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PORK ROCK&ROLL+WEIRDO ART+BAD IDEAS FREE! #6 SPRING 2012 good/bad but not evil! pork cereal HAS THAT FAROUT TASTE KOOL KIDS LOVE & MOMS DIG AS LONG AS THEY AIN’T SQUARE. PLUS IT’S full of all the STUFF that makes me big & strong. STUFF LIKE ROCK&ROLL, WEIRDO ART & BAD IDEAS TO GROW BIG N’ STRONG. IT HAS VITAMINS LITTLE RICHARD, BIG DADDY ROTH, ANDY WARHOL, DIVINE, BOBBY SEALE & ELVIRA WITH MINERALS LIKE KING KONG, CHEESEBURGERS, UFOS & PIZZA. all the squares go home man! they’s gonna get freaked out & sucked in if they ain’t lookin’. King Khan-The No Tomorrow Boys-Guantanamo Baywatch Ralph Bakshi-Stanley Mouse-Shawn Dickinson-Arbito&Snaggs


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