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FREE Volume 6 • Issue 20 Hungry No More New food pantry established by Daniel Schechtman Saratoga TODAY WILTON – Wilton, the fastest growing community in Saratoga County, is one of only a few remaining municipalities in the United States without a dedicated food pantry to help its residents. But with 461 Wilton families relying on food stamps in 2010, 17 percent of students at Dorothy Nolan and Ballard Road elementary schools enrolled in the free and/or reduced meal programs, and the overall demand for food pantry services in the region up by nearly 50 percent from 2008, the need for a Wilton Food Pantry committed to serving its local residents has perhaps never been greater. “Hunger in Wilton is an issue,” said Wilton Food Pantry President Jared Dinsmore. “There was talk of a food pantry, but no one seemed to be step- Logo by McKinley Griffen Design & Advertising Fathers for Justice by Yael Goldman Saratoga TODAY BALLSTON SPA – Dressed as superheroes and clad for justice, a group of protestors gathered near the Saratoga County Family Courthouse last weekend with an important message: kids need both of their parents. The newly-formed New York State Chapter of Father’s 4 Justice, an organization that promotes equal parenting rights in the family court system, rallied on Saturday, May 14, in Ballston Spa. Their goal is to influ- ence social change and push for legislation that encourages non-custodial parents’ involvement and makes breaking-up families a last resort. John Frost, who lives in Stillwater and works as software developer in Saratoga Springs, is a non-custodial parent, a superhero and the chairman of Fathers 4 Justice’s local board. He brought the UK-based organization to New York State after experiencing his own malcontents with the family court system, and realizing he needed to take action if he wanted to see a change. See Local page 7 photo provided Local fathers John Craver, John Frost, Rob Maloy and Doug Smith rally for justice. From Belmont to Saratoga by Yael Goldman Saratoga TODAY SSFD Promotions pg 6 SARATOGA SPRINGS – Both Saratoga Springs county supervisors have announced their plans to join Jeremy Edge in the final stretch of his 190-mile walk from Belmont Race Track in Elmont, NY to Saratoga Springs. Supervisors Joanne Yepsen and Matt Veitch intend to show their support by joining Edge somewhere between Albany and Saratoga Springs. Edge, a London-native and thoroughbred racing fan, is walking from race course to race course to raise Photo by money and awareness for two organizations: the Jeremy Edge will walk the 190 miles from See Wilton page 8 Belmont to Saratoga. Inside TODAY... Women of Influence photos pg 12 Preakness pg 14 Home and Garden pg 17-24 Inserts: - Women of Influence - Hoffman Car Wash - Home Tech Showroom See Jeremy page 9 10,000 COPIES DISTRIBUTED WEEKLY • CALL TO ADVERTISE • (518) 581-2480

Saratoga Today Newspaper May 20th 2011

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