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ISSUE 2 SUMMER 2013 Experience the renaissance. G E N E R AL D I R E C T O R D AV I D G O C K L E Y Dear friends, W ON YOUR MARK, get sets … GO! elcome to the second installment of our CAMERATA newsletter! Established in 2010, CAMERATA is San Francisco Opera acquires its sets (i.e. scenic productions) in a number of ways: REVIVE a unique funding program that 1. enables San Francisco Opera to been kept in a container storage near Pier 96; build on its storied history and 2. ensure the future of world-class opera in our community. As a valued member of CAMERATA, you help us take on projects and productions that define our international We We DESIGN our own productions, which have and build our own new sets, sometimes with the co-investment of other companies; 3. We CO-INVEST in productions that are first produced elsewhere; and reputation, allowing us to stretch in ways that might not 4. otherwise be possible. Without your support, events such as As a company, we have many challenges to overcome in our successful 90th Season Community Open House and the order for a scenic production to work here. The War world premiere of our first family opera commission, The Memorial Opera House is a vintage theater dating back to Secret Garden, might not have been possible. the 1930s, and thus boasts very little in modern, labor-saving READ ON We RENT productions from other companies. as I provide an insider’s glimpse into one of mechanics and technology. We also play in rep (“in the major aspects of running an opera company like ours: repertory”), meaning that we are constantly switching from selecting productions that will work on the War Memorial one opera to another for rehearsals and performances. Opera House stage. Because of CAMERATA members, Often we have four sets in the theater at once, all vying for these choices are all the more exciting for the company floor space, lighting positions, and fly space. and for the future of opera. Thank you!

Camerata Newsletter - Summer 2013

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