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SFBM /// CONTENTS /// Publisher Jeff Veire (605) 336-9378 INSIDE THIS ISSUE /// Editor-IN-CHIEF Greta Stewart (605) 376-8341 /// Director of Sales Tammy Beintema (605) 553-1900 /// CREATIVE Director STEVE RUML (605) 310-4643 STEVE@GHOSTCRTV.COM /// How to Reach Us To modify your free subscription OR TO REQUEST MULTIPLE COPIES CONTACT: With story ideas CONTACT: To advertise CONTACT: Tammy Beintema (605) 553-1900 All article photography by Imagery Photography (605) 336-9378 6 On Our Cover // LEADERSHIP Nyberg’s Ace has been the helpful place for 55 years. Take a peek into the solid foundation of the family-owned hardware stores. 10 AGE OLD DEBATE //TECHNOLOGY Mac vs. PC and the pros and cons of Apple and PC-based products. 14 BUSINESS SUCCESSION 16 AG ECONOMY // AGRICULTURE It was a rough year for crops. But what does it mean for local businesses and consumers? 20 OUR LEGACY // LEGACY Mary Olinger, a fairy godmother who is proving wishes really do come true. 24 HANDLING THE HOLIDAYS // SALES & MARKETING Make your party planning and errand running easy this year. 28 SERVING ON A BOARD JJ Publishing, Inc. Sioux Falls Business Magazine 1608 W. 2nd Street Sioux Falls, SD 57104 (605) 553-1900 ©2012 Sioux Falls Business Magazine. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. Sioux Falls Business Magazine does not necessarily endorse or agree with content of articles or advertising presented. // FINANCIAL Common and uncommon ways to transfer ownership. // COMMUNITY What do businesses and non-profit organizations look for in a board member, plus how to get on your board of choice. 32 HOLIDAY LEASES // SALES & MARKETING Kiosks at the Empire Mall prove to be a wise investment over the holiday season. 36 NON-PROFIT PROFILE Learn more about The Make-A-Wish Foundation of South Dakota and how it benefits the community.

Sioux Falls Business Magazine November-December 2012

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