first US Consulate overseas was established on Cupid’s Cay, in Governor’s Harbour Eleuthera in 1789 - The first premier of The Bahamas came from The Current, Eleuthera - Eleuthera is part-time home to some of the world’s richest and most famous individuals. - The Eleutheras were the only out-island grouping visited by Prince Harry in 2012 - Direct descendants of the first European settlers of The Bahamas live in communities in Eleuthera.

North Eleuthera - North Eleuthera All settlements north of Governor’s Harbour - Central & South Eleuthera All settlements south of James’ Cistern Main Commercial Port(s) • North Eleuthera International Airport (ELH) • Three Island Dock, - embarkation point from North Eleuthera to Harbour Island. (5 mins) • Gene’s Bay Dock - embarkation point from North Eleuthera to Spanish Wells (5 mins) • Spanish Wells Dock • Harbour Island Dock • Bluff Dock • Current Dock •

Townships The northern districts includes the towns of: • Upper and Lower Bogues The Bluff • The Current • Current Island, • Spanish Wells and • Harbour Island On the mainland of North Eleuthera several significantly sized farms can be found, just out of sight beyond the main road. In fact one of the top farmers in the district is taxi driver “``Fine Threads`` In the communities there is a strong entrepreneurial spirit with several small shops throughout. Travel to Current and spend a few moments at the Current Park, dedicated

in December 2009, in the name of the first Premier of The Bahamas and widely successful businessman, Sir Roland Symonette. Bluff is home to The North Eleuthera Shopping Center, a modern well stocked Supermarket that attracts regular shoppers from settlements over an hour away. The North Eleuthera administrator’’’s office and some other government offices are located in Harbour Island. Harbour Island is a world renowned tourist destination with a rich history and many important sites (See Sites & Attractions on page 28). Bahamas Fast Ferries, owned by Craig Symonette, travels between Nassau and Spanish Wells/Harbour Island Daily and weekly to Current. Private Ferries connect Eleuthera to Harbour Island at Three Island Dock throughout the day, with almost no wait time. Spanish Wells is an extremely neat townshi p, which sparkles with freshly painted pastel coloured homes and flower gardens. The island has beautiful pink and white sand beaches. Stretching from the island to the NE ti p of Eleuthera is the Devil’’s Backbone - a barrier reef teeming with an abundance of marine life. It’’s a snorkeler’s paradise!

The Eleutheran Magazine | 41

Central Eleuthera

Main Commercial Port(s) • Governor’s Harbour International Airport (GHB) • Cupid’s Cay Dock • Hatchet Bay Dock Central Eleuthera Townships The central townshi ps are: Savannah Sound, Palmetto Point, Governor’s Harbour, James’ Cistern, Hatchet Bay and Gregory Town. Governor`s Harbour - Historic Governor’s Harbour is the capital of Eleuthera. This small town, was the first permanent European settlement in The Bahamas, having been settled by the Eleutheran Adventurers, English settlers fleeing religious persecution in Bermuda, in about 1648.

42 | The Eleutheran Magazine

On Cupid’s Cay in Governor’s Harbour a monument now stands at the spot of the first US Consulate General founded in 1789. With churches, Haynes library and homes all more than 100 years old, Governor’s Harbour like much of Eleuthera rests confidently in its unassuming grandeur. Business Governor’s Harbour houses the offices for most government departments and is home to the Senior Administrator and resident doctor for the district. Other important businesses such as real estate agencies, courier services and insurance agencies all have offices in town. The education superintendent’’s office and education resource center for the islands are located in Savannah Sound.

Savannah Sound is also home to the rich and famous who find the needed seclusion on its beaches and on the famed Windermere Island. Throughout the other townshi ps you will find interesting stores, lovely restaurants, takeaways and fabulous gift shops. Gregory Town is renown for its pineapples and the festival bearing their name. Hatchet Bay has a rich history dating back to a time when this small town was the breadbasket of the Bahamas. It is now also home to the internationally known Twin Brothers Seafood and Steak house. James’` Cistern is a quiet town, which houses the Bible Training Center and the Bahamas Methodist Habitat, an organization that each year reaches

out to the community with much needed assistance, particularly in the aftermath of disaster.


Main Commercial Port(s) • Rock Sound International Airport • Rock Sound Dock • Travelling the southern district takes you through fishing and business towns, rich in history. Townships Rock Sound, a settlement ri pe in history, serves as the center of Local Government in the Southern District. Here you will also find The Market Place, a diverse shopping center perfectly sized for the island; the offices of the Administrator for South Eleuthera; the district Police Headquarters; the historic Mission House and other government offices. Additionally, the South District consists of Bannerman Town, Millars, John Millars, Wemyss Bight, Deep Creek, Waterford, Green Castle and Tarpum Bay. These townshi ps are as varied as their names. In Tarpum Bay, for example, you will find many picturesque views from traditional homes. In this settlement well known for its fishing, fishermen venture out to sea daily and return on the beautiful bay with their fresh catch around 3 p.m. Bannerman town is along the road to the famous Lighthouse Beach. This small town is also home to Slave Ruins. Driving south of Deep Creek you’’ will find the Cape Eleuthera Institute and the Island School, known for their leadershi p in small island sustainability studies. In Rock Sound you can visit the Ocean Hole - an inland salt water natural phenomenon that has attracted much attention from visitors and locals alike including the famous explorer Jacques Cousteau. No fishing is allowed, but feel free to feed the fish that are always hungry for bits of bread. Find the link to the ocean if you can!

The Eleutheran Magazine | 43

Exquisite seascapes, picturesque villages and inspiring sunsets are just the beginning of Eleuthera’s one-of-a-kind natural beauty backdrop. Get ready to be seduced to return again and again. While you’re here enjoy the simple pleasures of a beach side cottage or live it up in the lap of one of our luxurious resort properties. The choices are endless.


Stay Eleuthera ..

Harbour Island .............................. Bahama House Inn 333-2201 Baretta’s Seashell Inn 333-2361 Coral Sands Hotel 333-2350 Dunmore Beach Club 333-2200 Eagle One Motel 333-2667 Island Real Estate 333-2278 ( - See ad Page 9 Ocean View Club 333-2276 Pink Sands Resort 333-2030 Rock House 333-2053 Romora Bay Club 333-2325 Royal Palm Hotel 333-2735 Runaway Hill Club 333-2150 Sea Shell Inn 333-2361 South Bar Club 333-2293 The Landing 333-2707 The Sugar Apple Bed & Breakfast 333-2750 Tingum Village Hotel 333-2161 Valentines Resort & Marina 333-2142 44 | The Eleutheran Magazine


Spanish Wells ............................... Adventurer’s Resort 333-4883 Harbourside Rentals 333-5022 Vacation Time Inn 333-5022 Bogue, Hatchet Bay & Gregory Town ........................................ Bay Inn Estates (HB) 335-0730

Nestled in a quiet side street of the picturesque village of Rock Sound are The Cottages at George Street. Surrounded by lush green lawns and trimmed with white picket fences, The Cottages at George Street offer private, peaceful island living. Just a stone’s throw from The Bay of Rock Sound, The Cottages at George Street provide access to the calm, crystal clear Caribbean side of Eleuthera and views of stunning evening sunsets. Ocean Hole, the world famous natural blue hole enjoyed by local residents for years as a giant swimming pool, is a short stroll away. Within walking distance of the cottages are all of the modern conveniences; including a state of the art supermarket, an international bank and a number of souvenir and gift stores. The Rock Sound International Airport is only a two minute drive away and is served by

a number of Bahamian and international carriers. The Cottages at George Street offer one bedroom and two bedroom accommodation which can be booked on a nightly or weekly basis. While each cottage has been built using traditional colonial style siding, A-frame gable roof lines, dormer windows and cool wooden deck porches, every cottage offers all the comforts of home. Central air-conditioning, wireless internet and contemporary furnishings are standard features of each cottage. For more details or to book a reservation at The Cottages at George Street visit their web site at www., e-mail or phone 242-334-2031 or 242359-7299. The Cottages at George Street Rock Sound, Eleuthera ““A Private, Peaceful, Perfect Little Vacation Spot.””

Sea View Motel Upper Bogue 335-1287 Cambridge Villas GT 335-5080 Surfer’s Beach Manor GT 335-5300 The Cove Hotel GT 335-5142 Seven Gables Estates HB 335-0070 Rainbow Inn RB (See ad below left) 335-0294 Governor’s Harbour.............................. Buccaneer Club 332-2000 The Beach House 332-3387 CocoDiMama Resort 332-3150 Laughing Bird Apartments 332-2012 332-3039 Ocean Club Condominiums Pineapple Fields (See ad Page 25) 332-2221 Quality Inn Cigatoo Resort 332-3060 Sky Beach Club 332-3422

Suncrest House (See ad Page 58) 332-2992 The Club at Pineapple Fields 332-2221 The Duck Inn 332-2608 Palmetto Point ....................................... Atlantic Suites 332-1882 Hillside Manor 332-009999 Latera Palmetto Resort 332-1386 Palmetto Shores Vacation Villas 332-1403 332-1403 Paradise Sands 332-3766332-3766 Tropical Dreams Motel Resort 332-1632 332-1632 Unique Village Hotel & Villas 332-1830 Tarpum Bay............................................... Cartwright’’s Ocean Front Cottages 334-4215 334-4215 Ethel’’s Cottages 334-4233 Hilton’s Haven Motel Res & Bar 334-4125 Ingraham’s Beach Inn 334-4066 Munroe’’s Cottages 334-4245 Rock Sound.............................................. The Cottages at George St. 334-2957 Hilltop View Guest House 334-2123 Northside Ocean Resort 334-2573 Rock Sound Club 334-2700 Green Castle............................................ Green Castle Motel 334-6269 Marissa’’s Motel Suites 334-6012 Wemyss Bight.......................................... Sunny Acres Motel 334-0097 Deep Creek.............................................. Seaside Inn 334-8179 Cape Eleuthera....................................... Cape Eleuthera Resort 334-8500 (See ad Page 59 - Inside Back Cover)

The Eleutheran Magazine | 45

Shelby White Author, Collector, Philanthropist and Visionary of the

Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve March 2012, marked one year since the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve on the Banks road, next to Pineapple Fields resort, opened its gates to Eleuthera and everyone who visit the isle of Freedom. This beautiful gift to the people of Eleuthera and the Bahamas was the brainchild of Shelby White, a long time visitor who through her interaction with Eleutherans over many years, developed a love of the islands treasures in its native plants.

thera’s premier national park. Her husband Leon Levy passed in 2003, and it was after this, she expressed, that she wanted to do something that would really preserve the parts of Eleuthera that were disappearing, that they really loved.

Shelby fondly remembered her housekeeper, Mrs. Olive Petty, recommending ‘from time to time’ when she was ‘under the weather’, myriad brews of boiled up native roots and leaves. PetShe was introduced to the island in ty, she explained, also conveyed the 1971, when she was taken to Winder- concern she and her husband shared mere Island, and commented that she for native trees being cleared down thought she had landed in paradise. over time and the bush tea culture of After returning with a friend’s wedding Eleuthera being lost. party, White expressed that Eleuthera was the best place she had ever been Visits to the Bahamas National Trust’s to and had to come back. She eventu- (BNT) Retreat in New Providence ally married Leon Levy, an investor, during previous years, where she had financier and philanthropist and the found the atmosphere calm and trancouple began coming down to the quil, served as an inspiration for her island together for a number of years, vision in Eleuthera. before deciding to buy their own home in paradise. White recalled After sharing her dream with BNT’s during earlier visits when they would Director, Eric Carey, she felt the Trust do two one hour walks to the center of was the right partner to assist in makGovernor’s Harbour from their vacaing the dream a reality, saying, “We tion spot, for her husband to check thought we could create something the financial markets using the public really special on this island that everyphone in town, as it was then. body would want to come to - and a wonderful way for the children of the It was a beautifully warm and melisland to understand their own history, low Saturday morning in March 2012, what the plants were, how they were under a grove of shady palms, at the used, what the food systems were, Preserve when we sat with Shelby, the how people survived from the land itvisionary behind what is now Eleuself, and make people understand why

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the native plants are so important.”

more than 1,000 children pass through its doors. White expressed her pleasure, saying, “We are thrilled, and we think it’s doing what it should. Our goal is to get as many school children as we can, and not only from Eleuthera, but from Nassau, Abaco, Cat Island, etcetera.” She shared that the Preserve is also currently developing workbooks to complement the curriculum in schools, continuing, “Once our workbooks are done I think it will be very important for the school children, so I am very happy about it. Kids come and they suddenly get really excited about things they'd never notice, like spider webs in the mangrove and they understand the importance of nature. I think we live in a world today where a lot of that is being lost.”

Mangrove boardwalk and it's fabulous to see the response of people - also the tower, and I like looking at anything in bloom. The mangroves are really spectacular with their root systems and the way that they work is incredible. I have to admit, I also like our little poison plant patch.”

The Preserve now touts more than 170 native Bahamian plant species – a number which is expected to grow as more species are introduced and new ones discovered on-site. More than 2,000 specimens of native trees, shrubs, and herbs are said to have been planted in the Preserve during the course of its creation.

Preserve staff and partners are continuing to work to improve the visitor experience at the national park, with plans to make their website at more interactive, to offer a wireless interactive experience on-site, more comprehensive signage – encompassing, the history of the island, medicinal plants, mangroves, food plants, geological features and more, as well as improved maps of the site.

As from the very beginning, White continues to be very involved in the growth and development of the Preserve, which just so happens to be within walking distance of her island home.

Since its opening to the public in March of 2011, the Preserve has seen

About her very favorite spots at the Preserve, White shared, “I love the

A number of potential properties for the project were scouted before the current site became available, ideally located, across from the former Potlatch Club on the Banks road between Governor’s Harbour and Palmetto Point. In its raw state it presented with many advantages, including the natural coppice, its elevation, and the wonderful water feature, which became a signature spot at the Preserve. White, credits landscape architect, Raymond Jungles, for his amazing work in transforming the signature water feature into what it is today and botanist, Ethan Fried, for much of the work done in identifying the specimens on property, those which were natural, those that had to go, and the many native plants brought on to the site.

She continued, “It was a dream - many of us don't get to realize our dreams, and this is a dream that I had which has really come to life. I think it’s going to really make a difference. We want to share it with the world, so we hope that a lot of people will come, and that people will discover not only The Preserve but the island that I fell in love with and want to spend as much time as possible.”

The Preserve is open Daily from 9am – 5pm, and the admission fee is $5.00 for adults, $3.00 for children (12 years and under) and Senior citizens $4.00. Admission is free to BNT members and Group rates are also available.

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Sights & Attractions

In Eleuthera

Eleuthera, Spanish Wells & Harbour Island

On the main Island of Eleuthera cars are the vehicle of choice, however on the smaller islands Golf Carts are the main mode of transport. Eleuthera is still very pure in its beauty, lacking the artificial distractions and highlighting protected harbours, rolling hills, giant cliffs, caves, beaches, churches, ocean holes, homes and people, as our major attractions. All is not perfect in this island paradise, but the islands’ beauty is real, its often breathtaking. For the list lovers among us, here are some things you may find along the way: Harbour Island - Made famous by the billionaires, and common folk who call it home. Also infamous by the capture of The Barefoot Bandit - Colton Harris-Moore in July 2010. When HRH Prince Harry of the British Royal Family, visited the Bahamas in 2012, Harbour Island was one of three islands, visited during his official tour. The others being Spanish Wells, and New Providence. With yachts lining its harbours, pastel historic homes dating back to the 1700’s, pink sand beaches and modern resorts, Harbour Island is a must see, even if your vacation in elsewhere on the Eleutheras.

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For information on accommodations or real estate we recommend the following resources: • Harbour Island Tourism Office - Manager Betty Bethel 242333-2621 • Island Real Estate 242-3332278 • Robert Arthur - ColdwellBanker - 242-333-2285 • The Eleutheran Newspaper - All Major Real Estate Companies on the island feature their offerings in this publication - also online at www.EleutheraNews. com/ipaper Spanish Wells The industrious community of Spanish Wells boasts the most developed and productive fishing fleets in the Bahamas. Renown for its quaint, clean, colorful homes and gardens, the island with its beautiful beaches is a gem to see in North Eleuthera. Its easily accessible by a short boat ride . It’s All Age school is one of the top performing in the country and in recent years, the island has lead in Junior Junkanoo performances in Eleuthera and New Providence. Learn more about this truly unique island in “Spanish Wells Bahamas” by Christopher Cirillo at Spanish Wells Museum: For a peek into the island’s history and culture, be sure to visit the exhibits at the Spanish Wells. Museum, open from 10:00 a.m. to noon and 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

In North Eleuthera large areas of land are used for farming. gregory town Home to the country’s premier Pineapple Farmer - Lady Di Thompson.


Glass Window Bridge - a wonder to behold with the frothing Atlantic ocean and the calm Bahama Sound divided by a thin sliver of cliffs. Surfer’s Beach - world renowned wave action at Eleuthera Island Shores. On Cupid’s Cay you’ll find the location of the first US Consulate General established in 1789. Homes and remnants of buildings over 125 years old.

Thompson Monument - Pineapple monument located on the Public Park in town and dedicated to Mr. George Thompson by the Gregory Town community, head of historic pineapple farming family.

Queen’s Baths - natural pools and cliffs, found North of Gregory Town before the Glass Window bridge Hatchet Bay Once known as the Bread Basket of the Bahamas, Hatchet Bay has a rich history. The Silos that line the Highway, speak to an earlier time. The Hatchet Bay Caves are incredible! James’ Cistern North side beaches in this settlement offer very good surfing opportunities.

north eleuthera Preacher’s Cave - On the road leading to Gene’s Bay (Jeans Bay) there is a clearly marked turn off on the right that leads to this historic Cave, refuge to The Eleutheran Adventurers and genesis to the country - not to mention next to a beautiful beach!

Governor’s Harbour The Historic community of Governor’s Harbour is the birthplace of The modern Bahamas with the first permanent European settlement established by the Eleutheran Adventurers in 1648.

Current Community Park - Sir Roland Symonette Park.

Wesley Methodist Church - on Cupid’s Cay and St. Patrick’s Anglican Church in town.

Historic Churches include:

The Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve on the Banks Road offers a relaxing educational stroll through the natural vegetation of this island with invaluable information on the medicinal properties, testified to by generations of locals. Haynes Library - Open Mon. - Sat. and closed on Sundays and Holidays. Tourists, students and locals are able to go to the library and have full use of the web shop and other materials. Every Monday from 10:00 am until noon, there are lecture series and ladies tea party. Every Tuesday Morning from 10:00 am until noon membership drive and adult art classes are held. Contact: Haynes Library at 242-3322877. Anchor Bay - Location of the popular Friday Fish Fry food and social event. Club Med (French Leave) Beach - This pink sand beach, bearing the name of the long departed Club Med Resort is off the Banks Road - home to Tippy’s Restaurant, The Beach House Restaurant and the famous location of Why Did I Get Married Too by Tyler Perry. Eleuthera Tourism Main Office - Visitor’s resource. Manager Jacqueline Gibson and her staff are ready to assist. 242-3322142

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Sights & Attractions One Eleuthera Heritage Trail

SAvaNnah Sound

North Eleuthera. - Preacher’s Cave Gregory Town - Glass Window Bridge Eleuthera Island Shores - Surfer’s Beach Hatchet Bay - The Caves Hatchet Bay - The Old Silos Rainbow Bay - The Cliffs Governor`s Harbour - Cupid’s Cay Sites Governor`s Harbour - Levy Plant Preserve Savannah Sound - Cultural Park Tarpum Bay - Arts & Cultural Center Rock Sound - Ocean Hole Rock Sound - Boiling Hole and Caves Cape Eleuthera - Island School Bannerman Town - The Millar Slave Planta tion Bannerman Town - Lighthouse Beach Visit

Ten Bay Beach & Cave one of Eleuthera’s most popular beaches with soft white sand and low tides perfect for wading. An open cave is located near the beach; there are no stalagmites or stalactites there – but many shy bats. You will find a nice picnic area between the beach and cave. Double Bay Beach on the Atlantic is also a must see. Sand’s Bakery - Home of the famous “Prince Charles” Loaf Trefgarne Bridge - leading to Windermere Island - Private road.

of fish waiting to show off how well they can jump for bits of bread. Its located in the heart of Rock Sound close to the primary school. Banyan Tree - Site Badly damaged by fire in 2009 Rock Sound Caves - home of native bats and underground caverns Bannerman Town Lighthouse Beach - thought to be one of the most beautiful settings in the entire country, efforts are underway to preserve this location.

Queen’s Bath

Gregory Town

tARPUM BAY With the architectural style of its buildings, quaint nature of the community, traditional fishing and expansive Bay Front, this township is a must see. Rock Sound South Eleuthera Mission - This former 19th century Methodist Mission is now a museum and library dedicated to enriching the lives of the people in the community. It also houses cultural memorabilia depicting how people of the area lived in the past. Phone: (242) 334-2203 Fax: (242) 334-2280 Website:

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Ocean Hole - Famed to be bottomless, this large natural pool is home to feisty schools

Slave Ruins - this historical site is one of several that are being cataloged and studied for restoration. Princess Cays - beautiful private beach for Princess Cruises.

Island Girl


By Sheree Nielsen

I spotted her in the cool Caribbean water just off shore of Sunset Beach. Her creamy beige wavy tresses hugged her body just below her neckline. Sand sprinkled round her eyes, nose and mouth complimented her cinnamon-complexioned face. A pink spot above her nose, about the size of a coin, appeared hairless. She was 100 percent dog! Moving slowly and deliberately she pushed through the water towards me. An older girl, her snout was graced by whitish-beige whiskers and droopy jowls highlighted her sparkling white teeth. And those eyes big and brown! A robust golden retriever, she was definitely an Island Girl. I approached her gingerly. Offering my hand, she

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Island Girl sniffed it with approval. Gently, I stroked the hair above her snout. She followed me to a shady spot on the beach. We relaxed, the two of us. I reclined on a white chaise in Barcolounger-type fashion. She settled in on the sand, cooled by a swaying palm frond. Smitten with her (and she with me), we stayed by each others sides. I pulled the lounger down to the water’s edge. She trailed close behind. With the seat of the lounger submerged underwater, I slunk down into the refreshing sea! Island Girl crouched in the water directly in front of me. Studying me. Sizing me up. We played a game. I located broken conch shells in the water and tossed them a short distance. Island Girl fetched in slow motion. No worries. She was on island time. We frolicked liked this for fifteen minutes or more. We made a good team. I – in charge of search; and she –in charge of recovery. Submerging her head with eyes open, Island Girl blew bubbles from her nose and dove down to retrieve the large specimens. With conch shell held securely by her teeth, the canine, drenched in beads of water, delivered the product dropping it on the sand.

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After the fifth retrieval, she became disinterested with the game, sauntered to a pre-sniffed beach location, and initiated digging. Using her snout as a shovel, she cast sand-sprays airborne. The end result was a considerable depression in the sand. And then she rolled in it! Covered from head to toe with fine sand particles, Island Girl looked like a piece of caramel salt water taffy rolled up in sugar. So sweet, yet so loveable. In an effort to assist, I started digging, too. Intently, she examined and inspected my digging style and then joined in with her paws next to my hands. Island Girl lifted her head, cocked it to one side, and locked a gaze onto my eyes. If she could speak, I am sure she would have said, Well, aren’t you going to roll in it?” The game stopped there. My body was exhausted from the sweltering heat, and sticky sand laced my tanned skin like a coating of cookie sprinkles. I retreated to the lounger for a much needed break. Island Girl plopped down next to me,

resting on the powdery beach. She reminded me of Maggie, our Chessie whom we lost last October. The two shared similar traits, a gentle spirit, keen intuition and wisdom of a dog well beyond their years. At water’s edge once again, I sunk into my chair seat in an effort to cool my legs and feet. Island Girl perched facing me, her hindquarters below the surface of the crystal clear ocean. Those big brown eyes penetrated my soul. What was she thinking? I talked to her for awhile. She was a good listener. I was in love. I splashed my hands and toes in the water and Island Girl watched the motion of my limbs. And just for a little while, she was my Island Girl. After a busy couple of hours and tired from the day’s activities, I felt my eyelids grow heavy. Ready for a nap, I bid my farewell and patted Island Girl on the head and told her how much I enjoyed our afternoon together. I drug my

lounger to the sand, and gathered up my towel and my husband. As I turned to look back, I caught a glimpse of her head poking above the surface of the water, gazing at me. I smiled. I was going to miss her. A cute blonde in a black bikini hopped up from her lounger and meandered down to the shallows approaching the canine. She allowed the dog to sniff her hand. With Island Girl’s approval, the cute girl gently washed the light sprinkling of sand from the retriever’s wet face, being extra careful around those big brown eyes. Satisfied with Island Girl’s appearance, the blonde stroked the dog’s side, patted her on the head, and rubbed behind those floppy ears. I felt a tear trickle down my face. “I wonder if she has a home?” “A sweet girl like that how could she

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not?” hubby replied. I counted my lucky stars after meeting Island Girl on that glorious afternoon at a beach they call Sunset. That evening, I fell fast asleep with dreams of the golden retriever. Sharing lunch with my husband the following day, I felt a warm hand on my back. “Are you enjoying yourselves?” a man’s voice inquired. “Yes.” “Hi, I’m Stephen, the general manager,” offering his hand to shake. “Everything is great, but I have one question. “Who owns the pretty dog we met yesterday on Sunset Beach?” “That’s my girl! Her name is Lucky.” A sense of relief overcame me. “I’m glad. I was worried my husband wouldn’t let me take her home with me.” “She’s a great dog and she

loves the water.” As Stephen walked away, I told hubby how thankful I was, to share time with my newfound friend. Thankful, too, she reminded me of our girl, Maggie. And so lucky to have met an authentic Island Girl named Lucky. The Kappeler’s own Lucky and manage Cape Eleuthera Resort and Yacht Club on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas. Stephen said that many guests have found Lucky an attraction in her own right on Sunset Beach. She loves small children and enjoys visiting with them. If she gets sandy from the beach, she heads home and stands by the hose to get her rinse.

Sheree Nielsen is a freelance writer and photographer for AAA Travel.

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E s s e n t i a l Information Area-Population-Districts - Eleuthera is made up several islands with three islands having the vast majority of the population. Mainland Eleuthera is 110 miles long and approximately two miles at its widest area. Harbour Island, the next largest, is 3 miles long and ½ mile wide and Spanish Wells on St. George’s Cay is ½ mile wide by 2 miles long. Current Island, just of the settlement of Current is home to 50 Eleutherans. Beaches - dotted all along the island, are stunningly beautiful white and pink sand beaches. The water is calmest on the Exuma Sound (Western) side and more rough on the Atlantic (Eastern) side. Business The newly formed Eleuthera Chamber of Commerce offers an avenue to connect with the Eleuthera Business community. All along the winding roads, through settlements you will find quaint stores, gift shops and groceries with everything you need to have a comfortable stay. Here in The Eleutheras we proudly boast of our small, boutique hotel type accommodations along with guest houses dispersed throughout the various townships as well as beach and coast line accommodations. Business Hours Most shops and businesses are open from 9am-5pm. Monday thru Saturday. Government offices are open Monday thru Friday. Several family owned and operated stores within towns may stay open until sundown or even later. Business (Sunday) : Many food stores are open for a few hours on Sunday - usually until around 10am. Keep in mind that many gasoline service stations are closed on Sundays though for the few reduced opening hours, business establishments such as Eleuthera Supply in Governor’s Harbour also open the gas pumps. Capital - The capital of Eleuthera is Governor’s Harbour. The

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town is home to most government offices and offices of several national companies such as BTC/ LIME, Cable Bahamas, Banks and Real Estate companies. The Superintendent of Police in Eleuthera and Officer in Charge of the Central Bahamas, is also based in Governor’s Harbour At Cupid’s Cay, freight ships dock daily from ports throughout the Bahamas and Florida. Other Large Settlements Rock Sound is the center of commerce and local government for South Eleuthera. It is home to the Administrator of South Eleuthera. Spanish Wells & Harbour Island are relatively densely populated islands with thriving business. Climate Subtropical maritime climate. Two seasons: summer (or wet season) which is from May thru September and winter (or dry season) which is from October thru April. The remnants of North American cold fronts bring comfortably cool weather over the winter months with generally no experiences of frost, snow, sleet nor extreme temperatures. Seldom will temperatures fall below 60oF and they will often reach as high as 75oF during this time of the year. In summer the warm temperatures seldom go above 90oF and may fall to 78­oF or lower at night. Humidity is typically fairly high (Average ~ 65%) especially during summer. Winds are typically from the southeast in summer and more from the north (NE, NW or N) in Winter. Summer rains enrich the green colour in the natural vegetation, leads to a plethora of flowers in island gardens and by extension insect repellent comes in fairly handy after sunset.

SPECIAL WEATHER FEATURES: Hurricanes Atlantic Season: June 1st to November 30th. Ears pay close attention to meteorologists who are continuously keeping an eye on weather disturbances in the Atlantic, Caribbean Sea or Gulf of Mexico. In the event that Eleuthera or any other island in the Bahamas comes within the projected path of a storm, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) activates their hurricane shelters and islanders move into action to secure properties. Several options for shuttering homes are available on the island. RAINBOWS especially in summer! Driving RIGHT IS WRONG! Stay LEFT - In The Bahamas, we

drive on the left side of the road. Your ‘home’ driver’s license is good for up to three months here. Many drivers speed, streets outside of towns are dark at night and there are many twists and turns. Drive Carefully!

Electricity 120 volt, 60 cycle (same as the US and Canada). Getting Here - by Air

There are several airlines which service the Eleutheras via the three airports in North, Central and South. Bahamasair, Southern Air and Pineapple Air offer regular competing daily service to and from Nassau. Cherokee Air offers service between North Eleuthera and Abaco. Bahama Hoppers with their private terminal at North Eleuthera airport, offers Air Charters throughout The Bahamas, Turks & Caicos and Dominican Republic IBC travel offers service between Fort Lauderdale and Eleuthera. Other carriers with varying degrees of reliability also service the island.


Prior to independence in 1973, The Commonwealth of The Bahamas was a British Colony. To this date, The Bahamas remains a member of the Commonwealth and also holds membership

to several international bodies, including the United Nations and Organization of American States. The political system is based on the British parliamentary system. The Parliament comprises the House of Assembly and the Senate. Members of the House are elected directly every five years. The members of the Senate are appointed by the Governor General. The Prime Minister proposes the majority of the Senators, the Opposition Leader proposes 1/4 of the Members, and the remaining (1/3 of the number the Prime Minister proposes) members are appointed on the advice of the Prime Minister after consultation with the Leader of the Opposition. The Prime Minister is the head of the Executive Branch of Government and heads a Cabinet of minimum 8 other ministers, one being the Attorney General. The Family Islands’ Local government districts elect councils for town planning, dump site management and maintaining government buildings.

Pace of Life: Easy Going. Gratuities Customarily, gratuities or tips are paid to hospitality industry personnel who render good service. The accepted norm is 15 per cent of the total cost of services. Some establishments add gratuity to the final bill. Health Services There are no hospitals in Eleuthera. Closest Hospitals: Public: Princess Margaret Hospital in Nassau Private: Doctor’s Hospital in Nassau Flying to Nassau takes about 20 min. There are government clinics in most townships which are open from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. The district doctor is on call to handle emergencies only. Clinics are not equipped to handle serious emergencies, which are sent into Nassau. There are several ambulances on the island. Dial 919 for emergency situations. People: All colors, friendly, & resourceful. Population: Eleuthera lies 50 miles east of New Providence. The 2010 estimated population on the main island is 7,826. Harbour Island just off the north east coast of the main island has a population of 1,702 persons.

Its main town is Dunmore Town, named for the Governor of the Bahamas - Earl of Dunmore who had a summer residence there. Better known locally as Bri’land, the New England style houses give it a unique charm that attracts high end tourists from all over the world. Spanish Wells is located on St. George’s island, one mile off the northern tip of Eleuthera. Approximately 1,537 persons reside at Spanish Wells. (Including Russell Island) The primary mode of transportation on this immaculately kept island are golf carts. Postal Services Each township has a post office to transact mail services. There is no house-to-house delivery of mail in the Eleutheras. Airmail stamps to the US & Canada cost 65 cents and 70 cents to the UK. Courier services available on the island are DHL & Fedex. Prices may change so please do confirm with the local post closest to the settlement you visit. Radio, TV & Tel. There are 17+ radio stations in the Bahamas. Most are FM stations. ZNS-104.5 FM, and 1540 AM are the national stations managed by the Bahamas Broadcasting Corporation. SPLASH FM - 92.5 is one of the local stations located in Spanish Wells. Testing has started on another station based in Palmetto Point. Cable Bahamas supplies cable television to parts of the islands providing a wide variety of international programming 24 hours a day. Unfortunately many areas outside of main towns are not serviced by Cable Bahamas and a more expensive Satellite option is needed. LIME/BTC telecommunications, services the islands with direct dialing anywhere in the world, including wireless services. Both companies offer high speed internet services. Religion - The Bahamas is predominantly a Christian country and in general, Sundays are observed as a day of worship. There many churches on Eleuthera, with counts of up to seven or even ten churches in some townships. Check the local Ministry of Tourism (Tel: 332-2142)

office for the location of your chosen denomination. Layout - Eleuthera is long and narrow with several rolling hills mainly in Central Eleuthera. The highest point is 168 feet in Gregory Town and the highest point in the Bahamas is found on Cat Island, visible from South Eleuthera on a clear day. Money & Banking The Bahamian dollar is equivalent to the US dollar. There are two Scotiabanks on the island one in Lower Bogue and one in Rock Sound. Royal Bank of Canada has branches in Governor’s Harbour, Harbour Island and Spanish Wells. CIBC First Caribbean International has a branch in Governor’s Harbour. ATM’s can be found at each of these locations. Banking hours are from 9.30 am to 3:00pm Monday to Thursday and 9.30am to 4.30pm on Fridays. Banks are closed on the weekend. Official Language ENGLISH; Creole is spoken by the Haitian and Haitian-Bahamian population, present in just about all settlements on the island. Transportation Renting a Car is your best option. Taxis are found at all airports and their drivers can assist with your rental. Ferry services connect Spanish Wells and Harbour Island to the main land. Biking is another option, however, especially in Central Eleuthera, the rolling hills are demanding for the average rider - also bear in mind that the island is 110 miles long. Time - Spring Forward & Fall Back Our islands are on the same time clock as the eastern US. We observe Eastern Standard and Daylight Saving times. In keeping with a policy adopted by the Government of the Bahamas in 2006, the islands observe the extended Day Light Saving period which runs from the second Sunday in March to the second Sunday in November.

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Our Beaches Eleuthera , S p a n i s h We l l s , H a r b o u r I s l a n d

The Eleutheras’ splendid coastline boasts miles of luscious coral pink and fluffy white sand beaches, with hidden coves and inlets, perfect for romantic trysts and wide expanses of powdery strands. With more than 50 beaches to choose from, luxurious, unassuming, undisturbed jewels of rose blushed shores await any and every fortunate soul that may chance to stumble upon these treasures. Spanish Wells beaches are simply spectacular, including a wonderful expanse on the North side of the island. World renowned Harbour

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Island, which is just a few minutes away by water taxi from North Eleuthera airport, is the home of a tremendous stretch of Pink Sand beach, graced by roya ls, movie stars, models, beauty queens and many others. Yet its never crowded. A visit to historic Preacher’s Cave in North Eleuthera will reveal the fabu lous Tay Bay Beach. Also in North Eleuthera, in the Current Settlement region you may stumble on Upper Cove Beach At the Glass Window Bridge on the Exuma Sound calm side you’ll find the small white sand

Twin Sister s Beach Sur fer ’s beach , famous for its waves, is found on the north side of Eleuthera Island Shores. The Shores are nestled between the townships of Hatchet Bay and Gregor y Town. In this area of Central Eleuthera you can also find Rainbow Bay Beach , Gaulding Cay Beach (Gregor y Town) and Litt le Twin Beach with a c ave (Rainbow Bay) Arguably the best spot for surfers is near James Point beach in on the Atlantic Coast of James’ Cistern. Within each town along the way, the calm Exuma

Simply Beautiful

sound offers bathing opportunities always and most often the same is true of the Atlantic coves. Around Governor’s Harbour, French Leave (formerly Club Med) beach, another sumpt uous specimen, is situated between Governor’s Harbour and Palmetto Point on the “Banks Road”. Both wide and long, this beach is perfect for relaxing walks, and super sand castles. Twin Coves beach , a few miles north of Governor’s Harbour lives up to its name with sister coves meeting up to form a unique sandbar with a tiny island at its crest. In North Palmetto Point up from Club Med is beautiful

Poponi Beach. Dou ble Bay Beach on the Atlantic side of Savannah Sound, is also prime real estate holding several beautiful homes. Ten Bay beach is tucked away on the Caribbean side of Eleuthera, found off of an area on the highway called the ‘Three Mile Stretch’, between Palmetto Point and Savannah Sound. Its low tides are perfect for picn ics, wading and bonefishi ng. Winding Bay in Tarpum Bay and Nor thside Beach in Rock Sound are two othe r examples of Beautiful pink sand beaches in Rock Sound.

At the very southern tip of Eleuthera, Lighthouse beach is a breathtaking sight near Bannerman Town. Efforts are b eing made to have the area declared a nature res erve and national park to protect its pristine, untouched quality. Don’t feel limited only to the beaches mentioned here, because in just about all settlements a beautiful beach is no more than minutes away. In Harbour Island, Spanish Wells, North, Central and South Eleuthera, a beach awaits you, no exception!

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Eleuthera, The Bahamas

CREDITS: Publisher: SPICE MEDIA GROUP P. O. Box EL-25166 Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera, Bahamas. Tel: 1 (242) 422-9350 Email: Managing Editor & Layout: Vernal Bryan, Ph.D. Art Director: Elizabeth Bryan, BBA Photography Credits: Theresa Burrows Photography Jacqueline Gibson The Eleutheran Newspaper Pineapple Fields Editorial: Vernal Bryan, Ph.D. The Eleutheran Newspaper Sheree Nielsen Ted Reinstein

Advertising: SPICE MEDIA GROUP Tel: 1 (242) 422-9350 Email: Distribution: Bahamas Ministry of Tourism (Harbour Island, Governor’’'s Harbour, Nassau, U.S.A.) Eleuthera International Airports (North Eleuthera, Governor’’s Harbour, Rock Sound) Co-Founders: The Eleutheras Island Guide: Theresa Burrows Elizabeth Bryan

Junior Junkanoo Dancer 2012

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