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See page 10 for more information about the artist who created this work– Amy Tanaka. T R I B U N E S erving B ixBy K nollS , C AliforniA H eigHTS , l oS C erriToS , W rigley Vol. 33 No. 12 And THe C iTy of S ignAl H ill Your Weekly Community Newspaper Following final redistricting map, Congressional hopefuls from Long Beach vie for the 47th district August 26, 2011 At her community meeting, Gabelich discusses bags, redistricting, her political aspirations Neena Strichart Publisher In spite of the multiple detours caused by extensive street construction on Long Beach Boulevard, 8th District Councilmember Rae Gabelich’s most recent community gathering attracted more than two-dozen interested residents. Last Saturday morning’s twohour “Coffee and Conversation” get-together took place at Avila’s El Ranchito Restaurant, 5345 Long Beach Blvd. Special guests included Long Beach Police Officer Juan Carlos Reyes and Commander Galen Carroll of the North Division. What was on the agenda? According to an email sent by Gabelich staffers, the topics were to include “concerns and suggestions on issues affect- ing your neighborhood.” The first order of business was a welcome by Gabelich, who quickly turned the meeting over to Reyes so he could discuss the features and benefits of community watch to the crowd. Explaining the program as “the same concept as neighborhood watch,” Reyes added that the program, although similar, was an expanded version allowing for “more eyes looking after your neighborhood– not just block to block.” When asked what requirements were necessary for a local group to be formed as a community watch, the officer said only one meeting a year was mandatory but offered that more were recommended and told that LBPD representatives could be made available to see GABELICH page 11 Songwriter uses fond memories to create a song for Signal Hill Stephanie Raygoza Staff Writer Courtesy California Citizens Redistricting Commission The California Citizens Redistricting Commission redrew political maps for California's new political districts. The newly formed Congressional district in the Long Beach/Signal Hill area extends into Orange County. CJ Dablo Staff Writer So far, only well known faces to the Long Beach area political scene have announced that they want to run in a new Congressional district that covers Long Beach, Signal Hill and chunks of surrounding cities as far as Orange County. And following a controversial redistricting process, no one who is applying to be Congressmember of the 47th district is an incumbent. Incumbent elected officials understood that their seats wouldn’t be guaranteed after a new redistricting process put a non-partisan commission in charge of drawing California’s key political boundaries. Since the California Citizens Redistricting Commission (CRC) adopted their final redistricting maps last week, a new key Congressional district in the Long Beach area is a little more appealing to one more Republican who wants to go to Washington. A new challenger who held the job in D.C. about a decade ago hopes to get his old job back, even though he acknowledges that the campaign trail for a GOP member might be not be easy. Former Republican Congressman Steven T. Kuykendall confirmed Wednesday that he has filed initial paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission to begin a campaign and raise money just after the finalization of the CRC maps. A statement to formally announce his candidacy will be coming soon. Kuykendall was elected to Congress in 1998 and served one term for two years. He also served as a member of the Calif. Assembly between 1994 and 1998. Kuykendall said in a Wednesday interview that he’s run many times in a competitive district and added that he was not looking to run for a “safe seat” where an incumbent could easily get re-elected. “It’s a district that is not a lockstep Democrat or Republican seat. It is a seat that’s, in my opinion, going to be a toss-up seat, and right now it might even be leaning Democrat, but it’s more of a toss-up,” Kuykendall said, anticipating that there would a high number of decline-tostate voters who can vote in the primary. A large portion of Long Beach now sits in the newly formed 47th district, but the new territory now includes portions of Orange County including Rossmoor, Los Alamitos and parts of Garden Grove and Westminster. With the formation of this new district, Kuykendall’s competitors who are new to Congress but who are known in Long Beach are reaffirming their intent to run. Calif. see REDISTRICTING page 15 John Malcolm Penn has several memories of “the Hills,” as he likes to refer to the city where he spent his childhood. He’s written about numerous landmarks in Los Angeles County, however the nature of Signal Hill always intrigued him as a kid. He remembers taking rides on his bike, trying to survive the trip downhill, and in later years would find solace in playing his guitar atop the hill. In the ‘80s, Penn decided to collect these memories and incorporate them into a song about the city, but the original version sat for a long time before being rewritten in 2009. Lyrics were changed, and so was the melody, giving the song its proper place in a compilation album about Los Angeles County that is close to reaching completion. Through the help of his longtime pal Tim Grobaty, the City of Signal Hill got wind of the song through Penn’s blog and emblazoned it in a plaque, and it now lies in the City’s council chambers. “I thought, the...hill is a Signal Hill landmark, and I got this great old 1954 CJ Dablo/Signal Tribune The lyrics to John Malcolm Penn’s song about Signal Hill are posted in the City’s council chambers. photograph that my dad took of the landmark back when it was very different-looking then,” Penn said. “We used to take cars up there in the dirt and hit those roads at amazing speeds. see SONG page 11

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