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THE FLATBUSH VOICE NEWS FROM THE 17TH SENATE DISTRICT SEPTEMBER 2013 New York State Legislature Passes Senator Felder's Historic Legislation Providing School Bus Service for Students Dismissed After Regular School Hours. Page 1 Statement by Senator Simcha Felder Denouncing New Plastic Bag Tax Page 1 140 Yeshivas Attend Transportation Workshop Felder’s Page 2 Senator Simcha Felder: “My Rabbi Told Me to Stay in Albany for the Sabbath to Vote on Controversial Abortion Bill” Page 3 What Can Senator Simcha Felder Do for You? Page 4 Mrs. Ellie Kastel of the Boro Park Y Honored by Senator Felder at Women of Distinction Event Page 3 Paying Tribute to Military Personnel At West Point Day In Albany Page 4 Avoid 5-Point Penalty; Don’t Text & Drive Page 5 Felder Introduces Bill Requiring Cemeteries to Accommodate SameDay Burials After Business Hours Page 5 Senator Simcha Felder and Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein, who sponsored the transportation bill in the Assembly. Legislation Co-Sponsored by Felder Restores Funding to Protect the Office of People with Developmental Disabilities Page 9 STATEMENT BY SENATOR SIMCHA FELDER DENOUNCING NEW PLASTIC BAG TAX “I am completely opposed to the legislation introduced by Councilmembers Chin and Lander requiring retail and grocery stores to charge at least 10 cents for paper and plastic bags at retail and grocery stores,” said Senator Felder. “New Yorkers cannot afford the basics, and now the City Council is essentially telling the average New Yorker who is in trouble, ‘not only are you suffering, but we’re really going to stomp on your head by charging you 10 cents extra per bag.’ "This is nothing more than a tax and an attempt to make money. People are already overtaxed and overburdened. While the City Council is busy seeing green, New Yorkers will be seeing red. This scheme hearkens back to 2008 when Mayor Bloomberg wanted to charge six cents for the use of plastic bags. I took on the City’s budget director at a hearing on that proposal as well. It was a tax five years ago and it’s still a tax today.” Governor Cuomo Signs Two Felder Bills into Law Page 9 From Felder's Files Page 10 Senator Felder Unveils Legislation for Middle-Class Child Care Tax Credit Page 11 Senator Simcha Felder fought a similar measure back in 2008 when the City announced a plan to charge six cents for the use of plastic bags. Simcha Felder questions New York City Budget Director Mark Page during a hearing about the City's plan. New Law Requires Registration to Keep Homeowner’s Basic STAR Exemption Page 11 FREE FLU SHOTS AND MORE! See Page 5 The Flatbush Voice Page 1

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