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T R I B U N E and of this work plete viewe artist, see page 9. For a com th t n abou informatio S erving B ixBy K nollS , C alifornia H eigHtS , l oS C erritoS , W rigley Vol. 33 No. 5 and tHe C ity of S ignal H ill Your Weekly Community Newspaper July 8, 2011 LB Council approves redistricting SH City Council whittles down pension benefit tab attempt to shave away at rising pen- ees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) map that won’t ‘break Bixby Knolls’ sion benefit costs. had already predicted that pension CJ Dablo Staff Writer The Signal Hill City Council is whittling away at the City’s daunting cost of employee pensions, and they didn’t shrink from starting at the top. The City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to contribute an additional amount of their salary to their retirement benefits in an While City Council, department heads and managers have already been contributing between three and five percent of their incomes toward their retirement costs, this latest action will require an additional two percent from these City officials and management-level staff. The California Public Employ- Steven Piper/Signal Tribune At Tuesday night’s Long Beach City Council meeting, the Council voted 7-2 to approve a redistricting map that would not split Bixby Knolls into two districts. Steven Piper Staff Writer After a 7–2 vote– Councilmembers Rae Gabelich and Gerrie Schipske dissenting– by Long Beach City Council Tuesday night, a redistricting map was approved that would not split the Bixby Knolls neighborhood into two pieces. Instead, a new map, proposed by Johnson and seconded by First District Councilmember Robert Garcia, draws a border between the seventh and eighth districts at Bixby Road to the north, portions of Atlantic Avenue and Long Beach Boulevard to the east, a southern boundary that includes 36th Street and Wardlow Road, and bound on the West by the 405 Freeway and Pacific Place. According to the city attorney’s office, the allocation of land would move 900 more people than is required by the City’s guideline of being within five-percent variance from the ideal population. According to Tom Modica, CJ Dablo/Signal Tribune director of government affairs and The City of Signal Hill celebrated the recent promotion of Brian Leyn (left) strategic initiatives, the bare amount of who was promoted to sergeant with the Signal Hill Police Department in people required to move from the June. His wife, Deanna Leyn, pinned a sergeant’s badge on his uniform Tuessee REDISTRICTING page 14 day evening during the City Council meeting. benefit costs for the City will increase approximately $357,000 by Fiscal Year 2014-2015, according to a City staff report. “This increase was necessitated by the losses that CalPERS accrued in their portfolio and due to their management misuse of the funds,” Deputy City Manager Charlie Honeycutt said Tuesday evening. CalPERS provides retirement benefit services to more than 3,000 public employers in the state. They have handled pension benefits for about 1.6 million public employees, retirees, their family members and other beneficiaries, according to their website. Honeycutt confirmed Thursday that the City has budgeted $2.3 million that would pay for the CalPERS costs for the current fiscal year. This amount includes both employer and employee contributions. On Tuesday, Honeycutt also outlined other pension reforms that City Council had already approved last year. The measures raised the retirement age for newer hires, see COUNCIL page 14 ‘First Lady of Drag Racing’ to be special guest at Bixby dragster expo Shirley Muldowney, known as “the First Lady of Drag Racing,” will be the special guest at the Bixby Knolls Dragster Expo and Car Show on Saturday, July 9. Muldowney, who was the first woman to win a Top Fuel title and the first racer of either gender to win three world titles, will sign autographs and fire up her restored world championship dragster as part of the event’s Cacklefest. The sixth annual car show, which is free to the public, takes place from 3pm to 9pm on Atlantic Avenue between Roosevelt Road and San Antonio Drive in the Bixby Knolls neighborhood of Long Beach. Located less than four miles from the site of the legendary Lions Drag Strip, the Bixby Knolls Dragster Expo and Car Show combines a static car show featuring more than 200 classic and specialty cars in multiple award categories with a celebration of racing, paying special tribute to Long Beach’s place in racing history. In addition to featuring many of the famous cars and drivers from the Lions Drag Strip, which operated on the outskirts of Long Beach from 1955 until 1972, the Bixby Knolls Dragster Expo and Car Show also showcases awardwinning racing boats and race cars featured in the Long Beach Grand Prix, which is a founding sponsor of the event. Seventeen vintage Top Fuel dragsters will be taking part in the Lions Drag Strip Cacklefest, the most dragsters to simultaneously fire up their 3000-horsepower engines at the annual show. The final dragster fire-up is a highlight of the evening as the nitro flames leap out of the engines in the dusk of the summer evening. A special Mickey Thompson tribute display from the NHRA Motorsports Museum will be on exhibit at the Expo Gallery, including several of Thomp- son’s race cars. There will also be a professional BMX bike demonstration in celebration of the 40th anniversary of BMX racing’s start in Long Beach. The event will also feature a number of gourmet food trucks, as well as a beer garden. Live music will be featured on three stages throughout the venue. The Long Beach Airport is sponsoring “the Holdroom,” a new feature this year that will provide a special setting for car show attendees to relax, eat and watch classic racing videos and footage from the Lions Drag Strip on largescreen televisions. The TVs will then be given away at the end of the event in an opportunity drawing to benefit the Long Beach Special Olympics, which also receives the net proceeds from the event’s sponsorships. For more information, visit or call (562) 595-0081. ß Cory Bilicko/Signal Tribune The Bixby Knolls Dragster Expo and Car Show combines a static car show featuring more than 200 classic and specialty cars in multiple award categories with a celebration of racing, paying special tribute to Long Beach’s place in racing history.

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