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| Commentary ACCOMMODATION ANCE dissenters believed separation of Government should esteem all religious viewpoints. church and state would lead to This, according to a Baptist perspective, is the limiting religion and government. intent of the First Amendment: freedom to choose American Baptist Roger Williams suggested a “wall of separation” A religion. In early America, religious dissenters were PP R OV E D very vigorous in insisting this view. Accommodation between the world and the church. allows for Christians, Jews, Muslims, Mormons and This wall remains the dominant others to practice their religion without the fear representation of a strict of discipline from the government. By and large, avoidance perspective. accommodation is the most Baptist-friendly view. FOOTNOTE: David Roach, writing for the Southern Baptist Texan, recently published an article titled “3 views of church-state relations explained.” “Towers” intern Chad Mahaney used Roach’s article as a reference in summarizing the above views.  October 2012 towers   13

Towers - October 2012

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