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The South Bark Experience B y M A R K C A R L S O N | S A N D I E G O P E T S How to Make Washing a Dog Fun! We’ve all had to face it. Giving a dog a bath is hard work! Most dogs don’t like being bathed, and they do their level best to get out of it the way we avoid root canals and income tax audits. They run like hell! Even after they’ve been cornered, caught, put in the tub and are thoroughly soaked they still put up a fight. Washing a big dog is a serious upperbody workout. But just let your attention wane for ten seconds and the soggy pooch is off and running through the house, shaking off and causing more mayhem than the animal in one of those 1950s Disney movies. But instead of laughing we wipe the soap, water and fur out of our eyes, make a grab for the dog and bring them back to finish the job. Okay, granted I’m only relating the worst case. Some dogs do like baths. I personally have never met one, but I’ve heard they’re out there. Even the ones that like it still can’t resist that instinctive need to shake off. They usually do it at the worst possible time. My big Yellow Labrador Musket always did it just after I got him mostly dried off and trying to get him out to the yard to dry in the sun. Right when we were passing the big-screen televi- sion, that’s when the H2O flew. But, take heart; there is a way to make the task into a productive and even fun event that won’t result in higher homeowner water damage insurance premiums. South Bark Dog Wash, located at 2037 30th Street in San Diego has found the way to do it. Our readers know I usually write whimsical and humorous stories that are rarely meant to be taken too seriously. But in this case I am glad to write of a genuine San Diego treasure. Opened by Lisa Vella and Donna F. Walker in October 2000, South Bark was a mutual dream of both women who wanted to create an environment for dog and cat owners to feel comfortable while caring for their pets. Both Lisa and Donna’s experience in business, management, animal care and health have given South Bark the elements it needed to stand out in a community of pet services in San Diego. After purchasing a 50-year old former laundry building, they completely renovated it to what it is today. The building was considered for an ‘Orchid’ Award. South Bark has taken all the elements of animal care and turned it into an efficient, enjoyable way to give your feline or canine a real bath. Grooming tools, raised tubs, quality shampoo and conditioner, towels, and powerful blow dryers. South Bark’s considerate staff help SEE SOUTH BARK, Page 26 | DECEMBER 2012/JANUARY 2013 25

San Diego Pets Magazine, December 2012

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