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August 2008 This Issue 1. Chairperson's report 2. Upcoming events 3. Profile of Board Members 4. Project Updates 5. Donations and other ways to support positively AFRICA newsletters are distributed twice a year to members. If you would like to become a member, a yearly membership is only $5.00! Please contact Peggy Frank or attend our upcoming AGM to become a member. If you received this newsletter by post, and could receive it by email, please send your email address to and we will save more money for our projects in Africa. Greetings from the Chair positively AFRICA continues to be privileged to work with an incredible dedicated collaboration of people, here in North America and in Africa. I am honoured to be positively AFRICA‘s volunteer Chairperson and Executive Director. As I reflect on what has been accomplished in less than two years, I sigh a contented sigh. Yet when I think about some of the dreams we are not able to respond to my sigh deflates. I struggle to try harder, to do more. I am frustrated by my health and the limitations of the 24-hour day. Newsletter team: Janeen Sam, Peggy Frank and Samuel Godfrey. Kudos to Janeen for her excellent volunteer work to create this newsletter! Thanks to Robert Kheyi in Kenya for his article and to Travis Wilson for designing the template for this newsletter! Check out our new website! I know we can’t meet all the needs of all the communities of people we are impressed by in Africa but we make a substantial difference to the people and communities we do reach. This brings an engulfing happiness to me. There are programs on the ground that weren’t there a year ago. • Children accessing care through the Osopet Child sponsor program where amazing supporters have taken on medical costs for each child for a year • positive women in Kibera are eating more nutritious food (see article by Robert Kheyi) • care givers in Lesotho are able to access time saving comfort products for their disabled charges thanks to a growing relationship between Phelisanong and the Community Access Team at Garth Homer • to its huge relief, a hospital in Zimbabwe has x-ray film, essential supplies and continues to operate in spite of overwhelming national shortages • vulnerable girl students at Bokoro Secondary School are grateful to Calgary donors because they have a dormitory - “the first time to see a beautiful and attractive dormitory in Butha-Buthe district” - according to one happy student • and so much more.

positively AFRICA - Newsletter - Spring/Summer 2008

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