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Hatton W. Sum ners Schola Tuit ion S rs ch o l ar & E ducat sh i ps / Leade iona r sh i l Tr p aini ng To foster the development Left to right, C e Dolore s Kimb lise Rice, Ann all, Ela a Oran Forbes ine Mu , ,K rray, S Steve G risti Click, Ka t e v e riffith thy Calh oun, “The experiences that have been presented to me along this journey were nothing short of spectacular. Of course I met many amazing people including Tony Snow and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, but it is not simply the people I met along the way but rather my growth of voice, confidence and ability to question others, and myself at times.” — Anna Oran, Sr. Scholar 2009 Office of Advancement and Public Affairs CMB 6201 2100 Memorial Blvd. Kerrville, Texas 78028-5697 2009-2010 of citizen scholars and citizen leaders, the Hatton W. Sumners Foundation and Schreiner University offer the Hatton W. Sumners Foundation Scholarship Program. Tuition scholarships are awarded in the amount of $7,000 during the junior and senior years. Prestigious leadership training and educational opportunities are funded through Sumners Foundation grants. Hatton W. Sumners represented Texas in the United States Congress from 1913 until his voluntary retirement in 1947. Congressman Sumners was recognized as one of the preeminent constitutional scholars on Capitol Hill and served as chairman of the powerful House Committee on the Judiciary from 1931 until returning to Texas. Established by Mr. Sumners in 1949, the Hatton W. Sumners Foundation is dedicated to: • the study and teaching of the science of self-government • the development of leaders with a sense of community responsibility • the maintenance of the American constitutional principles and the quality of life afforded under those Schreiner’s principles Undergraduate student scholarships are awarded What’s the big idea? only through select colleges crooked and universities: Schreiner It’s all about the University, Austin College, personal pronoun, as in: Howard Payne University, am an individual. Texas Wesleyan University, have exciting goals Southwestern University, for my life. University of Dallas, expect my professors St. Edward’s to help me reach them. University and am going to make the most Huston-Tillotson of this investment in my University. future, and then... Graduate am going to make a positive scholarships are impact on the world. substantial and Sumners programs That’s the big idea.

Hatton W. Sumner Scholars 2009-2010

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