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SAC_CEL_employerBro_Final_final.indd 1 6/23/14 12:23 PM TALENT YOU WANT TO HIRE. Resourceful Creative Principled Articulate Versatile Confident CAREER SUCCESS COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Our graduates are ready to be an asset in the workplace from Day One. We develop community leaders who understand the value of a life with meaning. DRIVE and CREATIVITY RIGOROUS ACADEMICS framed by the TRADITIONAL ARTS Ethical Self-reliant Global Professional Collaborative Socially responsible We’ll help your organization tap into our wealth of high-caliber talent. OFFICE OF CAREER SERVICES EMPLOYER RELATIONS (603) 641-7490 OCS@ANSELM.EDU Thank you! Saint Anselm College values its community partners. By making Saint Anselm students and alumni part of your team, you allow them to meet their potential and fulfill their aspirations. They become part of the strong work force that ensures a healthy future for the state; the region; the country. We produce graduates who understand that success comes from hard work. We stress critical thinking and problem-solving that focuses on today’s issues in ethical ways.

Talent You Want To Hire

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