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An overview of the SDC collaboration UCAS and the eight Danish Universities � PAgE 3 Meet the new SDC students � PAgE 3-4 SDC � PAgE 5-8 Shibao SEPTEMbEr 2012 • VoLuME 1 • SIno-DAnISH CEnTEr For EDuCATIon AnD rESEArCH WELCOME TO BEIJING! Sino-Danish Center for Education & Research welcomes new students S eptember 10. 2012 will be a day to remember! The date marks the official start of the four SDC Master’s Programmes. With the launch of the programmes, 48 students from the eight Danish Universities will join 56 Chinese students. Together, the students will form the first batch of Master students at the Sino-Danish Center for Education and Research. What you are holding is the first issue of the joint SDC Newspaper, SDC Shibao. The newspaper will provide you with the latest news from the SDC project and will keep you updated on fun places to visit in Beijing; interviews with fellow students and researchers; articles about research conducted within SDC and much more! The idea of this newspaper is to bring you news and articles, relevant for both Danish and Chinese students and researchers. The MSc students have arrived in Beijing and are settling in and they are eager to start the programmes. The joint SDC-Secretariat welcomes all of the new students to Beijing! The Olympic Village Campus is the central hub for SDC activities O ne of the key components of the SDC collaboration is the construction of the new building of the Sino-Danish Center, located at UCAS’ new Yanqihu campus approximately 60 km northeast of Beijing. As the new campus will not be completed until 2013, the first batch of students will join the Olympic Village Campus in Beijing. All four programmes will stay under one roof at the central campus. A big advantage of the Olympic Village Campus is the easy access to Beijing’s many cultural locations, entertainment and great sources of SDC-avis-1-sept2012-A4_0509.indd 1 food. The Olympic Village Campus is near many CAS institutes, including the Institute of Biophysics, founded in 1958. The main research focus of the Institute is pro- tein science and brain & cognitive science, making the campus an excellent location for the SDC Master’s programmes. The campus is loContinued on p. 8 » PHoTo: AgnETE SCHLICHTKruLL Visiting the UCAS Olympic Village Campus Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt speaks at the official SDC opening On September 10., the four Master’s programmes at the Sino-Danish Center for Education and Research begins. The Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt spoke at the opening ceremony and CAS President Bai Chunli presented a welcoming speech to the students. 11/09/12 15.55

SDC Shibao Issue 1

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