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ORGANISATION STUDY INTRODUCTION Methodology: Data Collection is a Step in the preparation of project report. The information is collected in following manner. Primary sources: Data is collected by the interacting with bank managers and officers. Secondary sources: The data is collected for report by various records maintained and standing orders of the banks which help as lot for preparing this report. A lot of data were also collected by referring to magazines and news paper, annual reports of bank. Objectives:  To study the loans and advances of the bank  To study the evaluation and performance of the bank  To study the financial statement  To study the source of finance of the bank  To study the history of the bank  To understand functioning of bank PRASHANTHA SHETTY K, B. B. M. FINAL YEAR REG. NO. 050080049 BHANDARKARS’ ARTS & SCIENCE COLLEGE, KUNDAPURA 1

Project report on Syndicate Bank

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