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Pre-College Student’s Role • Prepare application, FAFSA and other necessary documents for SFA admission requirements • Become aware of potential personal, educational and career goals • Attend Freshman Orientation to learn more about SFA and register for courses Parent’s Role • Go through SFA materials with your student and help sort out information • Attend Freshman Orientation with your student and, afterwards, talk about what you both have learned Career Services’ Role • Present information to incoming freshmen and family members through Orientation presentations: o Student Employment elective session o Parent Luncheon o Parent Reception Freshman Year Student’s Role • Orient yourself to the many aspects of college life, including building locations, study commitments, social activities, etc. • Keep your options open while exploring the academic world. You may have selected a major, but you are still able to consider other options while you’re still early in the game. • Utilize the AARC, an upperclassmen’s advice or a routine schedule in order to develop excellent study skills • Become involved in one student activity or club or attend an informational meeting of one you are interested in • Maintain regular classroom attendance • Establish a good rapport with your academic advisor(s) and faculty members, most importantly the ones who determine your grades • Take part in Career Counseling if you are undecided in your major coursework, or are considering changing your major • Attain a copy of your degree plan, which outlines the courses needed to graduate • Begin building your resume now! During the semester, investigate part-time jobs available on and off campus, and check out summer jobs or opportunities for volunteer experience Parent’s Role • Begin the transition in shifting your role from a “parent” to a “supporter” • Encourage your student to make grades a top priority and to meet with each of his/her professors at least once during the semester • Talk with your student about the different student activity or club that match his/her interests • In order to gain related experience that will serve valuable on a resume, encourage your student to find an on-campus or off-campus part-time job during the semester and a summer job or volunteer experience during the break • Encourage your student to create a Jobs4Jacks account, which will provide them access to job postings, on-campus interview information, career fair attendees, and much more! Career Services’ Role • Assist students in finding a part-time job, summer job or volunteer experience through the use of Jobs4Jacks and the Web Rusk Building, 3rd Floor  936.468.3305  

Student Career Timeline

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