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Brett: Farve or against? | Page 4 INSIDE Swine flu for the layman | Page 5 ARTS Movies — "In the Loop" | Page 7 MUSIC FREE COMMUNITY Craigslist rant | Page 10 GUIDE TO CONSUMPTION ➤ Oktoberfest schedule | Page 11 Tweets from the streets | Page 11 Volume 9, No. 182 | October 1, 2009 What happens when 20 poets inspire 20 artists? Find out in the new Pump House exhibit ... Photo by Teri Talpe In their words: How this poem led to this photo THE INSPIRATION: "Here, there is a search for understanding, and a sense of being lost within solitude and reflection. She is amidst learning that discovery means to keep your senses vigilant, and wait for the world to offer itself to you." — Christopher Keller, poet THE INTERPRETATION: "Initially, I thought a bandana was absolutely indispensable. However, the photo that I chose as my response to the poem is the farthest thing from my original intentions. Much like darkroom work, the final image revealed itself at the end. I’d like to thank Chris for his words, which led me to the courage to let go of the bandana. Just as his title predicted, the answers were found in the stones." — Teri Talpe, photographer MARK MY WORDS STORY ON PAGE 6 There is your answer, where the stones are kept By Christopher Keller A woman wearing a bandana is praying from the front pew of a church. She is thinking of the same things again, a deserted home with a fallen chimney, the chest high remains filled with cement, her father pulling railway ties from the mouth of the soil with no need for language or help even as the sky strained the moon and stars from night. She was shuffling stones in her hand beneath creek water, with the pocket on her dress still unworn. There was someone saying, sometimes the stones need to find you.

Second Supper 182

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