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WINTER 2014 A PUBLICATION OF WESTERN THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY The Commons When Heaven and Earth Collide There is a hope that resonates in most (if not all) students about to graduate from seminary. We hope that God will finally reveal why he called us to seminary in the first place and that all this time invested will not have been in vain. Throughout seminary there is much talk about “your sense of call,” and once I graduated I anticipated how God would make that elusive call clear to me, which I hoped would be through the offer of a full time pastoral position. Little did I know God’s call upon my life was about to take a significant Sarah Farkas turn and would be far different than what 2013 grad M.Div. I had imagined. I spent three years of my seminary career as a pastoral intern at Second Reformed Church in Zeeland, Michigan. Duke Guy was a parishioner in the church who had kidney disease. I did not know Duke well, but I was aware he was suffering from renal failure from reading about it in the weekly bulletin’s prayer concerns. I joined the rest of the congregation in praying photo courtesy of Holland Sentinel A recent graduate is surprised by God’s call for Duke and his family as they coped with the disease. One day in May of 2013, I felt prompted to pray more boldly for him, but I was conflicted, wondering if praying for a kidney for Duke meant I was praying that another family would have to suffer the loss of their loved one. I shared my feelings with God and, regardless of my reservations, prayed that God would bring forth a donor for Duke. At that moment it was as if the heavens opened and a loud booming voice asked me a question that would change my life (and Duke’s) forever: “Why don’t you give him one of yours?” I immediately began to tremble and weep yet felt an overwhelming sense of peace. I fell forward on my knees as I wept, knowing I had just experienced the presence of God. After three months of wrestling with God over his very unusual and (cont.) Sarah Farkas, left, leads a prayer in Duke Guy’s hospital room the night before she will give him one of her kidneys. Also in prayer are Deb Guy, Joyce Raab and Sergio Reyes. January 14, 2014. (Chris Clark |

WTS Commons Winter 2014

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