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Tribune South Asia Baisakhi Festival See page 16-17 >> available from all newsagents Year 1  Issue 40  Thursday, 19.04.12  Price: 90p Suspension of Lord Ahmed could prove to be “suicide as far as the Muslim vote goes”. George Galloway MP Offer was for Bush and Blair not Obama Mistakenly wrote the name of current US President Obama: Express Tribune Reporter Lord Nazir Ahmed was suspended from the party after a Pakistani ¬newspaper reported he allegedly offered cash for the capture of Mr Obama Following Lord Ahmed’s denial, The Express Tribune’s reporter, who covered the story in Haripur, said he mistakenly wrote the name of current US President Obama – and clarified that the offer was for Bush and Blair. He said that he and other journalists present on that occasion have recordings of Lord Nazir’s statement, adding that some TV channels and at least four Urdu newspapers, including a Karachi-based daily, had also run the comments – but obviously they did not have Obama’s name. He disclosed that, following the news of the suspension of Lord Ahmed’s Labour membership, he had been receiving phone calls from unknown people, who were pressurising him and questioning the veracity of the report. Continued on page 3 >> SATribune readers should write to the Director of Public Prosecutions and demand that Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan be put on trial in the UK Labour calls for Babar Ahmad to be charged and tried in UK Shadow justice secretary Sadiq Khan says terror suspect should by tried in UK rather than extradited to the US Labour’s justice spokesman is pressing the home secretary for Babar Ahmad to be charged in Britain instead of being extradited to the US to face terrorism charges, the Guardian has reported. According to the Guardian The intervention by Sadiq Khan comes as British prosecutors admit they decided not to put Ahmad on trial here after examining only some of the evidence against him, even though a substantial part of the material was collected by British police. Sadiq Khan, who represents Tooting in south London, is the constituency MP for Ahmad and another man, Syed Talha Ahsan, who is Full report on page 29 >>

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