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Contents Content s Angostura, Kitan, Thunder Hawk, Greater Recovery on Vega 6, White Rose, Dorado and King South, 18th find, Caesar Tonga 8, FMC GERM PLEM 10, Frade Onstream, Princess 11 August/September 2009 Subsea K2 Expansion, Kazakhstan Contract, Tyrihans Projects Onstream 4, Oslevar and Trym, Daniel Boone, Valhall 5, UT2 The magazine of the Society for Underwater Technology Seabed Bolt Tensioning, New Tree 12, Deepwater CPT, Water Equipment Level Recorder, Marine Riser Connection 14, IMO Approval, Bend Stiffener, News Briefs 15, Spheres of Interest, High Pressure Testing, Positioning Skarv 16, SHOM Replacement, Fehmarnbelt Studies, News Briefs 17 Vessels Apache II 18, Discovery Upgrade 19 Subsea Equipment Underwater Vehicles Sonar Cover: Cameron’s all-electric subsea system being installed on Total’s K5-F field. Interview Interview: Tyler Schilling 20 Subsea Tieback Grouped SLOR 22, Power Transmission 24, e-Fields 26 Underwater SubAtlantic 9001, C-ROV, Assault and Battery, Ice Breaker Vehicles Breaker 30, ROV Hat Trick, Proof of Concept, Nuclear ROV 32, Sistac ROV, Vehicle Options 33, Smashing Grab, Digital Digits 34, Coral Communities, Hardsuit Thrusters 36, ISO 9001:2008 37, Enterprising USS 38 SONAR Sonar Suite 40, Changing the Rules, Shadow Display 42, Side Scan Bathymetry 43, Hunter and Quarry, Google Sonar 44, Focused Side Scan 45 SUT NWS Seabed Intervention ‘Between a Rock and a Hard Place, Pipeline Inspection 46, The Trials and Tribulations of Rigid and Flexible Product Installation 47, Snohvit Lessons Learned, Subsea Sensor for New and Retrofit Applications 48, New Operators, New Ideas 49, Subsea Monitoring and Data Acquisition, Subsea Processing 50 August 2009 Vol 4 No 3 2 UT Society for Underwater Technology 80 Coleman St, London EC25 5BJ +44 (1) 480 370007 Editor: John Howes Sub Editor: Mariam Pourshoushtari Published by UT2 Publishing Ltd for and on behalf of the Society for Underwater Technology. Reproduction of UT2 in whole or in part, without permission, is prohibited. The publisher and the SUT assumes no responsibility for unsolicited material, nor responsibility for content of any advertisement, particularly infringement of copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property rights and patents, nor liability for misrepresentations, false or misleading statements and illustrations. These are the sole responsibility of the advertiser. Opinions of the writers are not necessarily those of the SUT or the publishers. US Representation: Stephen Loughlin Ad-Expo Marketing International Phone + (281) 373-1811 Production: Sue Denham ISSN: 1752-0592 UT2 AUGUST 2009 3

OT2 Magazine 2009 September

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