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Most interviewers will make a decision about you in the first 30 seconds of the interview, so it is vital to create a great impression. Preparing well in advance of your interview will ensure confidence and professionalism on your big day. One week prior Research the organization Begin preparing a list of relevant questions to ask the interviewer Research yourself. Know your experience, skills, education, strengths, weaknesses and be able to relate them to an interviewer’s questions and the position Review the job description thoroughly and identify core competencies of the job from which questions might be derived Develop and practice your Two Minute Commercial Anticipate possible interview questions; prepare and practice answers Talk with a Career Services staff member about interviewing techniques Complete a Mock Interview in Career Services The day before Get plenty of sleep. Refrain from staying up too late or partying. Alcohol and smoke aromas linger, even if you can’t smell them If you are not sure where the interview is taking place, do a practice run. Check the gas tank or bus schedule to minimize delays. Also, assess the parking situation. Will you have direct access to parking, or have to pay? Review your research and resume. Make notes on the skills you acquired in each job or activity. Think about what makes you stand out from other job candidates Confirm time, date and location of the interview as well as the interviewer’s name, title and status in the organization Select and try on your attire according to Interview Attire If interviewing in the morning, make sure to set two alarms Interview day Get up in plenty of time so you won’t have to rush Eat a high-protein, high-carbohydrate breakfast to boost your energy Review your resume and notes Practice answering potential questions while getting ready. This will help you feel comfortable with the process Check the Internet to be prepared for the small talk concerning the day’s events Check the weather forecast incase you might need to bring an umbrella Schedule your time to arrive at the interview location at least 15 minutes prior to your interview Come prepared: Extra resumes, reference lists, transcripts, notepad and pen, and any documents/items that illustrate your skills. Carry a small portfolio or briefcase Rusk Building, 3rd Floor  936.468.3305  

Interview Checklist

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