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75 JESUIT SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY 1934-2009 years In recognition of the 75th anniversary of the school’s founding, the 40th anniversary of its move to Berkeley and its integration with Santa Clara University last spring, the Bridge celebrates 2009 as an historic year. Here follows a poignant 1934-2009 then-and-now photo essay, capturing snapshots JESUIT SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY of the life of the school and the church; an article by Rev. Rob McChesney, S.J., Editor of the Bridge, chronicling key moments from the institution’s founding through the recent integration with Santa Clara; and an article by Rev. Paul Crowley, S.J. (S.T.L. 1992), Chair of the Religious Studies Department at Santa Clara, on the integration JESUIT SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY from Santa Clara’s perspective. The editors owe a 1934-2009 huge debt of gratitude to Rev. Thomas E. Buckley, S.J., Professor of Modern Christian History, for Top to bottom: contributing the archival photos, his unpublished Alma College chapel with original history of the school, and hours of consultation. crucifix on far right; Any errors are ours. We would also like to thank JST’s Gesù Chapel Rev. T. Howland Sanks, S.J., Professor of Historical with Alma College crucifix on far right; and Systematic Theology, and Br. Daniel Peterson, S.J., Archivist of the California Province, for their Jesus Window and JESUIT SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY tabernacle in JST’s generous assistance in helping us cobble together 1934-2009 Gesù Chapel. pieces of the history of the institution. Although the faces, names and locations may have changed over the years, the mission of the school to prepare leaders to serve the church and the world remains constant and vibrant. We hope you will enjoy celebrating how God has been and continues to be at work — then, now and on into the future. 75years 75years 75years 14 Chapel jesuit school of theology

Back to the Future: 75 Years of JST History

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