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June 2011 - Year 11- #82 INTRODUCTION Inspired by the gospel and grounded in Christian spirituality, Saint Vincent de Paul and the other saints and beatified of the Vincentian Family gave witness with their lives of service on behalf of others and proclaimed the Good News of the Kingdom. Inspired by the Holy Spirit they knew how to proclaim the fact that this Kingdom was for the poor (Luke 6:20). Dear young men and women and advisors, in this edition of the Bulletin we reflect on the theme of service and mission. These words refer to action and are implied when we speak about the Vincentian nature of our Association. In the New Testament, there are many references to the service and the mission of Jesus Christ and the Apostles. Jesus is the best example of a servant (Matthew 20:28). He identifies himself with his mission and this identification is found also in Mary, his Virgin Mother when she said: I am the handmaid of the Lord (Luke 1:38). And you, have you identified yourself with the Father’s plan for your life? Do you give witness of your Christian commitment by you service on behalf of others? Do you identify yourself with the mission that God has entrusted to you? The world needs people who are committed to the cause of the Kingdom. Now, more than ever before, may we respond to the call that God extends to us. Rooted in Christ may we remain firm in our faith! May we be salt and light in the midst of our world! VOLUNTEER (Luke 1:38) Cleber Oliveira « I am the handmaid of the Lord … » The mission of proclaiming Jesus Christ and then serving Him in the person of our neighbor … these are not extraordinary things or something that is exclusive for certain individuals. Rather these are the responsibility of all Christians. The tools for doing this are found in own willingness to embrace these realities and therefore in our willingness to commit ourselves to being faithful to our baptismal vocation. Other tools are prayer and reflection on the Word of God and such reflection should be based on the desire to do the will of God. Finally, the areas for our action are not some far distant places but rather our own homes, our schools, our place of work and our circle of friends. Therefore, in word and deed let us affectively and effectively love our brothers and sisters who are most poor.

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