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FACT SHEET GRAND OPENING FEBRUARY 13, 2014 #createastir New high-energy feature bar and lounge Eight booths of alternating bold, glittery red with a Las Vegas feel and gold colors, each seating eight people Hours of operation: 10 a.m. to 4 a.m., Eight tabletop bar tables, each seating four seven days a week people Approximately 7,500 square feet Twelve lounge benches around perimeter of Total capacity for 296 people bar, each seating four people Total seating for 184 people HD video wall specs: 512 diagonal inches; Mounted high-definition video wall 2,160,000 pixels spaced six millimeters measures 20 feet high by 40 feet wide apart; more than 2,400 feet of power Stage area underneath HD video wall for cabling, and; a processor that can accept live entertainment various inputs such as cable TV, iPhone and Bold carpeting designs and hardwood advertising media flooring for dance area Construction period: January and February Circular bar with cool-blue center lighting 2014 and 21 tabletop video gaming units; STIR completes the $26 million master 40 single seats around bar renovation project for main gaming floor, Full beverage menu with signature cocktails which began in June 2013 Beautiful “bevertainers� will provide Architect: SOSH choreographed dances to create excitement Project manager: Seneca Construction Twenty-five new team members hired Management Corporation (SCMC)

STIR Fact Sheet

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