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Spring 2011 Welcome to our Spring newsletter There have been lots of exciting developments at Scran that we’d like to share with you. In this issue, look out for information about our new uploading tool, Contribute, as well as news about new content and features. Contribute is now live Simple controls allow you to upload your chosen photos, rotate and flip them if necessary, and provide caption information and other data that we can attach to the photo and make it easier for other users to find on Scran. One of the questions we often get asked when we’re giving training sessions is “Can we share our own pictures via Scran?” If you have multiple photos on the same subject, you can upload them all at the same time as a “project”. You can also contribute projects as a group, and assign roles within the project; this means that “helpers” can upload materials to your project (and provide captions and other data), and then you as the administrator can check them over before uploading the entire project to Scran: great for school or college classes, history groups or camera clubs. Well now you can, thanks to our new uploading tool, Contribute. Contribute was developed and beta-tested over a number of years, and since September 2010, it’s been live on the Scran site. Easy to use Signing up to Contribute couldn’t be easier. Everything is done online and we will email you a licence and guide. Start out here for some examples or to sign up: learning/contribute/ Part of your free Stuff account on Scran, the Contribute tab is one of the many tools that appear in your Stuff account’s dashboard. See page 8 for more information on Stuff accounts. There are more examples of materials uploaded by Scran users in this issue. If you want to dive straight in, though, you can go to help/contribute.php and find out more. 1

Scran Newsletter Spring 2011

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