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Crochet for Dolls_COVER_FINALrev:Layout 1 5/17/13 Nicky at age 3 Page 1 CRAFTS • CROCHET Create a whole new world of fun and fashion for your little girl’s favorite Nicky Epstein dolls! The 25 fabulous outfits in this book include designs for every style Crochet for Dolls and skill level, with a wealth of creative details that are unmistakably Nicky Epstein, including the floral embellishments for which she’s famous. Your child will love her dolls more than ever, and so will you! Nicky today One of today’s most popular and beloved crochet and knitting designers and authors, Nicky Epstein has gained international recognition for her distinctive and innovative work, whimsical and high-fashion sense of style, and informative workshops. She has authored many bestselling books, including Nicky Epstein Crocheted Flowers; Crocheting on the Edge; Knitting on the Edge; Knitting on Top of the World; Nicky Epstein The Essential Edgings Collection; and three crochet and knit Barbie® Doll books. Her unique designs have appeared in Vogue® Knitting and many other publications, as well as on television and in museums. Nicky lives in New York City but travels extensively around the world teaching and lecturing on the art and craft that she loves. COVER PHOTOGRAPHY BY JACK DEUTSCH AUTHOR PHOTOGRAPH BY ROSE CALLAHAN COVER DESIGN BY DIANE LAMPHRON AN IMPRINT OF SIXTH&SPRING BOOKS NEW YORK $19.95 US • $21.95 CANADA ISBN: 978-1-936096-59-6 ISBN: 978-1-936096-59-6 51995 9 781936 096596 NICKY EPSTEIN ✿ CROCHET FOR DOLLS 25 Fun,Fabulous Outfits for 18-Inch Dolls ✿ 1:54 PM Nicky Epstein Crochet for Dolls 25 Fun, Fabulous Outfits for 18-Inch Dolls $19.95 US • $21.95 CANADA Nicky Epstein Crochet for Dolls 25 Fun, Fabulous Outfits for 18-Inch Dolls What do little girls and big girls both love? Dolls and fashion! Following up on her fabulous Knits for Dolls collection, the amazing Nicky Epstein brings you 25 stylish crochet ensembles designed especially for the 18-inch dolls beloved by children everywhere. The fashions range from casual to formal and include chic hats, scarves, and purses to complete the looks. You’ll find adorable outfits to suit any playtime scenario, including: A rosebud-adorned princess dress, complete with a crown ✿ A sporty fitness set, with jacket, capris, and visor ✿ A fabulous furry coat for winter adventures . . . And much more! These enchanting and whimsical designs will inspire the creativity of crocheters and the imaginations of children at play. Nicky even includes some of her favorite recipes for sweet treats to share. With this unique collection, you can create special keepsakes for a cherished little girl to pass along to a little girl of her own someday. ✿

Nicky Epstein Crochet for Dolls

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