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ST3522 - Nov. 1_Layout 1 10/31/13 4:40 Pm Page 1 T R I B U N “Madame Fortuna” Archival ink on acid-free fine-texture paper by Anthony Smyers E See page 10 SERVING BIXBY KNOLLS, CALIFORNIA HEIGHTS, LOS CERRITOS, WRIGLEY AND THE CITY OF SIGNAL HILL Vol. 35 No. 22 Roadwork on portion of Atlantic Avenue causes bottleneck, impacts some businesses Your Weekly Community Newspaper November 1, 2013 Photos by CJ Dablo/Signal Tribune Lola’s Mexican Restaurant on 4th Street celebrates El Dia de los Muertos every day with colorful memorabilia. Sean Belk/Signal Tribune A sign notifies motorists that businesses along a section of Atlantic Avenue are still open while construction to repave the street and replace sidewalks and curbs is underway. The roadwork is expected to be completed by mid-November. Sean Belk Staff Writer Construction crews began roadwork last month along a stretch of Atlantic Avenue, blocking off right lanes in each direction from 33rd Street to Bixby Road and causing traffic to back up daily along the retail business corridor. City officials expect the $1.5-million project to repave the street with rubberized asphalt pavement and replace curbs and sidewalks to be completed by mid November, just before Thanksgiving. In the meantime, vehicles have been directed around cones and barricades while pedestrians have had to meander around gaping holes in the street. But impacts to businesses that rely on curbside parking and access to driveways, especially during lunchtime hours, will be “unavoidable” for the Hamilton Bowl’s transformation into Chittick Field sports park on track to be finished by March 2014 see ATLANTIC page 13 Sean Belk Staff Writer Children make their way home from school as bulldozers shovel dirt across 19 acres of excavated land, fenced off between Walnut and Cherry avenues, just north of Pacific Coast Highway in central Long Beach. The sunken property has historically been called Hamilton Bowl, but work is steadily underway on a community Sean Belk/Signal Tribune vision to turn the grounds into a sports park, complete with a A bulldozer drives up what will be a bike path at the 19-acre site, historiregulation football field, soccer cally called Hamilton Bowl or the “dust bowl,” which acts as a stormwafields and other athletic facili- ter-detention basin for Los Angeles County. City officials expect ties, in hopes that the site by construction of a new sports park, including a football field, soccer fields next year will live up to its other and a running track, to be completed by March 2014. name– Chittick Field. New light poles, rows of seating, a bike path and a 400-meter, all-weather running track that can already be seen at the site are all part of a nearly $8-million renovation project, touted as one of the “largest park projects” in Long Beach in several years that city officials expect to be completed by March 2014. The property will continue to serve its original purpose as a stormwater-detention basin owned by Los Angeles County, but the City was able to work out a deal through a land-use agreement with the County to Embracing El Dia de los Muertos Lola’s Mexican Restaurant brings out the whimsical side of a misunderstood holiday CJ Dablo Staff Writer Guests at Lola’s can’t ignore the skeletons hanging in the Mexican restaurant on Long Beach’s Retro Row. You’ll see dead people at Lola’s. You’ll even dine next to them. Outside, a giant white skull sports a flower over its temple. The painted wood-cutout skull grins over the dark, rust-colored stucco restaurant storefront on Fourth Street and Cherry Avenue. Inside, Jesus stretches across a two-foot-tall, pink, wooden crucifix suspended over a stack of water glasses. Above the bar, 12inch lady skeleton dolls pose in wide-brimmed hats. Tiny, round (presumably bony) hips poke out from the blue and rose floorlength gowns. A matador skeleton stands ready for his next bullfight in a print on the opposite wall. “What’s with all the dead stuff? Why is it so scary in here?”customers will ask restaurant co-owner Brenda Rivera. “They are freaked [out] by it because they don’t really understand it,” Rivera acknowledges. A few years ago, Rivera agreed to an interview to explain the significance of the décor. She spoke loudly above the din of forks scraping the last morsel of enchiladas off plates, the ping of ice cubes floating in Sangria goblets and the diners’ constant chatter which echoed over tiled floor. Celebrants of El Dia de los Muertos often depict the The décor, which feels a little dead in skeletal form engaging in some of the same like the exuberance of Mardis activities they did when they were alive, according to Weekly Weather Forecast see BOWL page 14 This weekend, be sure to Friday 81° Sunny and warm Lo 56° Saturday 75° Sunday 67° Monday see LOLA’S page 11 November 1 through November 5, 2013 69° restaurant owner Brenda Rivera, who has a number of art pieces displayed in the dining area. Tuesday 76° Partly sunny Low clouds, then sun Clouds, then sun Bright & sunny Lo 57° Lo 54° Lo 56° Lo 52° This week’s Weekly Weather Forecast sponsored by: for Daylight Saving Time! 5506 E Britton Drive Long Beach (562) 594-8771 !"# $ %& ' ( )* ) * * # +, -. /( 011( 2 34 562 5 62 7( 38 ( 764 2 308 ( $ ( 9: 68 ( ;< =4 : > 76? ( )@ ) @ ' %@ %@#, # A ;3=67( . .B/C . B/C B. C ( D 76( $ 0? 6( 6 ( E +%F D @ # G*

St3522 nov 1 layout 1

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