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Scott Huminski MAY 1 0 2012 2624 S. Bahama Drive Gilbert,AZ 85295 QU:RI< U $I DISTRICT COURT CISiRIOr OF ARIZONA (480) 243-8184 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COU 1W_. DISTRICT OF ARIZONA United States of America, Plaintiff, P O~PUTY ) ) CIVIL ACTION ) -v- ) ) Maricopa County, et al., Defendants. ) ) MOTION TO INTERVENE as PLAINTIFF-INTERVENOR VERIFIED and COMPLAINT-IN-INTERVENTION NOW COMES, Scott Ruminski F.R.Civ.P. 24(a), 24(b) moves to intervene ("Ruminski"), and pursuant to in the above-captioned case and complains, swears and deposes, under oath, as follows: 1. The above-captioned case involves subject matter that the named Defendants have engaged in a long pattern of Constitutional Rights violations against various persons in Maricopa County, Arizona. intervention Specifically relevant to this are the claims of First Amendment retaliation as set Forth in the Complaint. 2. Ruminski has been a resident of Maricopa County for over two years. 3. Ruminski has been subjected to Constitutional Rights violations foisted upon him by the named Defendants, specifically First Amendment retaliation. 1

2nd Arpaio Fed. Plaintiff Files

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