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T R I B U N E For a full view of this work and information about the artist, see page 6. S erving B ixBy K nollS , C alifornia H eigHtS , l oS C erritoS , W rigley Vol. 33 No. 8 and tHe C ity of S ignal H ill Your Weekly Community Newspaper July 29, 2011 Poly High’s Walk of Fame highlights Assemblymember makes list of priorities before concentrating a legacy of renowned LB alumni on run for LA City council CJ Dablo Staff Writer Stephanie Raygoza/Signal Tribune From left, Jenni Rivera’s husband Esteban Loaiza, Rivera, her mother Rosa, 6th District Councilmember Dee Andrews and designer of the Poly Walk of Fame stars, CJ Latimore, present the singer’s star to dozens of friends and fans. Stephanie Raygoza Staff Writer It started with a stroll down Pacific Coast Highway 20-plus years ago. Dee Andrews and a young lady were walking toward and reminiscing over the area near the V.I.P Records store in Long Beach and he said, “Maybe we can do a walk of fame.” Flash-forward to July 2011, and the now councilmember has had the pleasure of revealing the long awaited and first five honorees of the Poly High Walk of Fame. Opting to place the stars on a fence to avoid graffiti problems in the area, the five stars represent a form of recognition to the individuals who came out of Poly. “People come from all over the world to see the V.I.P record shop and I thought, ‘God, wouldn’t it be nice to have this little walk of fame in the little circle,” Andrews said. “Why not try the fence of fame? And that’s why we went to that idea to really keep it away from any graffiti situation.” Singer Thelma Houston, former Long Beach Mayor Beverly O’Neill, former NFL player Willie Brown and tennis champion Billie Jean King were among the first batch of alumni to be honored with a star at the first ceremony on July 9. Latin singer Jenni Rivera was honored at the second ceremony held July 26. The Poly Walk of Fame is a project partnership between the 6th district of Long Beach and redevelopment agencies (RDA). Vice chair of Long Beach RDA Diane Arnold said the agencies contributed $35,000 for the design and fabrication of the five stars. CJ Latimore, founder and CEO of CJL International Inc., created the stars for the five honorees. “The art project not only adds to the city’s vast collection of public art, but it also serves to celebrate the rich history of Long Beach Poly High,” Arnold said. Arnold joined Andrews and Long Beach Unified School District Board of Education President Dr. Felton Williams in honoring Rivera at the Poly High Track and Field Stadium, which brought out the singer’s family members, friends and over 50 fans cheering from the bleachers. Rivera said she still considers herself a Poly Jackrabbit and thanked everyone for choosing her for a star. “It feels really good to be able to come back,” Rivera said. “I would play my music then, and I came back because of my music, and that feels really good. I am truly honored, truly humbled and very blessed– thank you very much.” Andrews asked several individuals within the Poly High community for input about famous alumni that they felt would be worthy to go up on the fence. “We felt really strongly about Willie Brown. Beverly O’Neill was one of our number-one candidates and Billie Jean, with her background, everybody knows about her,” Andrews said. “I wanted to put the diversity in there. You know, with as many nationalities as we could.” Funding for the Poly Walk of Fame came from RDA, however Andrews hopes to reach out to the community see POLY page 19 If his new bid for a spot on the Los Angeles City Council is successful, Assemblyman Warren Furutani will have just a few months to leave his mark on Sacramento politics. Earlier this month, the assembly member announced he would be running for the open Los Angeles City Council seat that was vacated by former councilwoman Janice Hahn when she was elected to Congress in a special election last July. Furutani joined a number of Angelenos, including Los Angeles Police Department officer Joe Buscaino, former City Councilman Rudy Svorinich Jr., and San Pedro firefighter and president of United Firefighters of Los Angeles City Pat McOsker, who announced their interest in the open council seat. Last week, Furutani announced Warren Furutani that he received endorsements from more than 50 California leaders, including Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Furutani is serving his second twoyear term as an assembly member representing the 55th district, which covers an area that stretches from Carson to see FURUTANI page 18 Long Beach marijuana collectives fighting zoning and permit violations Athena Mekis/Signal Tribune Herbal Solutions is one of 22 marijuana dispensaries/collectives that won the lottery last year. It is located at 1581 W. Wardlow Rd. in Long Beach Athena Mekis Staff Writer Now that Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Laura Laesecke has ruled that Long Beach has the authority to criminally enforce its medical marijuana ordinance, City Prosecutor Douglas Haubert can proceed legally against five Long Beach marijuana collectives who have zoning and permit violations. “These operators know they will have to close down, they are just holding on to make money for as long as possible,” Haubert said. see MARIJUANA page 4

Signal Tribune Issue 3308

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