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T R I B U N E For a full view of this artwork and information about the artist, see page 10. S erving B ixBy K nollS , C alifornia H eigHtS , l oS C erritoS , W rigley Vol. 33 No. 6 and tHe C ity of S ignal H ill Your Weekly Community Newspaper July 15, 2011 Facing new challenger and redistricting, eighth-district An inspiration to many,‘Wheely Willy’ candidate considering strategies to win council seat commemorated with mosaic plaque Stephanie Raygoza Staff Writer It was a day of remembrance and celebration for a tiny dog that left a big impact on not only the Long Beach animal community, but also those less fortunate. Wheely Willy, an abandoned dog who became the face of unsheltered animals, was commemorated last Sunday, July 10, with 7th District Councilmember 8th District Councilmember Potential candidates Mike Kowal (above left) and Al Austin (above a brief ceremony and mosaic plaque James Johnson Rae Gabelich right) have filed papers to run for the 8th District Council seat. presented by Long Beach Animal CJ Dablo estate broker had already announced ordinance that reflects the latest Care Services and Friends of Long Staff Writer his intention to run for the eighth redistricting map, Kowal will find district council seat that would be himself in the seventh district and Community activist Mike Kowal open next year after the current ineligible to run in the eighth. The isn’t giving up on his plan to run for council member, Rae Gabelich, fin- City Council will review the new a spot on the Long Beach City ished her term. The City Council plan and the ordinance at the next elections for the second, fourth, Council meeting on July 19. Council. Kowal lives in the Los Cerritos When the Long Beach City sixth and eighth districts will be in neighborhood on Pine Avenue. He Council voted earlier this month to April 2012. The new redistricting plan pro- said that his home is just 200 feet adopt a new redistricting map, Kowal, an eighth district resident, poses to use Bixby Road as one of south of Bixby Road. He’s that close acknowledged that the new plan the major dividing lines between the to remaining in the eighth district. would move him to an entirely dif- seventh and eighth districts. If the ferent district. In April, the real City Council fully approves the see REDISTRICTING page 11 Beach Animals (FOLBA). “Being a celebrity did not change Willy. He did not let it go to his head,” said Lynda Montgomery, Animal Match Rescue Team volunteer, at the event. “He was always humble. Deborah, on the other hand, turned into a terrible diva.” The humorous introduction given by Montgomery set the stage for the remainder of the ceremony, which turned into a light-hearted affair as see WHEELY WILLY page 14 Supervisor Knabe facing county redistricting, weekend closure of I-405 Steven Piper Staff Writer Los Angeles County Fourth District Supervisor Don Knabe oversees a geographical area stretching from Avalon on Catalina Island to Hacienda Heights in northeast LA County, and the demands of his job are as diverse as the areas that he represents. In a July 8 newsletter, Knabe explained the current events of the fourth district, including this weekend’s closure of interstate 405 and the county’s redistricting process, an effort that has been taking place separately from the City of Long Beach’s recent endeavors to reshape its nine districts. So far, there are two proposals to redraw the county’s fourth district, and one of them would move the cities of Signal Hill and Long Beach from Knabe’s representation into the third county district, which is represented by Zev Yaroslavsky. The second of the two plans– referred to as the benchmark plan– would only move 150,000 constituents, leaving Long Beach and Signal Hill under Knabe's supervision. “There are actually two plans that will be reviewed at Wednesday’s [Boundary Review Committee] (BRC) meeting,” said Fourth District Press Deputy Cheryl Burnett. “The first plan is referred to as the benchmark plan… The second plan has more significant changes. Overall, 3.4 million people across the county would be reassigned. It would move Signal Hill and Long Beach into the third district.” Following the federal census, the County of Los Angeles– consisting of five districts– must undergo a redistricting process every 10 years in order to ensure equal representation. Knabe’s office has been urging constituents to submit letters of opinion to the County’s BRC, suggesting that they should voice a desire for their locality to remain under Knabe’s supervision. A predrafted letter can be found on the county supervisor’s website, The last BRC meeting and opportunity for public comment on proposed maps was on Wednesday, July 13, and by the end of July the BRC will adopt a final redistricting plan, which will be proposed to the Board of Supervisors when a majority vote– six of the 10 members– is reached. The final redistricting ordinance is expected to become effective this September. Meanwhile, drivers should be aware of the 53-hour shutdown of Interstate 405 between the I-10 and 101 highway. The freeway must be closed to protect the public while the Mulholland Bridge is demolsee KNABE page 14 Photo by Matt Sun Deborah Turner, who would ultimately be Willy’s owner for 19 years, first discovered him at an animal hospital after he was abandoned in a cardboard box, paralyzed, with his vocal cords severed.

Signal Tribune issue 3306

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