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IN THIS ISSUE SAN FRANCISCO MEDICINE June 2014 Volume 87, Number 6 Legal but Lethal FEATURE ARTICLES MONTHLY COLUMNS 12 Physicians Making Change: Challenging Lethal but Legal Corporate Practices Nicholas Freudenberg, DrPH 4 Membership Matters 9 President’s Message Lawrence Cheung, MD, FAAD, FASDS 14 Chocolate-Flavored Nicotine: Taming the “Wild West” of Electronic Cigarettes Robert K. Jackler, MD 17 Sugar: The Ditch of American Health Care Robert H. Lustig, MD, MSL 19 Food and Beverage Advertising: The Science That Supports a Ban Jeff Ritterman, MD 20 Flying Blind: The Public Health Impacts of Wireless Radiation Devra Davis, PhD 11 Editorial Gordon Fung, MD, PhD, and Steve Heilig, MPH 28 Medical Community News 30 Ask the SFMS 32 Ten Questions: Interview with Dexter Louie, MD, JD, MPA 34 Classified Ads 34 Upcoming Events 23 Disarming Nuclear Weapons: Countering the Nuclear War Profiteers Robert Gould, MD OF INTEREST 27 Fed Up: A Movie Review John Maa, MD 31 24 Maligned but Benign: Readjusting Perspectives on Dietary Fat Sean Bourke, MD Editorial and Advertising Offices: 1003 A O’Reilly Ave. San Francisco, CA 94129 Phone: (415) 561-0850 e-mail: Web: Advertising information is available by request. 6 Oppose the Proposed MICRA Ballot Measure In My Opinion: Time to Stand Up for Women and Contraception Mervyn F. Silverman, MD, MPH; Harvey J. Cohen, MD, PhD; Steve Heilig, MPH

July/August 2014

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